Asteroid 19: Mihawk showdown

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Over Victory


Forgotten Lights

Asteroid 19 Mihawk showdown
Mission Type:


Timeline (Actual):

July, 2010 - Present

Timeline (Story):







Vast Empire Imperial Navy

Vast Empire Imperial Navy

Squadrons Involved

26th Tuk'ata

153rd Rhegent's Reign


Kan Xyden


Taking up Cali'reharn's invitation to accompany Rhegent's Reign to the Asteroid 19 training facility, Tuk'ata's squadron commander Dracule Mihawk proposes that the two squadron face off in a series of one vs. one duels. Taking place in the deadly and hostile environment afforded by the navy's training facility; each pilot must prove their worth in this test of their will and nerve.

Mission Brief[edit]


You will be equipped in a non-torp Interceptor and using weakened lasers. Your shields will have a limited regeneration allowance before ebbing complete power loss from your fighter. Each candidate is expected to follow proper pilot etiquette whilst out in the field. If a pilot’s Interceptor reaches zero shield capacity than each successful hit landed on their craft will be recorded and after a certain percentage as been reached they are out of the game. Now hopefully you can appreciate the rawness of this training exercise, we want to see pilots relying on their skills as a pilot not turbo-laser gunner. To add an extra element I would like to bring your attention to the auto-matic laser turrets marked out on the map. These will be fully functional during combat so as to discourage any of you from trying to hide out from your opponent. The turrets have been programmed to fire indiscriminately at any craft within their quadrant designation.

—Squadron Commander Dracule Mihawk

Mission Objectives[edit]

  • Disable your opponent in one on one starfighter combat.
  • Survive the match-up.

Mission Synopsis[edit]

After everyone was settled into the Asertoid-19 Facility, the duels began. First on deck was Wiltconq vs Amacuse. After a fierce battle Wiltconq was shot down by Amacuse, but do to Amacuse disobying orders and A-19 procedure. Then it was Maroy's turn to fight, but because of trouble back home, she had to forefit. its now Hark, vs Rocketman.

Mission Outcome[edit]