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Pherik Zail
Military Information







ISD Paragon


Second Fleet




Star of the Academy, Legion of Merit, Naval Achievement Ribbon, Naval 'E' Ribbon, Star of Valor, Mentioned in Dispatches, Merit Cross 1st Class, Victory Cross Ebon, Combat Achievement Ribbon, Admiral's Own, Cross of Bravery, Imperial Navy Cross, Counterpunch Campaign, Legion of Conquest, Distinguished Service Medal


Vast Empire

Physical Description


Skin color:



6'1" (185cm)


180lbs (82kg)

Hair Color:


Hair Style:

Military short with a side parting

Facial Hair:



Dark Blue







Biographical Information




Birth Date:

20 years before the Battle of Yavin






Reading Naval history, studying Rylothean, listening to music (Twi'lek pop, Tetan orchestra)


Apartment 1980, level Grek, Orbital Platform Moonsliver, Belgaroth


(financial records sealed)


The Blue-eyed Snake


Captain Ardus Zail (father), Vast Empire Naval Officer. Mother, Sillana Otsuka-Zail (deceased) and brother Geaden Zail (deceased). See Destruction of Alderaan


"Determination breeds success."

Fighting Style:

Vibrorapier Duelling

Naval Certifications
First Certification

Naval Engineer

Cert 1.1:

Engineering Specialist 9/9/2011

Cert 1.2:

Engineer's Mate 2/4/2012

Cert 1.3:

Naval Engineer 3/14/2012

Second Certification

Bridge Officer

Cert 2.1:

Operation's Specialist -7/8/2012

Cert 2.2:

Officer Candidate -12/14/2012

Cert 2.3:

Bridge Officer -1/20/2013

Third Certification

Special Warfare Combatant

Cert 3.1:

Special Warfare Candidate -8/5/2013

Fourth Certification


Ship Captaincy Certification
Ancillary Skills
Ancillary 1:

Logistics & Supply 7/25/2011

Ancillary 2:

Vehicle Mechanic - 8/2/2011

Ancillary 3:

Starfighter Mechanic - 12/18/2011

Ancillary 4:

Hyperspace Mechanic - 2/11/2012

Ancillary 5:

Astrogation - 8/31/2012

Ancillary 6:

Gunnery - 1/19/2013

Ancillary 7:

Infiltration - 5/14/2013

Ancillary 8:

Xeno-Martial Arts - 6/17/2013

Ancillary 9:

Zero-Gravity Combat - 7/9/2013

Ancillary 10:

Political Subterfuge - 7/18/2013

Ancillary 11:

Interrogation - 7/19/2013

Current status[edit]


Currently the Captain of the ISD Paragon

SCAP/CDR Pherik “Serpent” Zail / ISD Paragon /TF:Aurek/2Flt/FC/VEN/VE



Zail stands tall and proud, and is trim and slightly muscular under his uniform. When not in uniform he prefers neat, formal clothes in shades of black and blue, and always carries himself with a stern demeanor. Among his most defining features are his distinctive Alderaanian accent (quite rare, especially in the Empire) and also that, sometimes, an astute observer can see his right hand twitch and shake in times of stress (a sign of his mild Spice addiction).


As if making up for his wasted years without purpose, Zail is now a stern and driven man, obsessed with obtaining rank and respect. This makes him cold and unapproachable, and it is hard for him to make friends. However, he takes care to deal evenly (if not warmly) with his fellow Imperials, knowing the value of teamwork. His biggest flaw is his love of Twi’lek Ryll spice, which he indulges in privately in times of stress to take the edge off. He hides this from his fellow Imperials, knowing it could ruin him, and he hates his weakness for succumbing to it.

Family History[edit]

Agent Tarith Zail, one of Pherik Zail's ancestors.

Over three and a half thousand years ago, the Zail family were citizens of the Sith Empire. Despite lacking the Force powers essential for the highest levels of that regime, several of the Zail family found success as Agents and Officers of the Empire. Among them was Tarith Zail, a Sniper with Imperial Intelligence, from whom Pherik Zail is a direct descendant.

Tarith Zail was active during the Galactic Cold War, and then in the Second Great Galactic War that followed it. Though his fate is unknown, records recovered from the libraries of Obroa-skai indicate that, following the war, his family fell on hard times. For the next several centuries, the Zail family would show up on a variety of worlds in a variety of roles, serving in everything from noble military service to lowly pirating and even slaving.

