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This category is for reference books of note related to Star Wars information.

RPG Reference Material[edit]

Online Journal[edit]

Originally created by the folks at the Star Wars RPG Network, each journal was a combination of informative background details, fan fiction, and whatever else they could pack into an issue. It was a takeoff of the West End Games D6 Star Wars Adventure Journals. The second volume covers both D6 and D20 conventions, but can also be used as just general material

Second Edition Journals[edit]


Original Journals - in process[edit]

Net.Guides and Web Features - SW-RPG.Net Files[edit]

These are primarily fan-created documents focusing on a specific topic, some of which are very detailed. Below are listed those originally hosted by the Star Wars RPG website, with their original verbage copied to here.

SWRPG Gamemaster's Tool[edit]


Apr 16 2004: This project started out as a search for some software that could help me GM my Star Wars sessions, but everything I found was just too fantasy oriented so I decided I would just have to make my own. Using Excel, I developed some tools which instantly helped my game sessions run smoother. My goal with this is to reduce all the page flipping and chart referencing a GM has to do during a game session. Hopefully, you'll find this helpful as well. Enjoy!

In this first release, you'll find:

  • A Battle Tracker - keep track of combatants damage, conditions, initiative and round count.
  • The Nav Computer - Automatically calculate Astrogation DC's and trip durations. No more chart referencing!
  • Note: This Requires Microsoft Excel or program that can read Excel files and macros.
  • Note: This project is not supported by or affiliated with Lucasfilm LTD., WotC or WEG, so all comments/questions should be directed to the author

This is just the beginning, more to come!

- Matt "Snib Snub" Vanderville

Starship Challenge[edit]

Apr 06 2004: It started as a challenge to create a better 60,000 credit TIE Fighter. Soon followed the next generation of cheaper Star Destroyers… It grew into an entire community project. Inside are 30 concept starship designs from roughly a dozen fertile Star Wars community members. Whether your campaign is set in a “What if…” Star Wars universe or you are just curious what was on the drawing board before galactic events shifted industry concerns, this catalog of starships is for you.

Silas "Ravager_of_worlds" DeBoer, Lead Designer

Alternative Force Point System[edit]


Apr 06 2004: The computer game Knights of the Old Republic introduced Light Side Points as a potential d20 game mechanic. Since many have disliked the difficulties in using Dark Side Points for bookkeeping and Force Points for game mechanics. Something didn't seem balanced. Therefore, I tried to sort that out with this Alternative Force Point System. As the D6 system actually already seems to take most of this into effect, the rules presented here primarily work for d20. Naturally, not everyone will enjoy this system nor think it perfect. Gamemasters make the final decision, but for those looking for a possible alternative, take a look inside!

Written and developed by Shannon Farrell

Tactical Role-Playing[edit]


March 19 2004: "Are your combat encounters growing boring and stale? Would you rather spend a whole gaming session playing sabaac or slicing credit chips? Do you you shudder everytime the GM throws your party into yet another ho-hum encounter with the same old tired enemies? Tactical Role-Playing might be your salvation. Herein you will find a plethora of information regarding combat, from both the players and GMs perspectives. From new feats to tips on defeating Jedi, Tactical Role-Playing has something for all gamers alike."

Written and developed by J. "johnnyputrid" Main

Demons in the Dark[edit]


Feb 09 2004: Inspired by the 2000 Universal Studios movie Pitch Black, Demons in the Dark crash lands the heroes into an adventure on the remote planet Kekre. Set to fit into any timeline and any campaign, Demons is ideal for low level characters in both D6 and d20 gaming systems.

Written and developed by Shannon Farrell

Arms and Equipment Guide Supplement Series[edit]


Aug 21: The Arms & Equipment Guide Supplement series is a series of small magazine-like issues containing weapons, armor, equipment, and more! It is is intended to add to the material presented in the original Arms & Equipment Guide produced by Wizards of the Coast. The A&EGSs accepts only original, never before seen d20 equipment. If you would like to contribute, or if you have any comments or questions, you can e-mail the development staff at [email protected]

- Jay "Elfword" Neely, AEGS Team Leader

Net.Guide to Spleens[edit]


Nov 11: A humorous look (or is it?) at spleens in the world of SWRPG. Unbelievable, but yes, there are rules and stats for this medical aspect of gaming in the Star Wars universe. Now you can cause an opponent to break his spleen laughing with a roll of some dice! Compatible with both D6 and d20 systems.

- Khairul Hisham, Writer & Illustrator

Net.Guide to X-Wings[edit]


Ever wondered what the first X-wings were like? Ever wondered what upgrades were made as the X-wing went from the capable ship that served the Rebellion to the fierce creature prowling Yuuzhan Vong skips?

Wonder no longer. From starting point "A" to ending point "XJ", it is our pleasure to present the history of the T-65 Incom X-wing. Any questions? No?

