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Marauder Corvette Scythe
Manufacturer Republic Sienar Systems
Product Line Patrol Craft
Model Light Corvette
Class Capital ship
Length 195 meters
Atmospheric Speed 850 kph
Hyperdrive Class 2/Class 8 Backup
  • 12 Double Turbolaser Batteries
  • 3 Tractor Beam Projectors
Cargo Capacity
  • 300 metric tons of cargo
  • 2 Landing Barges


12 Starfighters

  • 8 Preybird Starfighters
  • 4 Hyrotil Bombers
Crew 177
Passengers 80
Affiliation Galactic Empire

The Scythe is the Stormtrooper Corps' special mission craft. It is sturdy and capable of short engagements with light enemy forces, particularly pickets and privateer craft.

General Characteristics[edit]

The Marauder Corvette was originally designed for use with the Old Republic government, however, Old Republic bureaucrats opted against using this vessel. As a result, the design was going to be scraped, however, the Corporate Sector Authority stepped in and offered to purchase a fleet of these vessels. Once Marauder Corvettes were coming off the assembly lines on Lianna, planetary navies and large corporations started to purchase the vessels. With the implementation of the CSA's aggressive armament program, the order for the corvettes nearly doubled and the design became a success for Republic Sienar Systems.

The CSA often calls the Marauder an "assault ship" due to its effectiveness against Pirate and Mercenary forces, which tend to use less advanced vessels. Fighters carried onboard are for assault and patrol missions, while the troopers onboard are commonly used for boarding actions, while the two landing barges are used for ground actions. The tractor beam projectors carried onboard the corvette are quite useful in the capture of ships before they can escape into hyperspace. In combat, Marauder Corvettes are often deployed in pairs and are used to supplement the firepower of Victory Star Destroyers and Invincible Heavy Cruisers. Marauder Corvettes form an important part of the Authority's Picket Fleet's patrol system by hyperspacing from system to system to perform quick scans for unregistered ships. These vessels are often sent to isolated systems that are tempting targets for Pirates and outlaw bands. In short, the CSA uses the Marauder Corvette to fill in the gaps in the Authority's patrol network.

The Marauder Corvette is aerodynamically streamlined for atmospheric combat, with their long, sleek bodies with extended airfoils. As a result they look like an oversized fighter than a light combat cruiser. Although the Marauder is slightly faster than the Victory Class Star Destroyer, it is not powerful enough for fleet engagements against vessels of the Imperial Navy. However, the Marauder Corvette is excellent for system patrol and smuggling interdiction missions.

Vast Empire History[edit]

The Scythe was captured in the army campaign in Chapter 4 of the Vast Empire history. The ship, and the Victory-class Star Destroyer it was escorting, were enroute to an independent refueling station when they were ambushed by the Corps, with backup naval ship support. The VSD was renamed the Dominion and the Marauder as the Scythe.

The ship has been retrofitted since entering Vast Empire service, including modernized shield and engine plants, including a backup hyperdrive. Hangar bays are now suited for fighters other than the outdated Authority fighters the ship originally carried.

Mission History[edit]

To be completed later