Records from the era of the New Sith Wars are few and far between, with the Zail name showing up on both sides of the conflict. After the Ruusan Reformations the family seems to have settled in the Core, eventually coming to serve in the Republic Judiciary forces.


The modern Zail family come from the planet Anaxes, a world of great Naval tradition. Several generations of service on Republic warships made the Zail name an honoured one on that planet, and the family thrived. Pherik Zail's great-grandfather, Jadion 'Sunset' Zail, was a Commodore, who married an Alderaanian and settled on that world. Though his son Kenth would not seek a life among the stars, Pherik's father, Ardus Zail, re-embraced the family's naval tradition. He did so in emulation of Jadion, and also of his aunt, Commander Elise 'Darter' Zail.

Ardus 'Coldeye' Zail joined the Republic Judiciary forces just before the start of the Clone Wars, training at Raithal Academy. He served as a gunner on the Dreadnaught Indigo Blade, and continued to serve on it when it and its crew became part of the new unified Republic Navy. A year into the war, and the Indigo Blade was destroyed. Ardus was reassigned to the Venator-Class Star Destroyer Blazing Crown, part of the Open Circle Armada. Coldeye fought in many engagements, most famously the Battle of the Rainbow Bridge Nebula and the Battle of Coruscant. Afterwards he was a loyal officer in the Imperial Navy, becoming the Gunnery Chief of the Blazing Crown. Four years into the Emperor's reign he was sent for officer training on Prefsbelt IV, returning to the Blazing Crown as a bridge officer and Ensign. 8 years later he became a Lieutenant Commander and Executive Officer of the Blazing Crown, reaching full Commander by the time of the Battle of Yavin. After the death of his home planet, Ardus was approached by the Rebellion but, after being initially tempted, he re-affirmed his loyalty to the Empire. Four years later, after Endor, Ardus's friend and superior, Captain de Maquel, committed suicide, and Ardus became Captain of the Blazing Crown, taking the ship into the Vast Empire. (Serpent’s Father: The Story of Ardus Zail).

Personal History[edit]

Pherik Zail learned much from his father Ardus growing up, and deeply respected the Imperial officer. Together with a mother and younger brother they lived on Alderaan, something Pherik found extremely dull. Upon reaching adulthood he took the chance to go to University on Corulag, studying languages and xenoanthropology. Then came the news that the Death Star had destroyed his home.

Pherik was devastated, having lost his whole family, save his father who had been away serving the Imperial Fleet at the time. When the two finally got in contact, Pherik was horrified to hear his father defend the Empire's actions! "The Rebels made the Empire do it," Ardus Zail argued. "They are the real ones to blame!" Pherik, disgusted, severed all contact with his father and threw himself into his studies. Alas, university swiftly lost all meaning, especially with all his Imperial classmates viewing him as a Rebel sympathizer due to his Alderaanian heritage. Within a year he quit, and took to the Outer Rim as a drifter.

For years he roamed from place to place, getting work on transports and freighters. Zail gained valuable starship experience in these years, but also, as he tried to lose himself and forget about Alderaan, he indulged in distractions. He developed a love of Twi'lek women, and picked up a habit of taking Twi'lek Ryll Spice that was to haunt him forever. Time rolled by, and Pherik continued to lack purpose and direction. Meanwhile he wasted his money on Spice, and slowly got into debt to a dealer on Phaeda where he was living at the time. The dealer, well connected with the criminal underworld, grew more impatient, and soon Pherik began to fear for his life. And then it happened.

Of all people to save him, it was the Empire he so despised. The local Imperial garrison had a crack-down and executed a number of criminals, including those to whom Pherik owed money. He was safe, and he owed it to the Empire. Confused, feeling a decade of hate suddenly lift, he began to wonder. He looked at the state of the galaxy, at the chaos that had come from the Emperor's death and the ten-way civil war that had gripped the galaxy. The Rebels had done this, and the Empire had tried to stop them.

