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Cayden New.jpg

Cayden Moore Tavers
Military Information





Acclamator-class Assault Ship Preservation




Ministry Command Fleet


(=A=) (=*SAE*=) (=TG=) (=^TG^=)


Imperial Guardian.jpg MC2rib.gif NS H.gif NS 1.gif Good Conduct Medal.jpg CBVrib.gif DSMrib.gif DSMrib.gif

Biographical Information






Native Language
  • Galactic Basic
  • Celestial


Skin Color






Hair Color

Brown and Grey

Eye Color



Right Leg, from mid-thigh down
Right Arm, from mid-bicep down.

Personal Information
  • Onderon
  • Vast Empire
  • Ministry of Preservation

Sparky by his father

  • Moore Kira (Father, former Commander of Onderonian Miliary, Imprisoned)
  • Effete Amour (Mother, Medical Doctor)
  • Tenderheart (Older Sister, Nurse)
  • Cayla Tavers (Twin Sister, Officer of Onderonian Security Fleet)
  • Dorn Tavers (Uncle, Captain of the Royal Guard)
  • Talia Tavers (Aunt, Queen of Onderon)
  • Angie Tavers (Older Cousin, Head-of-State of Onderon, Princess)
  • Cameron Tavers (Younger Cousin, Officer of Onderonian Army)
  • Maroy'caeli Tavers (Wife)
  • Midna'caeli Tavers (Daughter)

I think we can dig deeper...

Fighting Styles

Slug-thrower rifles and SMGs

  • Pilot
  • Historian

Cayden Tavers is a respectful, well-mannered, militaristic kind of man who refuses to accept no as an answer, and will only consider retreat as an option when faced with an unbeatable enemy. He is one of the three rightful heirs to the Throne of Onderon, along with his sister Angie and brother Cameron. He was engaged to Ashley Clearwater, daughter of Bob and Rozanne Clearwater, and intended to marry her after a quick scouting mission to Ilum, up until she was killed in action on Csilla by Onderonian Imperials.

As a pilot in the Vast Empire, Cayden has learned many things that have helped save his butt several times (like the Asteroid 19 Incident and the Skirmish over Onderon). But, he has a lot of things to learn concerning piloting, self-control, and being in command. He was the former Squadron Commander of the 153rd Vast Imp. Fighter Squadron Regents, before retiring to finish things on Bimmiel.

Cayden lost his leg on Kala during an excavation that led to the discovery of a long-dormant race of bio-mechanical beings known as the Aesorans. Afterwards, he led the liberation of Bimmiel from Onderonian Imperial Forces, then spearheaded the attack on Onderon itself. After a duel with his long-thought-to-be-dead father, Dorn Tavers, he was shot in the left shoulder, just above the heart, by Emperor Moore. Moore almost killed Cayden if it wasn't for Cayla, his half clone/sister, who executed the Emperor.

After this near-death experience, Cayden decided that it was time for him to retire from military service, when he recieved a message from Petty Officer 1st Class Cheyenne McCleary. PO1 McCleary sent him a message requesting his presence on Abrae. Cayden left in the middle of the night, and met with PO1 McCleary in the same cantina he met his first squadron, Tuk'ata.

Cheyenne tried to convince Cayden to return to the Navy, but Cayden wouldn't hear another word of it. He was about to walk out of the door when Cheyenne said that she was a crew member on a ship without a Captain, and she was tasked by the ship's executive officer to find one. She scanned all available Naval Personnel records, when she found Cayden's, and she decided that he was the perfect candidate for the job. Cayden turned back around and asked her why she really picked him. She sighed and told him it was because he was Onderonian, and that he was bred from a life of war... that he understands war... and that he would go to any lengths to win the war.

Cayden sighed and agreed to return to active duty, on three conditions: that he be the absolute authority on his vessel, superior officers not withstanding; that he be able to pick all members of the crew, even whether Cheyenne is to remain or not; and that he is to be adressed as "Commander", not "Captain".

Currently, Cayden is preparing LCR Cerulean for departure with her crew of 16 crew members and 4 droids.


