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The Vast Empire's Navy, a.k.a. the Imperial Navy, is one of the two main divisions of the Vast Empire club (the other, the Vast Empire's Army division, is focused on the Stormtrooper Corps). The Navy is a diverse institution, with three main active-duty branches: Fleet Command, the Starfighter Corps, and the Naval Intelligence branch. But every player-character in the VEN division, no matter which branch they belong to, shares a common goal: protecting the Vast Empire from myriad deadly threats. For as the greatest of the many Imperial-style successor states to the Galactic Empire of old, the VE is the Galaxy's last, best hope for order, and a lasting peace.

StarfighterCorpsPoster.jpg FleetCommandPoster.jpg
The Starfighter Corps branch (SC).
Image credit: Kai Lim (`ukitakumuki).
Fleet Command branch (FC).
Image credit: Kai Lim (`ukitakumuki).
Vast Empire's
Naval Intelligence
Joint Forces Academy
VENIPoster.jpg VENAcadets.jpg
The Vast Empire's Naval Intelligence branch (VENI).
Image credit: Kai Lim (`ukitakumuki).

The Vast Imperial Navy is one of the largest fighting fleets in the Galaxy. Our forces can be found patrolling countless inhabited systems, bringing law and order to thousands of worlds, and protecting billions of sentient beings from the machinations of rebels, terrorists, traitors, and genocidal maniacs. No matter which branch of the Imperial Navy you join, you have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the many and diverse lifeforms which together form our glorious Empire. The dream of a New Order is not dead, as long as the pilots, crewers, officers, and agents of the Vast Empire's Navy fight on!

For a comprehensive history of the Imperial Navy of Palpatine's regime (the precursor to our own), click here

VENA - The Vast Empire's Naval Academy

Are you a new member? Well, there's one more branch in the VEN, that may be of special interest to you: the training branch, focused on our all-purposes training institution, the Vast Empire's Naval Academy. If you're new to the VE, take a moment to look through the following pages. You will find some valuable information about the Vast Empire's Navy, both as it stands in-story, and as a division of the Vast Empire club.

  • Basic Navy Information - an overview of the Navy's structural organization, position/rank chain of command, and in-story assets
  • Naval Academy - the main page for the Vast Empire's Naval Academy

The Navy is always on the look out for new recruits willing to serve the Empire. Here in the VEN we have a long and proud tradition of training our pilots, crewers, officers, and agents to be the very best they can possibly be. Should you wish to sign up, simply click on the Naval Academy link above to begin your training. If you're already a veteran member, then the 'useful materials' link below may also prove handy.

Navy Information

The Navy is a large and complex organization. Below are some links providing more detailed information about the Navy, its composition, and its background.

Special Projects

The Vast Empire's Navy division endorses and supports many projects on the VE's Wiki to help improve it and make it more user-friendly. The top current projects are:

  • Naval Timeline - A history of all Vast Empire Navy missions, arranged by real-world year. (Still in the works)