Tentatively, Pherik sought out his father, now a well-established officer in the Imperial splinter group called the Vast Empire. Father and son spoke at great length about the rights and wrongs of the Empire, about the good and bad it was capable of. Slowly, Pherik began to see what his father believed, that his lost home and family were not murdered by an uncaring Empire, but were sad casualties, martyrs even, in a tragic but necessary Imperial war against chaos and anarchy. Pherik Zail suddenly knew that, in order to make his family's death mean something, he had to join the Empire in stamping out this Rebel madness! He decided to finally follow his father into the ranks of the Vast Empire.

Service History[edit]


Zail enrolled in the Academy, based on the training platform Cappadocious. Despite the stress of his final test being a simulation based on the Graveyard of Alderaan, he performed admirably and was granted the Star of the Academy and a double promotion for his efforts.

Junior Bridge Officer/Senior Crewman[edit]

Zail's first assignment was the Imperial Star Destroyer Halcyon Warrior, under the command of Captain Dracule "Drac" Mihawk. He came aboard just after the Battle of Montitia (TaskForce Aurek: Veni Vidi Veci), and no sooner had he boarded than he got into a mess hall brawl assisting some pilots of Nightshrike Squadron (Nightshrike: Shakedown). Zail quickly put this behind him and worked hard to impress his superiors, taking long shifts on the bridge and doing supplies and inventories for First Officer Lance Ongol (Serpent: Logistics & Supply). In his spare time he also helped one of his three roommates, Crewman Simon Gradesh, work on fixing repulsor vehicles, and Zail advanced his knowledge of mechanics (Serpent: Vehicle Mechanics).

Junior Bridge Officer/Petty Officer 2nd Class[edit]

Zail grew enamoured of the Twi'lek Crewman Koyi Ban, and asked his Twi'lek roommate Crewman Kandon Toqema to help him brush up on his Rylothean language skills. Zail then participated in the Second Battle of Belgaroth, his first actual combat since joining the Vast Empire Navy. During the battle he served at the Comm Station, and helped identify the distress call and enable the rescue of pilot Trou Belin. Later in the battle, Zail helped coordinate attacks on the Imperial Remnant Lancer Class Frigate Mikasa and Strike Class Cruiser Ark of Wrath, leading to the destruction of both. For services in the battle he was awarded the Legion of Merit (High Stakes at Belgaroth). Following the battle, Zail helped to fix a damaged Flying Fortress, solidifying his status as a tech (Serpent: Naval Engineer Tier 1 Certification). Some time later, Zail was recruited into Vast Empire Naval Intelligence, where he participated in efforts to influence the government of the neutral world of Ord Terine. He was awarded the Merit Cross 2nd Class for his classified work (VENI: Serpent’s Political Meddling).

First Officer/Petty Officer 1st Class[edit]

Zail was promoted to First Officer of the Halcyon Warrior after the Second Battle of Belgaroth, during which the ship moved from Taskforce Aurek of the Second Fleet to Taskforce Besh of the First Fleet. After that, Zail rented an apartment on an orbital platform above Belgaroth, and settled in to his new home. He met his new droid, Raseven, and even visited the planet to purchase a Class 580 Light Freighter, the Ophidian Coil (Serpent Personal Story: Life on Belgaroth). While the fleet recovered from the recent battle, Zail was temporarily transferred to the Strike Cruiser SMC Surprise, under the command of Wyl Trykon to serve as its First Officer on its first assignment (Surprise: The Vast Empire Strikes Back). During his time on board, Zail helped to fix TIE Interceptors and advanced his technical skills (Serpent: Naval Engineer Tier 2 Certification). Upon returning to the Halcyon Warrior, Zail served as XO during the attack on rebels in the Escrutiod System (Halcyon Warrior: Punitive Measures). Later, he was sent by Naval Intelligence to track down a lost Imperial weapons research facility (VENI: Serpent's Hunt for Red Star Nova).

First Officer/Chief Petty Officer[edit]

When the Halcyon Warrior had engine trouble, Serpent helped to fix the hyperdrive (Serpent: Hyperspace Mechanic). Zail then went on a week-long training assignment at the Belgaroth Shipyards to complete his qualification as an Engineer (Serpent: Naval Engineer Tier 3 Certification).

First Officer/Master Chief Petty Officer[edit]

Zail continued to serve as First Officer of the Halcyon Warrior during a major engagement at Abrae with the Imperial Dominion. On the eve of the battle, he was notified of a promotion within Vast Empire Naval Intelligence, making him VENI's official fleet liaison. When he revealed this to Captain Mihawk it created a lot of tension between the two men, owing to the Captain's distrust of Intelligence's leader, Captain Grey. (VEN: Out of the Invisible). What was unknown at the time was that Serpent had been secretly promoted to the Head of Naval Intelligence as the Second Captain Grey.

