Counterpunch Campaign Award

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These unique ribbons were awarded to pilots and officers who served during the Counterpunch Campaign against the Imperial Dominion.

These ribbons were made around the theme of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, one horseman for each stage of the Campaign. The colour of the horse head on each matches the colour of the legendary figure, and is flanked either side by a symbol appropriate to that horseman (a bow, a set of scales, swords, scythe).

Abbreviation: [CC:1][CC:2][CC:3][CC:4]
(Note: The abbreviation only relates to how many of these one has received. So participation in any one Counterpunch story earns [CC:1], and any two earns [CC:2] and so on. They are not linked to individual stories, nor can anyone have more than one [CC] in their ID line.)

Counterpunch Campaign: Pestilence
DD Pestilence.png

Counterpunch Campaign: Famine
DD Famine.png

Counterpunch Campaign: War
DD War.png

Counterpunch Campaign: Death
DD Death.png