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Species Noghri
Gender Male
Height 4'6"
Weight 70 kilos
Hair Color Steely gray, if he had any
Eye Color Black
Homeworld Honoghr
Affiliation Empire of the Hand

[edit] Biography

Der'Uryt, seventh born out of twelve children. Mother Greyuii, Father Dyr'Tiuo. Began training by the time he could walk, defeated an older rival when he was three. At the age of four he was amongst a few chosen by Lord Vader to train as Death Commandos. In the years that followed he was tested day and night, and his skills with bladed weapons were honed to a perfection only rivaled by the Sith themselves.

Served Lord Vader until his death, his services had been told to Lord Thrawn who requested his talents be used to further his ambitions. Signed on a week later, this time not as a slave to a master. This time as a loyal subject to a man who has plans that rivaled the Emperor and Vader combined.

[edit] Journal of Death Commando Der'Uryt.

Lord Thrawn is sending me and my brothers to capture a planet for him. Should be easy, maybe some honor is to be found here. Wonder if I will find the one who will end my life here.

Assault journal entry, day five.

Attacked a planet called Tadath, made contact with a most troublesome group of pink skins. One in particular seems to have a death wish. I ended the fight without his death as a warning to him and his friends.

Journal entry, day six.

Met the same group again, they seem to all have a death wish. Fought the man again, my knife has tasted his blood, and so have I. He seems slower this time, maybe he is injured. I know the poison my knife has will end him soon. Maybe his friends know of a way to save him, I would like to feel his warm blood flow over my hands before he passes from this world.

Journal entry, day seven.

The man did not wish to fight, he only said something to another moron in his group. Sadly they allowed themselves to be taken prisoner. I may have to arrange a way for us to fight, maybe as a means for the others to cooperate.

This man needs to die.

Journal entry, day nine.

My name is not important, I am the blood brother to Der'Uryt. I am writing this so his legacy will not be forgotten, nor will his honor or courage. This Death Commando was killed by a human we have been told goes by the name of Reistlin.

The two sought each other out and fought in single combat. This Reistlin killed my brother, it was a good death. An honorable death, one that we all seek to gain when our time has come. Der'Uryt told me if he should fall to the hands of this man, not to seek out his death.

It was his time to join the great beyond, and so by my word I will not hunt this man who killed my brother. I will let him die of his wounds instead, the poison we use is highly toxic. Watching him from a distance even as he boarded that transport to safety, I knew he was done for. It has spread throughout his system. He will soon join my brother in the great beyond, and there he receive the last embrace.

For we, not human kind know the true nature of things.

[edit] Weapons

Known to use only bladed weapons. Earned the dual blades when he gained the title of Death Commando.

Dual Bladed Swords.

-Submitted by Joamer.

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