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The Stormtrooper Corps.

The Stormtrooper Corps is the primary division for Army of the Vast Empire. From the newest private to the most experienced senior officer, our task is to protect our Imperial legacy from a myriad of deadly threats.

The Imperial Army is the largest army that the galaxy has ever seen. Our forces can be found protecting law and order and righting wrongs on thousands of planets. We maintain peace and a relaxed enviroment on countless worlds threatened by Rebel terrorists. No matter what branch of the Imperial Army you join, you will be serving the many and diverse sentient lifeforms of our glorious Empire. You will be in the forefront of the New Order. You will be proud to serve in our ranks, and bring glory to the Empire.

Stormtrooper Academy[edit]

Are you a new member? Take a moment to look at the following pages. You will find good information and hopefully some ideas on what you'd like to do as a member of the Corps.

Corps Information[edit]

Special Projects[edit]

The Stormtrooper Corps endorses and supports various projects on the Vast Empire wiki. Among them are the:

  • Army Story History Project - dedicated to tracking the various divisional, platoon, and squad missions. Each entry is a quick synopsis of the work of our team members over the years.
  • Army Training Center - the soon-to-be premier source for stormtrooper training information in the galaxy. From basic coursework to advanced specialty training, the ATC will be your source for knowledge as you advance in the Vast Empire.
  • Army Ribbons - A gallery of the ribbons representing official Corps-issued medals and banner. Thanks to Riqimo Pershaw for his efforts on this.
  • Army Insignias - A gallery of the rank insignia representing officer and NCO ranks. Thanks to Luckystar and Sandwich Sam for their efforts on this. Thanks also to Riqimo for the Officer images.
  • Army Position Symbols - A gallery of the position symbols representing the different postions within the STC. Thanks to Ron for his work on this.