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Rorran Gorma
Military Information





Chief of Naval Training, Ship Captain, Flight Member




118th Wildfire


25th Desolation


FM: VSD II Dead Gun
SCAP & COT: LEF Koom Valley






Vast Empire


Mepass.gifZero g three.gifMarine3.jpg
Sadis.gifZero g two.gifMarine2.jpg
Aedis.gifZero g one.gifMarine1.jpg

NS 8.gifNS 7.gifNS 6.gif
NS 5.gifNS 4.gifNS 3.gif
NS 2.gifNS 1.gifNS H.gif

Physical Description





210 lbs.

Skin Color:




Hair Color:


Hair Style:


Facial Hair:


  • Black
  • Red during Bloodlust
  • Large one from sword across his back
  • From bayonet wound on his leg
  • From spear injury on his ribcage




Biographical Information




Birth Date:

40 BBY




Basic, Falleen

  • Vast Empire Chief of Naval Training
  • Sword Fighting
  • Target practice
  • flying

LEF Koom Valley




We shall fight in the shade.

Current Status: Active Duty[edit]

  • Current assignments:
    • Chief of Naval Training:
    • Ship Captain: Naval Training Warship Koom Valley
  • Rank:

Time Calculators[edit]

{{Time In Vast Empire |Years=15 |Months=9 |Days=20 |Division=N}}



Slasher stands roughly two meters in height, he is muscular with a number of scars crisscrossing his upper body that give evidence to the numerous combat missions he has undertaken over the course of his career in the Imperial Navy. He is almost always in uniform, but in those rare occasions where you find him out of uniform, he favors garments that give him plenty of freedom of movement.


Growing up Rorran had a number of trying experiences, from the death of his parents at a young age at the hands of pirates, to being held as a slave by a minor crime syndicate who hoped to use his pheremoes to further their on agenda, but their plan was thwarted when he escaped as a young teen. Due to these and other experiences Rorran has gained a reputation for being rutheless when dealing with Pirates and slavers. Although some people may think the choice of Rorran to join the Imperial Navy, but what initially started as a vendetta against all pirates turned into a love of the structure of military life, and although he occasionally faces criticism and nasty looks because of his species. He is unquestionably loyal to the Empire. Another side effect of his experiences, both in his childhood, and in the time he has spent on the various fields of battle, has led Slasher to become very effective at hiding his feelings at will. Although Rorran has served within the Vast Empire for a number of years, and has flown with many many pilots, he counts very few among his true friends. It is among his true friends that Rorran's real personality rises to the surface, fiercely loyal to his friends, and highly honorable, Rorran will never leave a man behind. While his temper and bloodlust lies very close to the surface, he keeps them tightly reigned at most times, with very few having seen the full ferocity of his temper. Despite all of this however Rorran has somehow managed to hold onto a keen and sometimes very weird sense of humor.


Captain Rorran 'Slasher' Gorma is quite a mystery to many people, but to those who have come to know him he is a very good and true friend.

Early History[edit]

Rorran was born around 23 BBY to Trenda and Rillant Gorma, and spent the first two years of his life with his parents. They fled their home system when a civil war erupted between the forces of the Kr'lanmos Clan and the planetary government, which was supported by a coalition of about a third of the other clans on the planet, while the remaining two-thirds pledged their support to the Kr'lanmos Clan. His parents chose to flee because they had been very vocal and active supporters of the Y'ltonak Clan, and the mythical Ykntola Order of knights who had risen to the occasion to defend that clan throughout history.

Unfortunately for the Gormas their reprieve from the strifes of war was very short lived. Aproximately three years later the family was moving between planets for on a business trip for his father and mother's shipping business, attempting to open a new system to trade from their company, and they found themselves in the middle of a war, their ship was boarded by a group of apparent pirates, who turned out to be members of the N'Ykn'tola Order, a order which had been founded by members of the Kr'lanmos Clan with the express purpose of completely wiping out the Ykntola Order, and they had tracked down the family, the last members of the Order that had escaped from the planet prior to the attack on the order, and they were the last ones known to be at large. His father fought them off as long as he could, but eventually fell under the great weight of the enemy numbers. His mother fell as well, fighting to her last breath after hiding him in a packing container that his parents had kept prepared for years, ready to serve as a lifeboat for him in the event that they were found and attacked, the container went into a special space aboard the ship, and with sensor dampening walls, there was no way for him to be found except by those who would know he was there. After the attackers had left, Rorran left the container and began to walk the ship, waiting to be rescued, which he eventually was by a passing freighter which boarded the ship to see if there was any cargo that could be salvaged.