First Officer/Warrant Officer 2nd Class[edit]

Serpent was present during the blockade of the planet Lasoris Minor, and served on the Halcyon Warrior during the battle with the Eleven Spear Mercenaries (VEN: The Blockade). In the weeks following that, Serpent finally completed and published a best-selling biography of Grand Admiral Osvald Teshik (Serpent Personal Story: Publishing Problems). Later, as part of his duties as Naval Intelligence's Fleet Liaison, he gave an intel briefing to personel on the Atrus (VEN: Heart of the Fleet).

Captain/Warrant Officer 2nd Class[edit]

Zail was selected for the Ship Captain Training Program, and was sent back to the Academy. There he assumed command of the Warden-Class Light Cruiser Courage and began to get to know his new crew. He came to rely upon the First Officer, Vagen Eosel (Serpent's First Command: The Courage). While on his way to his new command he mused about the difficulties he first had on entering the VEN and his time at the Com Station of the Halcyon Warrior (Serpent: Bridge Officer Tier 1 Certification). Serpent then commanded his ship and crew on their first ever mission, escorting a pair of Action VI Transports to Daishi Station (Serpent: SCFE). Following that mission, Zail was assigned to his actual command, the CR90 Defiance, and took it on its shakedown cruise (Defiance: Serpent: Shakedown Cruise). During a break from his duties, Serpent had to travel to Abrae for an Intel briefing, but the passenger shuttle hit a meteor shower. With the pilot injured, it fell to Zail to steer the craft to safety and chart a new hyperspace course home (Serpent: Astrogation: Ancillary Skill). Later, on a trip to the Atrus, Serpent and his old friend Simon Gradesh took in a Grav-ball match, and watched a historical wargame fleet battle in the Super Star Destroyer's new Hologram Games Suite (VEN: Heart of the Fleet).

Captain/Warrant Officer 1st Class[edit]

Following completion of his SCTP, Zail was suddenly assigned temporary command of the Halcyon Warrior, and indeed most of Taskforce Aurek. He then led them on a raiding mission against the Imperial Dominion, appointing Michele "Ellesmere" Blondeau to serve as his First Officer (2nd Fleet: Counterpunch: Famine).

Captain/Chief Warrant Officer[edit]

While protecting a freighter from pirates, a series of accidents forced Serpent to take the helm of the Defiance and pilot it in combat (Serpent: Bridge Officer Tier 2 Certification). Later, while travelling on the CR-90 Devilish Dare, Zail took over at a gunnery station in a battle with Republic X-Wings (Serpent: Gunnery: Ancillary Skill). Eventually Serpent took a vacation and visited the planet Qualdeen 4, where he befriended local ambassador, Consul Sharna Denaron (Serpent Personal Story: Relics and Receptions). Upon his return to service, he was transferred to command the VSD Brilliant and joined the continuing conflict with the Imperial Dominion as the XO of the Second Fleet. During the engagement at the Battle of the Bloodmoon, the Brilliant downed two enemy capital ships and earned the right to be the Admiral's Own (VEN: Counterpunch: War). Upon returning to VE space, the Brilliant was paired with the Venator Star Destroyer Blazing Crown to hunt down a Republic warship. This teamed Serpent with his father, Ardus Zail, who Pherik impressed with his gunnery skills (Serpent: Bridge Officer Tier 3 Certification).

Captain/Lieutenant Junior Grade[edit]

Serpent, as Agent Rain, was assigned to visit and report on the undercover VENI mission to the planet Xaafir (VENI: Snake Pit).


Following his promotion, Serpent and the Brilliant continued the offensive against the Imperial Dominion. During downtime between engagements, Admiral Ph'rranix Krazanr visited the Brilliant for a tour. However, at the same time, prisoners taken during the Battle of the Bloodmoon managed to escape. They abducted the Admiral pff the ship, and also murdered Serpent's XO, Vagen Eosel. Zail was devasted by the events, but still captained the Brilliant during the following battle at the Sollamens System, where the VEN tried to rescue Krazanr(VEN: Counterpunch: Death). Some time after the battle, Serpent was sent to the Atrus to observe the new VENI Hub constructed on the flagship (VEN: Heart of the Fleet).

