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Military Information



WO1.PNGWarrant Officer 1st Class


Squadron Exec. Officer


Besh 1




ISD-II Adjudicator


Blade Wing




Second Vast Imperial Fleet




MC2rib.gif Imperial Guardian.jpg Long Service Medal.jpg GCR.gif MC1rib.gif

Biographical Information






Native Language

Basic, Twi'Leki



Skin Color

Bright Green




139 lbs

Eye Color


Personal Information

Vast Empire


Beautiful Heavens


Cayden Tavers (fiancé) (deceased)


Never give up, never surrender

Current Status[edit]

Notable Skills[edit]

Maroy's piloting skills are high above average by normal standards, but she's far from the best pilot in the Navy. She is decent at modifying- or dismantling- hardware, but also has a tendency to trip security systems while doing so. Trauma from her trip to the Brightlands has left her with little innate sense of direction, often getting lost even with the aid of a map. Ironically, the trait helps prevent her from becoming disoriented or contracting space sickness in zero-gee environments.



Maroy is tall and, despite years of better living, is still thin from her experiences in the Ryloth Brightlands. Her skin is a unusually vivid shade of green unique to the Caeli clan. Her eyes are a deep indigo, a color she often re-uses for her clothing when not wearing her ever-present flightsuit or uniform.


Maroy does not have as much hands-on experience with the galaxy as most, despite her travels with Cayden Tavers. She is typically shy around others and doesn’t talk much, unless she feels her comments will be useful. She has trouble speaking to complete strangers and superiors. She can be immature sometimes, but her experiences in the Vast Empire and elsewhere have significantly matured her. Due to her Twi'lek nature, as well as her less-than-amazing physical abilities and piloting, she generally relies on tricks and stealth over brute force in a fight.

Unlike most Twi'leks, Maroy has a good grasp of human emotion, facial expressions, and speech. She uses her lekku only when she is extremely stressed or nervous, and is no longer capable of the subtlety required for proper communication. This has made her an outcast even among starfaring Twi'leks.

During the particularly brutal Counterpunch campaign against the Imperial Dominion, Maroy developed a variant of Dissociative Identity Disorder that left her personality divided in order to cope with the stress and trauma she'd been through.



The 'core' alter with Maroy's original personality. She rarely comes out unless she feels there's absolutely no threat.

The Angry One[edit]

The alter responsible for suppressing traumatic memories, and consequently the most vicious, sadistic, suicidal alter of the bunch. She occasionally slips past Jark during moments of pure panic in order to wreak havoc.


The 'gatekeeper' alter in charge of preventing or allowing personality switches, Jark is the one most often interacting with the outside world. He's cynical and a bit dull, but generally plays nice with others.


Breaker is a sarcastic trickster with a disdain for authority, but he takes his job as the group's physical protector quite seriously. He takes control when a physical threat seems imminent and can be surprisingly ruthless.


Captain is a personification of sorts of Maroy's military training and is often called to handle the day-to-day tasks of being in the Navy. She has little personality aside from that.


Perky is the last and least developed alter of the bunch, communicating primarily through echoing phrases she's recently heard. She's in charge of maintaining cooperation in the group.



Born to a higher-up clan, Maroy enjoyed the highest level of comfort, and was never short of anything. She was being trained to act like a human more than a Twi'lek so that she could act as a representative of sorts between her wealthy family and the more xenophobic traders that frequented the system. Her life came crashing down when her younger sister stole a precious metal statue from one of Ryloth's leading clans. An enraged overclan member immediately exiled Maroy's entire clan, the Caeli, to the Brightlands, which is the side of Ryloth that is locked in eternal sunlight. After killing the girl who had caused the whole mess, the clan decided to devote their remaining existence to ensuring at least one member had a chance of survival: the criminal’s innocent sister, Maroy. After days of walking, the clan stumbled across an entire convoy of wrecked supply vessels, apparently on their way to nourishing a small colony. Taking advantage of this, and seeing that there was plenty of non-perishable food, the clan promptly set up camp, taking refuge inside the largest vessel.


