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Ayme and Aryanna

Zee and Ayme


Kenrick Katash[edit]


Kenrick Katash hails from a noble blood-line stretching deep into the Black Sun history. His loyalty to this ancient gang is ingrained into his blood and it was a loyalty and pride he had hoped to pass down to sons one day.

He met his wife through an arranged business date and it was surprisingly love at first sight for the usually reserved and stoic man. It is said that Eri’Anya is one of the few things which can prompt the man to impulsive and irrational decisions such as marrying her within following months after their meeting.

The couple had two sons. Jarick and Jed Katash. His sons however never took to the Black Sun and as they grew older they grew to despise the Black Sun despite having grown up in the epic-centre of its dealings. The two brothers wanted to stop the Black Sun, and Kenrick who understood the sheer impossibility of this feat tried to convince them otherwise. He was very much aware of the implications and knew it would not only threaten the lives of his sons but also the lives of the people his sons associated themselves with, including Jarick’s wife and three daughters. As their actions and disillusioned war against the Black Sun grew more frantic, Kenrick received warnings from above and he finally realized in order to salvage something of the Katash legacy he’d need to retrieve his three grand-daughters with the hope that they could make amends for the Katash name.

Jarick however, learned of his father’s intentions and sent his eldest daughter for the time being with his younger brother who to their utter horror lost the young girl on Raxus Prime in a physical confrontation with Black Sun members who had caught up with there.

Jarick and Jed barely kept contact after that and Jarick disappeared from the radar. Kenrick frantically tried to track the family down, but the Black Sun beat him to it and he lost his eldest son and daughter-in-law to cold murder. The twins, on behalf of Kenrick’s pleading were spared but as punishment to his failure to properly educate and tame his sons’ ideals concerning the Black Sun were denied to receive them into his house. The one twin presumably died in confrontation however with her escorts while the other one was sold to a business associate of the Black Sun on Coruscant.

To this day, he still tries to track down the eldest granddaughter and his youngest son.

Eri'anya Molokai Katash[edit]


Eri’anya’s life had not always been turbulent of nature and in fact she grew up away from the city and the buzz in a lavish life-style though she never surrendered her heart to it. She’s happy with the simple things in life.

Eri’anya is what her friends and associates will describe as a lady with impeccable taste, class and heart of gold. Her compassion towards those around her is one of her most defining characteristics which immediately caught the attention of Kenrick Katash upon their first meeting. As a man who lacked compassion in his life he found it alien but welcoming and he was intrigued with her. So much, that they married soon afterwards and had two sons.

The simplicity of her life and its lack of turbulence end here and as the sons grew up she could only watch in despair at the revolt for the family business. While she herself never agreed Kenrick’s business she had learned a long time ago with her own father to turn a blindeye. And while she would not admit it, she cannot fathom a life outside the Black Sun which added to the fears she held for her sons’ rebellion against the gang.

Jed Katash[edit]

Jed was the youngest of two brothers born to members of the higher command structure of the Black Sun organization. Both he and his brother hated the things their parents did and shrived to find a way to stop the organization. They failed though in a bad way. Jed and his brother were forced to part ways and to make matters worst, Jed's brother had a wife and a young daughter. His brother changed his last name and every member of his family to Graves, and went into hiding on the small planet of Ansion. He had two more children, twin girls this time. But they were soon after found and he was forced to send the older girl to Jed in an attempt to protect her. Jed lost her on Raxus Prime, he never saw her again and hates himself over losing her.

After Raxus Prime Jed roamed the galaxy for a few years, then he settled down on Corellia starting up a small gang called Retathorn. He still traveled to Raxus Prime once a year, he told himself it was to keep looking but it was also a penance of sorts he self inflicted so he never forgot how badly he screwed up.

When he did try to contact his brother, he found them oddly missing. Through his connections to the Black Sun, which he maintained just for this reason, he found out that Jarik and his wife had changed their surname to 'Graves' and moved frequently to hide. This wasn't enough and the Black Sun did finally catch up to his older brother. Hearing that the Black Sun had the young twins, Aryanna and Ayme almost broke Jed, but he just threw himself into his work, even more determined to bring the terrible organization down one day.

Ten years after he lost Zee, a young pickpocket caught his eye. He almost fainted when he saw the family mark on her wrist. The young and very stubborn thirteen year old was not easy to convince but he managed to earn the girls trust and eventually found out that she was Ayme. He vowed to protect Ayme, who had taken to calling herself Havock after their first meeting, and typically succeeds in irritating the girl with his over-protectiveness.

