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Japheth Cappadocious
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Commandant of the Marine Corps


Imperial Marine Corps

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Vast Empire

Current Status[edit]

Notable Skills[edit]

Piloting: General Cappadocious is known to be highly proficient in the operation of a wide range of starfighters, shuttles, transports, and freighters. He is also able to perform the duties of most of the positions on a typical captial ship bridge owing to his tenure in the Imperial Navy.
Linguist: General Cappadocious has demonstrated a great facility with languages. He has publicly demonstrated the ability to speak (or otherwise employ) Imperial Basic (native, which he speaks slightly accented as his primary language), Galactic Basic Standard, Inoran (a language of his home planet prior to Imperial rule), Huttese, Kuati, Coruscant Charm Signing, High Galactic, and Zabraki. Japheth has never shown any indication of having any trouble understanding what another being is trying to say to him. This merely feeds the rumors that the general may, in fact, be Force sensitive.
Strategy and Tactics: During his time as Fleet Commander, Admiral Cappadocious repeatedly demonstrated flexible and novel strategies that were designed to off-balance foes, allowing for an easy defeat. When asked about it, Japheth will describe each battle as a great game in which commanders are pitted against one another. He would often issues orders that made little sense except in retrospect, but were pivotal to his overall strategy. Those who worked with him for any length of time grew accustomed to these tactics, though many remained apprehensive about them.



Though Japheth is not a very large man, he carries himself with a noble bearing. He has sharp, aristocratic features and neatly cut regulation-length hair. His face is unmarked and clean shaven at all times. He is a touch on the pale side which can lead to him looking rather gaunt under certain lighting. In reality, he is well muscled and in excellent physical health. He attempts to always project an image of himself as a model Imperial officer in order to provide an example for those under his command.


When on the bridge of a starship or otherwise on duty in any fashion Japheth is always fastidious and proper as befitting an Imperial officer. He is unfailingly polite to everyone, including his subordinates. Since rising to command positions Japheth has never appeared to be surprised by anything that has happened around him. He is often remarkably forgiving of those who bear bad news, a relief for some Imperial officers who still remember the times of rapid advancement via sudden Vader-inflicted job openings. That said, Japheth expects nothing less than perfection from those under his command. He has never, however, levied a punishment more severe than an icy stare for failures (He has, on several occasions, had people executed when such a thing is appropriate, such as treason, murder, or mutiny. He has not executed people for merely failing at a task he has set before them. Those people get the stare.). Recipients of this chilling glance are often shaken for days or weeks thereafter and are always highly motivated to avoid any further ire from their commander. Japheth is also prone to a sort of wry humor.

He is highly educated, as befits his aristocratic background, and is quite knowledgeable on many varied topics. Those who frequent his office would note shelves filled with datacard boxes. Some of the shelves even contain printed books. All of these vary in topic from anthropology to wartime tactics and from economic theory to hyperspatial principals. While Japheth does not claim to fully understand some of the more technical topics, he is at least versed enough in them to understand what the chief engineer on a starship is telling him when something is broken.

Japheth remains an avid pilot, though mostly in simulators anymore. He takes his personal TIE Interceptor any time he transfers to or from a ship, preferring his starfighter over taking shuttles. Additionally he can occasionally be seen in the ship's gym working out, particularly with swords. Japheth will almost never fight other people, preferring to practice alone or against droids. Those with any knowledge about armed combat would observe that his style revolves around quick, decisive cuts made with a long double-bladed sword. Those with an awful lot of knowledge would recognize it as a blend of very old Courscant and Kuat styles and one of the newer more popular styles being taught across much of the galaxy.


Japheth Cappadocious was born on the planet Inorae, and lived there in relative peace for many years. His family was well-to-do and had many interests in the economy - mostly in the mining industry with focus on precious metals and gems. They had a strong working, and social, relationship with the Nizitril family, who sold most of what the Cappadocians mined.

Shortly after starting school at a local university he was offered membership in a potent secret society for those with large and influential families on Inorae. He accepted and began to learn their methods. He learned that they had maintained the power and influence of their families via means that Japheth found distasteful, and when he was ordered to assist in this, he declined, and contacted the authorities.

Through a complex web of contacts and deals the authorities were distracted and diverted, and units were deployed to take care of Japheth. He was captured and brought back to them. Following some negotiations, he agreed that he would leave the planet, and there would be adverse consequences if he should return.

He left in a small transport headed for nowhere in particular. He had enough money to last him for a while, but he knew he would need to find some sort of work. Weeks went by without any real prospects. He moved from region to region and encountered many different governing bodies. Space had fragmented considerably since the death of the Emperor, and many smaller groups were fighting for dominance. He was forced to fight off many pirate gangs who attempted to loot everything he had. He worked odd jobs for what seemed like, and probably was, years.

Eventually he found one he considered to be a bit more stable and to his liking than the others, and Imperial faction called the Vast Empire. Inorae was more or less independent, but Japheth had always preferred the Imperial style. He signed up at the Naval Academy and began his training and testing. Japheth surprised himself and his instructors with his skill in the cockpit. They had seen few pilots of such natural skill. While all admitted that he probably wasn't the best, he was still regarded as one of the most proficient they'd seen. He was assigned to the newly founded Aegis Squadron under then Officer Candidate Riel Fury. He served there for quite some time as Aegis 4, flying his TIE Fighter for the glory of the Empire.

