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Ayme 'Havock' Katash
Military Information



Brigadier General




Wildcard Platoon


Phoenix Company


Dragon Battalion


Osiris Regiment


Stormtrooper Corps

  • Vast Empire Army
  • Black Sun Gang
  • Retathorn Gang
  • Osk Company
Physical Description


Skin color:









a small scar above her left eye from her life before living in the orphanage, a scar running from her right temple into her hairline from Hrail, scar on her lower back from being stabbed during the Thrawn invasion on Tadath.


Havock has a tattoo on her right wrist of the Black Sun gang Emblem. It looks as though it has been there for a very long time and she is very tight lipped about its origins and keeps it hidden as much as possible. In Fact she wears a thick leather bracelet over the wrists when out of uniform to hid the tattoo.

Biographical Information

Ansion (Corellia after age 9)







  • Jed Katash (Uncle/Foster Father)
  • Zasati "Aeos" Katash (Sister)
  • Aryanna "Whiskey" Graves (Twin Sister)
  • Jarick and Sarissa Sol Katash (Parents Diseased)
  • Kenrick and Eri'anya Molokai Katash (Grandparents)
  • Katash Family
Fighting Style:


Everyone I know is fighting to get back what they had. I'm fighting 'cause I don't know how to do anything else.


Ayme 'Havock' Katash is a young trooper who has fought her way through life and has no plans to stop any time soon. She values the life of those closest to her above all else and would gladly lay down her life to protect them.

She is a capable vehicle mechanic and driver. Havock is a certified Vehicle Crewman, specializing in Repulsorlift Vehicles. She is skilled in stealth, but prefers a straight fight to talk, her patience has suffered from a combination her more reckless youth and hot-headed temper. Havock learns from her mistakes and is eager to learning new skills. Due to her accident prone nature, Karash took to teaching her some medical skills while she was in RAIDERS. She is capable at basic first aid and typically carries a small med kit with her on missions. She still has a tendency to get injured regardless of her precautions.

She spent most of her childhood on the streets of Corellia. She was adopted at the age of 13 by the leader of a very small street gang, they called themselves the Retathorn Gang. The Reta's specialized in robbing and some weapons and drug trading, they also reported directly to the Black Sun Gang, a fact she did not learn until many years later. She joined the VEA at the age of 18 and spent her years as an NCO in RAIDERS squad. She moved up the ranks as time went on and became Wildcard Platoon Commander, then Phoenix Company Commander, and after a few years as Executive Officer of the Army she was named the Prefect.

Current Status[edit]

Notable skills[edit]

  • Havock likes to repair things, especially vehicles and her swoop racers.
  • Havock is improving at hand-to-hand combat and uses a stance similar to a boxer.
  • Jed taught Havock how to handle a blaster pistol from a young age, she is better with these small weapons than larger rifles from their lessons.
  • Havock loves to mountain climb and used to do it often growing up.
  • Havock is a decent pilot and has improved from her training as a Vehicle Crewman.
  • Can perform basic first aid if need be.


  • Basic


Havock has a Small, Athletic Build. She has blond hair, which she will often pull back into a ponytail. She has a scar above her left eye which she already had when she was found by the nurses. Her eyes are blue, but hazy and could be mistaken for grey. Havock is typically unkempt, even in uniform.


Early Life[edit]


Katash Farmhouse, Ansion - Havock's birthplace.
Ansion, thats where it all started. A crappy, small, nowhere planet like Ansion. The Katash family already had a daughter, Zasanti, when they moved to the land of rolling grasslands. That girl was a thinker, she studied things before she acted, she thought about her decisions and reflected. Ayme could not have been more different.

Ayme was born on Ansion, the youngest in a set of identical twins. Her twin, Aryanna, was yet another version of a Katash woman. Ary was a leader, in every way. She looked at a situation, analyzed it then acted taking as many people who would follow her into her personal battles. All three girls shared a stubbornness and intelligence that was unmatched.

They all lived together in a country house on Ansion with friends of the family, the Kray's, until just before Ayme's seventh birthday. Her grandfather, Kenrick Katash, was a high ranking member of the Black Sun Organization. Jarick and Sarissa, her parents, did not agree with the methods used by the Black Sun and chose to raise their children far away from the prying eyes of that organization. Unfortunately, Kenrick didn't like the idea of losing his son's as his successors, Jarick and his younger brother Jed, but he would not stand for the loss of his grandchildren.

