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Nazgul Squadron
General Information
1st Flight
Nazgul 1


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2nd Flight
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3rd Flight
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4th Flight
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Other Information

They cried with the Voices of Death. |-


TIE Advanced


Gravin, Rogue, Arturus

Former Leaders)

Gravin, Rogue, Arturus, Shazam, Jaden, Trevor, Jegora Fal, Geordi Atrasin, Hunter Morrell, Willtconq


November 30, 2001


December 23, 2004


February 21, 2010

Nazgul Squadron, formerly the First Vast Imperial Starfighter Group, was one of the former squadrons of Phoenix Wing, which has since been deactivated.

Phoenix Wing

Squadron History[edit]

The Original Nazgul[edit]

Originally opened in late 2001, Nazgul Squadron was under the leadership of Gravin. This lasted only a couple months and over the next half year the squadron saw two other commanders in Rogue and Arturus before a drop in activity forced the the temporary closure of Nazgul.

New Beginnings[edit]

It took longer than expected for the influx of pilots to be great enough to require the reopening of Nazgul Squadron, two and a half years to be exact. To get things off on the right foot, Naval High Command appointed former members of Nazgul in the leadership positions of the squadron. Shazam was put in charge, and fellow Kaph pilot, Jack Nebulax joined him as his Executive Officer. Showing promise in his return to Nazgul, Arturus took over the XO duties from Jack about six months later. A mere three months later, due to lack of activity and a need to recharge his 'batteries', Arturus resigned from the Executive Officer position and Alethia was given the opportunity to help lead Nazgul Squadron. Shazam was promoted to Training Officer and to properly focus on those duties, he was forced to step down as Squadron Commander and handed the squadron over to Arturus, while Alethia remained as XO. This arrangement however lasted less than a month as Shazam took back the squadron and signed Arturus on as an advisor.

Changing of the Guards[edit]

Taking on the position of Wing Commander of Phoenix Wing on top of his previous duties as the Navy's Training Officer, Shazam was once again forced to step down as the leader of Nazgul Squadron. This time, the prestigious position was placed in the hands of Jaden Khaar. Showing outstanding potential, Trevor Evenson was awarded the Executive Officer position.

As We Are[edit]

Overwhelmed by other commitments, Jaden stepped down as Squadron Commander after only two months, to be replaced by his former XO, Trevor Evenson. The squadron went without an Executive Officer for some time, until Jaden returned to activity. With the opening of Sentinel Squadron, Jaden left in pursuit of bigger and better things. As one of the most experienced in the squadron, Tokijin took over the vacant role. With the leave of Tokijin, the position remained open for sometime until senior member and experienced pilot 2nd Lieutenant Rogue took over the position. Trevor Evenson and Rogue continued the squadron as Squadron Commander and Squadron Executive Officer for over a year. Eventually, after a great run, the outside commitments caught up with Nazgul's leadership and a new team was installed in the persons 2nd Lieutenant Jegora Fal as Squadron Commmander, and CPO Geordi Atrasin as Executive Officer.

Up from the Ashes[edit]

Following the disaster of Operaton:Firestorm, and an equally devastating AWOL check Nazgul was left with four active members; Jegora Fal, Geordi Atrasin, Roth Leber, and Rogue. The High Command reluctantly shuttered Nazgul, and dispersed the remaining pilots to Viper Squadron and Kaph Squadron. Following several weeks of uncertainty and adjustment, the Nazzies were resurected from the dustbin of history by a strong influx of new recruits. The leadership team was reassembled and Nazgul lived once more. However, not all was well. Due to the "new" nature of the squadron the decision was made to, once again, have the three squadrons compete for the right to use TIE/in.

Roku Tan[edit]

Nazgul Squadron finally had a break. The Naval High Command saw Nazgul as the "elite" squadron so say it during the Battle of Roku Tan, backing up the Vast Empire's defense line with the rest of Phoenix Wing. Therefore, the Naval High Command gave Nazgul Squadron TIE Avengers, and Nazgul flies in them today.

New Management[edit]

As the Naval High Command slowly grew inactive, Nazgul Squadron struggled to stay active itself. The Naval situation grew so bad, that Nazgul was one of the only squadrons even being sent out on missions. But with the return of two veterans, Willtconq and Shazam, the Navy was revived. Willtconq initiated a Naval Commanders Meeting, which brought about radical change. Japheth was retired and Denethor was made the Naval Commander-in-Chief, taking Shazam as he Executive Officer. With Denethor vacating the position of Wing Commander, Atrasin stepped up to the plate. That left Nazgul without a Squadron Commander . . . for all of about five seconds. Immediately after stepping down from the SC position, Atrasin named Hunter Morrell as his successor, who took Drac as his Executive Officer and Willtconq as the Flight Leader of 2 Flight. Sadly, Shazam was forced to leave Nazgul Squadron due to his increased number of duties as Naval Executive Officer, but chose to accompany Nazgul on their mission to Sarek because of his diplomatic skills.

Squadron Awards[edit]

Legion of the Tiger [LoT]: The Squadron won the Last Man Standing Competition, pulling victory out of the jaws of defeat and winning this prestigious and one-time medal. The Nazguls went on to rise to the occasion again and claim The Captain's Own Title.

Squadron Commanders[edit]

Name Start Until Tenure (Days)
Hunter Morrell January 10, 2010 February 22, 2010^^^ 43 Days (81 total)
Willtconq December 14, 2009 January 10, 2010 28 Days
Hunter Morrell November 8, 2009 December 14, 2009 37 Days
Geordi Atrasin August 6, 2008 November 8, 2009 459 Days
Jegora Fal May 25, 2008 August 3, 2008 89 Days
Trevor March 3, 2007 May 25, 2008 448 Days
Jaden January 20, 2007 March 3, 2007 42 Days
Shazam Dec 23, 2004^ January 20, 2007 758 Days
Arturus June 19, 2002 June 30, 2002^^ 11 Days
Rogue March 17, 2002 June 19, 2002 94 Days
Gravin November 30, 2001 March 17, 2002 108 Days

^ Nazgul Squadron Re-activated
^^ Nazgul Squadron Disbanded ^^^ Nazgul Squadron Permanently Deactivated

Current Squadron Seniority[edit]

Squadron Deactivated

Notable Alumni[edit]

Squadron Stories[edit]

  • Current Story: Nazgul - The Sarek Stratagem