Physical Description[edit]

"The face of a soldier, a commander, and a friend..."
Cayla Tavers, in describing Cayden's face

Cayden stands at a rather medium height, medium build, but has the face of a compassionate leader and friend. Typically, one can find Cayden wearing combat uniforms, or his more traditional Onderonian Royal uniform, but lately, he has taken a liking to simple suits and a light brown trench coat. His hair is in a general controlled mess, standing out clearly on his head in it's brown and faint grey coloration. His eyes have changed slightly over the years, becoming more of a mix of both blue and green. Years of constant exposure to the natural elements of various worlds have hardened his skin slightly, also darkening it a bit more than he was just a few years ago. Finally, and the most notable features he possesses, are the two cybernetic limbs on his right side. His right leg was lost in an incident involving ancient alien machines, large bulkhead doors, and a strange security drone. His right arm was lost more recently, having been removed from his body during a training accident with his cousin, Cameron.


Cayden is the type of person who likes helping people. He likes to know how people are doing, and if they aren't doing well, he tends to offer any aid he can. But, as a side-effect, his assistance tends to blow-up in his face, either destroying the person he his helping, or destroying his relationship with the person. He doesn't disclose his emotions with people often, only with those closest to him. He respects authority and the Chain of Command, and is a big supporter of the VE Navy. He also does not drink alcohol, or anything that doesn't even resemble a "natural-looking" beverage. He will drink water or, on the rare occasion, Jawa Juice (non-alcoholic variant).

After finally ending the war between Bimmiel and Onderon, Cayden did eventually return to the Vast Empire, but... he was different than when he first joined. His heart had grown colder from the events that had taken place inside the Royal Palace on Onderon. He is less... forgiving... than he used to be... but he is just as insane as ever, if not more so. He also has an insatiable appetite for blood... and steel.

Character's Background[edit]

Cayden's early life is a bit confusing, considering that he believes that he is the second born child to Dorn and Talia Tavers, when instead, he was born to Moore Kira and Effete Amour. Dorn Tavers was the Captain of the Royal Guard, and Talia was the Princess and heir to the Throne of Onderon, ensuring that Cayden was not only raised in a modest home, but one that would be full of both drama and excitement. A year after he was born, Dorn and Talia gave birth to his younger cousin, Cameron. Together, along with Cayden's older cousin, Angie, they would go on adventures throughout the Palace, the protected regions of the surrounding forest, and the city of Iziz (when they were older). It was during one of these early adventures into the city that Cayden would meet a young girl by the name of Ashley Clearwater. Little did the both of them know, their fates would become intertwined in what would become a topic of conversation in the Royal Palace and Clearwater Residence for several years.

Cayden showed a natural affinity for the military at the age of 9, even catching the attention of several of the senior officers of the Onderonian military. When Cayden reached the prime age of 11, he and Ashley both decided to go into the Onderonian Naval Academy, to not only be part of the newly-created military division, but to also be the first of the Academy's alumni. Four years into his time in the Academy, Cayden's flight skills were tested in a simulation, pitting his flight and another flight against two other flights. Afterwards, Cayden and Ashley went on a picnic, where they both decided to give a relationship a shot, and kissed in the rain.

A year later, the Imperialists made a push towards the Palace. The Royalists had a difficult time holding them off, but Cayden, defying orders and "borrowing" the Academy Instructor's personal ARC-170, intervened and managed to shoot down 5 hostile fighters before the Imperialists ordered a retreat. Upon his return to the Academy, the Instructor opted to have him expelled, but instead was talked out of it by Cayden's uncle.

Two years after the Starfighter Incident, Cayden never stepped foot in another fighter. The Instructor made sure of that. Instead, he had Cayden run simulations of previous battles on and above Onderon, ranging from the Old Sith Wars, all the way to the air battle he himself participated in 2 years previous. However, a week after his sister's promotion to Major, Cayden was expelled for insubordination against the Instructor. It was then that he left, taking passage on a Firefly-class bulk transport, named the Longshot, under command of VE pilot and then-ranked Petty Officer 1st Class Stewart-Power.

