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How to Slice. Obvious really


[edit] Activity Requirements

Level 0

[edit] Training Regime/Story Requirements

Becoming a slicer takes years and years of practise and most army grunts are barely capable with a word processor. This intensive course will teach you the basics of slicing common military networks. After several weeks of training you should be able to use the military slicing kit (which includes prewritten routines for slicing) to break into several systems.

You will have to write a single eight hundred word story on disabling a simulated frigate's engines from a terminal on the ship.

Everything is computerised now, weapons, ships, the whole damn military. We pour millions and millions of credits into systems security every year and spend nearly as much trying to gain access to our enemies information. Most of you won't have seen a line of code in your life, I imagine it's going to take a while just to get the idea of a "loop" across to you. Don't worry though, we have geeks in the basement writing all kinds of clever routines so you don't have to develop an aneurysm trying to use your brains for once!

—Unknown Intel Officer

[edit] Skills Gained

  • Gaining access to terminals and using prewritten routines to access and affect military systems

[edit] Equipment Certifications

  • Slicing Kit
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