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Die on your feet, not on your knees.

—WildCard Motto

The first Platoon of the Stormtrooper Corps.
Equipment - 4x Mekuun Hoverscouts, 1 AT-AT
Motto - Die on your feet; not on your knees.


Platoon Commander.pngPlatoon Commander - 2nd Lieutenant Skarr
Platoon Adjunctant.pngPlatoon Adjutant - TBA


Squad Emblem Squad Leader Assistant Squad Leader Information
Blackjack Bjlogo.png Crest Dev 'Psycho' Bandoran Blackjack is the current 'Elite' Squad in Phoenix Company, and carries a vicious reputation. The direct descendant of Dark Dragons Squad, Blackjack is a heavy assault unit, trained and equipped for maximum destruction. Easily distinguished by their blood-red armour, they are considered the best of the best. Not subtle though.
RAIDERS Squad Raidersemblem.png Jacen Arture Tohar Xinn Unconventional Warfare is our name, and playing dirty is our game. Yeah that's right. You've stumbled upon the only Squad in STC that has this particular job: to destroy the moral and minds of the Citizens. We pit them against each other, or against what ever Government they follow.
Eclipse Squad Eclipse.PNG Skarr TBA Eclipse Squad is the direct operations squad of Wildcard Platoon, Eclipse have a reputation for reliability. They often like to joke that the other squads fear that Eclipse Squad will 'eclipse' them in terms of skill and reputation. Like Jester, Eclipse has suffered heavy casualties of late, and are under-strength.

Former Squads[edit]

Squad Emblem Squad Leader Assistant Squad Leader Information
Iron Horse Squad Ihlogo.png TBA TBA Once heralded as the greatest assembly of troops in the Empire, Iron Horse has a proud history of service. The first squad in existence, its past is filled with the tradition of honor and excellence. Currently, Iron Horse Squad is closed.
Wraith Squad Wraithlogo.png Jegora TBA Think of Wraith Squad as the S.W.A.T. of the Stormtrooper Corps. In times of emergency, when dangerous situations present themselves and the normal defense is no good, then the specialists are called. Wraith are proficient in crime control, crowd management, target and elimination.
Dark Dragoons Squad TBA TBA TBA Dark Dragoons has a long history... A VERY long history. They've been around since 2002, being one of the oldest squads in the Vast Empire. It has seen many troopers come and go, and has given birth to some the best soldiers the Vast Empire has ever seen. In 2008, Dark Dragoons Squad was closed and remains closed today
Jester Squad JESTER.png TBA TBA One of the oldest squads in the STC, Jester was first activated in early 2002, and quickly formed a solid reputation as the best stealth experts in the Empire - the template from which the ARC program was stamped. After an abortive attempt at regaining their former glory in 2011, Jester remains closed.

IRC Channels[edit]

Wildcard IRC Channel: #wildcard

Raiders IRC Channel: #RAIDERS

Blackjack IRC Channel: #Blackjack

Eclipse IRC Channel: #Eclipse

Wildcard Story Participation[edit]

Story Participation
Story Start Date End Date Type Post Count
Undying 6-21-09  ? May competition 294
Salvager Hunt 8-18-08  ? Platoon Story 42
Let your gun do the talking 6-1-07  ? Platoon Story 12
My gun trumps your wildcard 5-6-07  ? Platoon Story 54
Emergency on Fresia 10-5-03  ? Platoon Story 151
Total: 553