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Joamer Tremaine Reistlin
Military Information



Sergeant Major


Raiders Squad


Wildcard Platoon


Phoenix Company


Dragon Battalion


Osiris Regiment


Stormtrooper Corps


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Biographical Information

Leria Kerlsil


54, real age. 28 years subtracted for physical age due to carbonite freezing.





Skin Color





210 lbs

Hair Color

Black, but usually shaved.

Eye Color



One on the inside of his right wrist, one on his right chest.


Both arms.

Personal Information
  • Hyuir Restlin(Father)
  • Yernin Tremaine(Mother)
  • Ferris 'Akilla' Roellun(Sister)

"What do you hear?"
"Nothing, but the rain."
"Grab your gun and bring in the cat."
Admiral William "Bill" Adama, Captain Kara "Starbuck" Thrace

Born in 42 BBY on Leria Kerlsil, Leria Kersil system, mid rim. Early life is still a dark haze due to the a rare case of hybernation sickness. This came about due to the twenty eight years he spent frozen in carbonite. Recent events have shed light on his past life. He always thought his roll as one of the Black Sun was only as support, his World seemed to crash down around him when he found out he was in fact a slave trader, and a very good one at that. A very close friend told him 'Who he used to be, is not who he is now.'

Joined the Vast Empire and became a Storm Trooper in 8 ABY, currently has no plans to leave.

Current status

Storm Trooper Corps

  • Rank Sergeant Major, serving as Squad Leader in Raiders, in the Wildcard platoon. Trooper number 36706.
  • Squad Leader
April 9th, 2011
  • Assistant Squad Leader
March 27th, 2011
  • Academy Command Staff
September 8, 2009
  • Training Instructor, Academy (Promoted)
July 15, 2009 - September 8, 2009
  • Drill Instructor (Revamped)
December, 2008 - Till Academy Reformat
  • Training Adviser (Promoted)
September, 2008 - December, 2008

Freelance Operations

  • One of the founding members of the Yosefin Freighting Service.

Notable skills

  • Has become a decent pilot, dog fighting skills not withstanding.
  • Has been shown to have leadership abilities.
  • Bonds slowly with people, but the bond lasts a lifetime.
  • Is becoming a experienced fighter with an MG-1 Electrostaff.



Appearance & Personality

Height: 6'0

Weight: 210 pounds

Hair Color: Black, but he usually keeps it shaved.

Eye Color: Blue

Build: Muscular

Cybernetics: Obtained from a private benefactor, his twin model C-45T cyber systems are state-of-the-art. Using highly advanced motor control nerve reaction simulators, they are capable of responding faster than biological arms.

The strength capacity of the arms is classified, known only to him. But he has shown to be able to hold and fire a EHWB-10 heavy repeating blaster with no stand, and still maintain accuracy. It's been said that he could pull the arms off a Wookie, but no one knows for sure.

Power is supplied by the T-5 series gelpacks located in hidden and protected places along the arms. Various modifications including the placement of the model RLW-77 wrist laser system, and two short vibro knives have been made over the months.

The gel packs have a half life of roughly two thousand years, though with the use he puts them through he might need to have them replaced in fifty years.

Update: After several years of using cybernetic legs, an experimental procedure now has him sporting organic legs, cloned from his own cells. He chose to keep the cybernetic arms, but he now has living organic skin grafts that can be used to hide the cybernetic systems when needed.

Other Character Details:

Personality: Easy going for the most part, has a tendency to mumble to himself on occasion. Unable to remember all of his past, due to a rare case of hibernation sickness brought on by the twenty eight year improper encasement in carbonite. Works well in small dysfunctional groups.

Personal Life

Joamer being a civilian.

Contrary to popular belief he does have a life outside the Storm Trooper Corps. He enjoys vacations away from the hectic lifestyle of a Trooper. Being promoted to Squad Leader of RAIDERS has been difficult for him. Due to past experiences, he has never wished to lead a group of people ever again. His first mission in which he has operational control four month before he joined the Empire lead to two of the three man team dead. Accepting the fact he is now in control of many lives is something he has not achieved yet. It is believed he never will accept it, only continue to do his best to insure the safety of his squad.