Captain/Lieutenant Commander[edit]

Following his promotion, Serpent was giving a briefing on the Adjudicator and was asked to help a crew member track an errant droid (VEN: Heart of the Second). Upon returning to the Brilliant, Serpent was sent on a mission to Qualdeen 4, there to be re-united with his love, the VE Ambassador to the planet, Consul Sharna Denaron. The two travelled back to Lotaith, and there Denaron introduced Zail to her old friend, Eylana Saitroni. Serpent was so impressed with the young Warrant Officer that he made her his new XO (Serpent Personal Story: The Brilliant’s New XO). Later, Zail was tasked by VENI to infiltrate the VE world of Orvanus III, there to gather blackmail material on its ruler, Governor Mitaan (Serpent: Infiltration: Ancillary Skill). Serpent then continued his VENI training, undergoing close combat training on Abrae (Serpent: Xeno-Martial Arts: Ancillary Skill) and Zero-g combat training on the Corvette Abismiliard (Serpent: Zero-Gravity Combat: Ancillary Skill).

When the Corellian League threatened Vast Empire interests, Serpent, acting as the Second Captain Grey, informed the Naval High Command. However, he was reassigned from the leadership of Naval Intelligence just prior to the Second Fleet departing for the engagment in the Absit System (Chapter 9 Prelude: Navy).


Insignia Rank Start Until Reason for Promotion
CRWSFC.JPG Crewman 7/17/2011 7/18/2011 Joined the VE Navy
SCRWSFC.png Senior Crewman 7/18/2011 8/13/2011 Double Promotion due to exemplary performance in Command School
PO2SFC.png Petty Officer 2nd Class 8/13/2011 11/28/2011 High activity
PO1SFC.png Petty Officer 1st Class 11/28/2011 2/4/2012 "Outstanding work" in Fleet Story High Stakes at Belgaroth
CPOSFC.PNG Chief Petty Officer 2/4/2012 2/11/2012 "outstanding enthusiasm, activity, and dedication to all parts of the Navy"
MCPOSFC.png Master Chief Petty Officer 2/11/2012 6/30/2012 "outstanding activity and leadership and for completely reworking the medals and awards"
WO2SFC.png Warrant Officer 2nd Class 6/30/2012 9/29/2012 For "outstanding contributions to a Navy plotline" for story 'Out of the Invisible'
WO1SFC.png Warrant Officer 1st Class 9/29/2012 11/30/2012 For exemplary leadership of story The Blockade
CWOSFC.png Chief Warrant Officer 11/30/2012 1/22/2013 For "leadership and high activity" of story 'Counterpunch: Famine"
2LTSFC.GIF Lieutenant Junior Grade 1/22/2013 2/8/2013 For completing second full Certification set
1LTSFC.GIF Lieutenant 2/8/2013 5/12/2013 for "quality of posts in both Fleet and VENI branches"
LCDR.GIF Lieutenant Commander 5/12/2013 10/12/2013 "35 posts and 40k words" in 'Counterpunch: Death'" and "tireless dedication to his duties"
CDR.GIF Commander 10/12/2013 Next promotion Leadership in Chapter 9: Prelude


Position Start Until Reason
Trainee 7/17/2011 7/18/2011 Joined the VE Navy
Junior Bridge Officer ISD2 Halcyon Warrior 7/18/2011 11/28/2011 Completed training and given first assignment
First Officer ISD2 Halcyon Warrior 11/28/2011 7/1/2012 "Outstanding work" in Fleet Story High Stakes at Belgaroth
Captain of training vessel LCR Courage 7/1/2012 8/22/2012 To begin Ship Captain Training Program
Captain of the CR90 Defiance 8/22/2012 12/4/2012 Completion of Ship Captain Fitness Exam
Captain of the VSD Brilliant 12/4/2012 10/12/2013 Becoming XO of the Second Fleet
Captain of the ISD Paragon 10/12/2013 Next Transfer Becoming CO of the Second Fleet

High Command Positions[edit]

Position Start Until Reason
Chief of Naval Intelligence 3/1/2012 7/5/2013 Secret Promotion to be the Second Captain Grey
Chief of Naval Warfare 7/5/2013 Next Transfer Promoted following a reshuffle of Naval High Command


