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Ae swart.jpg
Zasati Katash
Military Information



Combat Engineer









Physical Description


Skin color:






Hair Color:


Hair Style:

Waistlenght braid


Clear Blue


Grotesque scar on left palm


Black Sun emblem on left wrist

Biographical Information

Raxus Prime












Jed Katash-Uncle
Sarisa Sol Katash-Mother
Jarick Katash-Father

Aeos has the patience and hand of a saint, but the tongue of a devil when she needs it.

—Kanderin Draken

Notable Skills[edit]

  • Sharp eye for detail
  • Resourceful
  • Competent martial-artist
  • Competent shot
  • Understand the bigger picture objectively


  • Basic
  • Understands Jawa trade language



Captain Aeos, A solid person, always knows what needs to be done and doesn't hesitate raising hell to get it done.


Despite her back-water upbringing on Raxus Prime Aeos’ detached demeanor suggests a subtle air of arrogance or boredom. Behind that façade however, she’s a friendly and reasonable woman with a sharp intuition to understand the bigger scope objectively. She believes in keeping emotional involvement at a limit, which estranges her even from family. Ten years as a soldier has hardened Aeos's already challenged life as a street orphan. She's stoic and keeps to herself, though will participate as social customs of her current environment dictates.
Note: Continual investigations suggest Captain Aeos’ loyalty to the Empire might be dubious. Command however has cleared the Captain of all suspicions despite various illegal disappearances.

Before the Empire[edit]

Life on Raxus Prime[edit]

Aeos grew up as a scavenging orphan in the underground hubs and alleys of Raxus Prime, a planet covered with the corpses of millions of droids with millions more drifting around aimlessly without orders and a danger to any sentient individual. The toxic air due to waste disposal and the planet’s industrious nature traps all breathing species to the underground where precious goods such as food and water needs to be imported as the planet’s natural reserve had died out decades ago. The contaminated lakes from above had been the cause of death for many of Aeos’ friends. Much likes wolves and dogs, Aeos traveled with her peers in a pack. There was a pecking order and fortunately for her, she was never quite rock bottom. Her particular group scavenged in the common junkyards for any chips or circuitry that the filters might have missed and as such Aeos had developed a keen eyesight and sense for how electronics and machinery works.

Aeos turned up on Tadath in trader vessel as a stowaway. Various stops and jumps had been in the journey leaving officials at loss at where to send her back. During this time, Aeos’ guttural dialect of Basic was incomprehensible. She was handed over to the state-care who admitted her to the Imperial Army at age seventeen.

The Vast Empire[edit]


"You were a Lancer? Didn't know that. You look to young to be in the army, you look like you could be fifteen or something" –Garet Daidum Aeos started out in Lancer Squad under the command of Sergeant TK-112 with the usual amount of fresh enthusiasm and inexperience recruit of her age contained. Despite s strong friendship with Darr-Rann, one of her fellow Lancers, Aeos decided after only 3 exercises to transfer to Raider Squad under the command of Raziel. Within their first mission, she was made Fire-Team-Leader, a now-extinct position and continued to serve Raiders in the following Platoon Campaign. She became good friends with her ASL, Jakireth who eventually retired.

In the Platoon Campaign, Aeos found herself working with Lancer Squad again where she met up friends such as Darr-Rann. The Imperial Centre’s Weapon facility had been raided, and the few outgoing transmissions that had been intercepted led them back the planet Stassia where the Platoon had to infiltrate enemy territory and deal with the resistance. It was also in this mission where she met Garet Diadum from Lancer Squad with whom she build a fast but strong friendship that would be tested sorely in the near future. "Weird girl" –Garet Daidum

"Just be careful, she tends to have disasters following her" –Darr-Rann It was on Stassia that met in the duration of the mission old faces from Raxus Prime, now Republican soldiers. Her hesitance to act raised suspicions inflicting her budding reputation of excellence and still leaves a stain on her records. The one stain that hadn’t reached the records were the fact that Garet Daidum had been shot in friendly fire, her blaster.