First Brushes with Ykntola Order[edit]

Ten years passed after the rescue of Rorran by a passing Freighter, Rorran rarely talks about events during this time period, and there is almost no record of what transpired other than that he was held by a Crime Syndicate that Rorran would later help bring down while commander of the Imperial II Frigate Fearless. By this point in his life Rorran had held a number of different jobs, everything from pickpocket, to lookout, to courier pilot as his skill at the controls of a ship began to manifest themselves. It was after one of these courier missions that Rorran found himself alone and penniless on the surface of Falleen, and he had his first remembered run-in with the Ykntola Order. In short order he found himself fighting for the branch of the Order on the planet, without any knowledge of his heritage or his destiny regarding the Ykntola Order, and the role he was destined to play in the future of the Order and their war to protect the small remenants of those clans that had sided with the government against the Kr'lanmos Clan, and the planets which they have settled on. He spent about ten years with that small unit, rising up in their ranks until he joined up with the Empire in 2 ABY, serving until 7 ABY.

Enlistment in Vast Empire Navy[edit]

Approximately 9 ABY Rorran made a fateful decision to return to Military Service, and elected to join the Vast Empire Navy, attending Basic Training and Flight School on board Naval Platform Saratoga, he completed his training in record time, and upon the completion of Flight School he was promoted to Senior Crewman, and ordered to Nazgul Squadron in Pheonix Wing, under the command of then Chief Warrant Officer Geordi 'Driver' Atrasin.

Rorran serves for a long period with Nazgul, moving slowly up the ranks, and holding a number of different positions on his way to his current assignments, his service record includes the following:

  • Nazgul Squadron
    • Flight Member
    • Flight Leader
  • Nightshrike Squadron
    • Executive Officer
  • Regents Reign Squadron
    • Flight Member
  • Tuk'ata Squadron
    • Executive Officer
  • Naval Academy
    • Operator Level 2
    • Trainer Level 2
    • Chief of Staff
    • Executive Officer of Training
    • Chief of Naval Training

After a period of time in an Advisory role, Slasher returned to active duty with the rank of Chief Warrant Officer, and was assigned to the Naval Academy while awaiting assignment to a squadron post, it is during this period of time that a massive and cowardly attack was made on the Navy, wiping out most of the Officer Corps, and leaving many of the Navy's ships Commanderless. Due to his experience, and the endorsement of Commodore Atrasin, his old Squadron Commander, Slasher was ordered to take command of the Warden Class Light Cruiser Onyx, which he served on for a short period of time before he is promoted to the rank of Ensign, and given command of Task Force Besh, with his flagship the Imperial II class Frigate Fearless. He spent multiple years serving in different capacities including captain of the Victory class Star Destroyer Dead Gun. currently Chief of Naval Training with rank of Captain.


Due to the number of things which Slasher owns, he has set aside a separate page for them, in order to keep track of their current locations, crews (in the case of ships) and usage. This page can be found here

Service Record[edit]


Insignia Rank Start Until Reason for Promotion
CRWSFC.JPG Crewman October 22, 2008 October 22, 2008 Joined the VEN
LCRWSFC.JPG Leading Crewman N/A N/A Skipped this rank by passing AE with distinction
SCRWSFC.JPG Senior Crewman October 22, 2008 December 11, 2008 Passed AE with distinction.
PO2SFC.JPG Petty Officer 2nd Class December 11, 2008 January 5, 2008 Activity
PO1SFC.JPG Petty Officer 1st Class N/A N/A Skipped by passing SAE with Distinction
CPOSFC.JPG Chief Petty Officer January 5, 2009 January 29th, 2009 Passed the SAE with Distinction
SCPOSFC.JPG Senior Chief Petty Officer January 29th, 2009 February 28th, 2010 Passed the Minor Exams
MCPOSFC.JPG Master Chief Petty Officer N/A N/A Skipped on a double promotion for work on the Smoke and Mirrors Wing story.
WO2SFC.JPG Warrant Officer 2nd Class February 28th, 2010 August 26th, 2010 Earned "Big Gun" in Phoenix Wing Smoke and Mirrors, assigned to Nightshrike as XO
WO1SFC.JPG Warrant Officer 1st Class N/A N/A Skipped over during Rank adjustment for Time served
CWOSFC.JPG Chief Warrant Officer August 26th, 2010 March 17th, 2011 Promoted to this rank during adjustments of ranks for time in Service.
OCAN.GIF Officer Candidate Skipped Skipped Skipped, direct commission as Ensign.
ESN.GIF Ensign March 17th, 2011 March 20th, 2011 Promoted to command Task Force Besh
LTJG.GIF Lieutenant Junior Grade March 20th, 2011 May 16th, 2011 Work on Into The Invisible
LT.GIF Lieutenant May 16th, 2011 August 10th, 2011 "For great activity, and being instrumental to the operation of 2nd Fleet"
LCDR.GIF Lieutenant Commander August 10th, 2011 August 12th, 2011 Work on Task Force Besh: Snatch & Grab
CDR.GIF Commander August 12th, 2011 December 15th, 2015 Order of the NCC
CPT.GIF Captain December 15th, 2015 Present Promoted to rank by NCC in recognition of long service with club


