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Phoenix Wing
General Information
Official Designation

172nd Vast Imperial Fighter Squadron |- |- |- |-


Captain's Own (2007 - 2008) |-


We fly, you die |-


Tie Interceptors


PJ (Unconfirmed)

Former Leaders

Tomas Dagoram, Warmaker, Ibram Tyrol, Piett




Fall 2007


Feb 2010 |-

Current Roster
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Beta Flight
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Gamma Flight
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Delta Flight


Status: Deactivated

The 172nd Vast Imperial Fighter Squadron, nicknamed "Viper", was one of the Navy's elite starfighter squadrons. A multi-purpose unit, this squadron has been spotted in battles throughout Vast Empire ever since its inception. Viper Squadron is part of the (Decomissioned) First Vast Imperial Starfighter Wing, Phoenix Wing

Current Story: None


Much of Viper's history is shrouded in red tape and classified documents. It is beleived that the squadron was originally formed primarily to operate as reconnaissance unit. As time wore on however and the demand for more experienced units increased, the squadron's MO was expanded to cover a wide range of missions. The only thing that is known for certain is that, a couple of years after its initial conception, the squadron was closed for reasons that to this day remain a mystery.


It wasn't until later that the squadron would finally get a rebirth. Facing a period of low morale and heavy losses amongst its officer cadre, the VE High Command needed a symbol to rally the pilots around. As such, new officers were trained, and permission was granted for them to ressurect older squadrons who had recently fallen into the relm of legends and stories, of which Viper was one of them.

Chief Tomas Dagoram, who was one of the few veterens remaining, formed this new Viper Squadron, and despite having mainly new recruits and untested officers, he managed to take the unit from strength to strength, which eventually earned them the Captain's Own' citation.

New Era[edit]

Unfortunatly, the pressures of command as well as the realities of war seemed to take their toll on Dagoram. One day, seemingly randomly, the Chief was rushed to the central medical complex on Abrea. All we know is that Dagoram may have had some psychological problems, as current regulations state that medical records be kepy private in cases dealing with mental instability. His exexcutive officer, Ibram Tyrol, was left in charge of the squadron.

After a few months, it was declared that Chief Dagoram wouldn't be returning to active duty. Since Officer Tyrol had been doing a decent job of keeping the squadron focused and together during this difficult time, he was officialy promoted to Squadron Commander, and from there successfully lead the squadron through many crucial engagements. Chief Dagoram was eventually honourably discharged from service, and retired to live out the rest of his days in peace.


Even success, it seems, has a price. In the twilight months of 9 ABY, there was alot of tension coming from within the Vast Empire itself. Several blows to the ever expanding war machine and the resulting tough living conditions mean't that un rest was ripe along certain areas of the frontier. Due to Viper Squadron's priminence at the time, as well as their track record for being able to handle un-conventional assignments, they were summarily seconded by the Intelligence divison.

Records from this point onward once again became scarce, as Viper Squadron entered a de-facto black ops period that had them doing missions that, at best, were morally ambiguous, and at worst, crimes against humanity. What is known is that for the next few months, Viper Squadron was assigned to the Typhus Sector, and apparantly was instrumental in repelling a potentially devastating pirate raid. The validity of these events are too this day still unverified.


Viper Squadron next resurfaced in the Lehon system, and fought in the Battle of Lehon which took place around that time. It is not known why they were in the system, but it is beleived that Viper Squadron was still operating under orders from the Intelligence division.

Regardless, all that is known is that Viper Squadron was caught unaware by a New Republic task force also trying to stake a claim in the system. The rest of Phoenix Wing and some support ships under the command of Lieutenant Commander Atrasin were apparantly nearby, as they too were also present during the battle (possibly attempting to reinforce/rescue Viper Squadron).

What exactly happened during that battle remains a mysery. All that is known is what happened afterwards: Ibram Tyrol was hospitalised and subsequently transferred to the Fifth Fleet. His subordinates and pilots re-surfaced in other squadrons, and the whole of Phoenix Wing (including Viper) was 're-assigned' - although in reality it now only existed on paper.

Archive Reference[edit]

  • Access authorisation is classified


Mission Archive[edit]

Any Viper Story of the past, including the current mission, can be found in the Viper Story Archives.

Squadron Awards[edit]

Captain's Own - October 2007 to May 2008

Elite Squadron - 2001 to 2002

Membership History[edit]

Squadron Commanders[edit]

Name Start Until Service Time
Ibram Tyrol June 9, 2008 February 21, 2010 20 Months 12 Days
Tomas Dagoram October 16, 2007 June 9th 2008 8 months
Viper Squadron Closed Around November 28, 2003 October 16, 2007 -
Warmaker Around March 20, 2002 November 28, 2003 20 Months 8 Days
Piett Unknown Around March 20, 2002 Unknown
Squadron History Unknown October 10, 2001 Around March 20, 2002 -
PJ July 2000 October 10, 2001 Around 15 Months 10 Days
Squadron History Unknown ... July 2000 -

Notable Alumni[edit]