Jarick panicked and sent Zasanti with Jed to be kept safe, since he knew she was the first one who would be targeted. Jed lost Zee, as she was called by her family, in the rugged spaceport on Raxius Prime and was unable to ever find her again no matter how many attempts he made. Jed refused to see his brother again until he knew Zee's fate. Little did he know that soon he would forfeit his chance to ever see his older brother.

A year of running for the Katash family started that day. They didn't stay in any one place for longer than a month. Ayme found comfort in her personal adventures as she scouted the places they randomly ended up on, she also took a liking to mechanics and tinkering with various vehicles. Jarick had no issue with that hobby since it usually led to them having a transport for awhile. Although her other hobby tended to land Ayme in trouble at the very least with her parents who often had no idea where she was.

Days before the twin's eight birthday, the family was on Corellia and spotted by a group of Black Sun employees at the space port. It didn't take them long once they had the trail to find the Katash family and even though Jarick initially escaped, Sarissa was killed and the girls were taken.


Ayme in the Hospital.
Ayme "Havock" Katash's earliest memories are of Corellia, she even spent years of her life believing it was her birthplace. The night the girls were taken Ayme was nearly killed from a blaster shot to the chest and a head wound where she collided with the side of a speeder on her way to the pavement. The Black Sun goons were decent enough to keep their precious prisoner in the best health care facility money could buy in Coronet City.

It was questioned often why so much was spent on her care, and why would an organization such as Black Sun spend such credits on a solitary orphan's care. These questions never seemed to be answered and only got more curious once Ayme suddenly awoke in her hospital bed eighteen months after the rainy night that prematurely ended her childhood.

Although the Black Sun gang members picked her up from the hospital and placed her in the hell that she would know as her home for six hazy months of her life as she learned to use her muscles and walk again. They believed it took her the entire six months to retrain her atrophied muscled when it actually only took just shy of two months before she was able to exercise every time the guards would turn their attention.

The guards were under strict orders not to harm Ayme, in fact they seemed to have been told to barely have contact with her at all. She was forced to sit in her small cage and listen to the other young girls be raped and beaten regularly. The only time they bent the rules was to use Ayme in a strange drinking game where she would be forced to drink shots of whiskey until she vomited, the gang members betting credits on which number shot the burning spew would occur upon. She always seemed to exceed their expectations, which led them to eventually use her against other gangs knowing they wouldn't give her nearly enough credit.

One day a nearby cell mate was getting the usual treatment from the guards, Ayme looked at the girl and for an instant thought she remembered her as a ghost from her past. She had been unable to remember anything before her accident that landed her in the hospital, and the goons were not forthcoming in telling her. She had no memory of her parents or her sisters. But the young girl almost her age with blue eyes and blond hair made her bones burn hot as she watched them move in and attack her.

Ayme couldn't take it and punched, kicked, even screamed at her cell door until suddenly with an unseen push stronger than what a typical ten year old girl should have been able to conjure the door sprung open and she ran. She knew for whatever reason she was important and the men would follow her and leave the unknown girl to herself, maybe even give her the chance to escape herself. Ayme made it to a large fence and could hear the barking of dog-like creatures just behind her as she sprung to the top with her adrenalin propelling her faster and farther than normal. She would have made it but she slipped on the wet from rain metal and fell to the ground giving her yet another concussion. She managed to keep running though until she ran smack into a kind nurse named Nati who happened to work at an orphanage and took her in. The Black Sun continued to search but never found out what happened to the girl until many many years later.

Havock had a gash in her head and couldn't remember her name or how she got there. The nurses tried for weeks to find her family, taking care of her in the orphanage while they searched. One day the nurse that found her, Nati, told her that they had decided to keep her there and name her Ayme. Ayme was the one name Havock had mentioned and it felt right, although it reminded her of all the things she couldn't remember and disliked hearing her own name most of the time.

Saint James Home for Children

Life in the orphanage was not all that bad. Ayme was a loner and had few friends, but the nurses were kind to her and tried to make her feel at home. Still, Havock lived up to her nickname, she was constantly in mischief. Often she was fighting with the other children for no other reason than simple boredom. She needed more out of her life than the one they were offering.

