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Jikkyo Nimiichi
Biographical Information
Birth date:

17 BBY




mCRV Divinity

  • Stormtrooper Corps
  • Osk Company
Physical Description




Skin color:










Chronological and Political Affiliation
  • Elite Squad Competition '09
  • Storm Platoon Competition '09
  • Holiday Squad Competition '08
  • Elite Squad Competition '01

Angel, you're such an arrogant elitist...

—Corran "Arturus" Hargraves


Current Status


Jikkyo was trained as a Sharpshooter before becoming a commissioned officer. Due to his retirement, he no longer has need of a specialty.

ID Line

RET/MAJ Jikkyo "Angel" Nimiichi/Vast Empire [LoR] [RoM] [GRoM] [IH] [CDS] [CoR] [WM] [BC] [SC] [GC] [GS] [RCoD] [SoS] [CoH] [PoC] [SCoP] [AS-6] {BoA} {CCA} {DCE} {HWS}


Early History

The son of a mining prospector, Jikkyo spent the first 3 years of his life jumping from system to system. Getting on in years, and with increasing pressure from his wife, Jikkyo's father Shintaro decided to settle down with his family, and take part in a colonizing effort on Dantooine

Arriving on Dantooine, they found the colonists ill prepared and ill suited for the planets constantly fluctuating weather. Jikkyo's father, having lived in every environment imaginable, took charge, helping the colony survive the terrible savanna storms during the first few months. After the colony had been firmly established, the members elected Shintaro their leader and governor.

Jikkyo's childhood years were peaceful. Their colony was the only civilization on Dantooine, save for the native Dantari, who at first were anxious about the new arrivals, but soon grew to tolerate the colonists. Jikkyo befriended a few of the Dantari children, but as a migrating people, they eventually moved on. It was here where Jikkyo developed his intense work ethic. Life in the colony was no walk in the park. Everyday was filled with toilsome heavy labor. Farming, landscaping, building, expanding; all of these chores filled most of Jikkyo's day.

The Nimiichi Farm

After settling down, Jikkyo's parents became pragmatic followers of pacifism, attempting to pass this philosophy onto their children. Jikkyo, the more open-minded of two, began to follow in his parents' footsteps, and as such earned the reputation and nickname of "Angel." However, his respect and admiration for his big brother ran deeper than his desire for his parent's pacifism. The two used to run off into the vast savannas and wooded areas, where Jubei would train Jikkyo in a special martial arts style Jubei had studied and developed. Jikkyo was wary at first, but soon grew to enjoy the many hours of sparring the two brothers took part in. This was where Jikkyo attained his abilities with throwing knives and swordplay.

Then, at the age of twelve, his life took a tragic 180-degree turn. One day, while Jubei and Jikkyo were out sparring, they were caught in a tropical storm. Forced to take shelter in a nearby cave. They saw freighter marked with signs of the "Rebell Alliance" they heard rumors of, fly overhead and land in the colony. Racing back they found soldiers in the city, forcibly procuring foodstuffs, clothing, equipment, and other supplies they needed. Jikkyo's father expressed his outrage at this, and was protesting to the commander. His efforts however, were rewarded by a blaster bolt, point blank to the face. The rebel commander then did likewise to Jikkyo's mother, who had collapsed on her husband's body. Jubei watched the entire thing and flew into a wild bloodlust. Using a vibroblade he had bought off a visiting trader, he slaughtered the rebel commander and several others. Too racked with pain to even grieve, he buried his emotions deep inside. Jubei was now the only family he had left. However, Jubei's actions casued the elder brother to go into self-enforced exile from the colony.

The planet Dantooine
Jikkyo's former fiancee, Christiana Kushrin

Soon rumors spread throughout the colony of a Rebel base being set up on the far side of the planet. People claimed to see freighters, fighters, transports, and even capital ships in orbit around the planet. Jubei was 18 at this time, and began secretly plotting their revenge. However, before he got his chance, the Rebellion suddenly packed up and left. Shortly thereafter, Imperial patrols swept through the colony, searching for the Rebel base. Seizing this opportunity, Jubei left his brother, now 16, in charge of the family estate, and joined up with the Empire.

