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The Vast Empire Stormtrooper Corps has a tradition of being outmanned and outequipped, yet still achieving mission objectives and winning the battlefield. For years, small units have been successfully working together to defeat superior forces in defense of the Empire.

Defense, however, is not enough. While there are limited strikes against New Republic and other enemy targets, the primary mission of Imperial forces today is to hold the line against further encroachment by the anarchy sold by the new leaders on Coruscant.


During the Clone Wars, specialized units known as ARCs (Advanced Recon Commandos) were utilized to provide special forces for the Republic. Given a slightly more open command structure, these units performed tasks and completed missions that their more controlled and lesser trained brethren could not. It was a gamble by Republic High Command that autonomy would create military advantage, putting highly skilled troops in places where conventional forces were either not available or not capable of creating a successful outcome.

The gamble worked then. As the Empire faces challenges across the galaxy, our resources are stretched to their operational limits as well. We too, require specialized teams to inflict maximum efficiency with minimal resources.

Why Now?[edit]

The dangers to the Empire are not diminishing. Neither is the feeling of hopelessness and apathy that threaten the will of our troops to keep fighting. To single out and allow our finest troopers to achieve quick, rapid victories is a morale booster like no other.

To maintain and increase our strength while striking a blow to our enemies is our tantamount goal. It is the hope of Army High Command that this will be the case with the ARC program.


The differences between modern ARCs and those of the Clone Wars are many. Primarily, a galaxy-expanding Empire is too large to be composed only of clone troopers. The same goes for ARCs. It is a rare event when one sees an Imperial soldier with the visage of Jango Fett. Indeed, most of those are long in the tooth with cloning technology either destroyed or highly restricted across the known galaxy. Secondly, technology has improved and the gear available to our forces is expansive. Vast Empire ARCs are encouraged to carry whatever weapons load that suits their skill set as well as the mission.

Lastly, and more importantly, the use of ARCs has changed. With the New Republic on the rise and open combat between the Empire and them limited to the occasional campaign, our tactics must be more discreet. While the original ARCs would accompany regular forces onto a planet, or - at worst - be sent alone in a quick mission; there were always two certainties. One, they would be garbed and known as Republic forces. Two, they would always be assured of some form of backup.

The good and the bad for our new forces is this: ARCs will be discreet, using special, non-Imperial armor in the event that combat is imminent; however, missions will be conducted deep in enemy space with little hope of assistance.




Kerberos Armor System (KAS)[edit]

The Kerberos armor system, with its distinctive red spectacles, is an update on an older design that once belonged to an elite government military unit in charge of defending a Capital district. Similar to the Coruscant Guards in purpose, this unit was brought in to take out terrorist and rebellious elements challenging the ruling power.

The armor is lightweight, modular, and capable of deflecting blaster bolts better than standard Stormtrooper armor. This is due to an improvement of the original Impervium composite used by Clone troopers on down.

Mobility has been deemed more important than coverage, thus the armor kit is not a full-body enclosing design. Instead, a micropore utility coverall will be worn. It is a self-sealing garment and provides some protection against chemical and biological weapons, and emergency protection against vacuum.


While, as often stated, personal preference will be the final determining factor on what weapons load is carried by each ARC member, Imperial weapons designers have come up with some new models of tactical weapons which may be employed by ARC teams.

Through subcontractors of Merr-Sonn Munitions we have been able to come up with a variety of weapons rarely found in the galaxy, yet also easy to find ammunition for.


Merr-Sonn BC10 Blaster Carbine[edit]

Our first offering is the standard assault weapon for the ARC teams, the Merr-Sonn BC10 blaster carbine. It utilizes the charge cell from any standard commercial repulsorlift cart as opposed to a standard power pack. The same cell is used in thousands of commercial and residential items. Standard power packs can be used in an auxiliary port if need be. The charge cell makes the weapon a bit heavier, equal to the weapon of a standard blaster rifle in fact, but provides triple the amount of available energy than a power pack.


Merr-Sonn PLX-3MX Portable Missile Launcher[edit]

For heavy munitions purposes, Merr-Sonn has provided the limited PLX-3MX. This was an unheralded multi-purpose weapon that was quickly superceded in the market by the PLX-4. We have chosen it for the ARC teams for its greater portability and expanded weapons load capability. Its complement of three weapons tubes include two "live" barrels and one reserve. It care fire "dumb" missiles that had to be aimed by the trooper, or "smart" missiles that can locate their target based on heat signature, or gravity-activated moed (GAM) missiles. In addition, it can fire chips, or large shrapnel-like projectiles, as well as the advanced Savant anti-air missile.

The Savant missile is known as a "surprise attack" weapon. They appear to be "dumb" bombs to their targets, used only to establish line-of-sight and not dangerous. When a pilot moves to avoid the seemingly dumb bomb, the Savant's internal computer system kicks in after a short delay. The computer then re-establishes its target lock and slams into the target from behind, well before the pilot can react to the new threat.


Merr-Sonn Acklay-12 Projectile Assault Rifle[edit]

On occasion, projectile weapons are preferred by either team members or the mission at hand. When such conditions exist, the Merr-Sonn Acklay-12 is the preferred weapon. It is a combination of a Prax Arms APX-60 projectile rifle and Merr-Sonn's GL-12b grenade launcher.

The rifle is a three setting (single, semi-auto, automatic) projectile rifle using 40-round clips of 7mm Acertron-tipped bullets with an effective range of 1100 meters. The grenade launcher is capable of using C-16 fragmentation grenades, C-21 Glop grenades, as well as C-10 and C-14A stun grenades.