Ribbon Award Award Name Date Received Reason
SOArib.gif [SoA] Star of the Academy 7/18/2011 Granted for "recognition of your exemplary performance in Command School"
MC2rib.gif [MC2] Merit Cross 2nd Class 11/13/2011 Granted for "classified efforts on behalf of VENI"
LOMrib.gif [LoM] Legion of Merit 11/28/2011 "Outstanding work" in Fleet Story High Stakes at Belgaroth
Naval Achievement Ribbon.jpg [NAR] Naval Achievement Ribbon 2/2/2012 Consistent Reporting
NER.gif [E] Naval ‘E’ Ribbon 2/2/2012 Consistent Reporting
NS H.gif [HNS] Half Year Naval Service Achieved 1/17/2012, Awarded 2/2/2012 6 Months Service
SWC.gif [SWC] Silver Writing Commendation Achieved 1/28/2012, Awarded 2/2/2012 50 Career Posts
CBVrib.gif [CoB] Cross of Bravery 2/4/2012 "outstanding enthusiasm, activity, and dedication to all parts of the Navy"
VCBlurib.gif [VC:B] Victory Cross Blue 2/11/2012 "outstanding leadership and activity"
VCsilrib.gif [VC:S] Victory Cross Silver 2/26/2012 "mission Development on the Vast Empire Strikes Back"
SOVrib.gif [SoV] Star of Valor 2/26/2012 "exemplary service above and beyond the call of duty"
MiD.jpg [MiD] Mentioned in Dispatches 3/16/2012 "superlative execution" of Tier 3 Engineering Certification
VCgolrib.gif [VC:G] Victory Cross Gold 6/30/2012 For "outstanding contributions to a Navy plotline" for story 'Out of the Invisible'
NSR 1.gif [1NS] One Year Naval Service 7/18/2012 One year service
GWC.gif [GWC] Gold Writing Commendation Achieved 9/4/2012, Awarded 9/8/2012 100 Career Posts
MC1rib.gif [MC1] Merit Cross 1st Class 9/26/2012 "outstanding performance in the Ship Captain Training Program,

and your sustained efforts on behalf of the Navy"

VCebnrib.gif [VC:E] Victory Cross Ebon 11/30/2012 For "leadership and high activity" of story 'Counterpunch: Famine"
DD Famine.png [CC:1] Counterpunch Campaign: Famine 11/30/2012 For participation in the 'Famine' story of the Counterpunch arc.
AdmiralsOwn.png [AO] Admiral's Own 2/8/2013 Consistant posting for the Brilliant in story 'Counterpunch: War'
DD War.png [CC:2] Counterpunch Campaign: War 2/8/2013 For participation in the 'War' story of the Counterpunch arc.
CAR.png [CAR] Combat Achievement Ribbon 2/8/2013 for "action against the Imperial Dominion's Howling Hydra"
AdmiralsOwn.png [AOx2] Admiral's Own 3/5/2013 for contributions to the story 'Counterpunch: Death'
AdmiralsOwn.png [AOx3] Admiral's Own 5/3/2013 for contributions to the story 'Counterpunch: Death'
CBV-1piprib.gif [CoB.] Cross of Bravery 5/12/2013 "35 posts and 40k words" in 'Counterpunch: Death'" and "tireless dedication to his duties"
NCrib.gif [NC] Imperial Navy Cross 5/12/2013 "35 posts and 40k words" in 'Counterpunch: Death'" and "tireless dedication to his duties"

Certification Exams
Symbol Exam Exam Name Date Passed Score Received
Eng1.gif (=Eng=) Vehicle Mechanic 9/9/2011 pass-
Eng2.gif (=^Eng^=) Starfighter Mechanic 2/4/2012 pass-
Eng3.gif (=*Eng*=) Hyperdrive Mechanic 3/14/2012 pass-
Bridge 1.gif (=BO=) Operations Specialist 7/8/2012 pass-
Bridge 2.gif (=^BO^=) Officer Candidate 12/14/2012 pass-
Bridge 3.gif (=*BO*=) Bridge Officer 1/20/2013 pass-
SWC 1.gif (=SWC=) Special Warfare Candidate 8/5/2013 pass

Story Participation Log[edit]