Jikkyo doubled his workload, hoping to numb the pain of loss and intense loneliness by working himself weary. During the next two years, Jubei sent word of the fall of Palpatine, the establishment of the New Republic, and how he had made his way to the Vast Empire Army. Jubei would often send him holovids often describing the Vast Empire, his squad, and his missions. It was during this time that he met and fell in love with the new colony governor's daughter, Christiana Kushrin. As she comforted him with the loss of his parents, the two formed an intense bond, which ultimately resulted in Jikkyo's proposing to her on the beaches of Mon Calamari.

A Life Interrupted

At the age of 18, Jikkyo was now in peak physical condition. Looking every bit the spitting image of Imperial recruitment soldiers, except for his long blond locks, Jikkyo began thinking of following his brother's path and joining the Vast Empire. Jubei's coming home to visit, however, cut short this fantasizing. His brother told him how he was on leave from his squad (at that time Raiders), and about this especially bossy and cranky XO. "Otto something" Jubei had said. Jubei told Jikkyo he expected him to stay on Dantooine, and follow in their parents' ideal of living peaceful lives. Frustrated by this, Jikkyo and his brother had a very heated argument, ended by Jubei storming out of the house. However, his brother came face to face with Rebel mercenaries.

It seemed that his exploits as a member of the Vast Empire had generated a fair price on his head, and these bounty hunters intended to collect. Jubei fought six of them to a standstill, until one of the bounty hunters landed a blow that shattered his left leg. Crippled, Jubei took a savage beating but continued to fight back, killing two. Jikkyo arrived on the scene in time to watch the killing blow fall, as in a desperate final attack, a bounty hunter impaled his brother on a speeder bike.

Watching his brother's lifeless body crumple to the dirt, the bloodlust that once consumed Jubei took him, and massacred the four remaining bounty hunters with his bare hands. Torn apart by grief, anger, and loneliness, Jikkyo's personality drastically shifted to ice-cold and emotionless.

With nothing left for him on Dantooine, Jikkyo sold most of his belongings and the family property, save for the house. Using these credits, he bought himself passage off of Dantooine. Making his way core-ward, he fell in with a group called "The Triumvirate" on the moon Nar Shadaa: Sala Naird: a female Corellian smuggler, Dicer: A Devaronian Slicer, and Slishu Klak'dor: A Gand Bounty Hunter.

The Triumvirate

During the three years Jikkyo traveled with them, Slishu trained him in the arts of bounty hunting, making him his "apprentice" of sorts. Sala taught him resourcefulness and espionage, and Dicer taught him ingenuity and creativity. Put together, along with a fitting uniform, and Jikkyo quickly became one of the more well-respected bounty hunters in the galaxy. His ruthlessness knew no bounds, invoking the "dead" in "dead or alive" whenever possible.

His mother always insisted on working his brain as much as his muscles, and this being the case, Jikkyo quickly traced Jubei's bounty to a man named Salim Torr, a ruthless mercenary hired by New Republic Intelligence. An expert in brainwashing, he had managed to capture and warp several Noghri from the Empire, creating a menacing force of bodyguards. Under his guise as a bounty hunter, Jikkyo signed on with Torr's organization. After accompanying him on a several missions, Torr made him his junior commander.

On a mission to Ord Mantell He watched as Torr slaughtered a family without hesitation or remorse. The darkness within him became inflamed at the wanton disregard for life Torr held. That night, he planted a bomb on Torr's freighter. However, one of the Noghri that Torr employed discovered the threat. While Jikkyo attempted his escape, Torr ripped open Jikkyo's face with a vibroclaw. Jikkyo, his life ebbing, detonated the bomb on Torr's ship. Acting as an unwilling human shield, shrapnel from the ship tore through Torr. Badly wounded, Jikkyo staggered back into the city, where a good Samaritan got him to a med center, and paid for his bacta treatment. To this day he still bears the twin scars from the vibroclaw.

Noghri cut off Jikkyo's escape from Torr

After recovering from his wounds and with a new found lack of direction in his life, Jikkyo decided to continue his career as a bounty hunter. He kept with being a ruthless, merciless killer. His emotions, fried after so much pain and anguish, abandoned him. He tried to return to his previous life, even going back to Dantooine for a short period of time. Jikkyo's colony companions, however, hearing of his exploits, renamed him "Fallen Angel," and shunned them from their peaceful society.

It was during this time, that Sala happened upon information pertaining to the rebel leaders who had been stationed on Dantooine about the time Jikkyo's family had been killed. Finding that these people were not easily accessed, he decided that the time had come to follow his brother's lead. Parting company with his compatriots, he made a beeline for Tadath, and quickly joined the Vast Empire Stormtrooper Corps.