They travelled to Rhen Var, where they encountered a New Republic outpost. It is unclear as to what exactly happened here, but it can be surmised that the outpost was destroyed and the two friends made it off the planet and into hyperspace bound for Abrae, since Cayden decided to enlist in the VE Naval Academy with Stewart's suggestion.

Cayden wearing his Royal uniform on Dxun 2 weeks before leaving Onderon. (character banner)

Military Background[edit]

Before Vast Empire Enlistment[edit]

Cayden first saw military action during the Second Onderonian Civil War in 7 ABY, where he flew a down-graded ARC-170 Starfighter against Imperialist Forces, pushing them back to the Commoner Quarter. It was this event that set off a series of chain-reactions that would lead to his dismissal from the Onderonian Royal Naval Academy.

VE Naval Service[edit]

Cayden signed on to join the Vast Empire Navy on February 5th, 2010, joining Raptor Squadron, the training squadron of the Vast Empire Naval Academy.

After graduating, Cayden was assigned to Tuk'ata Squadron, then under command of Chief Warrant Officer Hunter-Morrell.

His first official assignment with Tuk'ata was leave on the planet of Jalor III, which was scrubbed for unknown reasons.

After that, Tuk'ata fell under the command of Chief Warrant Officer Drac pending Ensign Hunter-Morrell's choice to step own as Squadron Commander of Tuk'ata. Almost immediately upon arriving, CWO Drac ordered a personal defense training session for the entire squadron, where Cayden was forced to battle himself, Cameron, Angie, Ashley, and fellow pilot and Flight Leader Stewart-Power.

After the PD training session was complete, CWO Drac met with Ensign Cali'reharn to organize a live-fire training session on the secret training facility known as Asteroid 19. It was here that Cayden successfully shot down almost 6-year veteren pilot, 1st Lieutenant Willtconq, but was disqualified from the competition due to breaking the game's code of conduct.

Cayden served as Tuk'ata Gamma's #2, right beneath Warrant Officer 2nd Class Stewart-Power, his wingman, faithful companion, and true best friend in the entire Vast Empire. He has also served as Flight Leader of Delta Flight of Tuk'ata Squadron for a short time before leaving to return to Bimmiel.

Cayden returned to the Vast Empire after receiving an urgent message from Commander Geordi Atrasin to return to Abrae to take up the mantle of Squadron Commander of the 153rd Vast Imp. Fighter Squadron, Regents.

After several more months of service to the Vast Empire, Cayden has retired to finish the war between Bimmiel and Onderon, and hopes to one day return. But for now, Cayden shall rebuild the society he left behind over a year ago, with the hope and courage his ancestors had during their times of great crisis and need.

Onderonian Military Service[edit]

Patch worn on the right breast of Cayden's navy blue jumpsuit.

After the Asteroid 19 incident, Cayden requested leave to head home, to Onderon, where he would execute a military operation to retake his home planet from another Imperial faction under the command of High Admiral Torti and the Onderonian Imperialist Army commanded by High General Mizra Moore. Sometime during the operation, the Onderonian High Council (or, at least what's left of it) unanimously elected to have Cayden lead the Royalist Army, as a Colonel in the Onderonian Royal Air Force (ORAF), effectively taking the place of his late father, Dorn Tavers, as the overall commander of all Royalist military forces. This position will last until the end of the civil war, when he will step down as the military supreme commander and take up his place as the commanding officer of the only ship in the Onderonian Royal Navy (ORN), the Etere Videum.

