Yuka....Death Trap or Icy Hell? (HSC '07)

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Mission: Yuka...Death Trap or Icy Hell
Planet(s) Involved: Yuka
Unit(s) Involved: WildCard Platoon & Storm Platoon
Primary Character(s): Stormtrooper Corps, Alderaan survivors
Timeline (Actual): December 2007 to January 2008
Timeline (In Story): Beginning of Thrawn Era (? ABY)
Key Mission Objective(s): investigate rumors of anti-Imperial group stationed on Yuka
Mission Goal(s): destroy enemy assets on planet, steal enemy data
Success/Failure: communications building infiltrated and then destroyed, data stolen
Link to Story: http://comnet.imperialnetwork.com/topic/9110/

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Objectives and Goals

Dark Dragoons
Objective One: pending
Objective Two:pending
Objective Three: Aid Raider squad in attacking the com facility and stealing the data.

Objective One:
Objective Two:
Objective Three:
Objective Four:

Iron Horse
Objective One:
Objective Two:

Objective One:
Objective Two:
Objective One:
Objective Two:

Objective One:
Objective Two:


Mission Debriefing

Dark Dragoons Copied data from enemy com center and escaped. Center subsequently destroyed by precision bombing.

Eclipse Uncertain.

Iron Horse Reported location of bacta storage center to High Command and escaped.

Raiders Copied data from enemy com center and escaped. Center subsequently destroyed by precision bombing.

Wraith Retrieved an envelope of Imperial targets and returned to the surface for pickup.



It was a costly victory for the Empire, with up to half of some of the squads killed by both the local fauna and the enemy forces. The enemy's use of sophisticated jamming technology and advanced "Avenger" class combat armour contributed to the casualties, with an overall lack of coordination. However, the enemy failed to take into account the surprise attacks by General Fury and his Force-sensitive bodyguard "Bob", whicb lead to the destruction of/ severe damage to several key outposts and the loss of many of their vehicles. Had the vehicles and troops not been destroyed, the communications building would likely have had a much heavier guard than the force of antique AAT tanks, speeders and missile launching platforms that were assigned to it and the enemy would have probably been able to repel or even destroy the AT-AT carrying the Raiders and Dark Dragoons. In addition, the enemy placed too little importance on aerial superiority, as shown by the complete lack of opposition to the Imperial Star Destroyer in orbit and the unopposed bombing runs executed by TIE bombers on the communications buildings. Had they simply evacuated, they would likely have been able to save a large portion of their equipment and used it against the Empire elsewhere to great effect. However, their decision to stay and fight lead to the loss of their main bases through bombardment and, presumably, the destruction or capture of most of their equipment.