Vast Empire Stormtrooper Corps

By either twist of fate or poetic justice, Jikkyo was placed in Raiders Squad, still under the command of Rizzit Blackheart.

Jikkyo began his career by quickly moving up through the ranks by excelling in missions to Mimban, Fresia and Alzoc III, creating a reputation as one of the best troopers in the Army. After six months of duty he was decorated several medals and promoted to Senior Sergeant. He also quickly moved up the chain of command, going from trooper to assistant squad leader in less than three months.

His past however, had a way of always catching up with him. On one of their missions, Raiders Squad was deployed to sabotage the Bilbringi Shipyards. By fate, Salim Torr, still alive and well, appeared at the shipyards. After nearly costing the squad the mission, Torr was finally killed by Otto Vox. However, the entire squad was battered and bloodied, and they were forced to stop at Baron's Head, a seedy starport on the planet of Sulon. It was there that he met his future love interest, Kami Sharpe, as she was recovering from personal tragedy. He convinced her to return to the Vast Empire with him, where she enlisted in the Stormtrooper Corps.

When they returned to Tadath, Otto Vox granted a week's leave to his squad. Jikkyo, his revenge on Torr complete, decided to return to Dantooine for the first time in two years.

Mysterious Disappearance

During his leave on Jikkyo disappeared from active duty. It is rumored he was abducted by a secret society thought by many to be a resurrected Dark Jedi Order, although no information can be found to back these claims. He returned to the Stormtrooper Corps a few months later, but was called away several times on undisclosed business.

Return to the Corps

After returning to the Corps, the retirement of Otto Vox gave command of Raiders Squad to Jikkyo. He was thrust into command during the Vast Empire's coreward push. He lead the Raiders on an undercover mission to Yag D'hul where they posed as prisoners of the Dark Dragoons Squad, who in turn were posing as New Republic troops.

Immediately following this successful mission, Jikkyo was give orders to take Raiders Squad onto Bestine IV to assist with the Vast Empire's assault. He lead his squad deep behind enemy lines to take down the planet's defense grid. Several of his troops were lost, but the mission was a success.

Following these missions, he was promoted to Gunnery Sergeant. He once again disappeared for a few months while his squad was on stand-down. When he returned however, many noticed a distinct change in his personality. He was darker, quick to anger, and ruthless in his execution. His eyes had gone from amber to a souless black so dark, that no one held his gaze for more than a few seconds. Many believed that he was possessed, as he demanded to be called "Phoenix", but much like his disappearance, these changes were shrouded in mystery.

During this time he began to disobey orders from his superiors, specifically during a mission to the planet Kerest. This insubordination cost him two ranks and his command of Raiders Squad. He was at risk of being discharged from the Army until he was recruited him to be ASL of Iron Horse Squad.

Iron Horse

Engagement ring given to Kami from Jikkyo

During his tenure in Iron Horse, both he and Kami vanished again for a matter of months. It is believed that it was during this time Jikkyo proposed to Kami. When they returned, Jikkyo had reverted to his previous demeanor. He reclaimed his previous name of "Angel." However when pushed too far, whether in combat or emotionally, flashes of "Phoenix" can be seen; his eyes darken and he loses all sense of control. These occurrences happen less when Kami is around, as she seems to help Jikkyo keep his dark side in check.

With the strength of their relationship, they revamped Iron Horse and started an investigation into the pirate attacks on Imperial Center supply lines. This led them to a conspiracy involving political unrest on the VE planet of Cepany. However, their investigation ultimately failed when all of their contacts were killed during the mission. Taking this failure personally, Jikkyo immediately resigned as ASL of Iron Horse and disappeared again for several years.


During his retirement, Jikkyo was spotted many places in the galaxy. He made his way to Dantooine where through mysterious methods, his childhood home was torn apart. It is believed that during this time he learned that he had a son by his first fiancee Christiana Kushrin, but no documentation of his paternity has been found.

After leaving Dantooine, he was seen in the New Republic Navy, although under a different name. It was surmised that he had taken a false identity, courtesy of Sala and Slishu, and infiltrated the New Republic in order to gain information regarding the officers responsible for his parent's murder. Shortly thereafter, two high ranking officers of the Republic went missing, their bodies eventually recovered. However, the two bodies were too horribly mutilated for an official statement to be made, and they were simply listed as AWOL.