Bimmiel Military Service[edit]

Cayden went on many missions under the banner of Bimmiel, including the following unclassified ones:

  • Rilfor: where Cayden attempted to gather some of the advanced technology the people there possessed before a massive planet-wide earthquake caused him to leave prematurely. (unclassified due to failed status)
  • M4-78: Cayden came here in an attempt to forge an alliance between Bimmiel and the Droid Planet. However, things didn't go as planned and he and EV-3 were forced to leave before being overrun by a massive droid army. (unclassified doe to failed status)
  • Bastion: Cayden traveled alone to the Imperial capital in an attempt to gather intel on High Admiral Torti's whereabouts. However, due to a mistake with the Bimmiel Customs Station's detainment officer's report, Cayden was given Ambassador-level access. When on the surface, he was attacked by several drunk soldiers, but managed to not kill them before SFs arrived to contain the situation. He managed to force an alliance between the Imperial Remnant and Bimmiel, but failed to gather intel on High Admiral Torti. (unclassified due to Commander-in-Chief's desire; restricted to Bimmiel citizens and VE citizens eyes only)


-Dorn Tavers[edit]

Cayden's uncle is Dorn Tavers, a ship engineer who helped construct the training fighters for the Onderonian Royal Naval Academy. During the Clone Wars, Dorn served the Republic as Captain of an Acclamator-class Assault Ship stationed over Onderon. He saw little action here, but still saw military service none-the-less. After the rise of the Empire, Dorn retired from military service to raise a family. He married Talia Kira, daughter of the current Queen of Onderon, and had 2 children: Angie and Cameron. During the Second Onderonian Civil War, Dorn would attain the rank of General of the Royalist Forces, and be placed in charge of Palace Security. He would participate in many campaigns the Royalist Army would lead on the Imperialist forces. Dorn very nearly was killed in action during an Imperialist attack one evening, but due to the aid of his sister-in-law, Effete Amour, he was kept alive long enough to get to the Royal Medical Facility, where he currently now resides while he continues to recover from his extensive injuries.

-Talia Tavers[edit]

Born as the Princess of Onderon, Talia grew up in every girl's dream lifestyle. Lavish gowns, priceless jewelry, catered to her every whim, Talia saw nothing of the outside world for 12 years. But, that soon changed when one day, as she was travelling through the Commoner Quarter, her entourage was attacked by thugs. The attack was thwarted by the young Dorn Tavers, who Talia immediately fell in love with. Over the next several years, Talia would sneak out of the Palace at night to see Dorn. When she reached the age of 16 is when this all stopped, because the Captain of the Palace Security informed the Queen of her actions. When the Queen found out, she ordered her guards to bring Dorn to the Palace for interrogation. Talia began crying hysterically at her mother's feet, but was told not to cry and that she (the Queen) was going to put an end to the secrecy. Dorn was brought before the Queen, who said to him "Dorn Tavers, you aren't here because you are in trouble. You are here because of your secret relationship with my daughter, Talia. If you can hold a relationship with her, amidst all the chaos of the Palace, hidden in the shadows, and living in fear of discovery, I believe it is only fair to reward such actions. So, Dorn Tavers, by the power invested in me as Queen of Onderon, I hereby grant you permission to be in a relationship my daughter." They would continue in a relationship for 5 years before getting married, the ceremony being carried out by none-other than the Queen herself. It would be several years later until Angie came along, during which time Talia used to learn more about the duties of the Queen of Onderon, seeing that she is to take the throne after her mother passes away. During the Second Onderonian Civil War, Talia would be confined to the Palace and placed under heavy guard. Near the end of the Civil War, her mother was assassinated by a rogue agent of the Imperialist Army, elevating Talia to the throne prematurely. She serves Onderon faithfully as Queen, but has delegated much of her power and responsibilities to her oldest child, Angie.

-Angie Tavers[edit]

Angie is Cayden's older cousin. The two of them grew up real close, no secrets between the two. When Cameron came around, they quickly accepted him into their triad. One time, when Angie was 13, and Cayden 11, Angie was being picked on by a group of guys. Cayden was walking by and noticed them. He walked over and intervened before the guys could do anything "inappropriate" to her. The guys knew they were older and stronger than him, so they started to fight... but, what they didn't know, was that Cayden was skilled with a vibroblade, so Cayden picked up a nearby tree branch and used it to subdue the guys. The two kids ran back to the Palace, where Angie thanked Cayden for saving her. They both went into the Onderonian Military Academy, where they both studied for acceptance into the Royal Naval Academy. Angie was accepted 2 years before Cayden. She was a natural at piloting, just like her father was during the Clone Wars. She graduated with high honors and near-perfect marks, the only female student to do so. She would later serve the Royal Onderonian Air Force, piloting a Z-95 Headhunter. She would also fly in the same battle that Cayden would participate in, not knowing that her cousin was flying beside her. When Cayden left 2 years later, she felt a wave of depression, but also remembered her duty to the Queen, and continued serving the Air Force loyally and dutifully throughout the Civil War. Afterwards, she resigned her commission in the RAF and instead began taking more interest in the politics of her home, becoming the unofficial Head of State of the planet, taking on much of the responsibilities and powers of her mother.