Position Start Until Reason
Navtrainee.png October 22, 2008 October 22, 2008 Joined the VEN
Flightmember.png October 22, 2008 January 16, 2009 Passed AE, assigned as Nazgul 7
Operator, Level 1 December 2008 January 2009 Joined the VENA staff
Flightleader.png January 16, 2009 February 22, 2009 Promoted to Lead Flight 3
Trainer, Level 1 January 2009 January 2009 Reassigned by new CNT
Flightleader.png February 24, 2009 August 6, 2009 Moved to command 4 Flight
Chief of Staff April 19th, 2009 June 24th, 2009 Requested to take position by Naval Training Officer.
Trainingofficerassistant.png June 24th, 2009 August 6, 2009 Promoted to position by the Naval Training Officer
Reserves August 6, 2009 Unknown Temporary move to reserves
Flightmember.png Unknown Unknown flight 4 closed, so moved to be a Flight Member.
Flightmember.png Unknown February 22nd, 2010 Came out of retirement, assigned to Nazgul B-4
Flightmember.png February 22nd, 2010 February 28th, 2010 Restructuring of Starfighter Corps, moved to Rhegent's Reign B-4
Squadronxo.png February 28th, 2010 March 1st, 2010 Opening of Nightshrike Squadron
Flightmember.png March 1st, 2010 June 8th, 2010 Closing of Nightshrike Squadron, reassigned to Rhegent's Reign as a FM
Squadronxo.png June 8th, 2010 Unknown Requested by Tuk'ata Squadron's new Squadron Commander
Trainingofficerassistant.png January 26th, 2011 May 17th, 2011 Requested by CNT
Squadronxo.png January 26th, 2011 Present Connected to XNT position, XO of Raptor Squadron
Shipcaptain.png January 26th, 2011 Present Assigned to command LCR Onyx
Task Force Commander March 17th, 2011 Present Orders
Trainingofficer.png May 17th, 2011 Unknown Move of former CNT to Reserves
Trainingofficer.png December 14th, 2015 Present Reactivated during resurgence of club in 2015.

Awards and Certifications[edit]

Mepass.gifZero g three.gifMarine3.jpg
Sadis.gifZero g two.gifMarine2.jpg
Aedis.gifZero g one.gifMarine1.jpg

NS 8.gifNS 7.gifNS 6.gif
NS 5.gifNS 4.gifNS 3.gif
NS 2.gifNS 1.gifNS H.gif


Ribbon Award Award Name Date Received Reason
LSM.gif [LSM] Long Service Medal February 2011 1 Year or more of service
IC1rib.gif [IC1] Iron Cross 1st Class March 20th, 2011 Work on Into the Invisible
SOVrib.gif [SoV] Star of Valor May 16th, 2011 "For great activity and being instrumental to the operation of 2nd Fleet"
CoBrib2.png [CBV.] Cross of Bravery, 1 pip 02/28/2010 Earned "Big Gun" on "Phoenix Wing: Smoke and Mirrors"
CoBrib.png [CBV] Cross of Bravery 03/14/2009 "for his tireless efforts in the story, and for Nazgul as a whole, and for his work on medals and ribbons"
MC1rib.gif [MC:1] Merit Cross 1st Class 11/17/2008 Work on the Navy HSC 2008
MC2rib.gif [MC:2] Merit Cross 2nd Class September 5th, 2010 Consistent Activity
SoLrib.gif [SoL] Shadow of Lehon March 1st, 2010 Awarded to all members of Pheonix Wing who survived Smoke and Mirrors
GWC.gif [GWC] Gold Writing Commendation March 18th, 2011 100 Story Posts
SWC.gif [SWC] Silver Writing Commendation Unknown Reached 50 Career story posts.
BWC.gif [BWC] Bronze Writing Commendation Unknown Reached 25 Career story posts.
NS 8.gif [NS-8] Naval Service Ribbon, Eight Years October 22nd, 2016 Eight Year's Service
NS 7.gif [NS-7] Naval Service Ribbon, Seven Years October 22nd, 2015 Seven Year's Service
NS 6.gif [NS-6] Naval Service Ribbon, Six Years October 22nd, 2014 Six Year's Service
NS 5.gif [NS-5] Naval Service Ribbon, Five Years October 22nd, 2013 Five Year's Service
NS 4.gif [NS-4] Naval Service Ribbon, Four Years October 22nd, 2012 Four Year's Service
NS 3.gif [NS-3] Naval Service Ribbon, Three Years October 22nd, 2011 Three Year's Service
NS 2.gif [NS-2] Naval Service Ribbon, Two Years October 22nd, 2010 Two Year's Service
NS 1.gif [NS-1] Naval Service Ribbon, One Year October 22nd, 2009 A full year's service
NS H.gif [NS-H] Naval Service Ribbon, Half Year April 22nd, 2009 Half a year's service
BRC.gif [BRC] Bronze Recruitment Commendation unknown recruited 1 member
Nazgul6months.gif [NT:H] Nazgul Tour: 6 Months April 22nd, 2009 Completed 6 Months service in Nazgul Squadron