"Then man your ships, and may the Force be with you."

- Jim Williams, Developer & Author

Net.Guide to Stormtroopers[edit]


For your reading pleasure and use in whole or part in your campaign, I am honored to present my stormtrooper to our community. While a GM's players are always the driving force for campaign creativity, this guide would never have been produced past some stat blocks on notebook paper were it not for this outstanding community created to further our adventures in the realm of Star Wars.

I would especially like to thank the Online Journal Staff for their incredible job in "packaging" my work.

My hope is that you get a fraction of the enjoyment using this as I had in creating it. Enjoy...and set weapons for annihilate! There be Rebels here!

- Jim Williams, Developer & Author

Blockade Runner's Guide[edit]

Article Link

Smugglers, by definition, are those who seek profit by the transport and delivery of illegal goods. Their methods usually include hiding cargoes in secret bays or burying them in a hold full of legal cargo. They consider themselves rather subtle, sneaky individuals; the less trouble they get in, the better offers they get. Everybody likes a clean smuggler.

Blockade Runners, by definition, are those who seek profit by the transport and delivery of illegal goods by any means necessary to destinations which are locked down by the military or other massive force. They consider themselves a cut above smugglers, because after all, "smugglers try to hide." They are often seen as somewhat suicidal types by others; the bigger the force they can "bust," the better offers they get. There is no such thing as a clean blockade runner

- Tim "Nealos" Salam and others

Net.Guides and Web Features - Files[edit]

Originally founded by Armage Bedar and Moridin, this is the combination of two early pioneers of the Star Wars D20 community. Moridin remains active as a Wizards of the Coast employee though his website is only fairly active on the forums. This is not to say that there is not much information to be gained there. Below are some of the best works from the main site worker bees and the homebrewed work from the forum members.

Net.Guide to Advanced Starfighter Maneuvers[edit]

Article Link

The best fighter squadrons in the Galaxy, such as Rogue Squadron or the 181st Imperial Fighters, aren't the best because of their name or the ships they fly. They're the best because of the pilots who fly them, the pilots who survive more dogfights than their opponents. A good starfighter pilot knows his machine like he knows himself, but in combat he also knows the situation at hand and what his craft can do. When it comes down to a fight, the pilots twist and turn, jockeying for position in order to eliminate their opponent before he himself is eliminated, and in the process have created several well-known maneuvers which are commonly taught in most flight schools.

This guide is intended to be a reference for use in starfighter combat. It presents several optional rules which the Gamemaster may utilize at his discretion. Additionally, these maneuvers use the standard starfighter combat rules given in the Core Rulebook, and does not attempt to modify those rules beyond a few preliminary concepts. Gamemasters should feel free to pick and choose which portions of this Net.Guide work best for you, as a guide based on an abstract concept is rarely completely compatible with all Gamemastering styles.

Net.Guide to Lightsaber Construction[edit]

Article Link

Having a Jedi character in the party can be a great asset to any group of adventurers. In combat especially, the amazing skill with which one can wield a lightsaber. However, source material thus far on the physical traits of a newly constructed lightsaber are oddly missing. This page has the Official West End Games material for lightsaber construction, as well as some material created especially for the Star Wars RPG Database concerning many of the lightsaber details overlooked in official material. Of course, as West End says, none of this is the be all and end all of lightsaber details, just some suggestions that seemed to make sense. Feel free to tinker with this material, and most of all, enjoy it.

Net.Guide to Martial Arts[edit]

Article Link

Combat is an important and integral part of the Star Wars universe, as well as the Star Wars RPG. While blasters and lightsabers have elevated combat to deadlier and more efficient levels, sometimes the situation calls for the use of more conventional combat techniques. Fewer things exemplify this fact than martial arts, and the various styles found in the Star Wars universe. Hand-to-hand combat can be faster, quieter, and serve a certain purpose better than many standard weapons, and in such a situation a character with martial arts talent becomes indispensible.

Net.Guide to Podracing[edit]

D6 Article Link

Podracing is the fastest sport in the galaxy. At speeds of up to 800 kmh, podracing is an sport practiced only in the Outer Rim - it is outlawed in the Core and most other civilized areas of the galaxy. It is considered too much for humans to handle, and the sport is typically dominated by alien species with more limbs, stronger constitutions, and better dexterity. Podracing is also a sport which is gambled on frequently: the Hutts, among others, have a large interest in podracing.

Net.Guide to Rebel/New Republic Special Forces[edit]

D6 and d20 Article Link

Note: This article was co-written by Mark "Nazgul" Fiorovanti.

