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Duncun Firekeeper
Military Information



Captain of The Last Home

Biographical Information



38 At the time of the Battle of Yavin





Skin Color





150 Lb

Hair Color


Facial Hair

Clean Shaven

Eye Color


Personal Information
  • Torkkum Firekeeper (Father) (Dead)
  • Stacey Firekeeper (Mother) (Dead)
  • Garnet Firekeeper (Wife) (Unkown)
  • Duo Firekeeper (1st son) (MIA)
  • Rocketman (2nd son) (Vast Empire)

None at this time

  • Captain

Current Status[edit]

Notable Skills[edit]

Not sure at this time



To be determined.


To be determined.


Duncun was born in 38BBY, into a middle class family, his father was a senator for the Galactic Republic. He grew up knowing this, so when it came time to take up his father's mantle he choose to instead to enlist in the Republican Navy because space battle fascinated him, he joined at 20BBY, up until that point he didn't do much of anything.

Entering the Republican Navy

Duncun did not see much combat his first two years in he mostly went though training that would help him later on in his military career. During his time at the academy he studied every battle that the Republic had been in to that point. When he finished every class He was allowed a year of leave for his dedication in his time in the Academy.

Meeting The Love of His Life

When Duncun graduated from the Academy he decided that it would be be a good time to go home to Coruscant which recently gone though a battle. When he got home his father surprised him by welcoming him home with open arms. He found out later that they had not received the letters that he had been sending them.

After being home for a while he was getting ready to go to his first station six months early because he was bored sitting around doing nothing that's when he meet the love of his life Garnet after two months they got married. Once his full leave was over he went off to his first assignment.

Birth of His First Son

When he heard his wife was pregnant he quickly asked to take another leave so that he could be with her when she gave birth, which he named him Duo. After spending two months with his wife Duncun had to go back to the ship he was assigned to at that time. He come home from time to time to visit his wife and his son.


Duncun upon hearing that his wife was gonna have a second child asked to take leave again so that he could be home once his second son was born he named him Hale, after being home for six months this time he went back to the Navy. Also to his new assignment aboard The Last Home.

Six Months Prior to The Battle of Yavin

The Last Home was re-assigned to explore/guard the Unknown Regions because of their new orders that they had received so it was decided that they would stop at Coruscant before heading to the Unknown Regions. When he got home he noticed that his oldest son had been taking care of his brother when his wife diapered, so Duncun decided to leave his children when a close friend of his when he was growing up, a price was agreed on for the care and schooling of his children because he could not be there to raise him, because of his contract to the Navy.

To Duncun leaving his children with his friend was the safest thing that he could do at the time, because his friend was neutral in almost everything when he talked about politics to him. When The Last Home got to its assigned location it was supposed to defend they where immediately attacked by pirates and almost lost the ship had it not been for Duncun's quick thinking and his strategy's that he had developed since he got out of the Academy. The Admiral that was in charge of the fleet saw Duncun's potential and immediately promoted him to the rank of captain. When asked what ship he wanted to command he asked if it was all possible to captain The Last Home, which was immediately was agreed upon, because of the recent failure of the last captain.

After The Battle of Yavin and Beyond

Not much is known what happened to Duncun after those events end.

NPC Info[edit]

To be determined.

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