-Cameron Tavers[edit]

Cameron is the youngest of the 2 Tavers kids. Some may say he had everything handed to him, but his siblings know that he worked his ass off to get the respect he has today. Cameron was considered the nerdy kid in initiate school, always picked on by the older kids. When it came time for him to pick a field of study, everyone thought he'd do intelligence. But instead, he choose the infantry corps. During his years in the Army Academy, he was considered one of the greatest students they had. He pushed himself harder than anyone else dared to, pushing past obstacles others put in front of him, pushing past his own physical and mental limitations. He graduated from the Academy a full 2 years before everyone else, excelling in every field, especially marksmanship. He was given an officer's commission upon graduation, attaining the rank of 1st Lieutenant in the Royalist Army.

Cameron didn't spend much time with Cayden, but he spent lots of time with Angie. Angie helped Cameron train for his mental tests, and when Cayden had free time, he helped Cameron train for his physicals. When they weren't busy training for physicals, which was rare, they usually did normal guy things. They hung out, talked about girls, worked on the speeder, played games, and even pulled pranks on other classmates. When either of them weren't busy, they had a really good relationship. He wasn't as affected by Cayden's disappearance as Ashley or Angie were, but he knew that Cayden planned to come back some day, maybe to end this civil war... at least, that's what Cameron hoped is true. Following the Civil War, Cameron continued his service to Onderon, eventually working up to the rank of Captain and being placed in charge of his own infantry platoon, which he has performing training exercises within the dangerous forests of Onderon and Dxun.

-Ashley Clearwater[edit]

Ashley Clearwater is the only daughter of Bob and Rozanne Clearwater. Ever since they were 5 Galactic Standard years old, Cayden and Ashley have been the best of friends. They did just about everything together. Where ever Ashley went, Cayden went. Where ever Cayden went, Ashley went. They went to initiate school together, went to the Royal Academy together, and even went to the Naval Academy together. For some unknown reason, all of their teachers not only assumed that they were in a relationship, but they also frowned upon their dependency on each other. They grew real close, telling each other their secrets, hiding nothing from the other. One day, several years back, they were on a walk together through a protected area of the forest. Ashley asked Cayden how much she liked her. He looked at her, surprised, then answered "You're my best friend, Ashley... I like you a lot." She smiled at that, then asked "Enough to kiss me right now?" Still surprised, he answered "I don't know..." Then, like an unforeseen force pushing them together, he leaned in and kissed her. They've been dating ever since that day, never fighting, the love never ceasing. Then came the day Cayden left Onderon. He left in the middle of the night, not telling her he was leaving. Only she knew he was expelled from the Academy at the time, her and the Queen. When she woke, she saw a note on her desk. It read 'Ashley, by the time you read this, I will be far away from Onderon. I'm sorry I couldn't tell you this in person, but I was left with no choice. My expulsion from the Academy would have brought pain to my father's heart, pain he need not burden himself with. Without the Academy, without a commission, I am nothing here. I will return as soon as I can for you, Ashley... that, I promise you. I love you always, Cayden.' She cried that whole week, never leaving her room. The instructor grew worried about her, and sent a messenger to the Queen to request her presence at the Academy. Instead though, the Queen sent for Ashley to report to her directly, as her ambassador to the Vast Empire. Ashley asked her why them, and she said "Because, Ashley... there is something there worth finding." She left Onderon, bound for Lotaith, when the ship began experiencing engine malfunctions. She was forced to make an emergency stop on Abrae, where she re-encountered Cayden in a bar. They had a heart-to-heart conversation there, finally laying to rest the whole "why did you leave" mystery. They agreed to meet up later that evening. She will be communicating to Cayden whenever he is not on duty or off on missions.