Jikkyo then vanished again, as did both of his vessels, and it is unknown where he ventured. Almost a year later, he reappeared on Tadath, having been contacted by Kami Sharpe once again to rejoin the Stormtrooper Corps, as she was now in commander of Jester Squad.

Jester Squad

Jikkyo was immediately placed into active duty. After just one short mission on Cepany, Kami was promoted up to Platoon Commander. Due to her unfaltering trust and belief in Jikkyo, he was given the position as her Adjutant, and handed command of Jester Squad. He lead them through the final campaigns on Cepany to recover a kidnapped, high ranking Imperial Diplomat from the liberation forces of "Delta Ohm."

Following a mission to Anteevy to suppress a militant group who had cyber-attacked the Stormtrooper Corps, Jikkyo was given command of Storm Platoon. Due to the grave illness of her dying mother on Lotaith, Kami Sharpehad been forced to step down. When the Corps returned to Tadath, they found that Ja'k Frozt, the slicer who had escaped from the assault on Anteevy, had infiltrated the Corps base. A small group of mercenaries meanwhile was wreaking havoc on the city, trying to cover Frozt's escape. Accompanying Frozt were four brutal adversaries later found to be Noghri, a race of incredible warriors and assassins. Jester and Blackjack were able to subdue the Noghri and capture Frozt, but it almost cost Jikkyo his life. During the transfer of Frozt to the Imperial Detention center, however, Aeos executed Frozt for unknown reasons. The investigation into the matter was swept under the rug, and the incident covered up.

Since having to juggle both his duty as the leader of Jester Squad, and the commander of Storm Platoon, Jikkyo was seen very little outside of his office. The rare exception being when he spearheaded an investigation into the circumstances of the attack on Corps from Anteevy. During the investigation it was revealed that Ja'k Frozt was originally from Ylesia. Given orders to follow-up, Jester deployed to Ylesia and attempted to slice into Frozt's computers. However, Imperial Remnant forces inexplicably showed up, along with another Noghri. Jester successfully completed their mission, but during their return to Tadath, the Noghri slipped aboard their vessel and destroyed Kiption's datapad on which all the information had been stored.

Joining the High Council

When Jester returned from Ylesia, VE Intelligence worked non-stop to recover the lost data. Meanwhile, Jikkyo was pulled into non-stop duties as Platoon Commander, and was forced to leave Jester to training exercises. However within a few months, Storm Platoon was called into action at the planet Eriadu. New Republic forces had been destroying the VE supply freighters bound for the front lines. Surface Marshall Cosmic called in Storm Platoon to clean up the problem.

Following the completion of this mission, Jikkyo's leadership and battle tactics lead Cosmic and General Rizzit to appoint him to the post of Tactical Officer. He was given a full officer's commission and promoted to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant. He is currently serving in this post and as the interim Commander of Storm Platoon until a suitable replacement is found.

Personal Life

Not much is known about Jikkyo's personal life, as he keeps pretty close to the chest.

Leisure Time

Jikkyo on leave

When on leave, he usually spends his personal time in a cantina drinking with his squadmates and smoking cigarras. He has a dry sense of humor, yet takes pleasure in playing practical jokes on unsuspecting squad members. Kami Sharpe and he are believed to be engaged. Recently they have not been seen together, and it is believed they had a falling out due to the murder of Kami's sister, Paige Sharpe. During his retirement, and since Kami's resignation he has spent inordinate amounts of time alone aboard his ship, the Divinity.

He has been romantically connected to Kami Sharpe,

Additionally it is believed he may have a child on Dantooine with his ex-fiancee named "Kaevan Kushrin," but no tests or investigations have been done to confirm this.

Notable Skills


Working as a mercenary allowed Jikkyo to understand of a a few languages. However, due to the nature of the languages, he is only able to speak Galactic Basic:


Throughout the years Jikkyo has gained proficiency with a wide variety of weapons, both melee and firearm. These are the standard weapons he carried for any mission.

Lightsaber (Unconfirmed)

Reported image of Jikkyo's lightsaber

It is rumored that Jikkyo wields an amethyst bladed lightsaber, which he conceals in custom-made hidden pockets in his armor/clothing. These same rumors muse that he constructed the saber himself, using true Adegan Ice Crystals in its construction faithful to the history of lightsaber construction.

Unfortunately, anyone who has claimed to see this lightsaber has either been killed, or was too far away to give proper verification.