He does go places out of uniform, or out of his multitude sets of armor he has. One such article of clothing is a simple, but expensive suit. He is known to have a lavish lifestyle outside of the Vast Empire, some have commented he seems to be 'living above his paygrade.' He has never commented on how he manages to have a large amount of credits.

Four previous attempts to locate his parents ended in failure, on the fifth he was successful. His sister ended up in his squad by pure chance. They eventually put enough pieces of their lives together to figure out they were brother and sister. She told him about what happened during the years he vanished, and where his parents were not at. She told him they moved to Yashuvhu for many years before moving to Dantooine, Naboo, and finally Torin at various times during his twenty eight year absence.

It is of note that the planet Torin is extremely difficult to find, and even with the proper coordinates actually getting a nav computer to locate it is a tricky process. It is located deep in the outer rim, so far out few have even heard of it.


Ayme, Jaenna, Joamer.

Ever since he was found and thawed he has not had anyone special in his life. He went almost two years in the Corps before he found he could care for anyone.

A hand full of days from the beginning of the Hrail Campaign Joamer's life changed forever. A single young pair of eyes turned his nice quiet safe world upside down. It was weeks before he could bring it under a semblance of control again. Due to multiple reasons, he decided it was time he seek a transfer to another squad. His request was accepted and after the Hrail campaign was completed he joined the RAIDERS squad.

Over the next days, and weeks he began to control the emotions that would float to the surface every time he was around Jaenna Caldwin, the now Squad Leader of RAIDERS. He was not sure if she returned the feelings, he would probably never know when he noticed he found himself more attached to her assistant squad leader Ayme 'Havock' Katash. He knew within the first moment of seeing her they had been destined to be together. He felt it in every fiber of his being.

He fought the feelings though, he knew it was against regulations to care this much for someone who was your commanding officer. Weeks passed and he was unable to control it anymore, his nightmare began during the squads planned week long vacation. He found out slowly piece by piece he might never stand next to her.

Joamer on a bad day.

During the attack on Tadath by Thrawn, he found life was truly unfair. Ayme had chosen Jaenna, he knew they were the better match. Even now he is not sure if he's reached the bottom of the sink hole he fell into.

After retiring from the army for over a year his relationship status has evolved again. He's locked any feelings he's had for anyone deep down. He knows duty to the corps comes first before any real relationship, specially now being Squad Leader.

Living Arrangements

After the attack on Tadath, Joamer decided it was time to move out of the barracks. Partly due to the fact he needed time to be alone and the other is because he had always wanted his own house.

The back view of the Villa.

Zyntre Villa was bought in full by Joamer a month after the attack. It is located roughly sixty klicks away from Fort Sexton. Set in the center of woodlands, offering complete privacy.

Three stories, mostly glass construction lets in daytime light. Giving the place a open welcome feel, at night being this far away from civilization the outside is pitch black when the flood lights are off. The sky opens up and you can see nothing but stars, on some nights you can see the plane of the Galaxy spread lazily across the nights sky. For someone who has always loved space travel it is very relaxing.

The front view of the Villa.

In the front is the main door, and the underground parking garage. It is big enough to keep a good number of his vehicles, and most of his armory. It of course has a swimming pool, something no house should be without.

Lightly furnished and decorated tastefully he rarely throws parties. Instead keeping the villa a near secret so he can have some place to run to to escape for a few hours. The time he spents at the villa is now considerably lessoned due to the demands of being Squad Leader.


Early History

Recent situations have caused many people to question whether or not Yashuvhu is Joamer's real home world. He remains mute on if it is or not, the picture he has of his 'old neighborhood' clearly shows a city view that does not exist on Yashuvhu.

From the long nights spent laying awake trying to remember a name he found it. Stokoryce. He remembered this was his hometown, so he went to work searching. After hours spent hunkered over a computer he found Leria Kerlsil. Located in the Mid Rim, it had one sun Leria Kersil and two planets. Telil Menin was a rock, no complex lifeforms to speak of. Leria Kerlsil was the primary planet.