Cayden was unaware that Ashley died until he returned to Bimmiel, when Angie informed him of what happened. Initially not believing her, Cayden ran off to the Palace to find Ashley. He searched the entire Palace, then began searching the entirety of Caput City, when Angie had him arrested and brought down to the Naval Command Center. Once brought there, Angie handed Cayden the one thing Ashley would never part with: Cayden's Medal of Valor awarded to him by the Onderonian Government (following Onderonian Liberation) that he gave to Ashley before he departed Bimmiel (with the Etere Videum) to search for allies in the Unknown Regions. After Angie gave him that medal, Cayden's heart sank. Hard. For about twenty days, Cayden didn't leave his quarters at the Palace, leaving all responsibilities of both the military commander and the highest political figure on Bimmiel to Angie.

-Cayla Tavers[edit]

Cayla was Cayden's twin sister, raised alongside him in the belief that Dorn and Talia were their parents. She was a rather quiet child growing up, focusing more on reading in the library and learning as much as she can, as fast as she can. To many of her instructors, she was a bit of a child prodigy, excelling on every written and oral exam she was given. It was due to this that she entered the intelligence division of the military, completely changing the way the Onderonian military conducted operations and regulated information back to the Palace. During the course of the war, Cayla performed counter-intelligence operations against Imperialist forces. However... her biggest blunder during her term of service was failing to catch the rogue assassin which assassinated the Queen. Currently, due to that mistake, she spends her days as adviser to Queen Talia and Princess Angie when delegates from foreign planets and governments arrive to meet with them.

Notable Skills[edit]

Cayden is capable of flying any fighter he pilots. He is also very handy with both a blaster rifle and a vibroblade should the need arise, but more relies on his persuasive skills do the talking. He can, for the most part, predict the outcome of a battle, and can turn the tide of the battle to a victory. He is also very well at both giving and following orders. Cayden also has some electronics training, due to his time in the Onderonian Naval Academy.

VEN Certifications[edit]

Naval Certifications
First Certification
Cert 1.1:

Top Gun - TIE/sa Bomber [=TG=]

Cert 1.2:

Top Gun - TIE/ad Avenger [=^TG^=]

Cert 1.3:

Top Gun - Incomplete

Second Certification
Third Certification
Fourth Certification
Ship Captaincy Certification
Ancillary Skills
Ancillary 1:

Ground Attack (grandfathered in following restructuring of Certification Program)

Ancillary 2:

Advanced Fighter Maneuvers

"The Naval Certification Program (NCP) was designed to be parallel to the Army's Specialization Program, yet suited for Naval needs."
―Naval Certification Program introductory statement.

Amacuse, for his rank at SCPO when the program was intiated, was awarded 3 Certificates and one Ancillary Skill, all of which he chose to use on the Top Gun Certification. However, the Top Gun Cert. required 2 ancillary skills to be learned: the Adv. Fighter Maneuvers and the Fighter Tactics. He used his one free Ancillary Skill on the Adv. Fighter Maneuvers, and aims to finish the Fighter Tactics Skill in the near future, completing his Top Gun Certification.

Accident Prone[edit]

Cayden has a knack for getting injured, especially while flying a fighter.

He has, to date, been:

  • Shot down over Rhen Var
  • Pelted by asteroid bits during a training exercise
  • Shot twice in the stomach and once in the right leg
  • Hit by a missile
  • Exposed to vacuum
  • Right Leg broken over Asteroid 19 and during A Page from the Rebels' Book.
  • Right Leg severed from body
  • Several concussions and skull fractures during Onderonian Liberation
  • Right Arm severed due to a falling pillar in a tomb on Dxun

Current Status[edit]

Other Assets[edit]

Ministry of Preservation[edit]

Being the Director of the Ministry of Preservation, Cayden has access to numerous ships and weapons, including those utilized by the Old Republic.


