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Bearded mox.jpg
Tohar Xinn
Military Information









Stormtrooper Corps

Physical Description


Skin color:





90 kg




Body and leg scars and cuts

Biographical Information





33 apparently, what with Thyveck happening in 10ABY and him being 20 then.




Death's certain. Fear's a choice.

Fighting Style:


Real Identity:


Notable Skills[edit]

  • Competent marksman
  • Can scale most surfaces with ease, his cybernetic arm enhancing his ability
  • Expert slicer and network engineer, capable of both cyber-offense and defense
  • Certified communications technician, able to jam signals and relay information and coordinates effectively
  • Capable of recognising and utilising a wide range of explosives
  • Trained in the undercover arts, he is able to impersonate a range of people and bluff his way through many situations



Mox possesses medium-length hair and an unkempt beard. His face has seen better days, with visible eyebags under his hazel eyes, giving him the appearance of being constantly tired.

He is a tall man, with a well-built physique thanks mainly to the prerequisite strength needed for free-running. His left arm has been replaced by a cybernetic, and the torso itself possesses a number of scars, most of which have faded somewhat with age.


Mox is a reserved individual, distrusting of others. His work as a mercenary has hardened him, making him cold towards other people, at least internally. Given this, he does not share details about his past easily, and it will take time before he starts caring for other people out of fondness as opposed to calculated pragmatism.

In the field however Mox becomes more outspoken, openly suggesting ideas to his fellow squadmates, as well as informing them of various dangers if he considers them unseen by the squad. Given his free-running skills, he tends to think outside the box in regards to approaching the enemy, and this may separate from him squad often putting him in unnecessary danger, albeit possibly granting his numerous flanking opportunities. He also possesses a fondness for explosives, those being his preferred choice for dealing with obstacles or for serving ambushes.

Given a moment to catch his breath, Mox often attempts to analyse the situation, and tries to create a plan for the situation, which he would then relay forwards to his Squad Leader. He doesn't disobey orders though, unless the order is suicidal or completely illogical.

Given his somewhat long military and mercenary career Mox has no qualms about hurting other individuals, being open to torture if necessary. Along the same vein he has a preference for non-lethal methods of neutralising his targets, as then they could be interrogated for information.


Pre-Vast Empire[edit]


Drill Squad[edit]



RAIDERS, again[edit]

Vast Empire's collapse[edit]

Following the annexation of the Vast Empire by [redacted], Mox vanished. He concluded that it was too dangerous for him to join any of the galactic factions, be it [redacted] itself, the New Republic or the First Order. By creating a new identity he started mercenary work, becoming a member of various ad-hoc merc squads that came and went, as well as solo bounty hunting. In an effort to remain untraceable he created new identities every few months, moving from one section of the galaxy to another. Along the same vein, he liquidated most of his assets the moment he considered them unnecessary, the money going through numerous underground laundering schemes. This entire exercise however led him to become cold and distant to most people in an effort to create no ties.

Vast Empire's reformation and splinter cells[edit]

After 3 years of wondering the galaxy, earning a small fortune, Mox has discovered signs of mobilisation amongst the prior Vast Empire agents. His work and anonymity efforts leaving him empty, he decided he would rejoin this organisation. He didn't know however by how much it has fallen...

Service History[edit]


Insignia Rank Start Until Reason for Promotion
PSC.png Private Second Class 1 October 2010 9 March 2012 Joined the VE
PFC.png Private First Class 9 March 2012 30 December 2012 Skarr's pity
CPL.png Corporal 30 December 2012 Current "Constant activity and being awesome"


Position Start Until Reason
Trainee.png 1 October 2010 2 April 2011 Joined the VE
Trooper.png 2 April 2011 21 April 2013 Graduated from the Academy
Assistant Squad Leader.png 21 April 2013 6 February 2014 Promoted as the ASL of RAIDERS
Trooper.png 4 November 2016 Current Collapse of the Vast Empire


Ribbon Award Award Name Date Received Reason
AS H.gif [AS-H] Army Service Ribbon 12 October 2010 Duty length of half a year years
AS 1.gif [AS-1] Army Service Ribbon 12 April 2011 Duty length of one year
QWrib.gif [DT] Defender of Thyveck Participation Medal 20 June 2011 Participated in the Thyveck campaign
Slicer ribbon.png A10 Slicing 9 December 2011 Completed the A10 spec
QWrib.gif [RAWR] Participation Medal 11 December 2011 Participated in Halloween 2011
SCArib.gif [ECA] Emerald Crystal of Anteevy 8 January 2012 Participated in the HSC 11
QWrib.gif [QW 12] QW 12 Participation Medal 19 February 2012 Participated in QW 12
QWrib.gif (WtR) Rewrite Challenge Participation Medal 25 March 2012 Participated in the Rewrite Challenge
AS 2.gif [AS-2] Army Service Ribbon 12 April 2012 Duty length of two years
QWrib.gif [ESC-12] ESC 12 Participation Medal 19 August 2012 Participated in the ESC 12
CommTechrib.gif (5.1) Technician 29 November 2012 Completed the 5.1 spec
QWrib.gif [SoC] Star of Corlasis 17 March 2013 Participated in the HSC 13
Slicer ribbon.png A17 Network Defence 28 March 2013 Completed the A17 spec
AS 3.gif [AS-3] Army Service Ribbon 12 April 2013 Duty length of three years
AS 4.gif [AS-4] Army Service Ribbon 12 April 2014 Duty length of four years
AS 5.gif [AS-5] Army Service Ribbon 12 April 2015 Duty length of five years
AS 6.gif [AS-6] Army Service Ribbon 12 April 2016 Duty length of six years

Mission Log[edit]

Total posts[edit]

Story Participation
Story Start Date End Date Type Post Count
Personal Current  ? Non-VE 2+
Imperial Academy Finished  ? Drill Squad 7
Speciality Current  ? Training 3
RAIDERS Current  ? Squad 39
Strike Team Auresh "GHOST" Closed  ? Squad 8
Total: 59

Imperial Academy[edit]

Story Participation
Story Start Date End Date Type Post Count
Being Boring 9 October 2010  ? Team Deathmatch 2
How to Beat the Heat 1 December 2010  ? Diplomatic (?) 2
The Unwanted 9 February 2011  ? Riot run 3
Total: 7

RAIDERS Squad[edit]

Story Participation
Story Start Date End Date Type Post Count
Thyveck Raiders: Convoy 5 April 2011  ? Convoy protection 3
Raiders: Jump 5 May 2011  ? Assault 1
Payback, with a RAIDERS twist. 23 June 2011  ? Retaliation 5
Among the Ruins - Endgame - (Wildcard Platoon) 9 November 2011  ? Search & Rescue 1
Blanchard Roasting on an Open Fire - RAIDERS 4 December 2011  ? Assault 3
Operation: Express Justice 15 January 2012  ? Assault 5
Into the Wilds 21 February 2012  ? Scouting 4
Prepare for trouble 5 April 2012  ? Survival 2
Here be Monsters 1 July 2012  ? Multi-objective 2
Burnout 8 September 2012  ? Capture or kill 6
Destination Doomsday: Prelude 10 March 2013  ? Search & Capture 4
Destination Doomsday: Homeland Security 5 May 2013  ? Convoy protection 3
Total: 39

Ghost Stories[edit]

Story Participation
Story Start Date End Date Type Post Count
HSC 2012 11 December 2012  ? Multi-objective 8
Total: 8

Personal Stories[edit]

Story Participation
Story Start Date End Date Type Post Count
Black Money 3 October 2010  ? Non-imperial mission 2+
Total: 2