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Status: Active

The 101st Vast Imperial Starfighter Wing: Blade Wing is the foremost elite Starfighter Wing serving in the Vast Empire Navy. It operates at the frontline along VE controlled space and is commanded by LCMSFC.GIF Seth "DeepSix" Qorbin at this time. Blade Wing is currently stationed aboard the ISD-II Paragon, but its squadrons are lent out as necessary for other high priority missions on the front lines.

Blade Wing Squadrons[edit]

Currently, the six Blade Wing squadrons are set aside from the rest of the Starfighter Corps as "elite" squadrons with handpicked membership. These units are the ones most often lent out to other ships for front line duty, which can vary from patrol and escort duties, all the way up to massive fleet engagements and planetary invasions. Due to the nature of the squadrons and their missions, membership rotates relatively quickly, but any pilot in the Navy would be honored to count themselves among this select group.

Squadron Name Squadron No. Starfighter Type Squadron Commander Squadron Status
Vornskr 38th TIE Avengers Seth "DeepSix" Qorbin Active (NPC)
Krakana 42nd TIE Bombers Lurek Zalis Active (NPC)
Jexxel 46th TIE Interceptors Markus "Canine" Wolfrott Active (NPC)
Chlovi 50th TIE Interceptors Demetrius "Hades" Aita Active (PC)
Gundark 54th TIE Bombers Markayn "Pain" Hurt Active (NPC)
Strill 58th TIE Hunters Grent Notimo Active (PC)

Wing Commanders[edit]

Name Start Until Tenure (Days)
Seth "DeepSix" Qorbin November 30, 2012 Present