Most of the next section was a story he pieced together during the early stages of his career. It is now considered mostly inaccurate. A more detailed and true account of his past is slowly emerging as pieces of his old life come back to him. Some of them more dark then others.

Born twenty four years before the start of the clone wars on the planet Yashuvhu. Located in Wild Space, bordering the unknown regions. His early life was boring for the most part, backwater planets had more fun then he did. At the age of eighteen he was given a Firefly class light transport already heavily modified to carry cargo. After the age of seventeen his father gave him command of the transport, and retired from the business of making core runs.

Stokoryce City, Capital of Leria Kerlsil.

Note- He is not sure how accurate the next section is now. He is only sure that the carbonite storage incident is in fact true.

Joined the Yashuvhu security force around the age of eighteen, but due to the slow pace of life there was little to do except take pot shots at random things on long days. When the news reached them that the clone wars had begun, he dropped everything and made his way to Coruscant. Upon arrival he put his ship into long term storage and tried to find a recruiter, but was waylaid en route and tossed into an inadequate carbon storage facility. Deep in the underbelly of the city he remained frozen for twenty eight years.

Twenty eight years in carbon storage is nothing if properly done. However extended freezing time in outdated facilities leads to uncertain complications. Loss of left arm and leg, loss of all body hair, and extensive memory loss. During the slow rehabilitation he was able to find his old ship and reacquire it.

Leria Kerlsil is his home planet. He was born 42 BBY, served in the city guard for years before he gained the title of Captain of the Guard. Retired a year later when his more adventurous side took over. Met Zyti Murnoc, a Black Sun slave trader who took the young man under his wing.

His life as a slave trader for the criminal organization will never be fully accounted for. He knows he was a slave trader, bounty hunter for a short time, and other more profitable things. He has recently decided to seek an absolution for his crimes. He knows his old life is long since dead, but he can not hide from the guilt he carries with him.

The Black Sun

Recent events have lead him to make contact with an organization he used to belong to. A month after the Thrawn attack, the RAIDERS were in bad shape. Most of the squad had vanished on leave, or simply decided to vanish altogether. The two that remained were Ayme Katash, and Joamer Reistlin. After the death of Ghost Squad, they both decided they wanted time away from the Empire. So they boarded one of Joamer's ships and left.

Arriving at Corellia, they met up with two of Ayme's old friends. After a few days they decided more family was needed, so they went in search of her parents. Information led them to Coruscant, that is when their trail went cold. Joamer upon hearing Ayme's true history, decided to free her once in for all from the Black Sun. He would not have her living as a slave anymore.

His Black Sun Tattoo.

Making contact with the organization that was a shadow of its former self, he pleaded with them to free her. He offered his services once again in exchange. They agreed, and branded him as one of their own, or so he believed. When he returned to the hotel he found she had been captured, and would be sold at a slave auction in a few days time.

He came close to losing the auction, his last rival bid more money then he had, and he watched as the auctioneer counted down from five. He prepared for one final charge at the stage in an attempt to free her, but was stopped when Jed, Ayme's adopted father, showed up and bid enough money to free her. Within an hour they had left Coruscant behind, and were on their way back home to Tadath.

Ayme told him 'Who he used to be, is not the man he is now.' He regrets the things he did in his past life, even though he knows he can never repay the debt he owes the Galaxy. He hopes he can find some measure of peace knowing she is finally free from the burden of the Black Sun.

Retirement and Return

Events following the attack by Thrawn, caused him to remove himself from active duty in order to reassess his position as a Storm Trooper. He spent the year traveling, searching for another place to call home. His travels took him eventually to his old haunts, where he got in touch with friends he thought long dead. A nagging voice in the back of his head constantly warned him he needed to go back.

Eventually the voice won out, and he returned to active service.

Yosefin Freighting Service

Nothing of importance to report yet. The company is still getting on its feet. The company handles security for cargo transport operations, as well as lending fighters and freighters out at increased prices.

Vast Empire History

Academy history

His attempt at being subtle.