Near Retathorn Headquarters, Coronet City, Corellia - Havock's childhood home.
When Ayme turned eight she was moved to a third story bedroom with some of the older orphans after her third escape attempt. She would always return to the orphanage after she had gotten the adventure out of her system. After escaping from the orphanage by climbing down out of her bedroom window, Ayme met Jed Katash. Jed, a former Imperial Officer who was leading a small street gang called Retathorn, affiliated with the Black Sun organization. Jed was amused when Ayme attempted to pickpocket him after a day or two on the streets with no food. Jed easily caught her and rather than turn her in he found that he was fascinated by the young girl and took her in. What Jed never told Ayme was that he actually knew her very well, she was in fact his niece that he though had been dead for several years.


Jed decided to train her, teaching her self-defense basics and how to use a blaster. But he became overprotective quickly and instead of giving her responsibility on missions he began using her as a distraction for their activities, her nickname earned at their first meeting stuck. Havock was glad to have a nickname since she never really felt right being 'Ayme', and insisted on everyone calling her that from then on.

Knowing that Jed was formally a stormtrooper for a handful of years, Havock decided that was what she wanted to do rather than remain on Corellia. Jed was against this move but let her go, in the back of his mind he knew that she would do well and they would make her more anonymous to the Black Sun which if that organization ever new she was alive would stop at nothing to get her back.

Havock sees Jed as her Foster Father and still communicates with him when time allows. She only recently found out that he is actually her uncle and feels betrayed for all the time spent with him not knowing their blood connection. She deals with this in her own stubborn way.

The day Ayme met Jed.

Retathorn Gang[edit]

Black Sun Emblem.
Retathorn is the name of the gang that Jed Katash, Ayme's adopted father and uncle, is the leader of. Havock had a hard time finding her place in the organization at first. She didn't know at first that they were a part of the Black Sun organization, or that that was even the name of the organization whose symbol she had tattooed on her wrist. Jed must have known, he was the one to give her the leather bracelet and told her to keep the tattoo covered at all times. Once she put two-and-two together she made sure that the tattoo was never mentioned or seen by the others.

Many of the members of the gang wondered about Jed's choice to take Ayme in after finding her on the streets. But Jed silenced them quickly and still to this day has never answered that question to anyone's satisfaction. Ayme still wonders if it his reasons had something to do with the tattoo. Havock often wishes she could know what it means and how it got there in the first place.

The Retathorn Gang headquarters is located in a run down shell of a building in the center of Coronet City. The actual living quarters and offices are below ground in a much nicer facility, the condemned building above serves to ward off would be wanderers. The gang primarily does robbery type activities, but will get assignments straight from the Black Sun organization on Coruscant which always take priority. These missions are often shrouded in secrecy and it is never advised to ask too many questions.

Later Life[edit]

Havock like a boss.
Hav, you shouldn't have left the hospital then.
I didn't. I left the morgue. You know I hate the cold.

Ayme joined the VE to get away from the overprotective watch of Jed, whom she had no idea was actually her Uncle. That information she would find out much later on. She graduated with honors from the academy and was placed in Raiders squad as a Private First Class. RAIDERS were on assignment with Wraith squad. The mission ended soon after Ayme’s arrival with Rogueboy from RAIDERS ordering a retreat. Many of the same troopers she met that day would continue to be her close companions in RAIDERS for many missions to come.

RAIDERS were without a squad leader for some time until Ron was chosen to take over the position, he chose Havock’s very close friend Jaenna to be his ASL. They immediately went to Kalee to find a supposed treasure, unfortunately the native Kalessh were not happy to see the squad of stormtroopers and captured half the squad including Havock, Jaenna and Karash. Being restrained again brought back the horrible memories from Ayme’s past sending her spiraling into a panic attack. She barely was able to get herself back in control of her emotions, which led to her vowing to not let her emotions lead her again. The mission ended in failure but Ayme was promoted to Lance Corporal for her service.

