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Welcome to Pilot Orientation, recruit.

In this Chapter, you will learn what it means to be a member of the Starfighter Corps, here in the Vast Empire's Navy. There is information for you as a writer and new member (OOC), and information for your character to learn as a new pilot (IC).

The Orientation is split into four short tutorials, each detailing a different aspect of VE Navy life, followed by an assignment. Each tutorial is designed to be short but informative; you are encouraged to do further research on your own, but an understanding of the basic information provided is all that is necessary to graduate to active duty. It is highly recommended that you read through all four tutorials before attempting to complete the assignment.

Tutorial One - Imperial Fighter Basics[edit]

An overview of Imperial Starfighters, and a discussion of how the VE's equipment and tactics differ from those of most Imperial factions in Star Wars canon.

Tutorial Two - Enemy Fighter Basics[edit]

An overview of starfighters commonly used by likely enemy factions.

Tutorial Three - Basic Flight Maneuvers[edit]

Aero-space combat is a dynamic, 3-Dimensional experience which can seem overwhelmingly complicated to the uninitiated, and which many people find difficult to write about convincingly; this tutorial shares some basic tips on writing compelling and realistic starfighter combat scenes.

Tutorial Four - The Essence of a Post[edit]

A short discussion of the basics of story posts.


The short tutorials above were designed to help you integrate into the Vast Empire, without overloading you with too much information. With any luck, the information in this Chapter has equipped you to write a decent story post, as your pilot PC. So guess what your assignment is?

Assignment Title: Chapter 2 - Posting

Summary: You will make a post to the current Raptor Squadron training mission story. Right now, the current training story is titled Raptor: Disaster!, and may be found on the Naval Academy board of the ComNet. Read the initial post (the mission briefing). Read the subsequent posts (other members' simulator runs). Write a post of your own, using everything you've learned in this Chapter, and post it to the story thread. Your post should only reference the initial briefing post; not any of the other pilots' sim runs. We're just evaluating your ability to write a basic post in response to a scenario outline for this exercise, not asking you to start interacting with other PCs.

Tips: Your trainer will be looking for creativity in your execution and interpretation of the assignment. Remember too to be realistic; you don't have to singlehandedly defeat the entire simulated enemy force to do well (in fact, such "god-moding" would result in failure for the exercise).

Submission: After you have posted your reply post on the story's thread, also post a link to the Disaster! story thread in your original training thread. Your Training Officer will evaluate your work, and if he/she approves, you'll be cleared to advance to Chapter 3 of Starfighter School.

As always, should you have any questions, feel free to contact a member of the training staff.