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Course details[edit]


Many army personnel look at the Vehicle Crewman specialty and think of a pilot. In most respects, they would be correct in this assumption. What most people do not realize is that while it only takes a few weeks of instruction to master the basic controls of any vehicle, the Vehicle Crewman must be extremely proficient in the controls of any chosen class of vehicle and the use of all armaments on these vehicles; they must be able to strip down and repair a weapons system, engine, or any other component and service it to full working order.

Whether he is in a garage surrounded by tools and spares fresh from the production line, or in the field with minimal tools and supplies and with the possibility that the next supply drop will not be in the near future, the Vehicle Crewman must be able to maintain their vehicle at the highest possible efficiency. The Vehicle Crewman must know how his vehicle interacts with other vehicles, terrain, and weather. Vehicle Crewmen must defend their vehicle against any assault and be able to command a squadron in a coordinated assault. Only once each and every one of these aspects is mastered can anyone truly be called a "Vehicle Crewman".


Imperial Munitions HardRide helmet interface system, Imperial Munitions Vehicle Inciter ignition cylinder, basic tool kit, personal access and control vehicle operator’s cylinder.


Troopers are required to choose a vehicle type preference in either:

  • Tracked/Wheeled
  • Repulsorlift
  • Walker

All basic skills training in operation and repair will adhere to this decision. Decision will be based on squad’s focus; however the trooper may wish to go back and re-train due to personal interest. Contact your Specialty Coordinator for more details.

Story Listing (In Order)[edit]

To choose Vehicle Crewman as a specialty, and download the roster for it, please click here