Delta, tactical officer

Delta is a captured and reprogrammed HK-51 series assassin droid, serving as the tactical and logistics officer under Cayden's command. While Delta may be a droid, he does exemplify a rather high degree of self-awareness and sense of being. But, at the end of the day, Delta obeys the orders of his commanding officer, and is always willing to offer his input on any mission or operation.

Naval Service History[edit]


Insignia Ranks Start Until Reason for Promotion
CRWSFC.JPG Crewman February 7, 2010 February 25, 2010 For joining the Vast Empire Navy.
LCRWSFC.png Leading Crewman February 25, 2010 May 5, 2010 For completing the Aviator's Exam.
SCRWSFC.png Senior Crewman N/A N/A Skipped
PO2SFC.png Petty Officer 2nd Class May 5, 2010 May 16, 2010 For service to the Vast Empire Navy and Tuk'ata Squadron.
PO1SFC.png Petty Officer 1st Class N/A N/A Skipped
CPOSFC.PNG Chief Petty Officer May 16, 2010 July 1, 2010 For passing the Senior Aviator's Exam with Distinction.
SCPOSFC.png Senior Chief Petty Officer July 1, 2010 July 27, 2010 For hard work and dedication to the VE Naval Academy.
MCPOSFC.png Master Chief Petty Officer July 27, 2010 August 27, 2010 For hard work and dedication to the VE Naval Academy.
CPOSFC.PNG Chief Petty Officer August 27, 2010 September 13, 2010 Changes in the Navy
SCPOSFC.png Senior Chief Petty Officer September 13, 2010 March 20, 2011 "Promoted to Senior Chief Petty Officer for his consistent and ongoing activity, as well as fulfilling his duties as Squadron Flight Leader of Delta Flight in Tuk'ata."
MCPOSFC.png Master Chief Petty Officer March 20, 2011 April 6, 2011 "SCPO Amacuse is promoted to Master Chief Petty Officer for leadership and activity" -RAD StOrMz
WO2SFC.png Warrant Officer 2nd Class April 6, 2011 May 16, 2011 "Master Chief Petty Officer Cayden 'Amacuse' Tavers: You are hereby promoted to Warrant Officer 2nd Class 'For enthusiastic and consistent leadership of Regents Squadron.'" -Drac
WO1SFC.png Warrant Officer 1st Class May 16, 2011 Present "Promoted to Warrant Officer 1st Class for extremely high, long-term activity and inspiring his people to very high activity as well" -Stormz


Naval Starfighter Corps

Position Start Until Reason
Trainee 2/5/2010 2/24/2010 Joined the Vast Empire Navy
Flight Member - Beta 3 2/24/2010 3/14/2010 Completion of Flight School
Flight Member - Alpha 3 3/14/2010 5/2/2010 Involuntary Transfer
Flight Member - Gamma 2 5/2/2010 8/17/2010 Involuntary Transfer
Flight Leader - Beta 1 5/26/2010 8/17/2010 Appointment by Naval Training Officer
Executive Officer - Beta 1 8/17/2010 8/22/2010 Appointment Captain Stormz
Flight Member - Beta 2 8/17/2010 8/27/2010 Transfer by Naval Training Officer
Flight Member - Gamma 2 8/22/2010 8/28/2010 Reassigned.
None (Raptor) 8/27/2010 Indefinite Resigned
Flight Leader - Delta 1 8/28/2010 10/1/2010 Delta Flight reopened, recommendation by Captain Stormz
Squadron Commander - Alpha 1 2/1/2011 6/4/2011 Appointment by Line Captain Jaden
Ship Captain - LCR Cerulean 8/20/2011 Resignation of Vast Empire Commission Appointment by Rear Admiral Stormz
Squadron Commander - Aurek 1 12/14/15 N/A Appointment by Rear Admiral Stormz

Naval Academy

Position Start Until Reason
Flight Leader - Beta 1 5/26/2010 8/17/2010 Recommendation by Naval Executive Officer
Flight Member - Beta 2 8/17/2010 8/27/2010 Transfer by Naval Training Officer
None 8/27/2010 Indefinite Resigned

