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Vast Empire Joint Forces Academy[edit]

"...So don't just dream about applying for the Academy, make it come true! You can find a career in space: Exploration, Starfleet, or Merchant Service. If you have the right stuff to take on the universe, dispatch your application and join the ranks of the proud!"
―excerpt from a recruitment advertisement for the Imperial Naval Academy
"Smuggler, Assassin, Bounty Hunter, Thief, Upper-class, Lower-class, Ex-Military, Convict - these have been your masks in life, but no longer will you have to be indifferent. You have taken your first step toward a life worth living by joining the Vast Empire Stormtrooper Corps; it is here, in the Academy, will you develop a camaraderie unlike any other. You will have life-long friendships with people that will eat, sleep, and even die for you. Remove your mask. You are now a soldier of the Vast Empire Army, and we all wear the face of the 'White Terror'"
―- High General Cleric "Cosmic" Vor'soth
Exposed to the bitter cold of Abrae on the rooftop of The Fortress, Academy students endure a physical stamina test as part of a survival course.

Welcome! You've reached the online home of the Vast Empire's Joint Forces Academy. Every member of the Vast Empire starts his/her career going through the Academy's Basic Training program, which readies him/her to participate in the collaborative literary role-playing game we call the Vast Empire.

Recruits will proceed directly from the Joint Forces academy to their first assignment either with a squad in the Stormtrooper Corps, or with a Squadron in the Starfighter Corps

Training Program[edit]

  • Step One: Post a topic on the Joint Forces Academy ComNet thread located Here
  • Step Two: Create a Character Bio following the layout given Here
  • Step Three: Log into our discord server by using the following link for Discord (Highly Recommended, but not absolutely required)
  • Step Four: Post to the current active story, check with your trainer!

Important Information[edit]

Wiki Character Pages[edit]

Use this Tutorial Page to create your page.

ID Lines[edit]

The Vast Empire uses the following ID lines

PVT Fakinus Trooper Harbinger Squad
CWO Maroy Flight Member Jexxel Squadron

The important thing here is you want to list Your rank abbreviation, Callsign, Position, and Unit at the Squad(ron) level. As you move up in ranks, you may find that the unit listed will move up as well.

You can follow this with a Graphic or Text Outlining your achievements