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Victory without reward...Failure with death...

—ARC Motto


We are the current ARC team of the Vast Empire.


To infiltrate our enemies' ranks, uncover their secrets, expose their weaknesses and drive our blades deep into their hearts.

This is our mission.

Success without reward. Failure with death.

These are our motives.

Infiltration. Espionage. Subterfuge.

These are our tools.

Our goal: The safety and security of the Vast Empire.

Our identities are wiped clean, our existence denied to the highest level of the Empire.

We are the ARCs.

ARC History[edit]

Different Approach[edit]

The Vast Empire Stormtrooper Corps has a tradition of being outmanned and outequipped, yet still achieving mission objectives and winning the battlefield. For years, small units have been successfully working together to defeat superior forces in defense of the Empire.

Defense, however, is not enough. While there are limited strikes against New Republic and other enemy targets, the primary mission of Imperial forces today is to hold the line against further encroachment by the anarchy sold by the new leaders on Coruscant.

In response to this challenge, an old concept has been updated and brought forth to turn the tide of the Galactic Civil War.

Legends Reborn[edit]

During the Clone Wars, the Grand Army of the Republic successfully created and utilized teams of Advanced Recon Commandos (ARC). The units were elite special forces dedicated to performing the most difficult of tasks in the minimum of time.

The Stormtrooper Corps is revamping this idea, creating a team of six of the most active army members and utilizing their skills for the most difficult and dangerous of missions to pro-actively strike a blow against the enemies of the Empire.

Ideally, this team will consist of three veteran stormtroopers and three of the most energetic new members of the Corps. As time goes on, this may be merely a simple guideline; however, the goal of the ARC unit is to reward long service as well as allow newer members to participate to their fullest potential.

Why Now?[edit]

The dangers to the Empire are not diminishing. Neither is the feeling of hopelessness and apathy that threaten the will of our troops to keep fighting. To single out and allow our finest troopers to achieve quick, rapid victories is a morale booster like no other.

To maintain and increase our strength while striking a blow to our enemies is our tantamount goal. It is the hope of Army High Command that this will be the case with the ARC program.

ID Lines[edit]

Your ID lines should look something like this:




Squad Roster[edit]

Rank Insignia Role Member Rank Specialty
ARC Lead Whiskey Commander Heavy Weapons Specialist, Special Forces
ARC Trooper Deadeye Lieutenant Sharpshooter, Scout
ARC Trooper Jester Lieutenant Medic, Scout
ARC Trooper Lancer Sergeant TBD
ARC Trooper Eagle Sergeant Sharpshooter, Special Forces
ARC Trooper Marauder Sergeant Slicer

Personnel Data Files[edit]

Whiskey [Havock][edit]


Distinguishing Characteristics...blond hair, blue eyes, tattoo on her right wrist of the Black Sun gang emblem.
Personality Profile...

  • Whiskey does whatever it takes to get the job done. She is very determined and cool headed, unlike certain members of her family.
  • Whiskey does not like failure and will do almost anything to prevent a mission from failing.
  • Whiskey does not make friends easily, she tends to stay distant from even those whom she has known for a long time. Once she has made a friend she is fiercely loyal and even a bit overprotective of that person.
  • Whiskey is upset about the loss of so many ARC team members from the last mission and will approach everything more cautiously this time around.

Deadeye [Brightstar][edit]


Distinguishing Characteristics...Dark skin, Brown black hair typically worn in a series of braides, Brown eyes, Tattoo on the inside of her left forearm of the symbol for the Twilight Vipers, Tattoo on the back of her left hand of the symbol of a trap.
Personality Profile...Intelligent and wily, with a lively and trustworthy nature, Deadeye is an alluring and friendly soul with a tender heart and an open ear. She is honest in her dealings which makes it easy for her to keep secrets and still give good advice. However it is generally unwise for someone to cross her more than once as she has a horrid temper reserved for those that treat her, or those she conciders friends, badly. Or if they in anyway damage her reputation. She worked hard to get to where she is and she isn't likely to forgive anybody trying to drag her down.

Jester [Abalar][edit]


Distinguishing Characteristics... bright blond hair, piercing blue eyes, a scar that twists down back from right shoulder to left hip, and a tattoo on the underside of the left arm reading Turhaya
Personality Profile... Jester is a quiet, unassuming person. It takes a lot for her to become angry. Rarely drinks, due to her father's impact. Excellent around galactic beasts, and cannot stand incompetence or stupidity.

