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Dracule Mihawk
Military Information



Line Captain


Ship Captain


ISD II Halcyon Warrior


2nd Vast Imperial Fleet



Physical Description





210 lbs.

Skin Color:

Mottled blue and black



  • Horizontal on his forehead, crossing the birthmark.
  • Starburst blaster scar on left shoulder
Biographical Information

Mon Calamari



Birth Date:

20 BBY




Basic, Mon Calamari

  • Vast Imperial Ship Captain

Pirate hunting


Halcyon Warrior




Defendo est optimus.

An idiot who has a good plan and follows it will find more 'good luck' than a genius who acts only on their whims....as for me? I'd prefer being a genius with a good plan.

—Dracule Mihawk, speaking to Trainees while a member of the Vast Empire Naval Academy Staff

Current Status[edit]

{{Time In Vast Empire |Years=13 |Months=8 |Days=16 |Division=Navy}}



Drac stands about six feet tall, and is physically fit by the standards of the Mon Calamari. His skin is an unusual color for a member of his species, a dark mottled blue that verges on black. Combined with his orange eyes, this makes for a striking appearance. His primary distinguishing feature is a white birthmark that runs in a slash from his left jaw, up through his eyelid, and ends near the top of his head. This is a trait shared by all the male members of his family, though Drac is the only one to combine it with a unique skin color. His birthmark is also bisected by a scar that runs perpendicular to it, about two thirds of the way up the birthmark. This scar, and the starburst shaped scar on the front of his left shoulder, are souvenirs of blaster wounds that went a little too long without bacta treatment.

One thing that causes Drac to stand out from many of the other officers of the Vast Imperial Navy is that he is rarely, if ever, seen without his personal weapons. A longstanding habit due to the ground operations he's found himself in over the years, his favorite blaster and combat knives are a constant presence on his person just in case he needs them. He typically carries the DC-15s blaster pistol on his right hip, a combat knife in one boot, and two more combat knives in a wrist sheath under his uniform cuff.


There are two aspects that really characterize Drac. The first is his loyalty which, once earned, is absolute. Some have even noted that he is "loyal to a fault." This may well be true, since he has little compunction about taking a wound meant for a friend. The second thing that truly defines him is his moral compass, a very strong knowledge of what’s right and wrong that may be the only thing that can override his loyalty.

Having seen several years of combat duty, Drac has felt the effects of war. Wounds have caused suffering, as have the deaths of friends and allies. Guilt lies heavy in him at times, both for the deaths of soldiers under his command and for the deaths of innocents who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Drac is very aware of the blood, innocent and guilty, on his hands. All of that and more has combined to bring a gradual change in his personality and interactions with those around him. When off duty he's quieter, and even more serious than in the past. While still basically a friendly person, he knows all too well that many of the men and women he meets will soon be dead. Like many veteran soldiers, he can be slow to open up to new recruits. But when he does, the warmth of his nature shines through.

All in all, Drac is pretty typical of a Naval officer: balanced, staid, and calmly logical. He knows his duties and fulfills them to the best of his ability. And while he acknowledges the deaths he causes, he knows the cause he serves is important. Deaths must be minimized, but for peace and stability to return to the galaxy some people must die. If he becomes one of those, he would be happy with the knowledge that his life and death had meaning.


Dracule Mihawk joined the Vast Empire out of appreciation for its moral and ethical standards, as it was the only significant faction in the war-torn galaxy that had held itself above the use of biological warfare. Back home on Dac he’d been expected to work in government, like his father, or to possibly end up in law enforcement or, later, the rebel military. The Rebellion’s biological attacks ended all of that, though, and he left to pursue his own ideals and the goal of being a starfighter pilot.

His career since joining the Vast Imperial Navy has gone even better than he could ever have expected, especially for a Mon Calamari. He quickly rose to prominence as one of the best starfighter pilots in the Navy, and rose relatively quickly to the level of squadron commander. Events conspired, however, to end his time in a cockpit in favor of commanding a ship from its bridge. If anything, this new role suited him even better. His daring tactics and clear effectiveness earned him promotions, and when attrition and turnover resulted in a need for fresh officers at the highest levels of the Navy he was well positioned to ride the wave of opportunity.

Currently, and for the last couple of years, Drac commands a significant portion of the Vast Imperial Fleet from the bridge of the Halcyon Warrior a Mark II Imperial Star Destroyer. He has held multiple roles in the Naval High Command, and currently serves as the Chief of Naval Warfare.

For a more in-depth retelling of Drac’s personal history, go to Dracule Mihawk History.


The following is an up-to-date list of Drac's personal possessions, built up during his time in service to the Vast Empire.

Ships, Vehicles, and Droids


The Krakana.