Six months is the usual time new recruits spend at the Academy. Due to heavy losses suffered in recent battles he was given the accelerated course, he spent only fifty six days at the academy. Now, with numerous missions under his belt he has found himself taking Academy classes again, something he does not like, and neither do the Instructors. Teaching a former Drill Instructor is not something people like to do.

The story of how he came to be a member of the Empire can be found here in A Story Begins.

The Twilight of the Wraith Squad

Joamer being arrested.
After enough time with the Wraith squad, he eventually crossed the line. This is what it took to arrest him. The Empire had tracked the squad down, it did not take them long. Though, they did bring more then enough firepower to make sure they came quietly. He was the last Wraith to be arrested, he had been on another mission when they came for him. Luckily for him he was trained in escaping, and the guards were not briefed properly on just how good one of them are.

The Trial.
At the trial he ignored what was said, he knew the truth. The charges included the murder of Derrand squad, over one hundred million accounts of manslaughter with at least 500,000 more pending. This number came out to be the entire population of Serrell, minus those who made it out. The evidence of the squad supporting Albatross was given in such a way that a quick death would follow the trial. He knew he had to make his escape quickly, Albatross had ties to the Empire somehow, and he doubted he would survive long in prison system that that man had contacts in.

Jail Break.
This is what happens when you let down your guard when guarding a Wraith. Due to his training no guards were seriously injured, but some still hold grudges. Avoiding the patrols he made his way to the squads landing pad and hijacked one of his ships. He jumped out of system before any real pursuit could get under way. He stopped for what seemed a lifetime at Er'Kit, in the Gircho Sector. After waiting and nearly being detected he received the signal he was hoping would be sent. The most important thing it said was Corellia.

Quickly making his way to a very bad sector of space he finally breathed a sigh of relief when he met up with the squad. It took them a few days but they were finally able to find a trail leading away from Corellia. Quickly leaving that hellhole of a planet they followed the trail to Ord Mantel, when they arrived they found things that haunt their dreams even to this day.

After running for their lives from the things that were chasing them. They managed to find evidence to clear their names, but the true murderer still roams the Galaxy, waiting for his chance to strike.

Combat Engineer

He found out some time ago that he had gradually begun to lessen the amount of weapons he carried into missions. It came apparent during Hrail that his ability to create defenses was sorely lacking.

A few days after they got back to Tadeth, he completed the second assignment on the third tier of heavy weapons. He found the exercise boring and did nothing for him, he had come to discover he was no longer a Heavy Weapons Specialist.

He sent in a specialization transfer request to Combat Engineer, three days later it was granted. He hopes with this training, the squads dependence on his ability to create defenses will not cause the injuries it did on Hrail.

Attack by Thrawn

During the few days of rest they received after the Praexus mission, the rogue Imperial element lead by Thrawn attacked Tadath. The events during that campaign are recorded and can be publicly accessed in other locations.

Memorial Plaque.

One thing that was not recorded is the valor, gallantry, and bravery shown by a special ops commando group, known as Ghost Squad. They were activated when the RAIDERS were captured, their mission was rescue and retrieval. The RAIDERS are alive today because of them, not a soul still remains of Ghost squad. They sacrificed their lives in order to see the RAIDERS original mission completed.

Some of the RAIDERS are having a difficult time coping with the sacrifice. A memorial plaque hangs in the squads ready room. In dedication to the sacrifice made in their name.

Weapons and Ships

Standard Equipment

Modified Shadow Armor

Joamer's modified Shadow Armor.

Modified Shadow armor. No insignia or emblems adorn this armor, only simple effectiveness. The rating of the armor itself is much lower then standard storm trooper armor, this means getting into a hairy firefight is a big mistake. To compensate the stealth systems allow the trooper to move almost undetected by most security systems. The frequency given off by radios and scanners that are more often then not the reason why infiltrators are detected is rendered almost none existent with this suit. It has been shown time and again the detectable range of one of these is under ten feet, if you are that close to someone wearing this you are most likely already incapacitated, or a moment away from an untimely end.