Guilt followed her literally to the Dark Dragoons where she was appointed Squad-Leader despite her inexperience. Garet Daidum joined her in Dark Dragoons unaware that she had shot him in the previous mission. Their first mission under her command took them to Pzob where everything went horribly wrong. They found the remnants of another Imperial squad from another platoon who had been stranded there. Agreeing to work together they searched for a way off as well as investigating the Gammoreans who were unusually skilled and well-supplied. A successful mutiny in the other squad brought about the death of its squad-leader under the helpess watch of the Dark Dragoons. The mission ended in failure and not only stained her records further but this time a demotion as well.

Rizzit, the Company commander kept his trust in the young Squad-Leader against the stigma she was creating knowing how foul Inter-Platoon-Politics could build or destroy careers. The second mission that took them to Utapau ended in more relative success for the first time displayed Aeos’ growing potential despite the odds. In Utapau they were sent to investigate the sighting of Noghri under the disguise of slave-traders with cargo. Much to their horror, they found evidence to suggest that attempts had been made to clone the noghris which were successful but had rendered the noghris weaker than what was expected. Despite their weakened states, the squad only barely survived, but this with their dignity intact. Aeos did not however return with her squad to Tadath. Her disappearance was mysteriously ignored by High Command eliciting small time investigations by junior commanders only to be snuffed out as well. She returned to the Dark Dragoons in good health albeit broken a bit mentally. Her disappearance and consequent manner of return is not the first of its kind in the Army. Following missions with the Dragoons led them to the Montellian Serat where they performed routine work that Command had needed in order to launch further steps for the greater plan. This was however where Aeos’ path with Dragoons ended. She disappeared again this time handing in notification.

Aeos emerged again in Raider Squad, a changed person from her disappearance, each time more brooding and serious. Friends and comrades alike attributed this to post-traumatic stress. Her Squad Leader was none other than Darr-Rann, an old friend from Lancer Squad. Despite their friendship, Aeos’ memory was broken and for the duration of her stay in Raider they spent rebuilding what was left of it. Aeos’ illicit disappearances were becoming more frequent yet no attention was paid when she left her squad yet again despite the successful participation of Raider Squad in the holiday campaign against Thrawn in which she was one of the key participants. Unable to explain her absence combined with the assault on another Stormtrooper resulted in Aeos’ demotion and subsequent request to transfer to the Navy.


"You never really told me, why they demoted you," -Radge
"It was a lousy mistake, let's not talk about it," -Aeos
"What are you really doing here Aeos?"-Radge

Her request to transfer to the Navy went through smoothly, as well as her training where she qualified as an able pilot. She was placed in the Doashim Crew, a project financed by Arturus and commanded by Jaden. It was here she met Vasili ‘Decembrist’ Rustam, a man who managed to get under her skin and vexed her infinitely with his uncouth flirting and lack of any dignity. They were polar opposites and despite their arguments and disagreements worked exceptionally well together as wingmen. They crash-landed together during a stint with Doashim in which Decembrist nearly lost his life and in which Aeos realized that their friendship did matter to her after all.

Shortly afterwards the Doashim was disbanded, leaving Aeos to question whether she wanted to remain in the Navy. She had no natural talents as a pilot and would find herself severly challenged should she transfer to Kaph or Nazgul. On Doashim she had served more in administration, only flying out when required. Aeos’ ability to transfer and hop about from squad to squad has not diminished and her request to transfer back into the Army was approved without a hitch. She was assigned to Jester Squad where she met Kami, a woman with whom she quickly bonded. At this time Jester was still commanded by Angel whom Kami replaced shortly after she joined. Much to her disappointment and amusement Decembrist had been placed as well in Jester Squad. She actively started to participate in the Academy when she was not off-world and eventually worked her way up to Drill Instructor. Kami’s duties as both squad-leader and Platoon Adjutant were starting to challenge Kami who were also struggling in her personal life. Kami nominated Aeos as the new Squad-Leader giving her the window to focus all her efforts on the platoon. Aeos despite her prudish nature fell in quite easily with the rowdy troopers.

