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Hale Firekeeper
Military Information



Lieutenant Junior Grade


Ship Captain



Task Force:



Fourth Vast Imperial Fleet


Imperial Navy


MC1rib.gifNSR H.gifNazgul6months.gifBWC.gifNSR 1.gifSoLrib.gifSWC.gifMC2rib.gifLOMrib.gifLSM.gif

Physical Description





150 Lb

Hair Color:

Dark Blue

Hair Style:


Facial Hair:

Clean Shaven


Form his right eye to his chin

Biographical Information








  • Duncun Firekeeper (Father) (MIA)
  • Garnet Firekeeper (Mother) (Unkown)
  • Duo Firekeeper (Brother) (MIA)

None at this time

Current Status[edit]

  • Currently assigned to VENA
  • Executiveofficer.png

Notable Skills[edit]

The one skill that he has is he knows pretty much all the systems of a tie fighter and interceptor. He can use this skill to rewire systems or jerry rig them.

proficient with most standard firearms

can fly most standard ships

Pain tolerant



slight build, He has two features that people can recognize and its a scare the runs form his right eye to his chin and long hair that runs down to his knees in a ponytail.


  • Is mostly cool headed most of the time but when it comes to talking bad about his family he will defend his family's honor if he has to. He does not like to fight but if provoked he will dish it out. He will usually try to avoid the fight by trying to talk to the person first. He wants to restore the Empire.

  • After the events of Lehon Rocket isolated himself so the he would't go though the same pain that he went though the following days after, he also will not get to know people like he used to.


Growing up on Coruscant

Hale Firekeeper was in 10BBY to a middle class family, his parents names where Duncun, and Garnet and he has a older brother. Rocket was brought up to be an Imperial, because his father was in the Imperial Navy. So he did not get to see his father that much, his mother went missing when he was the age of ten. After she left Duncun Firekeeper came home to find someone to take care of his son's. After taking care of all the legal paperwork he went back to the Navy. Rocket had a curries mind which sometimes led him into trouble, but usually for him it was worth it. When his father came home one time on leave he told Rocket of the things that he did in the Navy, which Rocket took into mind and started thinking about joining the Navy as soon as he was able. After a time Rocket got bored of just sitting around and messing with old machines that is when he got his first chance to fly at the age of twelve. During that experience Rocket showed that he had an exceptional ability to fly or at least that's what he was told. After his brother left to go into the Stormtrooper Corps, Rocket left Coruscant when he was the age of fourteen.

Traveling Days

When he left Coruscant he spent the next four years traveling around the galaxy to try to find what his life's calling would be, during his travels he met some interesting people also some people that wanted to kill him for reason's that Rocket still does not know to this day. Rocket keep tabs with his brother when the information hit that The Last Home had not been heard from for awhile. When Rocket was seventeen he lost contact with his brother for reason's unknown to him at the time. When Rocket heard about the Vast Empire he decided that it might be a good idea to try to get in so that he could follow in his father's footsteps which would mean that he would have to one day command a ship, and that he would have to find his father.

Vast Empire[edit]

Hale Firekeeper callsign Rocketman has been assigned to four squadrons so far for his service.

Viper Squadron[edit]

After Rocket passed the academy he was pushed right into a squadron and the squadron was Viper Squadron, due to the fact that they had so many get reassigned or die, during his time in Viper, Rocket improved his flying skills. Due to a personal reason he had to leave the Navy for a time.

Kaph Squadron[edit]

After Rocket came back to the Navy it was decided to put him into Kaph during his time there he met one of his mentors Than Sion. Who taught him that being in the Navy wasn't the only thing that he could do or something like that. And one of his friends and wingmate at the time Stormz. Which some people did not understand but to Rocket Stormz was like his bigger brother that he had not seen in a long time. After a time in Kaph another personal reason came up so that Rocket once again had to leave the Navy.

Nazgul Squadron[edit]

After being gone from the Navy for a year and a month Rocket once again enlisted back into the Navy, this time being put into the Legendary Squadron Nazgul. There he met most of the people that are still are apart of the Navy including Hunter Morrell, Drac, Stewart-Power, and Willtconq. There he met another one of his mentors Geordi Atrasin, which Rocket gave him the nickname of Boss. What Atrasin taught Rocket was there was more to life than being a pilot and every once and a while you had to let loose and get into a bar fight, he also told him that it wasn't everything to follow him your father's footsteps. Rocket stayed in Nazgul until its deactivation after the battle of Lehon.

After Effects of Lehon[edit]

Rocket got very depressed after the events of Lehon, also dealing with the recent information that he had gotten on his father, and losing so many of his friend's was hard for him to deal with. Especially since according to the Vast Empire Lehon never happened. So Rocket did the only thing that sounded good to him at the time and developed a habit for the taste of alcohol, so that he would not have to deal with the pain and the depression.

Tuk'ata Squadron[edit]

After the closing of Nazgul Rocket was reassigned to the new Squadron Tuk'ata. Under the command of Hunter Morrell until he was replaced by Drac. After Drac disappeared it was decided that Stormz would take over the squadron for a time. After Stormz went on to better things Bacredi was placed as the SC. Rocket was gonna start a mission when he got reassigned to Rhegent's Reign.

