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Aryana 'Whiskey' Graves
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ARC Team Theta










Stormtrooper Corps

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Hair Color

blonde hair, typically pulled back away from her face.

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Whiskey has a tattoo on her right wrist of the Black Sun gang Emblem. It looks as though it has been there for a very long time.

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Soldier, Slave/servant

"They've got us surrounded!"
"Yeah...the poor bastards"


Current Status[edit]

  • ARC Team Theta: Commander
  • Special Ops

Notable skills[edit]

  • Whiskey is improving at hand-to-hand combat and uses a stance similar to a boxer.
  • Whiskey loves weapons, and has a nice collection of blaster pistols and rifles.
  • Whiskey is a decent pilot


  • Basic
  • Huttese
  • Quite a few Mando'a curse words


Whiskey has a Small, Athletic Build. She has blonde hair, which she will often pull back into a ponytail. Her eyes are blue, but hazy and could be mistaken for grey. She has a Black Sun tattoo on her right inner wrist.


Early Life[edit]

Coruscant at night

Aryanna or "Whiskey" was born on Ansion. She has a twin sister, Ayme 'Havock' Katash who is also in the Army, but Aryanna is older as she would quickly tell you. She also had an older sister, Zasanti, who was presumed dead when she was a toddler. Although Whiskey is convinced that [Aeos] is actually Zasanti her missing sister.

When Zasanti or Zee as she was called by her family went missing, Aryanna's parents quickly uprooted the family and started several years of frequent moving to avoid the Black Sun. During this time they also changed their last name to Graves, something that Whiskey continues to go by. The Black Sun did eventually catch up with the Katash Family and Aryanna was sold into slavery quickly so that her grandparents would not find them, who were high ranking BS members but out of favor due to their children's behavior.

Whiskey spent her childhood in Coruscant in the service of a wealthy Bank owner. He treated her fairly but still as a servant. She was traumatized by everything that had happened to her family and seeing her twin sister get shot and presumably dead.

As a young adult, Whiskey started collecting and repairing blasters and pistols. She has gathered a small arsenal and likes to find more obscure models to add to it.
Whiskey with a Pistol, no surprise.

Whiskey got her nickname when she joined the army for her dry wit and love of corellian whiskey.

Black Sun Emblem.
The tattoo on her wrist was given to her by the Black Sun when she was captured. She remembers that her mother and father had similar tattoos on their arms, and something about it being part of the family crest of sorts.


"Remember boys, flies spread disease, so keep yours closed."




Whiskey age 10.

Whiskey is fiercely independent and will do anything to prove herself at the academy and now with her squad. When on assignment, she is determined to complete her mission, but she is also loyal to her commanding officer and team. But at the same time she is not afraid to admit that she has flaws, and she is only human; Whiskey also does not feel sorry about having those flaws.

Whiskey can be described as coming from the school of hard knocks; she is street smart, and a very capable woman. She is not afraid of getting herself into trouble just so she can dig herself out. She is a tomboy but venerable at the same time.

Whiskey does not make friends easily, she tends to stay distant from even those whom she has known for a long time. Once she has made a friend she is fiercely loyal and even a bit overprotective of that person. Although she is not one to share with others easily, she is trusting and a dependable person to have around.


Whiskey can be very stubborn and tough. If she is injured she will fight through it to get the job done.

Personal Equipment =

DE-10 Pistols

The DE-10 was a blaster pistol that was mass-produced during the New Order. The pistol was popular with members of the Death Watch Mandalorian splinter group. Whiskey carries these pistols on her at all times. She keeps them holstered to her hip, these are the weapons she has practiced with the most out of her arisnal and may carry her DT-57's as well on missions but if she grabs a pistol in combat situation it is probably her trusty DE-10s.

DT-57 "Annihilator" Heavy Blaster Pistols

The DT-57 is a high-powered heavy blaster pistol manufactured during the era of the Clone Wars. BlasTech Industries' custom DT-57, nicknamed the "Annihilator", was a weapon similar in appearance to the E-5 blaster rifle used by the B1 battle droids of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. This pistol was of the "superheavy" designation used for models such as the Caliban Model X and T-6 Thunderer. Highly customizable, the DT-57 featured a high output blaster magazine, a large trigger guard and a top-mounted scope. The DT-57 packed a heavy punch without loss of range. Whiskey likes to keep these blasters on hand. They pack the punch of a rifle but with the control of a pistol that is more suited to her talents.

