A1 Infiltration

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Training on getting behind enemy lines

Activity Requirements[edit]

Level 0

Training Regime/Story Requirements[edit]

You will spend three weeks working with commando teams working on infiltration techniques. You will be trained on the best ways to: get past enemy outposts, avoid recon patrols, avoid detection from aerial recon drones, how to break into a hostile base undetected and some techniques on blending in in a civilian environment. All will be taught on the basis of you becoming a squad "expert" on these techniques to advise the squad on these matters and in preparation for prestige specs.

For your final evaluation you will be tasked with breaking into our own training facility which best simulates a small enemy outpost. Your trainer will follow you with the use of a gps tracker and evaluate your progress. They will be waiting in the room you are expected to reach deep in the compound. Our forces will of course be armed with stun rifles, but detection alone will trigger a "fail". Minimum 1000 words. For this story you are free to create whatever obstacles you please these are some ideas:

  • Scout Droids
  • Barbed Wire
  • Mines
  • Recon Towers
  • Proximity Sensors
  • Locked Doors
  • Some form of equivalent to dog patrols

What we're going to find out this week, is exactly how patient each of you is. Getting past enemy lines can be slow work and if your concentration lapses for a few mintues you could be dead. Sometimes the work is as simple as picking a quiet route to bypass the enemy, sometimes it's about becoming invisible.

—Unknown trainer. ID Classified.

Skills Gained[edit]

As above.

Equipment Certifications[edit]

  • Wire cutters
  • Camouflage SCOPE Armor