Jarick Katash[edit]


Jarick was the first born son in the Katash family. He was taught by his father at an early age the ins and outs of surviving and thriving in the Black Sun organization. His father was overbearing and attempted to control every aspect of his childhood. He hoped that when his younger brother was born some of the weight would be lifted. Instead his father piled the responsibility expecting Jarick to in turn now teach his brother, Jed.

Being a teenager was no better. Jarick still didn't really know most of what his parents did only that he was expected to follow in their footsteps which irritated him. He met Sarisa Sol at one of his parents many functions. The two quickly became friends as they shared a hatred for the company that their parents sank all of their free time into.

Sarisa Sol Katash

Sarisa came from a more wealthy family yet less powerful, they owned many of the mines and factories that the Black Sun used to finance their expeditions.

The two married young and Sarisa quickly became pregnant. Jarick's father could not have been more happy by the news which seemed to infuriate Jarick even more. Finally after so long, Kenrick asked Jarick to come with him on a deal for the Black Sun. He thought his father would be taking him to a board room, instead it was an empty warehouse. A group of men approached, briefcases were exchanged, then the guns came out. He watched his father order the delivery men dead and then turned to Jarick and told the young man to re-collect the briefcase. This was his business, this was what his father wanted him to do, and beyond that this is condoned by this company. Jarick decided they needed to do something.

Jarick convinced Jed to help him sneak into a newly built Black Sun instillation on Ansion, where he and Sarisa had chosen to make their home. They wanted to gather information something they could use against the gang, instead they got caught and barely managed to escape. Unfortunately the Black Sun bosses were not amused by the boys and forbid either of them from ever rising in the ranks of the organization.

Knowing Kenrick would want his grand daughters, Jarick and Sarisa sent their oldest daughter with Jed so they both could go into hiding, and nearly died when they found out that Zasanti was lost. When he heard, Kenrick immediately sent whoever he could to get the twins, but failed. Jarick and Sarisa took the twins and went into hiding themselves, moving often and changing their last names to 'Graves' to keep the Black Sun from taking their children away.

Zasati Katash[edit]

Zasati or "Zee" as she was affectionately called by her family, was the oldest child of Sarisa and Jarik Katash. She was a tenacious youth, that often was in trouble for her stubbornness. When she was still very young, her father and uncle got themselves into trouble, so they decided it was for the best to send little Zee into hiding with her uncle Jed, whom she adored. Everything was going to plan then the two got separated on Raxus Prime. Jed searched and searched but could never find Zee, she is presumed dead. This crushed Sarisa and Jarik who became fiercely overprotective of their toddler twins.

Aryanna Katash[edit]

Aryanna "Whiskey" Graves as she goes by now. Aryanna is the only sister to have survived childhood with her memory intact. This has made her a dry and reserved adult. Aryanna believed her entire family to be dead, and she thought she had watched her twin, Ayme, be killed right in front of her. The day Ayme 'died' they took her back to the Black Sun headquarters and she was sold to a wealthy bank owner on Coruscant where she spent the rest of her childhood. Drake Partame, wasn't cruel, in fact he war rarely around. She was able to read and keep to herself. After everything that happened to her she spent years silent, not speaking at all. Drake took a liking to the intelligent and stubborn young girl and gave her freedom as her eighteenth birthday present.

Ayme Katash[edit]


Ayme is the youngest off all the Katash children, a fact her sister Ary never lets her forget. Ayme was a very adventurous youth. She let her impulses drive her decisions and often found herself in trouble. It didn't bother her one bit, she liked having to figure a way out of the insane things she got herself into, her parents and siblings hated it though.

When the twins were taken she was shot and hit her head severely on the side of the transport, this sent her into an eighteen month coma. When she finally awoke, she had to spend the next six months just learning how to walk again. She has no memory at all of her time before being in the hospital. The time when she was recovering while being held prisoner of the Black Sun remains little more than fuel for her nightmares. She escaped the Black Sun when she was eight years old, even though the details about her escape are hazy in her memory.

A nurse who worked at the local orphanage found her on the street, bleeding and in need of medical care. They took her in and when they still were unable to find her parents they kept her there for five years. Ayme's memories may have not returned but her ability to get into trouble had. She frequently was caught sneaking out of her room or stealing junk to build speeders in the garage. She found comfort in working on vehicles and spent more time doing that then spending time with the other orphans.

One of her many excursions out of the orphanage she ran into a local gang leader, Jed Katash. He allowed her to stay with him, and against her better judgment accepted. There was something about the blue eyed man that seemed so familiar to her, yet she never could figure out what it was. Ayme was given the nick name "Havock" at this time and the name stuck to this day.