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Cyber defense is an important part of a hacker's arsenal; the hacker doesn't want to be tracked down while they're going about their business, and what's the point of securing something if your enemy can take it right back?


[edit] Activity Requirements

Level 0

[edit] Training Regime/Story Requirements

Any good hacker needs to be able to cover his or her tracks when enemy tech specialists get on their case; this serves to protect their own handiwork and to hide their location from their opponents. A single, 1000 word story of a one-on-one battle with an enemy slicer is required.

A good offense starts with a good defense. Hundreds of men and women protect the Empire from the legions of attacks that happen every day. That’s right. Cyber-attacks. Terrorists, other governments, et cetera. You have to know how to protect your info from those nasty hackers out there who don’t like you.

—SGM Bly

[edit] Skills Gained

  • Creation of sophisticated, hack-resistant firewalls and cyber defense.

[edit] Equipment Certifications

  • Slicer Gear
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