Outside VE Military

Position Start Until Reason
Ship Commander - Stigma-1 3/21/2010 Present Purchase of Etere Videum
Base Commander - Bimmiel 8/8/2010 2/20/2011 Colonization of Bimmiel
Commander - Order of the Protectors 8/7/2010 2/20/2011 Created the Order of the Protectors
ISAF Military Commander 2/1/2011 2/1/2013 Founded ISAF
Supreme Commander of the Bimmiel Military 2/20/2011 2/1/2013 Highest ranking officer in Bimmiel Military and appointment to position by President Angela Tavers
Director of Ministry of Historical Preservation 2/2/2013 Present Creation of Ministry on Onderon and appointment by Queen Angela Tavers

Medals, Awards, and Certifications[edit]


Ribbon Award Award Name Date Received Reason
Imperial Guardian.jpg [IG] Imperial Guardian 06/01/2010 Valorous deeds, dedicated services, and excessive activity to the Vast Empire Navy
MC2rib.gif [MC:2] Merit Cross 2nd Class 09/05/2010 Awarded the Merit Cross Second Class for his consistent activity within their squadron, as well as his work within the Naval Academy.
NS H.gif [NS H] Naval Service (half year) 08/06/2010 Awarded for being in the Vast Empire for 6 months.
NS 1.gif [NS 1] Naval Service (one year) 02/06/2011 Awarded for being in the Vast Empire for 12 months.
Long Service Medal.jpg [LSM] Long Service Medal 02/06/2011 Awarded the Long Service Medal for being active for one year.
GCR.gif [GCM] Good Conduct Medal 02/06/2011 Awarded the Good Conduct Medal for repeatedly showing good conduct through all means of communication.
CBVrib.gif [CBV] Cross of Bravery 03/20/2011 Awarded for showing extreme dedication and loyalty to a Squadron or Wing over a long period of time and are consistently contributing new ideas for the Squadron or Wing.
DSMrib.gif [DSM] Distinguished Service Medal 04/06/2011 "For rising to the challenge and leading his unit with excellence in one of the fastest paced missions of recent memory." -Drac
DSMrib.gif [DSM] Distinguished Service Medal 05/16/2011 "awarded the Distinguished Service Medal for extremely high, long-term activity and inspiring his people to very high activity as well" -Stormz

Certification Exams

Certification Exams
Symbol Exam Exam Name Date Passed Score Received
Aepass.gif (=AE=) Aviator's Exam N/A PASS-
Sadis.gif (=*SAE*=) Senior Aviator's Exam N/A 100%

Story Participation[edit]

Career Post Count

Story Participation
Story Start Date End Date Type Post Count
Tuk'ata: The Beginning February 23, 2010  ? Squadron Story 6
Tuk'ata Squadron: Scheduled Maintenance April 13, 2010  ? Squadron Story 4
Tuk'ata: Up Close & Personal June 10, 2010  ? Squadron Story 3
Asteroid 19: Mihawk showdown July 14, 2010  ? Inter-Squadron Competition 3
Raptor: Man vs. Wild August 2, 2010  ? Training Story 1
Tuk'ata: Operation Bulwark September 25, 2010  ? Squadron Story 1
VEN: Into the Invisible January 27, 2011  ? Navy-wide Story 4
Regents: Behind Enemy Lines March 22, 2011  ? Squadron Story 8
Total: 30

Personal Post Count

Story Participation
Story Start Date End Date Type Post Count
Stewart-Power/Amacuse: Rhen Var March 16, 2010  ? Character Development (CD) Story 7
Onderonian Liberation April 21, 2010  ? Personal Story 6
Amacuse & Company: Forensis Universum July 31, 2010  ? CD Story 5
Serenus: Rhen Var (Part II) February 27, 2011  ? CD/Salvage Mission 1
Amacuse: Devils... Monsters... March 30, 2011  ? Personal Story 7
Amacuse: The Setting of Prael December 14, 2015  ? Personal Story 1
Total: 27