Jikkyo uses whatever armor best suits the situation. However, his extreme distaste for decreased mobility leads him to shed the armor whenever possible.

VE Service History

Insignia Rank Start Until Reason for Promotion to Position
PVT.png Private July 10, 2003 July 10, 2003 Inducted into the Vast Empire Stormtrooper Corps
PFC.png Private First Class July 10, 2003 July 11, 2003 Completed Basic Training; Assigned to Raider Squad
LCP.png Lance Corporal July 20, 2003 October 6, 2003 Promotion for Service
CPL.png Corporal July 20, 2003 October 6, 2003 Promotion for competition performance
SGT.png Sergeant October 6, 2003 October 6, 2003 Double Promotion for competition performance
SSG.png Senior Sergeant October 6, 2003 January 11, 2004 Promotion for competition performance
GSG.png Gunnery Sergeant January 11, 2004 August 15, 2004 Promotion for Chapter 8 performance
SSG.png Senior Sergeant August 15, 2004 January 13, 2004 Demotion by Prefect Fury
SGT.png Sergeant January 13, 2004 January 13, 2004 Demotion by Prefect Fury
SSG.png Senior Sergeant June 28, 2005 January 11, 2009 Promotion for Service
GSG.png Gunnery Sergeant January 11, 2009 January 11, 2009 HSC'08 Participation
SFC.png Sergeant First Class January 11, 2009 Present HSC'08 Participation
PSG.png Platoon Sergeant May 10, 2009 May 10,2009 Rank Skipped for Officer's Commission
1SG.png First Sergeant May 10, 2009 May 10,2009 Rank Skipped for Officer's Commission
SGM.png Sergeant Major May 10, 2009 May 10,2009 Rank Skipped for Officer's Commission
2LTA.gif 2nd Lieutenant May 10, 2009 June 14, 2009 Officer's Commission to Join AHC
1LTA.gif 1st Lieutenant June 14, 2009 Sept 6,2009 Finishing Officer Evaluation Period
CPTA.gif Captain Sept 6,2009 Sept 6,2009 Double Promotion for ESC
MAJA.gif Major Sept 6, 2009 Present Double Promotion for ESC
Position Start Until Reason for Change to Position
Stormtrooper Corps - Trainee July 13, 2003 July 13, 2003 Inducted into service - Vast Empire Stormtrooper Corps
Raiders Squad - Trooper - Trooper 7 July 13, 2003 October 3, 2003 Passed Basic Training
Raiders Squad - Assistant Squad Leader October 3, 2003 July 6, 2004 Chain Promotion
Raiders Squad - Squad Leader July 6, 2004 January 16, 2005 Promotion for Chapter 8
Raiders Squad - Trooper January 16, 2005 February 6, 2005 Demotion
Raiders Squad - Assistant Squad Leader February 6, 2005 March 25, 2005 Promotion for activity
Iron Horse Squad - Trooper March 25, 2005 June 28, 2005 Squad transfer
Iron Horse Squad - Assistant Squad Leader June 28, 2005 May 5, 2006 Promotion for activity
Stormtrooper Corps - Retired May 5, 2006 September 12, 2008 Retirement
Jester Squad - Trooper September 12, 2008 September 24, 2008 Return to active duty
Jester Squad - Squad Leader September 24, 2008 May 10, 2009 Kami Sharpe Promotion to PC
Storm Platoon - Platoon Adjutant September 24, 2008 December 14, 2008 Kami Sharpe Promotion to PC
Storm Platoon - Platoon Commander December 14, 2008 Present Kami Sharpe retirement
Company Commander June 14, 2009 September 6, 2009 Promotion
Tactical Officer May 10, 2009 Aug 10, 2009 Revamping the Corps Writing
Executive Officer Aug 10, 2009 Jan 01, 2010 Cosmic's Retirement
Ribbon Award Award Name Date Received Reason for Award
LoRrib.jpg [LOR] Letter of Recommendation July 13, 2003 Completing Basic Training in 1 Day
RoMrib.gif [RoM] Ring of Merit October 6, 2003 Best individual performance on Fresia Campaign
BoArib.gif [BoA] Banner of Alzoc January 15, 2004 Participation in Alzoc III Campaign
BCrib.gif [BC] Bronze Cross April 14, 2005 75 Story Posts
SCrib.gif [SC] Silver Cross October 20, 2008 175 Story Posts