Soon after the RAIDERS were sent on a platoon mission to Hrail where they faced a never ending variety of obstacles and where Ayme was kidnapped yet again. The squad began to jokingly never leave her alone just so that they wouldn’t have to rescue her later. Ayme would laugh but she hated the fact that her comrades felt as though they had to protect the young trooper. RAIDERS worked with Wraith to secure a village and Jaenna, who was now Squad Leader and had made Havock ASL, blew up the village to kill some native barbarians that were attacking the squads. The mission didn’t end there though, the squad had to use flamethrowers to clear a forest and make their way to a mountain base with solders who after some convincing agreed to help the squad.

RAIDERS returned from Hrail and Havock finally recovered from all of her head injuries she received there. Once they were all ready the squad has returned to Praxeus. They continued their search for the Rain Maker, and have been joined by a former Wraith squad member, Joamer Restlin. Joamer used Havock as a human shield in their first meeting, which did not make her happy at all. He also seemed to know something about her tattoo, which both intrigued her and made her suspicious.

Thrawn attacked Tadath sending RAIDERS on a series of dangerous missions to protect the VE. Initially RAIDERS were sent to one of Thrawn's Victory Class Star Destroyers to disable it from the inside. They were successful but Jaenna was shot during their escape. Havock completely lost control at that point and had to be dragged to the escape pod by Joamer. Luckily, Jae was not hurt too bad and only sustained some minor burns.

Havock is a one woman death zone.


Then the RAIDERS were sent to Fort Sexton to protect the High Command. They were pinned down by Nova Troopers and although members of HC were injured they were able to stop the attack. Enraged, the HC sent RAIDERS to attack Thrawn's commanders directly. They made their way to his mobile command base in the forest near Fort Sexton. The RAIDERS were able to push back the resistance from the field troopers protecting the base, but the Noghri protecting the commanders proved more difficult. Both Joamer and Havock were stabbed by one of the Noghri's poisoned blades. Havock attempted to be strong and manage the injury without telling the others, hoping they could get off the base and to safety before she needed medical attention. This was not the case. Havock collapsed with a high fever, Karash had to immediately see to her wound and stabilize her to save her life. Unfortunately, this meant that the RAIDERS were stuck in one location and it was what got them captured by the commanders. HC sent in Ghost Squad to extract the RAIDERS upon learning of their capture. The Ghost squad was successful in getting the RAIDERS medivac'd out of the combat zone, and not a minute too soon for Havock, her fever had returned and her prognosis was not good.

Havock spent two weeks unconscious in medical. She had to have surgery to repair some internal damage to her kidneys and spent a while in a bacta tank to purge the poison from her system the trauma left her in a coma for several days.

Jaenna became overwhelmed by issues with her gang, Star Struck, and her own feelings about her parents. She decided to step down from being squad leader and let Havock take command. Havock still is unsure she is the best person for the job, she always admired Jae's ability to lead the squad and doubts that she is as qualified.

RAIDERS were sent to Arkania to infiltrate the Trade City. They ultimately took control of the spaceport and captured the two leading executives, the Ferris brothers of Ferris Genetics Corporation. During the final fight, Jaenna saved Havock by jumping in front of her as two shots were fired. The injuries were significant, she almost died and ended up in a coma for many weeks. Havock refused to leave her side, even for food or sleep. Members of RAIDERS took turns checking on her and making sure she took care of herself. Once Jae regained consciousness she was told that she would still require many more weeks before she would be cleared for duty. She decided to retire and return to Coruscant. Havock wanted to go with her, she was willing to leave the army to go, but Jaenna wouldn't let her and left suddenly to end the argument.

Without Jaenna, Havock spiraled into a depression. She rarely left her office, and would go days without sleeping or eating until someone from the squad would notice and dragged her to the cafeteria or her bed. Its hard for Hav to think about going on missions without Jaenna there. Regardless of their relationship, Jaenna was always a part of her life since joining the army and she feels empty without her there.

Several more missions with RAIDERS went by, as well as several more injuries but eventually Havock's leadership ability started to be noticed. Much to her surprise she was made Platoon Commander of Wildcard Platoon. As Platoon Commander she led Wildcard on a series of missions that would help the Vast Empire on their quest for the core. Recently she was promoted to Executive Officer of the Army. Although she misses being with her squad she is taking on this new challenge with vigor, and, as Karash would say, at least the likelihood of her being injured is slightly decreased not completely but slightly.




