5.1 Technician

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Troopers will be trained to use large communication units and their field counter parts. Trainees will be taught the basics of electrical systems.

Activity Requirements[edit]

Level 1



Training Regime/Story Requirements[edit]

You will take part in a three week course designed to teach you the basics of electrical systems and communications gear. You will be shown how to repair basic equipments, but much of your time will be shown how to operate long distance communication gear. As well as the technical side of encryption, signal transmission, jamming and attenuation you will be shown how to relay orders in a quick and succinct manner. You may have to relay complex instructions from a squad mate with A14 Ballistics Engineer to artillery command in just a few seconds.

To pass you will need to write single one thousand (1000) word story set in the final stages of training where the trainee will be placed as a communications technician for a training squad. The technician will demonstrate his or her knowledge of communications equipment and, in the event of equipment malfunction, his or her knowledge of the electrical system by working a quick fix.

What do you think this is, the child's game of Com-link? Everything must be exact. You are the sole source of information and communication for every one of these soldiers. You screw up, and someone is going to drop a bomb somewhere entirely too close to friendlies. So get it done techie, and get it done RIGHT!

—SGM Chugach

Skills Gained[edit]

  • Basic Electrical Engineering
  • Rapid Information Distribution
  • Signal Jamming Techniques

Equipment Certifications[edit]

  • Fixed communication devices
  • Mobile communication devices
  • Radio jamming systems
  • EMP grenades