Rhegent's Reign[edit]

Rocket was placed as the XO of Rhegent's Reign because the Navy was doing a reorganization.

Vast Empire Naval Academy[edit]

For awhile Rocket was looking for something to do cause he was bored of the life in the Navy, so when a call went out to get more trainers for the Academy he imdently took up that calling. Once he arrived he noticed that the Academy was not the same as when he went though, so he went though and started changing things so that the recruits would have an easier time adjusting to the Navy life with permission of course.

Change of Management[edit]

Rocket was Flight Leader for Beta Flight and than Bacredi steeped down from his position as XOA and Rocket was placed as the new one.

Interview with Hale Firekeeper


These are the ships owned by Rocketman, below are the ones used for the Order of the Protectors.








Below are the ships that are not used for anything at this point in time.


Luck of the Draw[edit]

Rocket deiced to secure a second income and for that he choose to start transporting goods, below are the ships that are apart of said fleet.



Bringer of Heaven

Titan of Fortune

Hurricane of Twilight


Stroke of Luck

Falcon Luck

Service History[edit]

Time In Vast Empire[edit]

{{Time In Vast Empire |Years=16 |Months=9 |Days=21 |Division=N}}

Length of Active Duty
Start Until Weeks
10-27-2007 3-10-2008 -49 Weeks
3-10-2008 6-5-2008 0 Weeks
4-19-2009 2-21-2010 -52 Weeks
2-21-2010 4-21-2010 0 Weeks
6-29-2010 5-23-2011 -51 Weeks
5-12-2013 5-25-2013 -1 Weeks
11-1-2016 02-21-2024 -420 Weeks


Insignia Rank Start Until Reason for Promotion
CRWSFC.JPG Crewman October 27, 2007 November 12, 2007 Joined the Vast Empire
LCRW.png Leading Crewman November 12, 2007 November 18, 2007 Passed test
SCRW.png Senior Crewman November 18, 2007 November 15, 2009 Activity (for posting)
PO2.png Petty Officer 2nd Class November 15, 2009 February 28, 2010 Activity (for posting), Maintaining the Story Archive for Nazgul, and other things.
PO1.png Petty Officer 1st Class February 28, 2010 July 12, 2010 Activity (for posting)
MCPO.png Master Chief Petty Officer July 12, 2010 October 27, 2010 Long overdue and long service to the Vast Empire Imperial Navy
WO2.png Warrant Officer 2nd Class October 27, 2010 November 8, 2010 Became the Executive Officer of Rhegent's Reign Squadron
WO1.png Warrant Officer 1st Class November 8, 2010 January 23, 2011 For outstanding achievements upon taking on the role as Executive Officer of Rhegent's Reign
2LTSFC.JPG Second Lieutenant January 23, 2011 February 29, 2012 Was promoted to Chief of Naval Training
ESNSFC.GIF Ensign February 29, 2012 November 5, 2016 Rank change due to inactivity and being on leave.
LTJG.GIF Lieutenant Junior Grade November 5, 2016 present Rank change due to work current and past done


Naval Positions[edit]

Position Start Until Reason
Trainee October 27, 2007 November 5, 2007 Joined the Vast Empire
Flight Member - Viper 3-3 November 5, 2007 March 10, 2008 Completion of Flight School
Flight Member - Kaph 1-4 March 10, 2008 June 5, 2008 Got reassigned because of drop in activity.
Flight Member - Nazgul 1-2 April 19, 2009 February 21, 2010 Was put as AWOL and came back.
Flight Member - Tuk'ata Squadron Alpha-2 February 21, 2010 April 21, 2010 Nazgul closed and Phoenix Wing closed
Flight Member - Tuk'ata Squadron Gamma-3 June 29, 2010 October 14, 2010 Was put on Reserves and came back.
Flight Member - Tuk'ata Squadron Beta-2 October 14, 2010 October 25, 2010 Roster Clean Up
Squadron Executive Officer - Rhegent's Reign Alpha-2 October 25, 2010 January 23, 2011 Navy Wide Clean Up
Ship Captain - Hammer January 23, 2011 May 18, 2011 Navy Reorganization
Ship Captain - Chrome Fox May 18, 2011 January 4, 2012 Reassigned due to activity
Ship Captain - Chrome Fox February 29, 2012 May 25, 2013 Went on leave and came back

Naval Academy[edit]

Position Start Until Reason
Flight Member - Raptor Squadron 2-2 July 30, 2010 August 27, 2010 Volunteered
Flight Leader - Raptor Squadron 2-1 August 27, 2010 October 24, 2010 Previous Flight Leader stepped down
Executive Officer of the Academy October 24, 2010 January 23, 2011 Previous XO Stepped down.
Chief of Naval Training January 23, 2011 May 18, 2011 Previous NTO was promoted to Chief of Naval Operations
Executive Officer of the Academy November 4, 2016 Present Was placed in position by CNT Slasher

Bimmiel Military[edit]