Armat M41-A Pulse Rifle

ARMAT M41-A Pulse Rifle.

The M41A Pulse Rifle is an air cooled, fully automatic, short- to mid-range combat rifle. Made of light alloy plates, it fires 10x24mm Armor Piercing Caseless Rounds from a 100 round U-bend magazine in either semi automatic, four round burst, or fully automatic rates of fire. The Pulse rifle has a small battery powered digital readout screen that displays number of rounds left in the magazine; the battery is located in the handgrip. With a retractable stock and an underslung over-and-under 30 millimeter pump action grenade launcher, this is one rifle you do not want to be on the receiving end of.

R-1A Particle Magnum

R-1A Particle Magnum.

The R-1A Particle Magnum is a highly sought after energy weapon. Few are known to exist, and those that carry them are often killed once the news is out. Its lowest setting is a stun blast capable of rendering a target unconscious for a number of hours, but leaving them otherwise unharmed. It also has a kill setting. The recoil is greater then most blaster pistols of its size. It uses the standard Tybanna gas, energy cell setup. It has the appearance of a long-barreled revolver; with the rear part of the cylinder glowing red like the blasts it fires. However, the cylinder color shows what setting the weapon is on, red is stun and white is kill.

DC-15A Heavy Blaster Rifle


Has been heavily modified over the years, it now used primarily as a sniper rifle. The barrel and main body can be disconnected to be carried in a harness on his back. On maximum power, a shot from a DC-15A could leave a 0.5 meter hole in any ferroconcrete wall; however, firing at maximum power caused a greater rate power consumption, reducing the number of shots per power pack from 100 to 10 round. If the settings are at full power and short range, the rifle has a strong tendency to overheat and melt internal components. With the modifications it is unclear just how powerful this weapon is.

Self-Defense Engines Frontier Model B

Self-Defense Engine Frontier Model B.

His chosen sidearm, has been modified slightly to include an adjustable power setting. The Model B is a multi-use sidearm. It is capable of firing several different types of ordinance. The first is a model Gauss/Coilgun carriage backed up by a conventional hammer-based firing system. The coilgun carriage is powered by a spun Tibanna gas cartridge as found in many galactic blasters. The pistol can hold six shells. Gauss shells can hold multiple shots, with a 4-in-1 ratio being common.

Twin Vibro Saber Knives

Twin Vibro Saber Knives.

When things get up close and personal he relies on these beauties. Twelve and a half inch obsidian wrap around blades accented with saw teeth on the back edge. He was told they had been smelted with phrik added to the mix, but he has never put the rumor to the test. Vibro generators in the hilts allow the weapons to utilize high-speed sonic vibrations. He fears the day these blades are turned against him.

Stormtrooper Corps Service History


Insignia Rank Start Until Reason for Promotion
PVT.png Private September 10th, 2007 September 11th, 2007 "Joined the Vast Empire"
PFC.png Private First Class September 11th, 2007 Unknown, 2007 "Graduated Echelon/Academy Training"
CPL.png Corporal Unknown, 2007 May, 2008 "Outstanding Participation"
SGT.png Sergeant May, 2008 October 12th, 2008 "Activity"
SSG.png Senior Sergeant October 12th, 2008 July 05, 2009 "Outstanding activity in the Squad"
GSG.png Gunnery Sergeant July 05, 2009 September 7th, 2009 "Achieving unbelievable levels of activity throughout the competition"
SFC.png Sergeant First Class September 7th, 2009 November 8th, 2009 "Performance during ESC'09"
SSG.png Senior Sergeant November 8th, 2009 March 27th, 2011 "Double demotion for going rogue."
GSG.png Gunnery Sergeant March 27th, 2010 April 25th, 2011 "High levels of activity."
SFC.png Sergeant First Class April 25th, 2011 June 19th, 2011 "Hard work on the Thyveck Campaign"
1SG.png First Sergeant June 19th, 2011 October 2nd, 2011 "Double promotion from the Thyveck Campaign"
SGM.png Sergeant Major October 2nd, 2011  ? "Activity"