Certification Exams
Symbol Exam Exam Name Date Passed Score Received
Aedis.gif (=*A*=) Aviator's Exam October 22, 2008 100%-
Sadis.gif (=*SA*=) Senior Aviator's Exam December 5, 2008 100%-
Mepass.gif (=^ME^=) Minor Exams January 27,2009 98.6%-
Marine1.jpg [=IM=] Rifleman  ? Pass-
Marine2.jpg [=^IM^=] Marine Pilot  ? Pass-
Marine3.jpg [=*IM*=] Imperial Marine  ? Pass-
Zero g one.gif [=SWC=] Ship's Security  ? Pass-
Zero g two.gif [=^SWC^=] Zero-G Warfare  ? Pass-
Zero g three.gif [=*SWC*=] Special Warfare Combatant  ? Pass

Story Participation[edit]

Story Participation
Story Start Date End Date Type Post Count
Personal Story Oct. 27, 2008  ? CD 6
Betrayal at Roku Tan - Navy Holiday Squadron Comp Oct. 28, 2008  ? NPC 10
Nazgul Topic: Escort and Encounter November 26, 2008  ? CD 3
Escort Mission January 4, 2009  ? CD and NPC 7
Nazgul Topic: Fallout so FALL IN! January 18, 2009  ? CD 2
Nazgul Topic: The Ties that Bind January 24, 2009  ? CD 8
Moving On February 7, 2009  ? CD 3
Blast from the Past February 13, 2009  ? CD 1
Nazgul-Interim March 2, 2009  ? CD 3
Nazgul: The Anoat Two Step March 28, 2009  ? Squadron Mission 7
A Night at Sea (Imperial Ball) April 28, 2009  ? CD 1
CC (Open to all) April 30, 2009  ? CD 1
Lightning's First Strike May 6, 2009  ? CD 2
Nazgul - Asteroids, Mines, Pirates Oh My May 28, 2009  ? Squadron Mission 2
Ykntola Foundations June 8, 2009  ? Private 3
Smoke & Mirrors January 10th, 2010  ? Wing Story 6
153rd Rhegent's Reign: Over victory March 7th, 2010  ? Squadron Story 9
Tuk'ata Squadron : Supplying the Army August 18, 2010  ? Squadron Story 4
Tuk'ata Squadron: Operation Bulwark September 25, 2010  ? Squadron Story 1
Raptor: Overwhelming Odds January 24, 2011  ? Training Story 1
VEN:Into the Invisible January 27, 2011  ? Branch Story 14
Onyx: Ongoing Interim February 17, 2011  ? Ship Story 1
Nazgul - Vacation? 200  ? Squadron Story 2
Ykntola Order, Consolidation 200  ? Ykntola Order 2
Task Force Besh: Vengeance of the Fearless March 18th, 2011  ? Character Development 4
2nd Fleet: A Page from the Rebels' Book March 29th, 2011  ? Fleet Story 7
Slasher: Endings April 26, 2011  ? Personal Story 3
Task Force Besh: Snatch and Grab May 16, 2011  ? Task Force Story 6
2nd Fleet: High Stakes at Belgaroth August 8th, 2011  ? Fleet Story 3
Dead Gun: An Easy Assignment January 5th, 2012  ? Ship Story 2
Chapter 9: Navy Part 1: Arrival November 3, 2013  ? Chapter Story 1
Slasher: The Long Road Home March 7, 2013  ? Character Story 2
Imperial Again December 13, 2015  ? Character Story 1
VE: Out of the invisible March 1, 2012  ? Division Story 1
Revival December 15th, 2015  ? Club-wide story 4
VENA: Through the Shattered Glass November 5th, 2016  ? Club-wide 5
Chapter 9: Navy Part 1: Arrival November 3, 2013  ? Club-wide 1
Total: 139