CDSrib.gif [CDS] Cross of Distinguished Service August 15, 2004 Participation in Chapter 8
WMrib.gif [WM] White Medallion June 5, 2005 Creating Iron Horse Website
GRoMrib.gif [GRoM] Gold Ring of Merit June 26, 2005 Participation in Chapter 8
CORrib.jpg [CoR] Cross of Resolve October 20, 2008 Quick Write Participation
GSrib.gif [GS] Gold Shield January 11, 2009 HSC'08 Participation
CCArib.gif [CCA] Crimson Crystal of Anteevy January 20, 2009 HSC'08 Participation
HeavyWeaprib.gif [HWS] Qualified Heavy Weapons Spec. March 12, 2005 Passed HWS Spec
IHrib.gif [IH] Iron Heart Unknown Unknown
GCrib.gif [GC] Gold Cross February 8, 2009 250 Story Posts
RCoDrib.gif [RCoD] Red Crescent of Devotion June 14, 2009 Running 2009 Storm Platoon Comp
SoSrib.gif [SoS] Star of Sesswenna June 28, 2009 Duration of Army Service
DCERib.jpg [DCE] Durasteel Cross of Eriadu June 14, 2009 Running 2009 Storm Platoon Competition
PoCrib.gif [PoC] Pride of Coruscant September 6, 2009 2009 Elite Squad Competition
CoHrib.gif [CoH] Crescent of Heroism September 6, 2009 2009 Elite Squad Competition
SCoPrib.gif [SCoP] Steel Cross of Palpatine September 6, 2009 2009 Elite Squad Competition
AoTrib.gif [AoT] Aegis of Tadath September 6, 2009 2009 Elite Squad Competition
AS H.gif [AS-H] Army Service Ribbon (Half Year) November 4, 2007 Army Medal Recognition Day - retroactive award
AS 1.gif [AS-1] Army Service Ribbon (One Year) November 4, 2007 Army Medal Recognition Day - retroactive award
AS 2.gif [AS-2] Army Service Ribbon (Two Years) November 4, 2007 Army Medal Recognition Day - retroactive award
AS 3.gif [AS-3] Army Service Ribbon (Three Years) November 4, 2007 Army Medal Recognition Day - retroactive award
AS 4.gif [AS-4] Army Service Ribbon (Four Years) November 4, 2007 Army Medal Recognition Day - retroactive award
AS 5.gif [AS-5] Army Service Ribbon (Five Years) November 4, 2007 Army Medal Recognition Day - retroactive award
AS 6.gif [AS-6] Army Service Ribbon (Six Years) July 26, 2009 Reaching Six Years of Service
Story Participation
Story Start Date Story Type Number of Posts
Start of Something New July 12th, 2003 Training Story 2
Mining Problems on Mimba July 13th, 2003 Raiders Squad Story 7
Emergency on Fresia July 19th, 2003 Wildcard Platoon Competition 30
Doomsday Savior November 18, 2003 Holiday Squad Competition 21
Bilbringi Surprise February 17, 2004 Raiders Squad Story 12
The Fall of an Angel March 22, 2004 Character Development Story 3
Chapter Eight: The Orders Return September 5, 2004 Vast Empire Chapter 10
Chapter Eight: Army April 18th, 2004 Vast Empire Chapter 33
Stop! Kerest those men! December 2nd, 2004 Holiday Squad Competition 20
Detentionary (Raiders Squad) January 27th, 2005 Raiders Squad Story 4
The Peacemakers February 5, 2005 Raiders Squad Story 3
Let's Get Our Prefect Back April 10th, 2005 Stormtrooper Corps Story 4
Flight to Cepany May 21st, 2005 Iron Horse Squad Story 8
Recon Training July 7th, 2005 Iron Horse Squad Story 9
Platoon Comp Story 1 September 28th, 2005 Wildcard Platoon Competition 6
Imperial Ball March 1st, 2006 Army Command 3
Return to Cepany Nov 22nd, 2005 Iron Horse Squad Story 13
Games Two Can Play September 19, 2008 Quick Write I Competition 10
Reelin' and Rockin' September 26, 2008 Quick Write II 4
Never Gonna Give You Up September 26, 2008 Quick Write III 4
My True Enemy Gave to Me December 1, 2008 Holiday Squad Competition 10
Jester Squad, PI January 9, 2009 Squad Story 6
The Perfect Storm May 10, 2009 Platoon Competition 5
Speciality Stories Misc. Specialty Stories: Heavy Weapons 6
Total . . 233

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