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Rising out of the Ashes of the past, fighting for the Glory of the Empire.

—Motto of Phoenix Company

As the 1st Vast Imperial Stormtrooper Company, Phoenix Company is considered to harbor the best Stormtrooper units in the Vast Empire service. The Company seemingly went by several different names before it's current designation, including Isis Company and, presumably, Dragon Detachment. Phoenix Company is leading the Vast Imperial Military into many campaigns. As of a recent order from the tactical officer, Phoenix Company is now the first ever SCOPE (Special/Conventional OPerations Element) unit in the Vast Empire Army. The current Commander of Phoenix Company is Captain Ayme 'Havock' Katash. The current Adjutant of Phoenix Company is 1st Lieutenant Garryll Gates. Phoenix Company is the 1st Company of Dragon Battalion.

Phoenix Company Emblem

Force Composition[edit]

Phoenix Company contains the following Platoons:

Phoenix Company Policies[edit]

Alright so you recently got into Phoenix Company (where else can you go?) or you’re an older member just peeking in, this is as the title says our policies.

Communication Protocols[edit]

Essentially not fussy as long as you are not abusive, we all know how to behave and if people start complaining you know you’re doing something wrong.

  • First Offense: A warning from the PC
  • Second Offense: A 30,000 IC fine, second warning
  • Third Offense: Demoted


You will become A.W.O.L. (Absent Without Official Leave) if you do one of two things;

  • Not post within two weeks
  • Do not appear for an A.W.O.L. Check

Returning AWOLS

  • Will be placed in an attachment for a period no less than 2 weeks before receiving squad placement.


Leave is a temporary status lasting less than a month, when going on leave the soldier must post on the leave boards and notify their superiors (if trooper notify ASL/SL if ASL/SL notify PA/PC so on forth)


If your intended leave is longer than a month you will be placed in reserves, upon returning membership in the same squad is not guaranteed and you will be placed where you are most needed.

Trials and Tribulations[edit]

So you got punished for something you feel you didn’t deserve, or you deem the punishment to be extremely severe for the offense. You do have the right for a trial, you will need to let your squad leader know, who will in turn let the platoon commander know and they will deem whether it is worth appealing or not.

SCOPE Equipment[edit]

In recent months the role of the Stormtrooper Corps has changed. We have been called upon to fulfill a vast variety of roles beyond our normal operational duties, and as such we must adapt. No longer can the Corps function in previously assigned roles; we must be fluid, willing to go where we are needed and do what must be done.

No longer can we afford to maintain our rigid classifications and labels. We must be willing, at a moment’s notice, to alter our strategy and our tactics to effectively counter an enemy. As such, this Special Directive will create a new operational unit, designed and intended to meet any threat that may arise.

This new unit, designated as a SCOPE team (Special/Conventional OPerations Element), will serve as a prototype for future combat companies. If it is successful, as it is expected to be, then the rest of the Corps will soon follow suit. By implementing these new SCOPE units throughout the Corps, we will achieve operational flexibility beyond anything previously imaginable. And through that flexibility, that fluidity of purpose and design that will allow the SCOPE teams to operate across the galaxy and perform any task that may arise, we will achieve success beyond the average.

It has been decided that Phoenix Company will serve as the very first SCOPE unit, the prototype upon which all the others will be based. As such, all platoons and squads within Phoenix Company are hereby re-designated as Special/Conventional Operations Elements. They will, in time, be equipped with upgraded weapons and armor, and they will receive advanced training on top of their already prestigious combat experience. In short, they will be readied to undertake the most difficult combat operations, both conventional and special in nature. They will be able to work with direct action teams, function within large combat elements, or operate on their own as highly departmentalized special forces squads. They will be the right hand of the Corps, the tip of the sword, both the first and last line of defense for Vast Empire space.

The face of war has changed. No longer can we rely on vast numbers and superior technology to win battles. We must change our tactics, our strategy, the way that we do battle, the way that we wage war, and the SCOPE program is only the beginning.

First Lieutenant Jegora Fal
Tactical Officer
Vast Empire Army – Stormtrooper Corps

This is a list of SCOPE squads standard loadout, any further equipment is by request or speciality only. If you want extra equipment check if it (or an equivalent) is listed under a spec. If so troopers with that spec ONLY may use those items, if not put in a request.

SCOPETrooper Armor[edit]

An upgraded version of Stormtrooper Armor that is now being rolled out for elite Stormtrooper units with a view to eventually replace the standard armor. The cost may be prohibitive in this respect, but the materials used for construction are both lighter and stronger than in the standard suit.



Choose one of:


Choose one of:

  • DL-44 Blaster Pistol
  • Q2s5 Hold-out Scout Blaster Pistol

Additional Gear[edit]

  • 2xFrag Grenades(any other grenades by spec only!)
  • Macrobinoculars
  • Rations

Army Specialization Program[edit]