Position Start Until Reason
Team Member, Tuk'ata Squad August 26, 2010 Present Joined the Order of the Protectors and was placed.
Head Professor of Civil and Military Research and Development September 30, 2010 Present Making of the Position and work on the Omega Project

Insignia Rank Start Until Reason for Promotion
Colonel.gif Colonel August 26, 2010 present Joined The Order of the Protectors

Atoran Home Fleet[edit]

Insignia Rank Start Until Reason for Promotion
2LTSFC.JPG Second Lieutenant August 20, 2010 present Joined The Atoran Home Fleet, and was given command of the HFS Whiplash

Awards and Certifications[edit]


Ribbon Award Award Name Date Received Reason
MC1rib.gif MC1 Merit Cross 1st Class November 25, 2007 helping The Strangler fix his wiki page
NS H.gif NSR:H Naval Service Medal - Half Year August 23, 2009 Active Six Months in the Vast Empire
Nazgul6months.gif NT:H Nazgul Tour Ribbon 6 months August 23, 2009 Active Six Months Nazgul Squadron
BWC.gif BWC Writing Commendation Bronze September 2, 2009 Active Reaching 25 Career Story Posts
NS 1.gif NSR:1 Naval Service Ribbon, One year November 16, 2009 Active One Year in the Vast Empire
SoLrib.gif SOL Shadow of Lehon February 28, 2010 Participation in the Smoke and Mirrors Wing Story
SWC.gif SWC Writing Commendation Silver August 18, 2010 Reaching 50 Career Story Posts
MC2rib.gif MC2 Merit Cross Second Class September 5, 2010 For consistent activity within my squadron, as well as my work within the Naval Academy
LOMrib.gif LoM Legion of Merit November 8, 2010 For exceptionally meritorious conduct and overall glorious performance
LSM.gif LSM Long Service Medal February 6, 2011 Service

Certification Exams[edit]

Certification Exams
Symbol Exam Exam Name Date Passed Score Received
Aepass.gif (=A=) Aviator's Exam November 11,2007 92%-
IM1.gif (=VIM=) Marine Pilot Exam  ???? Pass-
IM2.gif (=^VIM^=) Marine Rifleman Exam  ???? Pass-
IM3.gif (=*VIM*=) Marine Final Exam  ???? Pass-
Eng1.gif (=Eng=) Basic Engineering  ???? Pass-
Eng2.gif (=^Eng^=) Intermediate Engineering  ???? Pass-
Eng3.gif (=*Eng*=) Advanced Engineering  ???? Pass-
Bridge 1.gif (=BO=) Communications Officer  ???? Pass

Story Participation[edit]

Story Participation
Story Start Date End Date Type Post Count
Operation: Trojan Horse November 10, 2007  ? Squadron (Viper) 6
Viper Squadron: Search and Rescue January 19, 2008  ? Wing (Phoenix) 2
Escape from Votek February 29, 2008  ? Personal Story 4
Atticus IV March 13, 2008  ? Squadron (Kaph) 5
A Lesson Learned (StOrMz and Rocketman) March 26, 2008  ? Personal Story 2
The Anoat Two-Step March 28, 2009  ? Squadron (Nazgul) 2
Asteroids, Mines, Pirates Oh My May 28, 2009  ? Squadron (Nazgul) 1
That's No Smuggler... (Phase I Storyline) July 27, 2009  ? Squadron (Elite Pilots Competition:Nazgul) 1
Vacation? August 13, 2009  ? Squadron (Nazgul) 3
Information about his father September 6, 2009  ? Personal Story Ongoing 5
The Sarek Stratagem September 12, 2009  ? Squadron (Nazgul) 9
Smoke & Mirrors January 10, 2010  ? Squadron (Viper) 1
The Beginning February 23, 2010  ? Squadron (Tuk'ata) 2
Up Close & Personal June 10, 2010  ? Squadron (Tuk'ata) 2
Asteroid 19: Mihawk showdown July 14, 2010  ? Inter Wing Competition (Tuk'ata) 4
Amacuse & Company: Forensis Universum July 31, 2010  ? Personal Story 1
Supplying the Army August 18, 2010  ? Squadron (Tuk'ata) 2
Operation Bulwark September 25, 2010  ? Squadron (Tuk'ata) 3
Forgotten Lights August 1, 2010  ? Squadron (Rhegent's Reign) 1
Reasons for War November 10, 2010  ? Squadron (Rhegent's Reign) 3
Shipping can sometimes have a price November 13, 2010  ? Personal Story 2
Into the Invisible January 27, 2011  ? Division 2
Refresher Course: Rho Flight November 2, 2011  ? Refresher Course 1
Cooling Hellfire March 16, 2012  ? Personal Story 2
Counterpunch: Famine September 28, 2012  ? Fleet 1
VENA: Through the Shattered Glass November 5, 2016  ? Empire Wide 1
Total: 68

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Academy Participation
Story Start Date Story Type Number of Posts
Man vs. Wild August 2, 2010 Training Squadron (Raptor) 3
Total . . 3
What A Wonderful Smell You've Discovered...
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Atoran Home Fleet Participation
Story Start Date Story Type Number of Posts
Gone For Soldiers August 1, 2010 Personal 2
Total . . 2