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The chain of command in the Vast Empire's Navy is based upon the positions members of the division hold. From highest to lowest, these are as follows:

Naval High Command[edit]

Naval Commander in Chief[edit]

IC, the Naval Commander in Chief is the professional head of the Navy, who traditionally places his flag aboard the mSSD Atrus. The NCC is responsible for the entire navy and has ultimate authority over all operations, including intelligence, warfare, logistics and training. In addition, the NCC is responsible for sourcing ships and other assets for the Navy.

OOC, The Vast Empire's Naval Commander in Chief has ultimate command over the Navy division. All promotion requests must go through him and all decisions about the division in general are made or approved by the NCC. In addition the NCC runs the day-to-day operations in the Fleet and reports only to the High Council. The NCC is fourth in command of the Vast Empire and is a voting member of the High Council.

Abbreviation: NCC

List of Past and Current NCCs[edit]

Name Start Until
Stormz January 23, 2011 Present
Denethor November, 2009 January 23, 2011
Japheth November, 2004 November, 2009
Threeof4  ? November, 2004
Japheth October, 2002  ?
Riel Fury February, 2002 November, 2002
Gui Sun Paan December, 2001 February, 2002
PJ November, 2001 December, 2001
Sithspawn August, 2001 November, 2001
Atrus July, 2000 August, 2001
Scarecrow March, 2000 July, 2000
Niksavel June, 1999 March, 2000
von Reinthaler  ??? June, 1999

Chief of Naval Operations[edit]

IC, The Chief of Naval Operations is second only to the NCC in the Navy division of the Vast Empire and serves as the NCC's second in command. The CNO holds authority over the Chiefs of Naval Warfare, Intelligence and Training respectively and generally approves all VEN fleet actions.

OOC, The Chief of Naval Operations is second-in-command of the entire Vast Empire Navy. The CNO's duties are to ensure all operations run smoothly, and to handle local problems (reporting them to the NCC if necessary). Also, when the NCC is away, the CNO takes over as commander until his return. Additionally, the CNO holds authority over the Chiefs of Naval Warfare, Intelligence and Training respectively to balance things out. The CNO also handles all medal requests and the medal board. All medal notifications must be CC'ed to the NCC to ensure proper documentation. Prior to 2011, this position was known as Naval Executive Officer.

Abbreviation: CNO

List of Past and Current CNOs[edit]

Name Start Until
Wyl Trykon June 27, 2013 Present
Dracule 'Drac' Mihawk September 24, 2012 June 27, 2013
Vacant, then Denethor February 5, 2012 September 24, 2012
Geordi Atrasin January 23, 2011 February 5, 2012
Stormz August 2010 January 23, 2011
Shazam November 2009 July 2010
Denethor August 2008 November 2009
Riel Fury  ? March 2008
Japheth  ? November, 2004
Japheth January, 2002 November, 2002
Gui Sun Paan February, 2002 March, 2002
Riel Fury November, 2001 February, 2002
PJ October, 2001 November, 2001
Sithspawn February, 2001 August, 2001
Apocalypse October, 2000 February, 2001
Scarecrow July, 2000 October, 2000
Atrus March, 2000 July, 2000
Scarecrow December, 1999 March, 2000
Niksavel  ? June, 1999

Chief of Naval Warfare[edit]

IC, The Chief of Naval Warfare is the commanding officer of all ships in the active (or, offensive) fleet, including their attached starfighter units and directs all major offensive actions after receiving approval from the CNO.

OOC, the CNW is third in command of the division (after the NCC and CNO), and is ultimately responsible for overseeing all official story arcs in Fleet Command and the Starfighter Corps. The CNW does not have authority over the ships and personnel of VENI.

Abbreviation: CNW

List of Past and Current CNWs[edit]

Name Start Until
Drac December 16, 2015 Present
Serpent July 4, 2013 December 16, 2015
Trykon September 24, 2011 June 27, 2013
Drac February 25, 2011 September 24, 2012
Jaden January 23, 2011 February 20, 2011

Chief of Naval Training[edit]

IC, the Chief of Naval Training is the head of all Training Operations for the division. The CNT oversees all major training exercises and coordinates the ultimate state of the Naval training program. The CNT also commands the headquarters of the Naval Academy which is the training platform Cappadocious.

OOC, the Chief of Naval Training is head of all training operations for the division. The CNT's primary duty is to test the potential of all new recruits (as either pilots or capital ship crew members), and have them qualify for active duty. As head of the Vast Empire's Naval Academy (VENA), the CNT also oversees the Naval Certifications and Naval Ancillary Skills programs, so existing members can continue to develop and grow as their careers in the VEN progress, in addition to supervising the vaunted SCTP. Prior to 2011, this position was known as Naval Training Officer.