Awards & Commendations

Ribbon Award Award Name Date Received Reason
EW1rib.gif [EW:1C] Emperor's Will First Class Unknown Outstanding Service
ES1rib.gif [ES:1C] Emperor's Shield First Class Unknown Outstanding Service
ES1rib.gif [ES:1C] Emperor's Shield First Class October 12th, 2008 Outstanding Service
LoRrib.jpg [LoR] Letter of Recommendation Unknown Fantastic promise displayed at the Academy
BoHrib.gif [BoH] Banner of Hast September, 2008 8.5 Story Participation
SCArib.gif [SCA] Sapphire Crystal of Anteevy December, 2008 Participated in the HSC '08 competition
EW1rib.gif [EW:1C] Emperor's Will First Class July 7th, 2009 Outstanding activity in the Hrail competition
DOH-P.jpg [DoH-P] Platinum Dust of Hrail July 7th, 2009 Highest number of posts in the Hrail competition
BCrib.gif [BC] Bronze Cross July 19th, 2009 75 Successful Storynet stories.
AoTrib.gif [AoT] Aegis of Tadath Sept 6, 2009 Participation in ESC'09
{RES} Resolute Commendation Sept 6, 2009 For posting 7 quality posts in a one week period
KADrib.gif [KAD] Cresent of Kadann Sept 6, 2009 This award recognizes those people who manage, through skill and dedication, to imagine and write up the complex, deep, interesting characters that form the basis of our connection with the Vast Empire.
RoTrib.gif [RoT] Ring of Tranquility Sept 6, 2009 For excellent service during the ESC'09
ESCrib.gif [ESC09] Elite Squad Competition, 2009  ? Participation in the Elite Squad Competition, 2009
EW2rib.gif [EW2] Emperor's Will Second Class March 27th, 2011 High levels of activity.
IHrib.gif [IH] [Army Awards June 19th, 2011 Thyveck Campaign
File:VTrib.gif [VT] [Army Awards June 19th, 2011 Thyveck Campaign

Service Ribbons

Ribbon Award Award Name Date Received Reason
AS H.gif [AS-H] Army Service Ribbon (Half Year) March, 2008 Half a Year of Active Service in the STC
AS 1.gif [AS-1] Army Service Ribbon (One Year) September, 2008 One Year of Active Service in the STC
AS 2.gif [AS-2] Army Service Ribbon (Two years) September 11th,2009 Two Years Active Service in the STC
AS 3.gif [AS-3] Army Service Ribbon (Three Years) September 11th,2010 Three Years Active Service in the STC
AS 4.gif [AS-4] Army Service Ribbon (Four Years) September 11th,2011 Four Years Active Service in the STC

Mission Log

Story Participation
Story Start Date End Date Type Post Count
Raiders Phase II September 19th, 2007  ? Squad(Raiders) 2
Sith Spit October 4th 2007  ? Squad(Raiders) 1
Through the Scope January 8th 2008  ? Squad(Wraith) 1
Dead Men Tell No Lies May 23rd 2008  ? Squad(Wraith) 6
Into Talon's Den September 13th 2008  ? Squad(Iron Horse) 8
Three of a Kind September 18th 2008  ? Personal 3
Games Two Can Play September 19th 2008  ? Quick Write(QW '08) 5
Wraith Are Legend October 12th, 2008  ? Squad(Wraith) 2
My True Enemy Gave to Me... (HSC '08) December 1st, 2008  ? (HSC '08) 2
QW (QW '08) September 19th, 2008  ? (Qw '08) 5
Undying (Wildcard May Comp) May 1st, 2009  ? (Wildcard May comp) 42
War Games May 7th, 2009  ? Squad(Raiders) 3
Praexus II: Looks Like Its Going to Rain June 23rd, 2009  ? Squad(Raiders) 5
A Trip To Nowhere: PT 2 June 23, 2009  ? Personal 1
A Story Begins May 5th, 2009  ? Personal 1
A Night at Sea May 25, 2009  ? Imperial Ball 1
Chillax, homeslice July 13th, 2009  ? Personal 7
ESC Storyline - RAIDERS July 19th, 2009  ? '09 ESC 32
Old Dogs, New tricks September 9th, 2009  ? Squad(Raiders) 2
Who Watches the Watchers? September 26, 2009  ? Squad(Raiders) 5
Missing Rizzit - Complete September 29, 2009  ? Secret 1
A Quiet Day. October 5, 2009  ? Personal 1
Humble Beginnings (YFS-RAF) September 10, 2009  ? Personal 2
Four Troopers and a Baby October 13, 2009  ? Personal 6
"One Of Our Own" - WildCard Platoon February 24, 2011  ? Platoon 4
Party Crashers (Phoenix Company Style Fun) March 29, 2011  ? Phoenix Company 2
Army Campaign, 2011 April 5, 2011  ? Campaign 26
Total: 176