Name Type Equipment Skills
1.1 Urban Combat Primary FC-1 flechette launcher, Flash Grenades Urban Tactics, Breaking unfortified windows/doors, Squad coordination in cramped, dangerous environments
1.2 Boarding Actions Primary FA-3 flechette launcher, Grenade launchers (inc smokes) How to assault a ship/station, How to set up an effective defensive line against assault shuttles.
2.1 First Responder Primary BactaStims, Emergency Blanket 60x90", Respirator Locker w/ 5 N95 Particulate Respirators, 3.5 oz. QuickClot Pack, First aid pack Basic First Aid
2.2 Field Medic Primary Laser scalpel, Surgical tools, Suture kit,Innoculation kit Trained in anatomy, physiology and first aid, Advanced First Aid
3.1 HVW Mobile anti infantry Primary T-21 light repeating blaster, Z-6 rotary blaster cannon Operation of mobile anti-personnel weaponry, Basic weapon maintenance, Basic anti-personnel tactics and theory
3.2 HVW Fixed anti infantry Primary E-Web, F-Web Heavy weapon emplacement operation, Heavy weapon emplacement maintenance, Heavy weapon emplacement tactics
4.1 Heavy Blasters Primary DLT-19 Heavy Blaster, Grenade Launchers Operation of heavy blasters, Operation of light explosive ordnance (grenade launchers), Basic anti-armour tactics and strategy
4.2 HVW Anti Armor Primary PLX-1 portable missile launcher, Anti-Vehicle Laser Cannons Operation of heavy anti-armour/anti-emplacement weaponry, Maintenance of heavy anti-armour/anti-emplacement weaponry, Anti-armour/anti-emplacement tactics and battle theory
5.1 Technician Primary Fixed communication devices, Mobile communication devices, Radio jamming systems, EMP grenades Basic Electrical Engineering, Rapid Information Distribution, Signal Jamming Techniques
5.2 Combat Engineer Primary CR-24 flame rifle, G-20 Glop grenade, Thermal detonators, Thermal detonator tape, Thermal Charges, Construction equipment/materials, Deconstruction equipment/materials, Blueprint reader/Engineering tablet Constructing/breaching trenches, Tank traps and other fortifications, Bunker construction, Bridge and road construction or destruction, Laying or clearing landmines, General engineering tasks under fire.
6.1 Marksman Primary DLT-20A blaster rifle, A280 blaster rifle Maintenance and use of long rifles, Greater accuracy over long ranges
6.2 Sharpshooter Primary E-11s sniper rifle, Slugthrowing Sniper Rifles Use of standard sniper rifles.
P1 Special Forces Prestige Mimetic Body Armor Unconventional warfare, Psychological warfare, Small group tactical warfare, Deep reconnaissance and intelligence gathering, Solo operations, Counterintelligence, Counterterrorism
P2 Combat Doctor Prestige Field Sterilization Kit, Hypodermic Needle, Quick-Cast Field Cast Kit, Pocket Respirator, Iodine Disinfectant Full Medical Training
P3 Shocktrooper Prestige TBA Advanced close-quarters combat tactics, 'Beachhead' tactics.
P4 Sniper Prestige TBA TBA
P5 Sapper Prestige TBA TBA
A1 Infiltration Ancillary Wire cutters, Camouflage SCOPE Armor infiltration techniques
A2 Pilot: Speeders Ancillary 74-Z Speeder Bike, Imperial Patrol Landspeeder, Reconnaissance Troop Transporter Use of military landspeeders and speeder bikes in combat situations.
A3 Pilot: Shuttles Ancillary Certification to fly approved shuttles. Ability to pilot shuttles under combat situations. You will NOT be experienced enough to fly special operations missions where stealth is required
A4 Pilot: Armor Ancillary AT-PT Piloting AT-PT, Experience of Piloting and Operating the weapons of a TX-130T repulsor tank, Ability to assist an AT-ST/AT crew, Theory on taking control of other common vehicles.
A5 Close Combat Ancillary None Unarmed Combat Using improvised weapons Using small bladed weapons
A6 Negotiations Ancillary Data files on body language by species, Translation unit Avoiding confrontations with native species, Negotiating with enemy troops in the field, Use of body language to avoid conflict (with training on differences in various species)
A7 Environmental Ancillary TBA TBA
A8 Mobile Ordanance Ancillary One Use droid missile launcher, Mortars Utilizing portable ordnance to destroy armor, pin down enemy formations and add a short term "punch" to a squads firepower.
A9 Scouting Ancillary Holo Recorder, Camouflage SCOPE Armor, Camouflage Speeder Bike (when combined with A2) Evaluating and analysing opposition forces, Pathfinding, Assisting your squad in avoiding/navigating hazardous terrain.
A10 Slicing Ancillary Slicing Kit Gaining access to terminals and using prewritten routines to access and affect military systems
A11 Interrogation Ancillary None Basic understanding of the drugs used in interrogations OR basic applicable field-usable training.
A12 Animal Handling Ancillary TBA TBA
A13 Vehicle Mechanic Ancillary TBA TBA
A14 Ballistics Engineer Ancillary Range finder, Ballistics Calculator Datapad Instructing your squad to use heavy field artillery, How best to relay information to artillery crews from the field, How best to dismantle/disable enemy artillery
A15 Xenobiology Ancillary None Anatomy of common alien species, Knowledge of threats/vulnerabilities in combat

Crusader Platoon[edit]

In the Holiday Squad Competition 2008, a fourth NPC unit, named Crusader Platoon, was named as under the command of Phoenix Company. However, Crusader does not show up on the roster and there is no record of it anywhere else on the VE database. The squads in Crusader were said to be:

Other Platoons[edit]

Throughout history various other platoons have been mentioned as under the command of the Phoenix Company Commander, and by extension Phoenix Company itself.

Other Platoons:

Previous Company Commanders[edit]

Name Start Until
Josev Dar'Namell August 19, 2001 October 6, 2002
Rizzit Blackheart June 26, 2005 September 7, 2008
Riqimo Pershaw September 7, 2008 December 24, 2008
Jikkyo Nimiichi June 14, 2009 September 6, 2009