Checklist for VENA Trainers

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The following is a step-by-step checklist for Training Officers who are guiding new recruits through Starfighter School or Fleet School (compiled by Hades, with additions by Trykon):

Being a training officer offers a unique take on the workings of the Vast Empire and presents its own challenges. While there is no 'regulation' to follow in regards to the training of a recruit, there is a general guide that training officers should follow when dealing with new recruits.

By posting in the Naval Academy section of the Comnet, the recruits have officially started their training process. The first training officer to see the recruit should post his or her prepared response - the "welcome message" - which should include the following:

  • A welcoming statement and introduction of the training officer (include rank, name, and position as training officer)
  • A brief description of the process they are about to undergo (Basic Training, and then a School, either Starfighter or Fleet)
  • An instruction to complete the first chapter of training, and a link thereto
  • Information as to how we write stories (eg. Past tense and third person)
  • Information on where to get help if needed, incl. IRC and Comnet PM
  • Any specificities a trainee should know (ie. Command School is temporarily unavailable, etc.)
  • A few useful links as a final note, including but not limited to the Vast Empire wiki page, all the chapters of starfighter school, IRC...

Immediately after posting your welcome message, PM the CNT (and XNT, if applicable) and request that the new recruit be placed on the Roster, in Raptor Squadron! When the recruit is placed, make sure to tell the recruit in his/her thread what her position is, in the training squadron.

Once the recruit has completed the first step of the first chapter of training (Bio and ID line), a training officer should look over their work for any inconsistencies (ie, spelling and grammar mistakes, length, breach of canon) and get the recruit to fix said inconsistencies. Once that is done, the trainee should be directed to the subsequent item in training – namely putting the Bio and ID line on a wiki page for their character. Again the training officer should look over the recruit's work and get them to fix (where applicable) mistakes on the wiki. This includes, but is not limited to spelling and grammar, canonical inconsistencies, etc.

Once the Trainee's wiki has been deemed good enough to move on, the recruit should be directed to their respective story post – for the Starfighter School trainees, this is Raptor: Disaster!, and for the Fleet School folks, it's Fleet School Trainees: Loyalty, Honor, Courage. There they should respond to the original story post, ignoring the posts of other past recruits to respond to the prompt. The training officer on hand should look over the post and if the content is acceptable (Should be assessed on completion of the objective, proper spelling and grammar, verisimilitude) direct the trainee to the next part of training.

The final part of training is the recruit's report. The Training Officer should direct the recruit to the report template page and inform him/her of who they should report to as well as the fact the report should be posted to their training thread. Throughout the training process, training officers should be on hand to answer questions and direct the recruit in regard to Comnet etiquette (IE. No gravedigging old threads, no double posting on stories (does not apply to OOC threads), etc.) esp. to keep their training on one thread.