VE Naval Academy Awards

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These are to recognise the fine graduates and the fine staff of the VENA.

SOArib.gif Star of the Academy [SoA],

Award to those members who show exemplary proficiency in making themselves pilots of the Vast Empire Navy. If nothing else, this award serves as a sign to superiors that they have a worthy individual on their hands that is well on his way to the next rank.

NSR.gif Noble Service Medal [NSM],

For those Staffers who are able to rise above the rest and single-handedly make the entire system more efficient through their activity and actions alone, this award is given, noting superior and noble service to the training process and those members who pass through the academy.

FOCEpass.gifFOCEdis.gif Field Officer Candidacy Exam [FOCE],
This is sought at a member's discretion with oversight approval by the Naval High Command rather than the Academy. The member develops a proposed project to improve the Navy and, if approved, implements it. The design of the project is the point, and a passing grade delivers promotion to at least Ensign.