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Grent "Gurlanin" Notimo
Military Information



Senior Chief Petty Officer


Squadron Commanding Officer


Aurek Flight


58th (Strill) Squadron


101st (Blade) Wing


ISD II Paragon

Task Force:

Task Force Aurek


2nd Fleet



SWC.gifCAR.pngVCsilrib.gifNS 6.gifBRC.gif
DD Death.pngCNQST.pngWMaward1.png

Vast Empire

Physical Description


Skin color:

Slightly tanned





Hair Color:

Dark brown

Hair Style:

Military Cut

Facial Hair:

Trimmed Short Box Beard


Dark brown


Single clawed mark over right eye





Biographical Information







Basic, Mando'a, Understands Shryiiwook


Starfighter Pilot


Flying, Sports, Gym, Running, Slicing, Pranks




Gur, Top, Boss


Mother and Father on Qiilura


Virtus indicium est

Fighting Style:

Stealth and precision.

Naval Certifications
First Certification

Top Gun

Cert 1.1:

Ace 1.gif - Experienced Pilot

Cert 1.2:

Ace 2.gif - Elite Pilot

Cert 1.3:

Ace 3.gif - Top Gun

Second Certification


Cert 2.1:

Not attempted

Cert 2.2:

Not attempted

Cert 2.3:

Not attempted

Third Certification


Fourth Certification


Ship Captaincy Certification
Ancillary Skills
Ancillary 1:

Ground Attack

Ancillary 2:

Advanced Flight Manoeuvres

Ancillary 3:


Ancillary 4:

Starfighter Tactics

Ancillary 5:


Ancillary 6:

Piloting Shuttles

Ancillary 7:


Ancillary 8:

Zero-Gravity Combat

Ancillary 9:

Xeno-Martial Arts

Ancillary 10:


Pretty. Can we blow it up?


—Grent and Joamer

Grent "Gurlanin" Notimo, is a TIE Hunter pilot, and the CO of Strill Squadron. He likes to think himself as the squadron sniper, and has a devil-may-care attitude, often taking risks when flying. He does, however, always get the job done. He is rarely seen without his pet strill, called Tracyn, the Mando'a word for 'fire'.

Current status[edit]

Senior Chief Petty Officer. Squadron Commanding Officer, Aurek Flight: Iron One. 58th (Strill) Squadron, enroute to Lotaith to rendezvous with fleet.

ID Line[edit]

SCO | SCPO Gurlanin | Iron One | S:58 "Strill" | W:101 "Blade" | ISD II "Paragon" | TF:Aurek | 2nd Fleet | SC | VEN | VE

[SWC] [CAR] [VC:S] [NS-6] [BRC]
[CC:D] [CNQST] [WM1]


TO|SCPO Gurlanin|PLF "Cappadocious"|VENA|VEN|VE



Grent was a 5ft 9" human. Years of physical training had given him a fairly muscular form. Coupled with his naturally broad shoulders, it gave him an intimidating look. He displayed qualities of agility. His brown eyes were constantly scanning around, looking for exits and possible threats. He also had one scar, stretching from the top of his right eye to the bottom, a result of a run-in with a local gang's fighting animal. He has short, military cut, dark brown hair, with a well trimmed, and well kept, short box beard.


Grent tended to make a few close friends, be friendly with everyone else, then stay in the shadows. He concentrated on his task, and tried to do his best at it. He smoked deathsticks on occasion, and only drank when he was at a social event, though he never got drunk. He respected other people, and their things, so long as they respected him. He did have a habit of doing pranks on some people, but only if he knew that they would take it well. He struggled with social skills, having undiagnosed Autism. The same Autism also caused him to process things much faster than most of his peers, causing him to appear cockier and arrogant on the, not so rare, occasion that he was able to survive training simulations more often, and beat the rest at logical tests and exams. No matter where he went, Grent would be followed by Tracyn, his pet strill.


Grent was born on Qiilura, home of the Gurlanin species. His parents were poor Mandalorian farmers who's parents had immigrated. Grent was forced to work hard to survive. He had a few friends, and the group of them were the toughest group in the slums, called the Diggers, taking on more experienced adult gangs. His best friend was a Gurlanin called Iaened. The pair were inseparable throughout Grent's life on Qiilura. Mostly, however, Grent dreamed of escaping his poor life and doing something more.
His chance came when Imperial TIE fighters did a flyby whilst searching for a criminal. As well as being impressed by the discipline of the pilots, the TIE fighters, and the subsequent urge to fly in one, Grent, as well as most of the others in the slums, knew where the criminal was. So he turned him in. In return, the station commander took him on as an informant. He was paid for information regarding to local criminals. His was given the codename 'Gurlanin'. The name stuck, so he took it on as his callsign, in later years.
Grent used his payment to buy a T-16 Skyhopper, to fulfil his dream of becoming a Naval Pilot by getting as much practise beforehand as possible. When he wasn't finding out information, he was flying his T-16. Evasive manoeuvres and target practise were amongst some of the daily routines Grent put himself through. He gained a reputation as a maverick, but was able to deliver supplies to some of the more remote and inaccessible locations of the planet.
Eventually, when he was old enough, and felt he was ready, Grent sold his T-16 and bought a one way ticket to the Vast Empire Naval Academy, along with recommendation papers from the station commander. He had chosen the VE, because he liked the discipline, and co-ordination of the Empire. He also wanted a command of his own one day, and knew that this was the best way to get it. The only other option was the criminal underworld, and he had left that world behind.