  • 1x Nebulon Q Swoop
  • 2x MAAT Gunship


  • 1x 3PO Series Protocol droid

Personal Equipment


Drac's signature weapon, the DC-15.
  • 1x 3-Mal Personal Comlink
  • 1x Karoushi Personal Datapad
  • 1x Sabacc Deck


  • 1x Sat'skar Sword
  • 2x FSK-7 Combat Knives
  • 1x DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol
  • 1x DC-15s Blaster Pistol
  • 1x E-11 Blaster Rifle
  • 2x Mk 1 Fragmentation Grenades
  • 2x Nacht 5 Smoke Grenades
  • 51x Suction Cup Ewok (Seriously, these things are hazardous.)

Service Record[edit]

Rank History

Insignia Rank Start Until Reason for Promotion
CRWSFC.JPG Crewman 01/12/2009 01/14/2009 Enlistment and training at VENA
SCRWSFC.JPG Senior Crewman 01/14/2009 03/21/2009 Passed the Aviator's Exam with 100% and Graduated from VENA.
PO2SFC.JPG Petty Officer 2nd Class 03/21/2009 05/22/2009 High story activity.
PO1SFC.JPG Petty Officer 1st Class 05/22/2009 08/07/2009 Passed the Senior Aviator's Exam with 100%.
CPOSFC.JPG Chief Petty Officer 08/07/2009 11/15/2009 Contributions to VENA.
SCPOSFC.JPG Senior Chief Petty Officer 11/15/2009 02/28/2010 Work/Performance for Nazgul Squadron
MCPOSFC.JPG Master Chief Petty Officer 02/28/2010 05/16/10 Performance on The Sarek Strategem and contributions to the Navy.
WO1SFC.JPG Warrant Officer 1st Class 05/16/2010 02/06/2011 Consistent activity, as well as service to the Navy and the Naval Academy.
CWOSFC.JPG Chief Warrant Officer 02/06/2011 02/12/2011 For high activity and program development for the VEN.
2LTSFC.GIF Second Lieutenant 02/12/2011 03/20/2011 Promoted to Chief of Naval Warfare.
1LTSFC.GIF First Lieutenant 03/20/2011 05/15/2011 For mission development and leadership.
CDRSFC.gif Commander 05/15/2011 08/10/2011 For leadership in 2nd Fleet.
VCAPSFC.GIF Vice Captain 08/10/2011 11/27/2011 For leadership in 2nd Fleet.
CPTSFC.gif Captain 11/27/2011 10/12/2013 For excellent leadership as Chief of Naval Warfare.
LCPT.GIF Line Captain 10/12/2013 Current For an outstanding return to action at Absit.

Positions History

Joined Vast Empire Navy - January 12, 2009

Position Start Until Reason
Trainee 01/12/2009 01/14/2009 Joined the Vast Empire Navy
Flight Member - Nazgul 2 01/14/2009 03/19/2009 Completion of Flight School
Flight Leader - Nazgul 9 03/19/2009 11/08/2009 High activity in squadron stories
Trainer Level 2 06/10/2009 06/23/2009 Chosen to be part of the VENA Staff
Operator Level 3 06/23/2009 12/10/2009 Reorganization of VENA when StOrMz took command.
Squadron Executive Officer - Nazgul 9 11/08/2009 02/21/2010 Chosen by new SC (Hunter Morrell) to serve as Executive Officer.
Trainer Level 1 12/10/2009 08/19/2010 Promotion for good work.
Logistics Coordinator 12/14/2009 08/19/2010 Selected to assist the Naval Logistics Officer.
Flight Member - Nightshrike Squadron 02/22/2010 03/01/2010 Squadrons reorganized. Down to FM due to RL interference.
Flight Member - Tuk'ata 3 03/01/2010 03/04/2010 Nightshrike deactivated.
Flight Member - Tuk'ata 11 04/28/2010 05/06/2010 Return to full active duty. Originally in position of Tuk'ata 9.
Squadron Executive Officer - Tuk'ata 5 05/06/2010 05/14/2010 Former XO stepped down due to low activity.
Squadron Commander - Nightshrike 1 05/14/2010 06/06/2010 Chosen to lead Nightshrike after Lt. Commander Atrasin's resignation.
Squadron Commander - Tuk'ata 1 06/06/2010 08/19/2010 Nightshrike permanently closed. Reassigned as Tuk'ata SC.
Ship Captain - Warden Class Light Cruiser LCR Cerulean 01/27/2011 03/10/2011 Assignment upon reactivation.
Chief of Naval Warfare 02/25/2011 09/25/2012 Promoted to fill the spot left empty after Jaden's departure.
Ship Captain - Victory-class Star Destroyer Dead Gun 03/10/2011 05/13/2011 Taking over command of 2nd Fleet. CNW's ship.
Ship Captain - Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Halcyon Warrior 05/13/2011 Present Victory at Battle of Belgaroth. Took over captured NR Star Destroyer Skyhawk.
Chief of Naval Operations 09/25/2012 06/27/2013 Promoted to Naval XO after Admiral Denethor's retirement (RL constraints played a role).