Abbreviation: CNT

List of Past and Current CNTs[edit]

Name Start Until
Slasher December 13, 2015 Present
DeepSix July 4, 2013 December 13, 2015
Hades January 28, 2013 July 4, 2013
Echelon September 25, 2012 January 28, 2013
Trykon December 15, 2011 September 24, 2012
Slasher May 18, 2011 December 15, 2011
Rocketman January 23, 2011 May 18, 2011
Geordi Atrasin August 2010 January, 2011
StOrMz June 2009 August 2010
Bacredi January 14, 2009 June 2009
C-3PX2 August 11th, 2008 January 14, 2009
Jegora Fal May 25th, 2008 August 5th, 2008
Shazam January 31, 2006 May 25th, 2008
Liquid November 24, 2004  ?
Sk8guy July 31, 2003 November 24, 2004
Claw  ?  ?
Darkhawk January 9, 2002 July 30, 2003
Bear  ? January 9, 2002
Scarecrow February 1999 January 2000

Executive Officer of Naval Training[edit]

See Executive Officer.

Abbreviation: XNT

Chief of Naval Intelligence[edit]

IC,The Chief of Naval Intelligence, known only as 'Captain Grey' is responsible for all operations and oversight in the area of the Vast Empire's Naval Intelligence. The CNI's actions are entirely classified and is accountable only to the CNO and NCC.

OOC, the CNI is responsible for coordination of VENI story arcs as well as liaising between VENI agents and other subdivisional heads. Most actions of this section are CLASSIFIED. The current tradition is that whoever takes the position also takes the name 'Captain Grey' in order to hide his/her identity while in the role.

Abbreviation: CNI

List of Past and Current CNIs[edit]

Name Start Until
Captain Grey July 4, 2013 Present
Captain Grey March 1, 2012 July 4, 2013
Captain Grey July 3, 2011 March 1,2012
Bacredi January 23, 2011 April, 2011
Arturus Unknown January 23, 2011

Executive Officer of Naval Intelligence[edit]

See Executive Officer'.

Abbreviation: None.

Naval Command[edit]

Logistics Officer[edit]

The Logistics Officer is in charge of creating and approving missions/battles; and ship development; for the Vast Empire Navy. The Logistics Officer assists the Naval Commander in Chief and Executive Officer in making official navy battles and missions. This individual is often seen in the presence of the Naval Commander in Chief and his Executive Officer to discuss with them the Navy's tactical affairs, battle plans, capital ship movements, etc. This position was eliminated in January, 2011, and its responsibilities were divided between the CNW and CNI positions.

Abbreviation: NLO

List of Past NLOs[edit]

Name Start Until
Hunter Morrell 12-31-09 10-24-10
Riqimo Pershaw Unknown 12-31-09

Task Force Commander[edit]

IC., Task Force Commanders generally are in command of a number of ships assigned to a Task Force and is responsible for issuing orders and instructions to said starships. This role entails the implementation of fleet tactics in combat and in peacetime.

OOC, Task Force Commanders are in charge of a sub-fleet of starships. They handle all coordination between the ships and regularly report to the Naval High Command about the ships under their command as well as being the closest link between SCAPs and Naval High Command.

Abbreviation: TFC

List of Past and Present TFCs[edit]

Name Task Force Start Until
Slasher TF: Besh March, 2011 Present
C-4RX TF: Resh February, 2011 Present
Jaden TF: Resh January, 2011 February, 2011
Denethor TF: Xesh February, 2010 Unknown

Task Force Executive Officer[edit]

See Executive Officer

Abbreviation: TFXO

Ship Captain[edit]

IC, A ship captain commands a single ship and is in charge of all personnel aboard the ship, including any personnel of the Starfighter Corps. The Captain is responsible for the day-to-day running of the ship including training drills, offensive actions and the overall wellbeing of the ship and the crew.

OOC, a Ship Captain is in charge of any fleet personnel stationed aboard his or her ship. The Ship Captain is responsible for the suggestion of promotions, medals and punishments apportioned to the members of their crew. Technically, the SCAP also has authority over any SFC members assigned to their ship.

Abbreviation: SCAP

Ship Executive Officer[edit]

See Executive Officer.

Abbreviation: XO

Command Crewmember[edit]

IC, a Command Crewmember is generally responsible for the running of a specific section aboard a ship. Sections might include communications or medical sections. Command Crewmembers might also be assigned the position of First, Second and Third Officer. Command Crewmember is the highest position aboard a ship after XO.

OOC, a Command Crewmember is responsible for the upkeep of his section in story and coordinating Junior and Senior Crewmembers' reporting, posting and wiki work.

