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LCPSFC.GIFLine Captain



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Brushed back

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Current Status[edit]

Notable Skills[edit]



Old, white, lots of wrinkles, and gray hair...J/K. Will, change this to your liking.


  • Sarcastic and Friendly to friendlies. Possibly mocking to those who's being "stupid"
  • Always has a serious face outside the VE base in strangers' presences.
  • Can be rather... persuasive if he needs to be, to both those that are under and above him.
  • So sum it up, catch him on a good day to get a treat, catch him in a bad mood to... well, let's hope you don't.


Being the son of a wealthy smuggling family, Will had lived a life everyone would have hoped for during these times of war. Will's parents began smuggling for the Empire at young ages. Over time his parents developed from a single ship into a small fleet of six ships working for them and the Empire. Will was educated starting at a young age by an advisor. Soon he learned to pilot the Tie Fighter and the Tie Bomber at the age of fifteen. He dad even allowed him to pilot a freighter of the fleet once he reached the age of eighteen. Everyone lived a happy life. Until one day. They had been running an errand in the Tatooine System, when the NR warships arrived in system and immediately opened fire on the freighter that housed Will and his family. Escaping the destructing ship, Will fled with the others as the escape pods landed on the planet beneath. Struggling with life and death will made his way to a moisture farm, whose owner welcomed the ragged life form and slowly nursed it into a more healthy person. The others that had escaped the ship had either been shot by the NR ships or had died in the killing sand storms of Tatooine. Will's parents were never seen again. A week passed before Will became healthy enough to travel again. He left the moisture farm and paid the owners 10000 imperial credits in return for their service, and another 5000 for a trip to the nearest city with a space port. Once he reached the city, he went into one of the bars and asked what had became of the ship that had been attacked by NR forces not long ago in the system. The bartender told him that the entire ship and crew had been destroyed completely, no known survivors. The few that escaped through the pods were assumed dead after they landed in the middle of no where. Realizing that all of his family had been killed in the attack, Will now had nothing to do but to pursue the career that his parents had hoped for him. To become an Imperial pilot and fulfill his true loyalty to the Empire.Searching through the bars Will finally found a trader who was willing to take him to and Imperial base for free. Sensing that something was wrong, Will fled as soon as they agreed upon meeting in the hanger in an hour and take off immediately there after. Soon he learned that the man who agreed to take him to an Imperial base was an under cover agent working for the NR. Will sensing that his life is in danger bought a fighter with the little money he had and quickly left the system before the NR troops could track him down. Hopping around the systems until Will finally reach the Vectra system that housed the Imperial Navy Headquarters. Will joined the Navy as soon as he got off his ship. and was enlisted as a crewman in the Naval Academy. Will quickly went through the academy with flying colors as a distinguished pilot and was placed under the command of Chief Warrant Officer Denethor. moving up the ranks, soon Warrant Officer 1st class Shazam was transferred to another squadron, Will was given the position of 2nd Flight Leader that Shazam used to be. Once Will became a Petty Officer, Will took the Senior Aviator Exam and once again passed with a high score. Over time things changed. Activity was no longer a priority among the Kaphs. Soon thereafter Denethor filed his retirement. Willtconq was given the oppertunity to the squadron back together and start anew. Almost all of the old squadrons mates of him were moved from the squadron and were replaced with fresh new recruits from the Academy. Will worked hard day and night to train these new pilots into expeienced aces. The restoration of the Kaph Squadron continues...

Service History[edit]

= Ranks[edit]

Insignia Rank Start Until Reason for Promotion
CRWSFC.JPG Crewman 10/14/2004 11/13/2004 Enlisting in the Vast Empire Navy and commencing Flight School
LCRWSFC.png Leading Crewman 11/13/2004 12/20/2004 Passing the =A= with high scores
SCRWSFC.png Senior Crewman 12/20/2004 2/27/2005 Activity during Chapter 8
PO2SFC.png Petty Officer, 2nd Class 2/27/2005 4/18/2005 Promotion to Flight Leader Position
PO1SFC.png Petty Officer, 1st Class 4/18/2005 5/24/2005 For scoring very well on SAE
CPOSFC.PNG Senior Chief Petty Officer 5/24/2005 11/5/2005 Automatic Promotion due to Change in Rank Structure
MCPOSFC.png Master Chief Petty Officer 11/5/2005 4/11/2006 Promotion to Squadron Executive Officer
CWOSFC.png Chief Warrant Officer 4/11/2006 7/27/2006 Promotion to Squadron Commander Position
ESNSFC.GIF Ensign 7/27/2006 2/1/2007 Activity and solidity as SC of Kaph
2LTSFC.GIF Second Lieutenant 2/1/2007 11/15/2009 Classified
1LTSFC.GIF First Lieutenant 11/15/2009 8/26/2010 Leadership role in the revival of the Navy
LCPSFC.GIF Line Captain 8/26/2010 Present Restructuring of the Naval Ranks