Or, at least, that's what appears in his official VE personnel files...

Hidden History[edit]

In actual fact, most of Gur's backstory is a carefully written weave of lies, with enough truth to it to make it seem legitimate. His real identity is that of an assassin, belonging to the secretive Ozunu Aliit. He was raised from birth to be an assassin, with unswerving loyalty to Mand'alor and the rest of the Mando'ade. It is unknown how many people Grent has killed, or if Grent is even his real name. One thing that is known for certain, however, is that if his secret is ever found out, the Mandalorian is going to have to decide where his loyalties lie: with the vode of Ozunu Aliit, or with his new home and friends in the Vast Empire.

Changes from Standard Issue[edit]

Upon his introduction to Strill squadron, Grent soon managed to gain permission to use the helmet from a set of Katarn armour, so long as he purchased the armour separately and from his own personal bank balance. The main reason Grent wanted to wear the helmet, was because of its distinguishing 'T-visor', which reminded him of his Mandalorian heritage. It also provided a much better tactical readout on the HUD, than a regular flight helmet. Unbeknown to Grent when he gained permission to wear the unique helmet, was the fact that Strill pilots usually wear black Storm Commando armour into battle, as it allows the wearer to still access the cockpit, but also fight on the ground when needed. As such, at times, he has been informed that he may be required to change helmets to the standard issue helmet.

That day has not yet come.

Grent is also permitted to carry the DC-17m interchangeable weapons system. This rifle is a formidable weapon in the right hands, of which Grent's hands are. By itself, the rifle is powerful, with a fairly large clip. However, it can have around three different attachments, the two main ones being the sniper rifle attachment, and the other being the anti-armour attachment. Grent always carries the sniper rifle attachment with him, as sniping is one of his favourite hobbies. If he could carry a full size rifle in the cockpit, he would.


Pets, Droids and Others[edit]

Drawing of Tracyn, by Grent


Grent has one pet: the strill, Tracyn.

Traycn has been with Grent for a long time, and goes with him everywhere. On the Paragon, Tracyn's presence is tolerated, though Grent has been warned that if the strill misbehaves in anyway, it will be confined to quarters as a minimum.

Tracyn has been on training exercises with Grent before, and even a couple of covert missions, but, due to the size capacity of the cockpit of a TIE Hunter, the strill is unable to participate in any current afairs. As such, when Grent leaves the hangar, the strill can be found in the Strill SCO's office, waiting for his return.


R2-G7 is a recent addition to Grent's slowly growing family. Originally, the R2 unit was bought by Grent to assist in his new slicing pursuits. As such, Grent had planned to wipe the droid's memory to prevent the 'tin can' from spilling the beans. However, the droid impressed Grent so much in a trial run of his slicing abilities, that Grent made the conscious decision to not wipe R2-G7's memory, so as to allow him to learn.

The Paragon welcomes G7 more than she does Tracyn, mainly due to the fact that droids don't slobber everywhere, smell really badly to the male population, or try to bite the hand off anyone that tries to stroke it.


HK-52 is a HK series combat and assassin droid, built from parts found and bought by Gur and one of his flight members. H, as he known as, masquerades as a protocol and bodyguard droid for Grent. In truth, his assassination protocols have simply been made secondary.

Service History[edit]


Insignia Rank Start Until Reason for Promotion
CRWSFC.JPG Crewman December 9, 2011 February 13, 2013 Joined the VE Navy
LCRWSFC.png Leading Crewman February 13, 2013 May 12, 2013 Passed Training
SCRWSFC.png Senior Crewman N/A N/A Skipped
PO2SFC.png Petty Officer 2nd Class May 12, 2013 October 12, 2013 Excellent Service to the Navy
PO1.PNG Petty Officer 1st Class N/A N/A Skipped
CPO.PNG Chief Petty Officer October 12, 2013 October 24, 2013 "For great writing and enthusiasm"
SCPO.PNG Senior Chief Petty Officer October 24, 2013 Completed all three tiers of first Certification (Top Gun)