Ayme had a short relationship with her childhood friend, Bishop. They had always been friends and it seemed natural that they would be a good match. Unfortunately they were too good of friends and not good at being more. The two parted ways just before Havock left for the army. Bishop told her on her last visit home that he did still have feelings for her, but knew that she had moved on and he could live with that.

Since the destruction of Retathorn Bishop has been working to rebuild the gang and turn its focus from petty thief activities to slicing with the help of Casey St. James, a girl who grew up in the same orphanage Havock spent part of her childhood in.


Havock and Jaenna became friends almost instantly when Hav joined the army. They both had grown up in gangs which is what initially brought them together. They started sparing together weekly. As they experienced more and more during their missions the two became closer. Hav could tell she was starting to have feelings for Jae, which confused the hell out of her. Then Jae told her that she had feelings for Hav during their mission on Hrail. This only made matters worse since Jae was dating Rogueboy at the time.

Havock and Jaenna
Jaenna realized was time to tell Hav her feelings and realized that she had waited too long. The wait had caused Havock confusion and pain and Jae apologized for doing that to her. The two realized that they loved each other.

Jaenna sustained serious injuries during the Arkanian invasion and decided it was time to retire and return home to Coruscant. To do this, she needed to leave everything behind, including Havock. Havock did not want to let her go, she was willing to even go with her. Knowing that, the two had an argument and Jaenna left without saying goodbye. Since this Havock has become more withdrawn from the people around her. She felt that the squad was her only family and refused to let them down, but it didn't escape their notice that she had changed. It was all she could do just to get out of bed in the morning.

Jaenna returned, suddenly, several months later even more broken than before. She had been on Coruscant with her old gang, Star Struck, and she had brought back a healthy spice addiction and her father's arm. Jaenna was returned to RAIDERS and eventually became Squad Leader again after Havock was elevated to Platoon then Company Commander.

Their relationship was distant and fragile for a long period but the two of them worked through the rough spots and have found solace together once again.

Zasati "Aeos" Katash

Havock and Aeos
Havock and Aeos had a complicated friendship before, now that they could be sisters its only gotten worse. The two seem oddly close and both share an uncomfortable relationship with their emotions. Havock cares for Aeos even though the two have had some pretty harsh words exchanged between each other. Havock knows that Aeos' advice is from experience and she is only looking out for the younger squad leader, but her stubbornness tends to kick in which leads to a large amount of frustration between them both.

Aryanna "Whiskey" Graves

Aryanna Graves is Havock's twin sister, not that she remembers anything of their childhood. Beyond their identical looks and knack for stubbornness, the two have little in common. Aryanna is older and a natural born leader, she thinks before she acts and never jumps into a situation she doesn't think she can handle. Havock, well is the exact opposite. The two fight like crazy when together, but Aryanna still harbors a strong sense of over-protectiveness for her younger twin that she had thought long dead.

Aryanna's last name is Graves because she was sold to the Graves' family as a slave when she was seven years old. Aryanna kept their name as a reminder of the crualty she could have faced by their hands but didn't. She also is aware that the Black Sun could still be searching for her and members of her family so the name protects her.

Rain "Brightstar" D'jonoc

Rain has become one of Havock's closest friends in the Army. The two have stayed close even after their days together in RAIDERS came to an end.


Havock age 10.
As a child Havock was constantly getting herself into trouble. Between fighting at the orphanage, running away, and constantly getting caught by Jed doing something she shouldn't have been doing, she was quite a handful.

Havock is fiercely independent and will do anything to prove herself at the academy and now with her squad. When on assignment, she is determined to complete her mission, but she is also loyal to her commanding officer and team. But at the same time she is not afraid to admit that she has flaws, and she is only human; Havock also does not feel sorry about having those flaws.

Havock can be described as coming from the school of hard knocks; she is street smart, and a very capable woman. She is not afraid of getting herself into trouble just so she can dig herself out. She is a tomboy but venerable at the same time.

Havock does not make friends easily, she tends to stay distant from even those whom she has known for a long time. When home she is closest with her adopted father Jed, her childhood friend Bishop, and Jaenna. These are the only people she will show her venerable-side to. Once she has made a friend she is fiercely loyal and even a bit overprotective of that person. Although she is not one to share with others easily, she is trusting and a dependable person to have around.