Several days afterward, a band of slave traders located the wreck. The clan members were chased away from the wreck and later died. The slavers abducted the clan's remaining children, including Maroy and an older girl, and took them to a nearby New Republic outpost.

Rebels and Imperials[edit]

Both Maroy and the older Twi'lek were immediately purchased by the facility's commander and pressed into service entertaining the soldiers. It went on like that for several years. Eventually the older girl couldn't take it anymore, and strangled the commander when she was alone with him for a 'private dance'. The new commander immediately had her shot and placed seventeen-year-old Maroy under guard. She finally found her chance for escape a few months later when, believing her to no longer pose a threat, her large, tough guard was swapped for a less experienced trooper. The soldier quickly grew very close to Maroy, and one day asked her to join him in his quarters. After a brief scuffle she stole his ID datacard and used it to steal an A-wing fighter. As soon as they realized what had happened, they immediately sent multiple fighters after her. She was very clumsy with the controls, and she quickly lost what little shielding the agile fighter had to missiles. She thought she was doomed, until a imperial strike force suddenly jumped in and began attacking the NR base. Faced with a greater threat, the rebel fighters immediately withdrew their attack on her. The battle was short but bloody. The rebel fighters were able to hold off the imperials long enough for their higher-ranked officers to escape, but they themselves did not survive. Upon capturing her ship and learning her story, the imperials gave her two options: enlist in the navy, or serve again as a slave. She was much more interested in the former option.


Maroy struggled through the Naval Academy, graduating with a piloting score barely above the cutoff. She was immediately assigned to Viper, but never had a chance to meet her squadron before the disastrous battle of Lehon decimated the entire wing. She was discreetly moved to the newly formed Rhegent's Reign squadron, where she stayed for a long period. She attracted the attention of a New Republic mole in Rhegents, Zizi Lor, but was unable to warn anyone before the spy escaped. After a wave of casualties and desertions in the Wing, Rhegents was merged with its sister squadron Tuk'ata. Maroy met her newly appointed Squadron Commander, Cayden Tavers, and found the man to be fascinating. During the mission to capture the Belgaroth shipyards, she used her stolen X-Wing as a hyperspace-capable projectile and was forced to go EV. Cayden saved her before she ran out of air, and they began developing feelings for each other. He ended up leaving the Vast Empire shortly afterwards after being threatened with a court-martial for taking unnecessary risks, and Maroy followed shortly afterward.


Maroy later returned to the Navy, leaving her fiance to deal with Bimmiel politics. He was apparently killed later on his way to visit her. Maroy became friends with another unstable former Regent in Tuk'ata, Scral, and they helped each other through the particularly depressing times. She also met and quickly befriended a younger pilot, Lunei Taneg, who shared her interests in out-maneuvering and out-thinking opponents. When the Navy began reassigning whole squadrons as a result of an Imperial Dominion attack on Abrae, Lunei was transferred to Tuk'ata and Scral was replaced by Joamer.


After a vital but high-casualty incursion into Imperial Dominion space, the survivors of Tuk'ata were dispersed among an entirely new wing of fighter squadrons formed from scratch for the campaign against the Dominion. Maroy and Lunei were both placed in Chlovi Squadron, led by another former Regent and newly returned veteran, Sam Dunn. Maroy was assigned as the squadron's executive officer, a position she cautiously accepted, and helped her commander form the squadron from a handful of miscellaneous troops over the few days they had to prepare. However, Chlovi sustained massive casualties throughout the campaign and Maroy was taken off-duty due to her psychological trauma, forcing her to leave the squadron under the command of her friend, Lunei Taneg.


After the surrender of the Dominion and end of the Counterpunch campaign, Maroy and several other psychology-ward patients were put on active duty in Jexxel to compensate for the loss of pilots throughout the wing. Her attending psychologist, Eahil Basevra, pulled some strings to ensure she would be allowed to take up the Executive Officer position in her new squadron despite her mental instability.