In an awesome production of professional quality, the Net.Guide to Rebel and New Republic Special Forces brings a new level of SpecForce goodness to your campaign. Based on material developed for Rules of Engagement: The Rebel SpecForce Handbook by West End Games and expanded greatly for the d20 system, this Net.Guide features over 15 new prestige classes, three brand-new alien species, and over forty pages of information featuring illustrations and artwork by the incredible talents of the Star Wars Artists' Guild. Additionally, this document features D6 stats for many of the archetypes presented within, making it useful to players of both systems. Download it now, and add some SpecForce action to your game.

Net.Guide to Slicers[edit]

Article Link

The slicer is an often-overlooked character type in the Star Wars RPG, for many reasons. Often one of the problems is the conception of the slicer in the eyes of most players. When drafting up a character, most envision the daring smuggler, powerful Jedi, gruff soldier, or one of the many other hero archetypes. The slicer, however, has far more potential than to simply be the party’s computer hacker. The role of the slicer is valuable, both in information gathering and furthering the party’s goals, but he is far from limited to sitting in front of the computer terminal the entire adventure.

Net.Guide to the Errant Venture[edit]

D6 and d20 Article Link

This Net.Guide details the interior of the Errant Venture, the Star Destroyer turned bazaar owned by Booster Terrik. A floating marketplace, casino, hotel, and shadowport, the Errant Venture is a highly unique spacecraft that travels between systems and makes a tantalizing locale for all varieties of fringe-affiliated individuals. Originally written for Star Wars Gamer magazine, this article features information provided by the creator of the Errant Venture, Michael A. Stackpole, as well as original information and adventure hooks to make the Errant Venture a complete plug-and-play locale for any New Republic campaign.

Net.Guide to the Mistryl Shadow Guard[edit]

Article Link

The Mistryl Shadow Guard is an elite order of warrior women trained as mercenaries, who are sent off their home planet to earn money to send back to feed and clothe the devastated community of their world. Their history is a long and tragic one, full of deception, greed, anger, and destruction. Throughout the Galaxy there are few who equal the Mistryl in cunning, guile, combat skills, or bitterness. It all began long ago, with the loss of their planet Emberlene, but their burning desire for vengeance may never die.

Net.Guide to the Yuuzhan Vong[edit]

Article Link

A brief overview of the New Jedi Order adversaries.

Net.Guide to Uglies[edit]

Article Link

Many Pirate Crews and backwater planetary defense forces make use of ships known as "uglies." An Ugly is pilot slang for a ship cobbled together from the parts of other starfighters sold for salvage. They are often clunky and a definite eyesore, hence their name. They are unreliable, slow, underpowered, and best of all, cheap! Their inexpensive nature is exactly why they are so popular with pirates; after a victory in a space battle, they can tractor-beam the parts to the ship, then cobble together a new starfighter. Below are some basic rules for coming up with stats for a custom Ugly; note that this method is not perfect, and can be modified to fit the specifics of the campaign.

Unifying Force Campaign Adventure 1: Fall of Eraydia[edit]

D6 and D20 Article Links

The Unifying Force campaign kicks off with the first adventure! If you are a player, do not read this adventure if you plan to play in it! Gamemasters, be sure to read the Eraydia supplement thoroughly before running this adventure. Otherwise, download and enjoy!

Unifying Force Campaign Adventure 2: Waves of Conflict[edit]


The Unifying Force campaign continues with the second adventure in the series! If you are a player, do not read this adventure if you plan to play in it! Gamemasters, be sure to read the adventure thoroughly before running this adventure. Otherwise, download and enjoy!

Secrets of Cerea[edit]

D6 and D20 Article Links

Secrets of Cerea draws from a wealth of knowledge found throughout the Expanded Universe to create a custom sourcebook of the highest quality. Featuring material drawn from the Star Wars comics as well as all-new information, this homemade sourcebook contains everything a Gamemaster needs to know to run adventures on the planet.

Eloria and the Velos Sector[edit]

Sourcebook Link

Designed in the same vein as the "Coruscant and the Core Worlds" and "Geonosis and the Outer Rim Worlds" sourcebooks, Eloria and the Velos Sector explores a group of planets situated in the Unknown Regions. With high-quality presentation and layout, this d20 Supplement is a must-have for Gamemasters seeking to add all-new planets to any Star Wars campaign.

Rise of the Empire: Infinities Sourcebook[edit]

SWRPGNetwork is pleased to host this excellent sourcebook, which details an alternate-universe take on the Rise of the Empire era. In addition to taking an alternate history approach to the Star Wars universe, this sourcebook contains a plethora of statistics and game mechanics suitable for other campaigns as well, including campaigns that stick to established continuity. From the death of Obi-Wan Kenobi to Emperor Vader, this book is chock-full of original ideas and stories to keep your gaming group guessing for a long time! This article is published under the Infinities logo and does not adhere to existing Star Wars continuity.

Notes on the Grand Struggle[edit]

Additional Guides[edit]


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