Havock is fun loving and always excited to try something new. On the other hand, when she is stressed she can become quiet and withdrawn.

Havock can be very stubborn and tough. If she is injured she will fight through it to get the job done. She hates to be a burden to her squad or her friends.

Havock does not like to talk about the Black Sun tattoo on her wrist, the tattoo was there even before she joined Retathorn, its as if she were born with the thing. If she thinks about it too much she often thinks she could go insane so she just covers it up and doesn't talk about it, not even with Jed.

Havock was captured for the first time on Kalee which led to a panic attack. Havock is trying to identify the emotions that led to that loss of control to keep it from happening again, for the safety of her squadmates.

Havock's Personal Equipment

VE Service history[edit]



Position Start Until Reason
Trainee Feb 2009 Feb 2009 Graduated from the Academy
Trooper Feb 2009 June 3, 2009 Assigned to Raiders Squad
Assistant Squad Leader June 3, 2009 October 18, 2009 Chosen by Starfruit when she became SL
Squad Leader October 18, 2009 April 17, 2011 per Starfruit's request
Platoon Adjutant April 18, 2010 Aug 28, 2010 Chosen by Platoon Commander
Platoon Commander Aug 28, 2010 April 17, 2011 Recommended by Tanus
Company Commander Jan 17, 2011 current Job needed doing
Executive Officer Dec 8, 2011 current Appointed by Jegora


Insignia Rank Start Until Reason for Promotion
PVT.png Private Feb 2009 Feb 2009 Joined the VE
PFC.png Private First Class Feb 2009 March 2009 Promotion and placement in Raiders Squad.
LCP.png Lance Corporal Mar 2009 July 5, 2009 Top poster in Trouble on Kalee
CPL.png Corporal July 5, 2009 Sept 6, 2009 Performance during WC competition
SGT.png Sergeant Sept 6, 2009 Nov 15, 2009 Performance during ESC'09
SSG.png Senior Sergeant Nov 15, 2009 Jan 17, 2010 Performance during the Halloween Story '09
SFC.png Sergeant First Class Jan 17, 2010 April 4, 2010 Double Promo due to performance during HSC '09
PSG.png Platoon Sergeant April 4, 2010 April 18, 2010 Completion of VC Spec
SGM.png Sergeant Major April 18, 2010 Sep 5, 2010 Rizzit said so.
1LTA.gif 1st Lieutenant Sep 5, 2010 March 6, 2011 Passed Officer Exam
CPT.gif Captain March 6, 2011 Outstanding Service Record
MAJA.gif Major current promotion to XO


Ribbon Award Award Name Date Received Reason
EW1rib.gif [EW1] Emperor's Will 1st Class July 7, 2009 Outstanding Activity during Platoon Competition
DOH-P.jpg [DoH-P] Platinum Dust of Hrail July 7, 2009 High number of Posts in WC Competition
AS H.gif [AS-H] Army Service Ribbon (Half Year) July 7, 2009 Half a year of active service in STC
BCrib.gif [BC] Bronze Cross July 19, 2009 Awarded to members who have posted over 75+ storynet posts.
RoTrib.gif [RoT] Ring of Tranquility Sept 6, 2009 For excellent service during the ESC'09
RoMrib.gif [RoM] Ring of Merit Sept 6, 2009 For excellent service during the ESC'09
{RES} Resolute Commendation Sept 6, 2009 For posting 7 quality posts in a one week period
KADrib.gif [KAD] Cresent of Kadann Sept 6, 2009 This award recognizes those people who manage, through skill and dedication, to imagine and write up the complex, deep, interesting characters that form the basis of our connection with the Vast Empire.
GSrib.gif [GS] Gold Shield Sept 6, 2009 Showing courage by taking part in numerous battles to warrant the growth of the Vast Empire.
AoTrib.gif [AoT] Aegis of Tadath Sept 6, 2009 Participation in ESC'09
[HotC] Heart of the Champion Jan 17, 2010 Performance in HSC '09
[CRoM] Crystal Ring of Merit Jan 16, 2011 Performance in HSC '10

Story Participation[edit]