S-5 Multi-function Blaster Pistol

The S-5 heavy blaster pistol was a versatile weapon with a heavy wooden gripstock and twin scopes for sighting and rangefinding. The S-5 also featured a dart launcher underneath the main barrel, able to fire either an anesthetic microdart or a grappling hook tip. The latter was used in conjunction with a liquid-cable shooter attachment; a quick customization that turned the S-5 pistol into a durable ascension gun. The cable reservoir held enough liquid to form twenty meters of cable, and the spike launcher itself cost around 50 Republic Credits around the time of the Invasion of Naboo. Whiskey brings this little baby along on missions for its versatility. She is an avid climber so the grappling hook is adequate to get her out of some sticky situations.

M32 "Toothpick" Combat Knife

The combat knife was a melee weapon used for slashing and stabbing. The combat knife was a simple weapon, with little to no high technology involved in its construction. It consisted of a single-edged blade attached to pommel of short or medium length. They could be found at very cheap prices on specialized markets and were easy to conceal due to their relatively small size. The blade used the wielder's own strength to cut and slash, and the since it did not rely on any sort of vibro technology, it was completely silent. Always present attached to Havock's leg is her combat knife. Not the most sophisticated weapon but it has been useful on missions in a pinch.

VE Service history[edit]


Position Start Until Reason
ARC Lead Classified Classified Classified


Insignia Rank Start Until Reason for Promotion
PVT.png Private Feb 2009 Feb 2009 Joined the VE
PFC.png Private First Class Feb 2009 March 2009 Promotion and placement
LCP.png Lance Corporal Mar 2009 July 5, 2009 Kicking Ass
CPL.png Corporal July 5, 2009 Sept 6, 2009 Performance during WC competition
SGT.png Sergeant Sept 6, 2009 Nov 15, 2009 Performance during ESC'09
SSG.png Senior Sergeant Nov 15, 2009 Jan 17, 2010 Performance during the Halloween Story '09
SFC.png Sergeant First Class Jan 17, 2010 current Double Promo due to performance during HSC '09


Ribbon Award Award Name Date Received Reason
EW1rib.gif [EW1] Emperor's Will 1st Class July 7, 2009 Outstanding Activity during Platoon Competition
DOH-P.jpg [DoH-P] Platinum Dust of Hrail July 7, 2009 High number of Posts in WC Competition
AS H.gif [AS-H] Army Service Ribbon (Half Year) July 7, 2009 Half a year of active service in STC
BCrib.gif [BC] Bronze Cross July 19, 2009 Awarded to members who have posted over 75+ storynet posts.
RoTrib.gif [RoT] Ring of Tranquility Sept 6, 2009 For excellent service during the ESC'09

Story Participation[edit]

Story Participation
Story Start Date End Date Type Post Count
Total: 0

Vehicle Crewman Stories[edit]


Specialty Training[edit]

Evolution-tasks.png Specialty Progress:

Vehicle Crewman
                            Level                                                                     Training Course                                         Done
Basic Operations (1) Vehicle Operator GreenCheck.png
Basic Operations (1) Navigation GreenCheck.png
Weapon Operation and Repair (2) Laser/Blaster Gunnery GreenCheck.png
Weapon Operation and Repair (2) Defensive Operations GreenCheck.png
Weapon Operation and Repair (2) Armament Repair GreenCheck.png
Advanced Vehicle Operation (3) Tactics and Movement GreenCheck.png
Advanced Vehicle Operation (3) Terrain & Weather Conditions & Operation GreenCheck.png
Operating Systems Maintenance and Repair (4) Electronic Maintenance GreenCheck.png
Operating Systems Maintenance and Repair (4) Mechanical Maintenance GreenCheck.png
Operating Systems Maintenance and Repair (4) Computer/Automation Systems Repair GreenCheck.png
Movement & Power Systems Maint. and Repair (5) Fuel & Electrical Systems Repair GreenCheck.png
Movement & Power Systems Maint. and Repair (5) Power Generation Systems Repair GreenCheck.png
Movement & Power Systems Maint. and Repair (5) Prpulsion Equipment Repair GreenCheck.png
Vehicle Repair (6) Vehicle Repair RedX.png
Certified Vehicle Crewman (7) TBD}}} RedX.png
Certified Vehicle Crewman (7) TBD}}} RedX.png
Certified Vehicle Crewman (7) TBD}}} RedX.png

Leaves of Absence[edit]



ARC Theta Squad