Specialty Training

Under the reformed specialization course he has completed.

  • 5.1 Technician
  • 6.1 Marksman

Transferred from Heavy Weapons to Combat Engineer.

Evolution-tasks.png Specialty Progress:

Combat Engineer
                            Level                                                                     Training Course                                         Done
Electrical Systems (1) Basic Electronics/Wiring GreenCheck.png
Electrical Systems (1) Electrical Systems GreenCheck.png
Demolitions and Fortifications (2) Field Fortifications RedX.png
Demolitions and Fortifications (2) Explosives Deployment RedX.png
Construction (3) Bridging and Rigging RedX.png
Construction (3) Construction Skills RedX.png
Material Manipulation (4) Materials Science RedX.png
Material Manipulation (4) Metal Fabrication RedX.png
Advanced Explosives Use (5) Sabotage and Demolitions RedX.png
Advanced Explosives Use (5) Mine/Countermine RedX.png
Terrain Management (6) Navigation RedX.png
Terrain Management (6) Battlefield Recon RedX.png
Qualified Combat Engineer (7) Improvised Munitions RedX.png
Qualified Combat Engineer (7) Target Analysis RedX.png
Final Exam TBD}}} RedX.png
Final Exam TBD}}} RedX.png
Final Exam TBD}}} RedX.png

Evolution-tasks.png Specialty Progress:

Heavy Weapons Specialist
                            Level                                                                     Training Course                                         Done
Cover Tactics (1) Fire Support Tactics GreenCheck.png
Cover Tactics (1) Indirect Fire Operations GreenCheck.png
Precision Marksmanship (2) Precision Range Shooting GreenCheck.png
Precision Marksmanship (2) Range Finding & Advanced Vector Calculation GreenCheck.png
Weapons and Electronics Repair (3) Small Arms Repair GreenCheck.png
Weapons and Electronics Repair (3) Armament Maintenance and Repair GreenCheck.png
Weapons and Electronics Repair (3) Military Electronics Repair GreenCheck.png
Weapon Systems (4) Weapons Emplacement RedX.png
Weapon Systems (4) Integrated Combined Arms Fire Control Placement RedX.png
Weapon Systems (4) Imperial, NR, CSA Weapon Systems RedX.png
Light Squad Support Weapons (5) TBD}}} RedX.png
Light Squad Support Weapons (5) TBD}}} RedX.png
Light Squad Support Weapons (5) TBD}}} RedX.png
Medium Squad Support Weapons (6) TBD}}} RedX.png
Medium Squad Support Weapons (6) TBD}}} RedX.png
Medium Squad Support Weapons (6) TBD}}} RedX.png
Heavy Squad Support Weapons (7) TBD}}} RedX.png
Heavy Squad Support Weapons (7) TBD}}} RedX.png
Heavy Squad Support Weapons (7) TBD}}} RedX.png
Non-Blaster Squad Support Weapons (8) TBD}}} RedX.png
Non-Blaster Squad Support Weapons (8) TBD}}} RedX.png
Non-Blaster Squad Support Weapons (8) TBD}}} RedX.png
Grenade Weapons (9) TBD}}} RedX.png
Grenade Weapons (9) TBD}}} RedX.png
Grenade Weapons (9) TBD}}} RedX.png