Venom Squadron

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Venom Squadron
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Motto Unknown.
Craft TBD
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Commander Closed
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Venom Squadron was a squadron originally commanded by then Chief Warrant Officer Japheth Cappadocious. It is not currently active. Venom Squadron was assigned to the Special Operations Wing and flew specially modified TIE Defenders.

Squadron Webpage[edit]


Squadron History[edit]

Venom Squadron and the Special Operations Wing were conceived by then Naval Commander in Chief Vice Admiral Gui-Sun Paan. Japheth was selected to be the first, and as it turned out, only, commander of the squadron. The squadron was disbanded a few months after Japheth was selected to be the Naval Executive Officer by Rear Admiral Riel Fury. It was commanded by (research his rank) Corran after Japheth was promoted out of the squadron.

Squadron Awards[edit]


Previous Squadron Commanders[edit]

Name Start Until
Corran March 17, 2002  ?
Japheth January 15, 2002 March 17, 2002

Membership History[edit]

Name Start Until
Japheth  ?  ?
Chaos  ?  ?
x-035  ?  ?
Damen K'er  ?  ?
Swomz  ?  ?
Corran  ?  ?
Sabre  ?  ?
Emon  ?  ?
jaded  ?  ?
Zero 119  ?  ?
Denethor  ?  ?

Squadron Stories[edit]

(Here's an example for you to mess with- you could arrange them in any order or make a separate page for them, possibly just listing all your stories in this column but making those titles links to another wiki page with a description like the following. Again, this is a project for anyone who wants to undertake it.)

Event: Viper Squadron Reconnaissance at Bluepoint 5 Shipyards
Estimated Date:
Story/Topic: May 21, 2002 9:39:44 AM - Story Competition: Viper - May 30, 2002 7:04:29 AM

Allied Parties Involved

Viper Squadron Roster
Equipment: TIE Advanced Fighters
Viper 1: 2Lt Warmaker (Viper SC)
Viper 2:  ??Zed Zeon??
Viper 3: SCRW Raiden
Viper 4: PO1 MegaDeth (Viper XO)
Viper 5:  ??Hammerman??
Viper 6:  ??Piett??
Viper 7:  ??Scout??
Viper 8:  ??Sheepy??

Other Allied Craft

SCAP Mrrr II: RAD Riel Fury

ISD II Crusader

Enemy Craft


Shipyards on the brim of VE space are assaulted by a pirate group known as the Sha`arndak."


Get a count on enemy craft in the area so that HQ will have a better chance in coordinating a defense against almost certain attack.


Raigen and Sheepy are new additions to the team and are somewhat nervous about something as routine as counting a few heads, but Piett, a veteran of the squadron, tries to keep things toned down. Dropped off by the Crusader, Viper arrives to survey the group, headed by an ex-imperial who took whatever ships he could in his departure; they are ambushed by a much larger group. MegaDeth loses both engines as the enemy group suddenly swarms upon them; the rest of Viper is tangled up. RAD Riel Fury arrives with the Mrr II however and saves MD from certain death. Though the story was not resolved via posts, the story is thought to have concluded with the escape of Viper Squadron by jumping out in their TIE Advanced Fighters- the numbers against them in this story are simply too overwhelming to think otherwise. (Members of Viper Squadron can amend that.)