Abbreviation: CC

Senior Crewmember[edit]

IC, a Senior Crewmember usually leads Junior Crewmembers in each specific section, reporting directly to the Command Crewmember above them or the Ship's XO. Senior Crewmembers can fulfill a variety of duties and are found in many different positions throughout the VEN.

OOC, A Senior Crewmember is a step above a Junior Crewmember and responsible for the coordination thereof, as well as providing an upstanding example to the lower ranks.

Abbreviation: SC

Junior Crewmember[edit]

IC, a Junior Crewmember is the most common type of Crewmember and can be assigned to almost any section aboard a ship. The Junior Crewmembers contribute to the ships welfare in the form of how well they do their job.

OOC, A Junior Crewmember is the first position a person entering the Fleet will attain after leaving the academy. The responsibilities of a Junior Crewmember are few and far between, needing only to post, report and follow the orders of their superiors.

Abbreviation: JC

Starfighter Corps[edit]

Wing Commander[edit]

IC, a Wing Commander is the SCO of the leading Squadron in a wing. He or she commands the wing's overall strategy and well being, including filling out requisition forms for damaged or destroyed fighters.

OOC, a Wing Commander is the highest rank a pilot can rise to within the SFC. As there is currently only one PC wing, the Wing Commander is de-facto Commander of the entire Starfighter Corps. A Wing Commander is responsible for maintaining the activity of his subordinates and filling out a weekly Wing report.

Abbreviation: WC

Squadron Commanding Officer[edit]

The Squadron Commander is responsible for the coordination of his or her given Squadron both in character and out of character. IC, the Squadron Commander leads their pilots, disciplines them and is responsible for their performance overall, including their wellbeing and skillset both allow them to competently pilot the squadron's current ships.

OOC, the Squadron Commander's duties are significantly more numerous. The SCO is responsible for the motivation and organisation of his or her squadron in relation to posting on current stories, reporting, updating wiki pages & ID lines and generally ensuring that their Squadron follows the official VE CoC. Additionally, an SCO is responsible for coordinating their Squadron's participation in any official VEN story.

Abbreviation: SC

Squadron Exec. Officer[edit]

See Executive Officer.

Abbreviation: SXO

Flight Leader[edit]

IC, a Flight Leader leads a usual amount of four Flight Members and is responsible for giving orders and liaising between the SXO, SCO and the Flight Members themselves. Flight Leaders are often called upon to work with other flights to perform Squadron Maneuvers.

OOC, a Flight Leader is responsible for coordinating their Flight members insofar as reporting, posting, and updating Wikis/ID lines are concerned. FL is a step down from SXO, and holds similar responsibilities.

Abbreviation: FL

Flight Member[edit]

IC, a Flight Member is one of four pilots in his or her flight. They are required to work with their wingmate and indeed the rest of their squadron to execute fighter maneuvers and work as a team

OOC, a Flight Member is the first position any person will be assigned entering the SFC from the Academy. Flight Members are required to report, post and regularly update their wiki to be considered active.

Abbreviation: FM

Other Positions[edit]


A Trainee is one of the newest members of the Vast Empire Navy. They strive to learn as much as they can about how the Vast Empire and its Navy operate and to flesh out their characters in order to qualify as full members of the Navy and join a Squadron or ship.

Abbreviation: TRN

Executive Officer[edit]

The Executive Officer is a role with two major responsibilities;

1. To assist the Commanding Officer in command duties including but not limited to issuing and detailing orders, relevant paperwork and liaising with other command staff on a variety of issues.

   - (a) to ensure that subordinates understand and comply with orders.

2. To act as the Commanding Officer in his/her absence, while still proceeding with the pragmatism to consult higher ranking staff on matters usually decided on the CO's authority alone. On another note - and some might say more important - the XO must understand that he/she is not a CO and therefore run major decisions by the CO or a superior member in the CO's absence. This is paramount to the chain of command and filling the role of Executive Officer.

The Executive Officer's duties are - almost without exception - equally applicable to IC and OOC circumstances.

Abbreviation: Varied.

VENI Operative[edit]

IC, an Operative works for the secretive VENI with a range of classified duties.

OOC, a VENI Operative holds elite status and writes for an exclusive subdivision of the VEN. Members of the VEN are subject to more strenuous requirements to achieve this Elite Status.

Abbreviation: None

Training Officer[edit]

IC, A training officer is called upon to provide in-depth knowledge of the Vast Empire's training systems and their technology to pass that knowledge on to Fighter pilots or Fleet personnel to make sure they are at the best possible level of ability.

OOC, A training officer's duties are varied and numerous. They may be called upon to update wiki pages, deal with new recruits, assist the XNT & CNT with VENA proposals, and grade ancillary skills or certifications.

Abbreviation: TO

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