Naval Starfighter Corps

Position Start Until Reason
Trainee October 14, 2004 October 19, 2004 N/A
Flight Member - Kaph 7 October 19, 2004 November 13, 2004 Passing the AE
Flight Leader - Kaph 5 November 13, 2004 May 22, 2005 Reassignment of previous FL, Shazam
Executive Officer - Kaph 5 May 22, 2005 November 15, 2005 Reassignment of previous XO, Chipmunkman
Squadron Commander - Kaph 1 November 15, 2005 May 12, 2007 Retirement of previous SC, Denethor
Ship Captain June 1, 2007 March 1, 2008 Commission of the Tiamut as Kaph's new mobile Base of Operations
Retirement March 1, 2008 November 8, 2009 Retirement
Flight Member - Nazgul 2-4 November 2, 2009 November 8, 2009 Return from retirement
Flight Leader - Nazgul 2-1 November 8, 2009 December 14, 2009 Flight Leader Hunter-Morrell promoted to Squadron Commander
Squadron Commander - Nazgul 1-1 December 14, 2009 January 10, 2010 Squadron Commander Hunter-Morrell suspended by Wing Commander Geordin Atrasin
Flight Member - Nazgul 1-4 January 10, 2010 February 22, 2010 Reinstatement of Squadron Commander Hunter-Morrell
N/A September 23, 2010 Present Retirement

Naval High Counsel

Position Start Until Reason
Naval Master at Arms January 10, 2010 Present Classified
Temporary Naval Executive Officer June 27, 2010 Present NCC taking extended leave, NXO temporary filling NCC's position
N/A August 26, 2010 Present Dissolving of the NMA position.

Naval Logistics

Position Start Until Reason
Logistics Coordinator June 15, 2010 September 23, 2010 Extensive contribution in wiki and graphics
N/A September 23, 2010 Present Retirement


Ribbon Award Award Name Date Received Reason
VCBlurib.gif [VC:B] Victory Cross, Blue Trim February 27, 2005 N/A
VCsilrib.gif [VC:S] Victory Cross, Silver Trim June 26, 2006 Continued service and passing the MAE
SOVrib.gif [SoV] Star of Valor June 26, 2006 N/A
BWC.gif [BWC] Bronze Writing Commendation July 30, 2006 Achieved 25 Career story posts
SWC.gif [SWC] Silver Writing Commendation February 23, 2007 Achieved 50 Career story posts
CBVrib.gif [CBV] Cross of Bravery June 24, 2007 Gaming contributions during Summer Competition of 2007
NS 5.gif [NSR] Naval Service Ribbon October 14, 2009 Five years of service since joining.
NCrib.gif [NC] Imperial Navy Cross November 15, 2009 Exceptional service to the Navy in an effort to revive it
VCgolrib.gif [VC:G] Victory Cross: Gold Trim February 28, 2010 Guiding Nazgul through Sarek Strategem
SoLrib.gif [SoL] Shadow of Lehon February 28, 2010 Surviving the battle of Lehon
MC1rib.gif [MC:1] Merit Cross: 1st Class February 28, 2010 Good effort in Smoke & Mirrors
LOMrib.gif [LoM] Legion of Merit June 27, 2010 Superior service and excellence in the Imperial Navy, and unrelenting zeal for his duties
AMrib.gif [AM] Artiste Medallion June 27, 2010 Excellent graphics work with the squadron signature banner and emblem

Story Participation[edit]

Story Participation
Story Start Date End Date Type Post Count
Pre-tally Unknown  ? Various 72
Betrayal on Misoo: Doashim June 10, 2007  ? Competition (2007 Summer Navy Competition) 2
Reverse Engineering July 6, 2007  ? Squadron (Kaph) 3
The Sarek Stratagem September 12, 2009  ? Squadron (Nazgul Squadron) 4
Smoke & Mirrors January 10, 2010  ? Wing (Phoenix Wing) 3
Mihawk Showdown July 14, 2010  ? Wing (Javelin Wing) 2
Total: 86

Pilot Rating/Proficiency[edit]

Overal Pilot Rating: Pilot

Pilot Proficiencies


Proficiency Rating
Reconnaissance Novice
Escort Veteran
Infiltration Novice


Proficiency Rating
Space Bombardier Trainee
Ground Support Trainee


Proficiency Rating
Dogfight Ace
Elemental Ace

Weapons Proficiencies

Proficiency Rating
Small arms Proficient
Heavy Weaponry Inept
Explosives Inept
Melee Limited Proficiency
Hand to hand Proficient

Leadership Skills

Proficiency Rating
Authority Strong
Tactical Skills Limited
Strategic Skills Limited
Diplomatic Skill Tactless
Decisiveness Moderate
Inspiration Somewhat Inspiring

Will's Projects