Service History[edit]


Ranks Start Until Reason for Promotion
Crewman February 10, 2010 April 18, 2010 For joining the Vast Empire Navy.
Senior Crewman April 18, 2010 October 25, 2010 For passing Aviator's Exam.
Petty Officer 2nd Class October 25, 2010 October 26, 2010 For activity during the Imperial Omega Campaign and within Rhegent's Reign.
Petty Officer 1st Class October 26, 2010 February 27, 2011 For activity within Rhegent's Reign and balancing out after merge with Tuk'ata.
Chief Petty Officer February 27, 2011 March 27, 2011 For working on the VEN Simulator
Senior Chief Petty Officer March 27, 2011 N/A Service to Regents Squadron and VE Navy
Master Chief Petty Officer N/A November 30, 2012 For running Regents briefly before disappearing
Warrant Officer Second Class November 30, 2012 May 12, 2013 "extraordinary OOC leadership during the run of [Counterpunch: Pestilence], encompassing recruitment and retention efforts and contributions to the development of the Starfighter Corps reforms"
Warrant Officer First Class May 12, 2013 N/A “For her steady contributions to the story, which came despite trying circumstances, including the departure of most of her squadron mates in Chlovi Cat Squadron and many real life challenges”


Positions Start Until Reason for Change
Trainee 2/10/10 2/21/10 Joined the Vast Empire Navy.
Flight Member 2/21/10 4/08/2011 Assigned to Viper Squadron briefly and then assigned to Rhegent's Reign Squadron.
Squadron Exec. Officer 4/08/10 N/A Promoted to position by NHC and SC for future re-assignment of SC to Capital Ship Corps.
Flight Member N/A N/A Returned to the Vast Empire after a lengthy absence and was assigned to Nightshrike squadron.
Squadron Exec. Officer November 11, 2012 May 12, 2013 Assigned as XO of the newly formed Chlovi squadron.
Squadron Exec. Officer May 12, 2013 N/A Assigned as XO of Jexxel Squadron.

Personal Ship[edit]

Maroy owns a small Muurian Transport, the Junker's Demise, which she obtained in a game of Sabaac and uses to transport herself on long trips. Her two R3 units are quite adept at flying the thing unsupervised, but lack the skill to pull off any fancy maneuvering. Like practically any other machine owned by Maroy, the transport has been modified to death, resulting once again in (sometimes vastly) different stats.

Personal Starfighter[edit]

Maroy's personal combat ship of choice is a "Deathseed" starfighter, Scrap Warrior, constructed from junked parts and spare components. Due to the non-standard nature of many of the parts, the ship has very non-uniform statistics.

Junker's Demise
Production Information



Muurian Transport


Muurian Intrastellar

Technical Specifications

60 m

Maximum Acceleration

3 MGLT/s


73 MGLT (slowed down by additions)

Engine Units

Heavy ion engines (4)

Hyperdrive Rating
  • Class 1.0 (new hyperdrive)
  • Backup Class 2.0 (original drive)

749 SBD (replaced with large frigate-class generator)


57 RU (thicker plating)

  • Turbolaser cannon (6)
  • Laser cannon (4)
  • Quad laser cannon (4)
  • Proton torpedo tubes (4)
    • Carries 20/tube

Scrap Warrior

  • Crew (4) (additional gunner)
    • Pilot (1) (Currently piloted by R3-RD)
    • Co-Pilot (1) (Currently co-piloted by R3-RD)
    • Gunners (2) (Currently gunned by R3-D3)
Minimum Crew

0 (R3 unit pilots)


2 (lots of living space removed)

Cargo Capacity

20 tons (modifications significantly reduce space)

  • Transport
  • Carrier


Scrap Warrior
Production Information



Chir'daki Starfighter



Technical Specifications

13.2 m


118 MGLT (A-Wing components substituted)

Hyperdrive Rating

Class 3.0


50 SBD (second generator added)


25 RU (thicker materials than the norm)

  • 4xLaser cannon
  • 1xConcussion missile launcher (found intact on TIE bomber wreckage)
    • carries 5 standard concussion missiles

Mute (Astromech droid)



Cargo Capacity

30 kilograms (space taken by modifications, mainly second generator)



Jexxel Members