Story Participation
Story Start Date End Date Type Post Count
Wraith & RAIDERS: Land of Mild Inconvenience Feb 2009  ? Squad Story 1
The Magical Land of Praexus (Raiders) Feb 12, 2009  ? Squad Story 8
Vehicle Operations February 16, 2009  ? Vehicle Crewman 1
I'm NOT your Babysitter (Jae and Hav) Feb 20, 2009  ? Personal Story 6
Laser/Blaster Gunnery March 2, 2009  ? Vehicle Crewman 1
Trouble on Kalee (Raiders) March 3, 2009  ? Squad Story 5
Vehicle Navigation March 7, 2009  ? Vehicle Crewman 1
Defensive Operations March 13, 2009  ? Vehicle Crewman 1
Armament Repair March 24, 2009  ? Vehicle Crewman 1
Truth Be Told (Havock CD) March 25, 2009  ? Personal/Character Development 10
Praexus II: Looks Like its Going to Rain (Raiders) March 27, 2009  ? Squad Story 9
Tactics and Movement April 1, 2009  ? Squad Story 1
A New Day Dawns (open) April 5, 2009  ? StoryNET 6
Accelerate Life (RSS) April 22, 2009  ? StoryNET 2
Terrain, Weather Conditions, and Operation April 21, 2009  ? Vehicle Crewman 1
Breaking the Binary (Invite Only) April 22, 2009  ? StoryNET 1
A Night at Sea (Imperial Ball. Open to All) April 28, 2009  ? StoryNET 2
Undying (Wildcard May Comp) May 1, 2009  ? Competition 39
Praexus II: Looks Like its Going to Rain (Raiders) Restarted June 2009  ? Squad Story 4
Chillax, homeslice (RAIDERS relaxation) July 13, 2009  ? StoryNET 5
ESC Storyline - RAIDERS July 19, 2009  ? Competition 38
Old Dogs, New Tricks (RAIDERS) Sept 9, 2009  ? Squad Story 6
Who Watches the Watchers pt 1 Sept 26, 2009  ? Squad Story 7
Something Wicked This Way Comes (Halloween Story) October 2009  ? Competition 3
RAIDERS Halloween October 2009  ? Competition 4
Combat Medic - First Aid  ? Spec Story 1
The Watchers Part II (RAIDERS) November 8, 2009  ? Squad Story 7
The Core for the Holidays - HSC '09 December 6. 2009  ? Competition 14
The Convoy (RAIDERS) January 16, 2010  ? Squad Story 7
Vehicle Crewman Specialty Stories Jan-Feb 2010  ? Spec Story 6
Because We Can (RAIDERS) [1] March 1, 2010  ? Squad Story 5
Extrodinary Circumstances (Wildcard) [2] March 22, 2010  ? Platoon Story 7
Something in the Mist (RAIDERS) [3] April 16, 2010  ? Squad Story 10
ARC A New Beginning [4] March 7, 2010  ? ARC Story 9
Saturday in the Park (RAIDERS) [5] June 2, 2010  ? Squad Story 2
The Night Shift (RAIDERS) [6] June 20, 2010  ? Squad Story 10
Pandora Who? (RAIDERS) [7] Aug 20, 2010  ? Squad Story 2
Give and Take (Wildcard Platoon) [8] Sept 5, 2010  ? Platoon Story 4
Legend of Noma (RAIDERS/BJ Halloween Story) [9] October 12, 2010  ? Halloween Story 3
Stars and Arms (RAIDERS) [10] Nov 20, 2010  ? Squad Story 6
HSC Story: Shatterpoint [11] Dec 15, 2010  ? Competition 15
Change is Good (RAIDERS/Wraith) Jan 17, 2011  ? Squad Story 5
Party Crashers (Phoenix) March 29, 2011  ? Company Story 2
One of Our Own (Wildcard) Feb 24, 2011  ? Platoon Story 5
Thyveck (RAIDERS) April 5, 2011  ? Competition 1
Among the Ruins (Halloween) Oct 9, 2011  ? Halloween Story 4
Blanchard Roasting on an Open Fire Dec 5, 2011  ? Holiday Squad Competition 3
To Hell and Back Again (ESC12) June 26, 2012  ? Elite Squad Competition 2
Total: 293

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Raiders Squad WildCard Platoon

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Length of Active Duty
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2-7-2009 02-21-2024 -784 Weeks

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