Aeos however, was not the only one who had her bout of disappearances. Kami has disappeared and Aeos replaced her as Platoon Adjutant which placed a great deal of strain on her. The disappearance continued for months before one day the Army Prefect himself requested a viewing with Aeos and Sniping101, the Raider Squad Leader, a jovial and rowdy man Aeos was quite fond of.

Jester Squad’s blind loyalty to Aeos was to be severly tested by the Army Prefect brief of which only Aeos knew partial details. It entailed framing herself and her squad for treason, their subsequent arrest and a failed execution which Jesters barely escaped. They had no choice but to follow their Squad-Leader’s orders in order to survive. She explained to them the circumstances of their framing and lead them deep into the criminal underground where they worked undercover for Worga the Hutt as they tried to uncovered project Ragnarok. Raider Squad was sent after Jester Squad with the order to hunt them down, only to become their backup as the squads met up with Kami who had infiltrated the systems months before. Jester Squad lost Eviscares for whom Aeos had started falling breaking her and the squad yet strengthening their resolve.

Aeos retired as the Jester Squad-Leader soon afterward, completing only one or two more missions with them as she became Platoon Commander. Her position was short-lived with the little amount of patience she held for paper-pushing and office-politics. She disappeared again and yet again no investigation was warranted. She returned to the Army again, serving with Raiders again, this time with Havock. They quickly befriended one another, and Aeos became something short of a mentor for the younger woman due to her veteran experience. Their physical and personal likeness was an exceptional coincidence until they were kidnapped on a personal errand in which they discovered they were in fact biological sisters. Aeos rejected the fact despite evidence and requested a transfer to Wraith where she served again as Squad-leader before handing her final resignation to the Army. Since then she has disappeared off the map.


“-Their bickering is..."- Jaden
"Illogically unnecessary?"-Rogue

They had spent a good deal of their time in the same squads and squadrons. Decembrist vexes Aeos, and their relationship can best be described as love-hate. Despite that, they work surprisingly well together, managing results with whatever they are tasked together. It is best not to question the logic of such feat however.
Havock: Aeos completely denies that they are biological sisters. This refusal and unwillingness to deal with Havock has caused damage to the growing friendship they earlier had. Despite her cold animosity towards Havock, she is instinctively very protective and worried about Havock.

Whiskey: Pending
Jed: Pending
Kami: Pending

</td> </tr>

Ribbon Award Award Name Date Received Reason
ES2rib.gif [ES:2C] Emperor's Shield Second Class
CORrib.jpg [COR] Cross of Resolve
CoSrib.gif [COS] Claw of Strak March 23, 2008
SCrib.gif [SC] Silver Cross Over 175 Career Posts
EW1rib.gif [EW:1C] Emperor's Will First Class
RCoDrib.gif [RCoD] Red Crescent of Devotion
EW1rib.gif [EW Emperor's Will 1st Class
GRoMrib.gif [GRoM] Gold Ring of Merrit
GRPrib.gif [GRP] Gold Ribbon of Pixelito
CCArib.gif [CCA] Crimson Crystal of Anteevy
GCrib.gif [GC] Gold Cross
KADrib.gif [CoD] Crescent of Kadann The members make up the community, but their characters make up the core of the Vast Empire. Without them, there is no connection between the writers and the story they are writing for. Some writers, however, do manage to take this further: they manage to create vibrant, excellent characters that bring extra life to the groups they are a part of. This award recognizes those people who manage, through skill and dedication, to imagine and write up the complex, deep, interesting characters that form the basis of our connection with the Vast Empire.
[[Image:]] [MRT] Meritorious Commendation Awarded to those members whom not only obey the Code of Conduct and Vast Empire Axiom, but assist in enforcing them by reporting violations through official channels (chain of command) and also assist the administrators in resolving the violations without further incidents. This commendation may be awarded by the Prefect of the Army and Army Executive Officer.

Story Participation[edit]

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Story Start Date End Date Type Post Count
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Predator and Prey February 10, 2008  ? Personal 4
Total: 22

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Navy Career Posts:[edit]

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