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This page has been declared as outdated and no longer part of the VENA system. While it is open for your perusal, this is in no way part of training --VENA Staff

Welcome to the Aviator’s Exam.

Upon passing this test, you will be awarded with your Aviator’s Certificate, which you can present to your new squadron leader upon placement. All pilots are required to have passed this exam in order to be placed, as it shows that you have at least basic knowledge about the Navy.

This exam will require you to do a little research to find the answers, as not all of it will have been mentioned during Basic Training. This process is designed to get you involved in the Navy and get you familiar with the Vast Empire.

The test is out of 25 marks, and in order to pass a pilot must receive at least 70% - which is around 17. A distinction may be earned if all questions are answered correctly.

Those that simply pass the exam will be able to add a (=A=) at the end of their ID line, and will probably be promoted to Leading Crewman (LCRW).

Those that manage to get a distinction will receive a slight different symbol (=*A*=) to denote their exceptional performance. These pilots are will also be rewarded a double promotion to the rank of Senior Crewman (SCRW).

All Aviator Exams must be Pm’d over the comnet to the current Naval Training Officer, unless directed to otherwise by your trainer. To make it easier on the marker, please copy and paste the exam exactly how it is on the page, and fill in the blanks from there. Be sure to leave in how many marks each question is worth.

Pass or fail, you shall receive your exam and your mark back, along with further instructions. We only give feedback if you got a question wrong, and we do provide hints on where to find the correct answer.

Hint: We suggest using the following resources to help you answer the questions on the aviator’s exam:

  • Imperial Navy Officer's Manual - Despite this name, this manual is actually a handy resource for all pilots, regardless of position. We suggest you have a glance at some of the sections.
  • VE Roster - Many things can be discovered on the roster: Who does what, where they do it, and who with. It can also help in finding out information about a certain ship...
  • VE Main Page - The page you most likely came to first upon joining, this page actually acts as a hub for the entire VE group. You can access both the ComNet and the Roster from here, and if you glance down the left hand side, you can see many links to other sections of the VE. Who knows, they could prove useful...
  • Other Members - Believe or not, we don't mind if you ask for help - just don't get them to do it for you. If you really are stuck on something, just ask, and I'm sure you will be pointed in the right direction...

Remember, the point of this exam is not to test your knowledge, or your memory – it’s simply to gauge how interested you are in the world you are about to enter. There should be no excuses for poor or wrong answers.

Remember that if you have any questions about the exam or these instructions, you can simply ask your trainer.

Good Luck.

Aviator's Exam