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Completion of either Combat Engineer or Heavy Weapons Specialist course. Trooper must also have 6 months or greater active service, plus approval or recommendation from the Specialty Coordinator.


On occasion, missions come up that do not require overwhelming force of numbers. These may be missions of stealth or of quick and dirty infiltrations. In either case, when an opposing target needs to be put down quickly and efficiently, the sharpshooter is the person called upon to make the sure kill. When faced with a New Republic senator at the other end of a long meeting hall, or 20-to-1 odds on some backwater planet full of angry natives, the fighting force with the best marksmanship is the one that will likely make it out alive. It is on these occasions where the sharpshooter can succeed.


Personally modified sniper rifle and sidearm(s)
various sights scopes, and surveillance equipment
camouflage gear
infiltration kit
custom tools and electronics kit

Story Listing (In Order)[edit]

Level 0: Beginner Marksman

Upon introduction to the field of sharpshooter, you possess all the skills and techniques that you learned in either your Heavy Weapons Specialist or Combat Engineer field. The field of sharpshooter will refine marksmanship, weapon proficiency and survival skills.

Level 1: Weapons Proficiency

In your previous specialty, you’ve learned how to hold a gun, as well as properly use it. As a review, you will be going over some proficiency exercises to see how well you can handle the different types of blasters and rifles that are available to you.

Skills Earned:

intermediate sniper rifle use
intermediate projectile rifle use
intermidiarte heavy projectile use
advanced weapon use (requires level 2)

Story One: Weapons Proficiency: Sniper Rifle
Story Two: Weapons Proficiency: Projectile Weapons
Story Three: Weapons Proficiency: Heavy Projectile Rifle

Level 2: Accuracy and Target Selection

You’ve demonstrated how well you can use rifles and projectiles. Now let’s further refine those skills: testing your accuracy at long distances and target selecton. You will learn to identify and select designated targets based on a variety of factors.

Skills Earned:

advanced marksmanship: long-range distances
identify and select designated targets by:

  • uniform
  • behaviour
  • appearance

advanced marksmanship: pinpoint accuracy (requires level 4)

Story One: Marksmanship, Advanced
Story Two: Target Detection and Selection
Story Three: Rank Identification (NR, Imperial, CSA)

Level 3: Field Skills

Trooper will now learn how to efficiently operate themselves on the field. They will learn where to position themselves to get the perfect shot at their target. Troopers will also learn how to survive in various situations on and off the battlefield.

Skills Earned:

selecting location based upon cover, concealment and security
wilderness (desert, tundra, jungle, forest) and urban survival methods
selecting shot direction and direction finding
advanced location selection (requires level 4)

Story One: Fieldcraft
Story Two: Survival
Story Three: Orientation

Level 4: Advanced Skills
Trooper will learn to eliminate mines from a great distance. Trooper will also be able to recognize the different types of mines such as flash mines and frag mines. Also covered in this section will be how to disable mines or recover them for your own personal use.

Skills Earned:

identify and eliminate mines either disabling by hand, or shooting from distance
recognise muzzle flashes from enemy snipers
suppress muzzle flashes on personal weapons

Story One: Mine Detection & Disabling
Story Two: Flash Recognition

Level 5: Operations

Having learned all the skills needed for location, weapons, and shot selection, you will now begin training on sharpshooter operations. You will learn how to successfully insert yourself into the target zone, find a location and set up for your mark. Also learned will be the fatal shot points forth main target species. You will then be trained on how to successfully disassemble your equipment and proceed to the extraction point undetected.

Skills Earned:

ability to enter target zone, select location and initiate operation
professional marksmanship: fatal shot selection and execution
ability to disassemble equipment and proceed to extraction point undetected

Story One: Insertion
Story Two: Execution
Story Three: Extraction & Recovery

Certification Exam