He advanced quite quickly through the ranks, and when his squadron commander was promoted to be the Naval Executive Officer he gained an appointment as his adjutant for a time. Shortly thereafter the Special Operations Fleet and Wing were formed, and Venom Squadron was created. Japheth was appointed as Venom Squadron's commander, and later the SpecOps Wing Commander, and was replaced as the NXO's adjutant. After a two month stint he was promoted out of the SpecOps fleet and served for a time as the Naval Executive Officer.

After the retirement of Riel Fury, Japheth became the Naval Commander in Chief. He remained at this post for nearly a year before stepping down to be the Naval Executive Officer again, instead diverting much of his attention to other, personal pursuits. When he had finished these he returned to the post of Naval Commander in Chief where he remained for many years.

He spent several years in retirement, out of the public eye and in places unknown. Nearly two years after his retirement he reappeared and entered into secretive talks with the High Council. He emerged from the talks as the Commandant of the Marine Corps and set about organizing this new expeditionary force.

It is widely speculated that Japheth Cappadocious harbors some potential with the Force. He carries the renowned weapon of the Jedi, a lightsaber, though there are no verifiable stories of him ever employing it, or even igniting it (when he was on the bridge of a capital ship, Japheth frequently became aware of betting pools regarding the color of the weapon's blade). Some rumors speculate that he doesn't actually have any Force affinity, but instead won the artifact in a duel. Several months after he began carrying the lightsaber, there was a noticeable and sharp change in his demeanor. He began to speak in a much older fashion, his accent slightly altered and speech patterns changed. He became a lot more reclusive and seems to have lost at least some of his more youthful behaviors.

Service History[edit]


Insignia Rank Start Until Reason for Promotion
LCRWSFC.JPG Leading Crewman November 15, 2001 December, 2001? Joined/Finished Flight School
PO2SFC.JPG Petty Officer, Second Class December, 2001? January 5, 2002? n/a
WO2SFC.JPG Warrant Officer, Second Class January 5, 2002? January 15, 2002 Appointed as an Adjutant to the Naval Executive Officer
CWOSFC.JPG Chief Warrant Officer January 15, 2002 Feburary 28, 2002 Appointed to Commander of Venom Squadron
ESNSFC.JPG Ensign Feburary 28, 2002 March 17, 2002 Appointed to Commander of Special Operations Wing
CPTSFC.JPG Captain March 17, 2002 May 26, 2002 Appointed to Naval Executive Officer
RADSFC.JPG Rear Admiral May 26, 2002 October 17, 2004 n/a
VADSFC.JPG Vice Admiral October 17, 2004 Feburary 13, 2005 n/a
ADMSFC.JPG Admiral Febrary 13, 2005 May 21, 2006 n/a
FADSFC.JPG Fleet Admiral May 21, 2006 June 22, 2008 n/a
HADSFC.JPG High Admiral June 22, 2008 Present n/a
General December 2, 2011 Present Formation of the Imperial Marine Corps


Position Start Until Reason
Aegis Squadron - Flight Member - Aegis 4 November 20, 2001 January 15, 2002 n/a
Adjutant to the Naval Executive Officer Janurary 5, 2002? February 20, 2002? n/a
Venom Squadron - Squadron Commander - Venom 1 January 15, 2002 March 17, 2002 n/a
Wing Comamander - SpecOps Wing February 20, 2002? March 17, 2002 n/a
Naval Executive Officer March 17, 2002 November 7, 2002 n/a
Ship Captain: ISD Overlord March 17, 2002 November 7, 2002 n/a
Ship Captain: mSSD Atrus November 7, 2002 October 15, 2007 n/a
Naval Commander in Chief November 7, 2002 November 15, 2009 Retired
Fleet Commander October 15, 2007 November 15, 2009 Retired
Commandant of the Marine Corps December 2, 2011 Present Formation of the Imperial Marine Corps


Ribbon Rack
KCOCrib.gifNCrib.gifMC1rib.gifNS 8.gif

Ribbon Award Award Name Date Received Reason
Aedis.gif =A= Aviator's Award November, 2001 n/a
Sadis.gif =SA= Senior Aviator's Award Janurary 4, 2002? n/a
Madis.gif =MA= Master Aviator's Award TBD (2005?) n/a
FOCEdis.gif =FCO= Field Commissioned Officer's Award March 17, 2002 n/a
Bbrib1.gif =JCPA= Junior Combat Pilot Award December, 2001? Ribbon an approximation
Brib3.gif =SCPA= Senior Combat Pilot Award December, 2001? Ribbon an approximation
BWC.gif [BWC] Bronze Writing Commendation TBD (2004?) n/a
BRC.gif [BRC] Bronze Recruitment Award March 31, 2002? n/a
NS 8.gif [LSM] Long Service Medal (8 Years) November 15, 2002 n/a
MC1rib.gif [MC:1] Merit Cross, 1st Class January 13, 2002 n/a
NCrib.gif [NC] Naval Cross August 5, 2007 Downgrade (see note below)
KCOCrib.gif [KC:DE] Knight's Cross, Oak Cluster, Silver Swords, Diamond Eyes May 26, 2002; August 5, 2007 n/a
IGCrib.gif [IGC] Imperial Grand Cross June 26, 2005; May 21, 2006; August 5, 2007 n/a
MoHrib.gif [MoH] Medal of Honor June 26, 2005; May 21, 2006; August 5, 2007 n/a

Note: Japheth recieved the Medal of Honor and the Imperial Grand Cross three times each. On August 5, 2007, Japheth recieved these medals for the third time and voluntarily downgraded two of each award to complete his Knight's Cross decorations and to recieve the Naval Cross.