CR90 Defiance

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General Information

Light Capital Ship


CR90 corvette, modified


Corellian Engineering Corporation


3,500,000 credits


Vast Empire


ESN Mike Flynn (NPC)

Current XO:

CWO Kate McGregor (NPC)


Task Force Besh


Second Vast Imperial Fleet

Technical Information

150 meters


48.6 meters


32.6 meters

Maximum Acceleration:

2,100 G


60 MGLT/hr in vacuum

Engine Units:

11 Girodyne Ter58 high-output ion turbine engines arranged in a trireme configuration

Hyperspace Rating:

Class 2.0


Phoah-Kingsmeyer 484-J4e shield generator (rated at 400 SBD)


Ferro-magnesium ceramic plate (rated at 192 RU)

Targeting System:

2 Pax Hustana variable array sensor units - 1 dorsal, 1 ventral

  • 2 Taim & Bak H9 dual turbolaser turrets - 1 dorsal, 1 ventral
  • 4 Taim & Bak H9 single turbolaser turrets (on dorsal escape pods) - 2 dorsal port, 2 dorsal starboard
  • 8 Dymek HM-6 rotating concussion missile launchers - 4 dorsal port, 4 dorsal starboard
Starfighter Complement:




Minimum Crew:



35, maximum


3,000 metric tons


6 months

History & Usage
  • System Defense
  • Picket Ship
  • Convoy Escort
  • Transport
  • Courier
  • Commerce Raider
Past Commanders:

MCPOSFC.png Wyl Trykon CWOSFC.png Pherik Zail

General Information[edit]

A diagram of the Defiance's deck layout, with a complete list of her technical specifications.
The Defiance is a modified CR90 corvette, in service with the Vast Empire's Navy. Taking advantage of the Corellian Engineering Corporation's completely modular design, the Imperial Navy has made several changes to the vessel, significantly increasing its combat capabilities and drastically altering its internal layout. Most notably, the Vast Empire has installed two batteries of concussion missile launchers atop the ship's dorsal superstructure, and added a state-of-the-art communications/sensor package to enable the Defiance to operate independently of the main Imperial Fleet, as a commerce raider or deep-space training platform. In addition to the ship's complement of 165 (which includes 20 marines, used to maintain security and repel boarders, and 11 command-level officers), the Defiance can transport up to 35 passengers.

Service History[edit]

The CR90 known as the Defiance was only recently acquired by the Vast Empire, during the battle for the Belgaroth Shipyards. Wyl Trykon was the first Imperial commanding officer the Defiance ever had.

First, the Defiance fought against the Coveway pirates.

Then, the ship was involved in the Second Battle of Belgaroth, where VENI personnel used the ship's advanced communications suite to hack into enemy communications systems, remotely "hijacking" them and misdirecting them, contributing directly to the VE victory.

After the re-assignment of Wyl Trykon, the Defiance spent some time getting overhauled at Belgaroth Shipyards. Following this, the ship was given a new crew and placed under the command of Pherik Zail, who took it on a shakedown cruise. After a few minor skirmishes in the ship, however, Zail was swiftly transferred, leaving command of the Defiance vacant.

The most recent action the Defiance as seen, was at the Battle of the Sollamens, against the Imperial Dominion's remaining forces. The Defiance was under the command of Mike Flynn (NPC).

Watch Schedule and Crew Roster[edit]

The Defiance runs on a rotating shift schedule of three watches (each watch lasts eight standard hours), with the entire crew reporting to duty stations during General Quarters. The only senior officer not on a specific watch schedule is the ship's Chief Medical Officer, who is on-call and available for consultation at all times, but only has an assigned duty station during General Quarters. The Watch Rotation is as follows:

First Watch[edit]

    • Deck Officer: Mike Flynn
    • Communications: Robert Dixon
    • Helmsman: Frederick Stanton
    • Co-pilot: Eddy Madden
    • Astrogator: Nikki Caetano
    • Sensors: Lynn Denman
    • Weapons Control: Josh Holliday
    • Defense: Spencer Jones
    • Engineer: Andy Thorpe
    • Medical: Rick Patel

Second Watch[edit]

    • Deck Officer: Kate McGregor
    • Communications:
    • Helmsman:
    • Co-pilot:
    • Astrogator:
    • Sensors:
    • Weapons Control:
    • Defense:
    • Engineer:
    • Medical:

Third Watch[edit]

    • Deck Officer:
    • Communications:
    • Helmsman:
    • Co-pilot:
    • Astrogator:
    • Sensors:
    • Weapons Control:
    • Defense:
    • Engineer:
    • Medical:

General Quarters[edit]

    • CO: Mike Flynn
    • XO: Kate McGregor
    • Operations: Bradford Alger
    • Helmsman: Frederick Stanton
    • Co-Pilot: Jason North
    • Astrogator: Nikki Caetano
    • Sensors: Lynn Denman
    • Communications: Robert Dixon
    • Missile Control: Josh Holliday
    • Dorsal Dual Turbolaser Turret: Kennith Pocock
    • Ventral Dual Turbolaser Turret: Jojo Ericson
    • Chief Engineer: Andy Thorpe
    • Engineer: Bruce Stein
    • Engineer: Clayton Beck
    • Damage Control Team Leader: Malcolm Lester
    • Damage Control: Chris Dalton
    • Damage Control: Owen Harrison
    • Triage Surgeon: Rick Patel
    • Marine detachment CO: Brandon Hebert
    • Marine detachment XO: Shaun Welch

Combat Log[edit]

Mission Designation Mission Type Damage Inflicted Damage Taken & Casualties Notes Mission Began Mission Ended
Task Force Besh: Snatch and Grab Anti-pirate raid
  • 3 New Republic B-wings, destroyed
  • 1 pirate Ye-4 gunboat, destroyed
  • 6 pirate landspeeders, destroyed
  • various pirate fortifications and defensive structures, destroyed
  • minor damage to outer hull
  • A hastily-prepared mission to retrieve stolen Bacta from pirates after their asteroid base was discovered in the Coveway System.
  • The operation almost failed due to an unexpected NR presence in-system.
May 17, 2011 August 5, 2011
2nd Fleet: High Stakes at Belgaroth System Defense
  • 3 New Republic Skipray Blastboats, destroyed
  • 1 New Republic Nebulon B Escort Frigate, destroyed
  • none
  • A desperate three-way battle wherein the Vast Imperial Second Fleet successfully held the Belgaroth Shipyards against two invading forces: one from the New Republic, and one from the Imperial Remnant.
  • Working with Naval Intelligence communications specialists, Defiance was able to manipulate enemy combatants and protect herself, almost entirely without firing her weapons.
August 8, 2011 December 2, 2011
Defiance: Serpent: Shakedown Cruise Shakedown Cruise
  • Destroyed several weapons of an unknown alien vessel and forced it to stand down
  • Minor damage
  • A simple weapons test is interupted by the arrival of a strange ship from the Unknown Regions. Its class and configuration match nothing on records.
August 22, 2012 September 27, 2012