Story Participation
Story Start Date End Date Type Post Count
Nightshrike: Shakedown 7/12/2011, first post 7/18/2011  ? Squadron Storyline 3
Serpent: Logistics & Supply 7/22/2011  ? Ancillary Skill 1
TaskForce Aurek: Veni Vidi Veci 6/6/2011, first post 7/27/2011  ? Taskforce Storyline 1
Serpent: Vehicle Mechanics 7/28/2011  ? Ancillary Skill 1
High Stakes at Belgaroth 8/8/2011, first post 8/8/2011  ? Fleet Storyline 18
Serpent: Naval Engineer Tier 1 Certification 8/15/2011  ? Certification 1
VENI: Serpent’s Political Meddling 9/19/2011  ? VENI Story 12
Serpent Personal Story: Life on Belgaroth 12/3/2011  ? Character Development 3
Surprise: The Vast Empire Strikes Back 12/9/2011, first post 12/12/2011  ? Ship Storyline 12
Serpent: Starfighter Mechanics 12/17/2011  ? Ancillary Skill 1
Halcyon Warrior: Punitive Measures 1/9/2012, first post 1/11/2012  ? Ship Storyline 3
VENI: Serpent's Hunt for Red Star Nova 3/2/2012  ? Squadron Storyline 11
Serpent: Naval Engineer Tier 2 Certification 2/4/2012  ? Certification 1
Serpent: Hyperspace Mechanic 11/2/2012  ? Ancillary Skill 1
VEN: Out of the Invisible 3/1/2012, first post 3/2/2012  ? Fleet Storyline 10
Serpent: Naval Engineer Tier 3 Certification 3/13/2012  ? Certification 1
VEN: The Blockade 6/29/2012, first post 6/29/2012  ? Ship Storyline 8
Serpent's First Command: The Courage 7/2/2012  ? SCTP Story 4
Serpent Personal Story: Publishing Problems 7/2/2012  ? Character Development 3
VEN: Heart of the Fleet 6/19/2012, first post 7/3/2012  ? Fleet run-on story 4
Serpent: Bridge Officer Tier 1 Certification 7/7/2012  ? Certification 1
Serpent: SCFE 7/20/2012  ? Ship Captain Fitness Exam 3
Defiance: Serpent: Shakedown Cruise 8/22/2012  ? Shakedown Cruise 5
Serpent: Astrogation: Ancillary Skill 8/31/2012  ? Ancillary Skill 1
2nd Fleet: Counterpunch: Famine 9/28/2012, first post 9/29/2012  ? Fleet Storyline 9
Serpent: Bridge Officer Tier 2 Certification 12/2/2012  ? Certification 1
Serpent Personal Story: Relics and Receptions 12/3/2012  ? Character Development 5
VEN: Counterpunch: War 12/4/2012, first post 12/5/2012  ? Fleet Story 15
Serpent: Gunnery: Ancillary Skill 12/14/2012  ? Ancillary Skill 1
Serpent: Bridge Officer Tier 3 Certification 1/19/2013  ? Certification 1
VENI: Snake Pit 7/29/2012, first post 2/8/2013  ? VENI Story 5
VEN: Counterpunch: Death 2/9/2013, first post 2/11/2013  ? Fleet Story 35
Serpent: Infiltration: Ancillary Skill 5/10/2013  ? Ancillary Skill 1
VEN: Heart of the Second 5/10/2013, first post 5/13/2013  ? Fleet run-on story 6
Serpent Personal Story: The Brilliant’s New XO 5/14/2013  ? Character Development 4
Serpent: Xeno-Martial Arts: Ancillary Skill 5/25/2013  ? Ancillary Skill 1
Serpent Personal Story: The Returning 5/25/2013  ? Character Development 4
Serpent: Zero-Gravity Combat: Ancillary Skill 6/21/2013  ? Ancillary Skill 2
Chapter 9 Prelude: Navy 6/28/2013, first post 7/1/2013  ? Fleet Story 15
Serpent: Political Subterfuge: Ancillary Skill 7/10/2013  ? Ancillary Skill 1
Serpent: Interrogation: Ancillary Skill 7/19/2013  ? Ancillary Skill 1
Serpent: Special Warfare Combatant Tier 1 Certification 7/24/2013  ? Certification 2
Chapter 9: Navy Part 1: Arrival 11/3/2013  ? Fleet Story 3
Total: 221