A17 Network Defense

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Cyber defense is an important part of a hacker's arsenal; the hacker doesn't want to be tracked down while they're going about their business, and what's the point of securing something if your enemy can take it right back?

Activity Requirements[edit]

Level 0

Training Regime/Story Requirements[edit]

Any good hacker needs to be able to cover his or her tracks when enemy tech specialists get on their case; this serves to protect their own handiwork and to hide their location from their opponents. A single, 1000 word story of a one-on-one battle with an enemy slicer is required.

A good offense starts with a good defense. Hundreds of men and women protect the Empire from the legions of attacks that happen every day. That’s right. Cyber-attacks. Terrorists, other governments, et cetera. You have to know how to protect your info from those nasty hackers out there who don’t like you.

—SGM Bly

Skills Gained[edit]

  • Creation of sophisticated, hack-resistant firewalls and cyber defense.

Equipment Certifications[edit]

  • Slicer Gear