Position Start Until Reason
Trainee December 9, 2011 February 13, 2013 Joined the VE Navy
Flightmember.png February 13, 2013 May 12, 2013 Assigned to 58th (Strill) Squadron
Flightleader.png May 12, 2013 June 21, 2013 Made Flight Leader of Cresh Flight
Squadronxo.png June 21, 2013 October 18, 2013 Made SXO of Strill
Squadroncommander.png October 18, 2013 Present Made SCO of Strill


Ribbon Award Award Name Date Received Reason
CaptainsOwn.png [*CO*] Captain's Own March 5, 2013; April 1, 2013; May 1, 2013 Part of Strill Squadron, which was awarded the award for excellent performance in the Counterpunch: Death campaign.
BWC.gif [BWC] Bronze Writing Commendation April 14, 2013 25 Career Writing Posts
ImpGuardian.png [*IG*] Imperial Guardian May 5, 2013 Diligence and perseverance, in particular where OOC interpersonal communication is concerned.
CAR.png [CAR] Combat Achievement Ribbon May 12, 2013 Flying a shuttle of injured personnel to safety, whilst injured, in the midst of battle.
VCBlurib.gif [VC:B] Victory Cross: Blue May 12, 2013 "For the story, to which he contributed 19 posts and over 16k words, and for his OOC contributions to the character and camaraderie of Strill Squadron, and for his dutiful utilization of the Ancillary Skills and Naval Certifications systems."
DD Death.png [CC:D] Counterpunch Campaign Award: Death May 12, 2013 Participation in Counterpunch: Death.
CNQST.png [CNQST] Legion of Conquest May 12, 2013 Participation in a record breaking story.
WMaward0.png [WM0] Wiki Maintenance Award Level 0 August 1, 2013 Wiki up to date.
NS H.gif [NS-H] Naval Service Ribbon Half Year August 13, 2013 Half year of service.
CaptainsOwn.png [*CO*] Captain's Own September 5, 2013 "have posted a lot and Strill Squadron has been looking very good!"
SWC.gif [SWC] Silver Writing Commendation October 3, 2013 50 Career Writing Posts
VCsilrib.gif [VC:S] Victory Cross: Silver October 12, 2013 "For great writing and enthusiasm"
BRC.gif [BRC] Bronze Recruitment Commendation November 2, 2013 For recruiting one new pilot to the Vast Empire Fleet
WMaward1.png [WM1] Wiki Maintenance Award Level 1 November 7, 2013 Wiki up to date.
NS 1.gif [NS-1] Naval Service Ribbon One Year February 13, 2014 One year of service.
NS 2.gif [NS-2] Naval Service Ribbon Two Years February 13, 2015 Two years of service.
NS 3.gif [NS-3] Naval Service Ribbon Three Years February 13, 2016 Three years of service.
NS 4.gif [NS-4] Naval Service Ribbon Four Years February 13, 2017 Four years of service.
NS 5.gif [NS-5] Naval Service Ribbon Five Years February 13, 2018 Five years of service.
NS 6.gif [NS-6] Naval Service Ribbon Six Years February 13, 2019 Six years of service.

Story Participation Log[edit]

Longest recorded post: Gurlanin: Top Gun Tier 3. 3,100 words.

Story Participation
Story Start Date End Date Type Post Count
Raptor: Overwhelming Odds!  ? Training 1
Raptor: Disaster!  ? Training 1
Counterpunch: Death February 9, 2013  ? Campaign 19
Gurlanin: Ground Strike February 21, 2013  ? Ancillary Skill 1
Gurlanin: Ground Strike v2 February 22, 2013  ? Ancillary Skill 1
Gurlanin: To be the best...  ? Character Development 1
Gurlanin: Top Gun Tier 1 February 23, 2013  ? Certification 1
Gurlanin: Advanced Flight Manoeuvres February 24, 2013  ? Ancillary Skill 1
Gurlanin: Infiltration February 24, 2013  ? Ancillary Skill 2
Gurlanin: Starfighter Tactics February 25, 2013  ? Ancillary Skill 2
Gurlanin: Gunnery March 6, 2013  ? Ancillary Skill 2
Gurlanin: Shuttle Piloting April 27, 2013  ? Training 2
VEN: Heart of the Second May 10, 2013  ? Character Development 5
Gurlanin: Slicing May 13, 2013  ? Ancillary Skill 1
Gurlanin: Top Gun Tier 2 May 14, 2013  ? Certification 1
Gurlanin: Zero Gravity Combat May 15, 2013  ? Ancillary Skill 1
Gurlanin: Xeno-Martial Arts June 27, 2013  ? Ancillary Skill 1
Chapter 9 Prelude: Navy June 28, 2013  ? Campaign 8
Gurlanin: Top Gun Tier 3 October 23, 2013  ? Certification 1
Chapter 9: Navy Part 1: Arrival November 3, 2013  ? Campaign 3
Gurlanin: Astrogation November 4, 2013  ? Ancillary Skill 1
Revival November 4, 2013  ? Character Development 2
Total: 58