Certifications and Awards[edit]

Exams Passed[edit]

Certification Exams
Symbol Exam Exam Name Date Passed Score Received
Aedis.gif (=*A*=) Aviator's Exam 01/14/2009 100%-
Sadis.gif (=*SA*=) Senior Aviator's Exam 05/22/2009 100%

Medals & Ribbons Awarded[edit]

Ribbon Award Award Name Date Received Reason
SOArib.gif SoA Star of the Academy 01/14/2009 Perfect score on Aviator's Exam and contributions to VENA
MC2rib.gif MC:2 Merit Cross: Second Class 01/26/2009 Contributions to Fallout, so Fall In! and to the VE
MC1rib.gif MC:1 Merit Cross: First Class 03/21/2009 High activity in Ties That Bind Nazgul Squadron story.
NS H.gif NSR:H Naval Service Ribbon - Half Year 09/14/2009 (earned on 07/12/09) Six months active service in the Vast Imperial Navy
Nazgul6months.gif NT:H Nazgul Tour Ribbon, Half Year 09/14/2009 (earned on 07/12/09) Six months active service in Nazgul
NS 1.gif NSR:1 Naval Service Ribbon - One Year 01/12/2009 One year active service in the Vast Imperial Navy
Nazgul12months.gif NT:1 Nazgul Tour Ribbon, One Year 09/12/2009 ONe year active service in Nazgul Squadron.
SOVrib.gif SoV Star of valour 02/28/2010 Meritorious Service
CBVrib.gif CBV Cross of Bravery 02/28/2010 High activity in The Sarek Stratagem
SoLrib.gif SoL Shadow of Lehon 02/28/2010 Given to all members of Phoenix Wing who survived Lehon.
MC2rib.gif MC:2 Merit Cross: Second Class 04/12/2010 For initiative in gathering post counts for writing commendations.
SWC.gif SWC Silver Writing Commendation 04/12/2010 For reaching 50 story posts. 74 total posts at time of awarding.
NSR.gif NSR Noble Service Ribbon 05/16/2010 For excellent work with Raptor Squadron & service to VENA.
GCR.gif GCR Good Conduct Ribbon 02/06/2011 For good conduct on the Comnet and in IRC.
GWC.gif GWC Gold Writing Commendation 08/13/2011 For reaching 100 story posts exactly.
VCBlurib.gif VC:B Victory Cross 10/12/2013 For an outstanding return to posting.

Story Participation[edit]

Career Post Count[edit]

Story Participation
Story Start Date End Date Type Post Count
Nazgul Squadron – Fallout: So FALL IN! 01/18/2009  ? Squadron (Nazgul) 3
Nazgul Squadron - The Ties That Bind 01/24/2009  ? Squadron (Nazgul) 8
Drac's Personal Story 02/25/2009  ? Personal Story (C/D) 3
Nazgul Squadron – Interim 03/02/2009  ? Squadron (Nazgul) 3
Nazgul Squadron - The Anoat Two Step 03/28/2009  ? Squadron (Nazgul) 7
Lightning's First Strike 05/06/2009  ? Mentoring 10
Nazgul - Asteroids, Mines, Pirates Oh My 05/28/2009  ? Squadron (Nazgul) 6
Ykntola Foundations 06/08/2009  ? Ykntola Order 6
Drac's EPC Stories 07/28/2009  ? Elite Pilot Competition/Char. Dev. 3
The Training Run (Drac & ZalaVE) 08/03/2009  ? Mentoring 2
Nazgul: The Sarek Stratagem 09/12/2009  ? Squadron (Nazgul) 10
Drac & Arturo: CD Story 11/03/2009  ? Squadron (Nazgul) 3
Raptor Squadron: The Training Run 12/10/2009  ? VENA Training (Raptor) 3
Phoenix Wing: Smoke & Mirrors 01/10/2010  ? Wing Story 2
Drac: Estrangement 03/10/2010  ? Personal Story (C/D) 5
Roworth Hunters: Moria Orlan 06/19/2009  ? Bounty Hunting (C/D) 1
Nightshrike: Overture 05/03/2010  ? Squadron (Nightshrike) 1
153rd Rhegent's Reign: Over Victory 05/07/2010  ? Squadron (Rhegent's Reign) (Cameo) 1
Tuk'ata: Up Close & Personal 06/10/2010  ? Squadron (Tuk'ata) 2
VEN: Into the Invisible 01/29/2011  ? Navy Wide 8
2nd Fleet: A Page from the Rebels' Book 03/29/2011  ? 2nd Fleet Mission 3
Drac: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished 05/18/2011  ? Personal Story (C/D) 3
Taskforce Aurek: Veni Vidi Vici 06/06/2011  ? Taskforce Aurek 6
2nd Fleet: High Stakes at Belgaroth 08/08/2011  ? 2nd Fleet Mission 9
Total: 108