Zane 'Lancer' Carthow ["Skarr"][edit]


Species: Human
Distinguishing Characteristics: Zane is an intimidating figure, being over seven feet tall. He has a thin, compact, corded muscular figure. He is also extremely handsome with well defined looks. His long black hair hangs down to his shoulders and curls at the ends.
Personality ProfileZane Carthow is cocky and sarcastic, essentially, the smartest of smart-asses. He believes every woman he meets is in love with him, but that's because most of them are. He always has a joke to tell. Zane is clever and daring. He's also afraid of large crowds, but he'll never tell that. Lancer is prone to serious moments when the situation calls for it. He also rarely lies, he believes in the truth.

Eagle [Nightowl][edit]


Species Human
Distinguishing Characteristics Tall, slender build. Short black hair with brown eyes. Facially usually has stubble
Personality Profile Eagle has a fascination for weapons. His preferred weapons are the DL-44 heavy blaster pistols. He is very proficient with a sniper rifle. Eagle works well within a squad but can also work alone, he tends to maintain a certain distance from those around him, not getting involved in social settings.

Marauder [Madman][edit]


Species Unknown
Distinguishing Characteristics Unlike typical soldiers, Groznik prefers to keep a helmet and body armor at nearly all times of the day save for bathing, prefering to never be vulnerable to any situation. Few have seen his facial features. As one might have guessed, Groznik lost an eye in a battle but had it replaced by a large, multi-functional cybernetic eye.
Personality Profile Though highly murderous, finding the taste of blood to be the sweet reward for a job well done, he can be quite pragmatic when he isn't indulging himself by playing cruel games with his prey or enemy. Born to two of the most viscous and notorious races in the known galaxy, it's an astonishing turn that he hasn't been reduced to a half-crazed berserker. He joined the VE to kill, to fight, not for the credits. Aside from his crazed sense of mind, Groznik has a nasty habit of smoking Cigars which has hung around with him since his time as a mercenary, though he had to buy 'mild' versions of what he used to smoke which previously contained certain forms of narcotics and hallucinagenic ingredients. Groznik originally decided to take up Slicing because he was tired of tearing doors apart just to kill the people inside.


Personal arms selection is encouraged within ARC Theta. As for armor, when necessary, the squad will be outfitted with Kerberos Personal Armor Kit. Additional gear will be added as missions require.

Kerberos Armor System[edit]

The Kerberos armor system, with its distinctive red spectacles (ARC Squad's signature psychological terror weapon), is an update on an older design that once belonged to an elite government military unit in charge of defending a Capital district. Similar to the Coruscant Guards in purpose, this unit was brought in to take out terrorist and rebellious elements challenging the ruling power. (and yes, the red spectacles do have an off setting.)

The armor is lightweight, modular, and capable of deflecting blaster bolts better than standard Stormtrooper armor. This is due to an improvement of the original Impervium composite used by Clone troopers on down.

Mobility has been deemed more important than coverage, thus the armor kit is not a full-body enclosing design. Instead, a micropore utility coverall will be worn. It is a self-sealing garment and provides some protection against chemical and biological weapons, and emergency protection against vacuum

Mer-Sonn BC10 Blaster Carbine[edit]


The standard assault weapon for the ARC teams is the Merr-Sonn BC10 blaster carbine. It utilizes the charge cell from any standard commercial repulsorlift cart as opposed to a standard power pack. The same cell is used in thousands of commercial and residential items. Standard power packs can be used in an auxiliary port if need be. The charge cell makes the weapon a bit heavier, equal to the weapon of a standard blaster rifle in fact, but provides triple the amount of available energy than a power pack.

Merr-Sonn PLX-3MX Portable Missile[edit]


For heavy munitions purposes, Merr-Sonn has provided the limited PLX-3MX. This was an unheralded multi-purpose weapon that was quickly superseded in the market by the PLX-4. It is chosen by the ARC teams for its greater portability and expanded weapons load capability. Its complement of three weapons tubes include two "live" barrels and one reserve. It can fire "dumb" missiles that have to be aimed by the trooper, or "smart" missiles that can locate their target based on heat signature, or gravity-activated moed (GAM) missiles. In addition, it can fire chips, or large shrapnel-like projectiles, as well as the advanced Savant anti-air missile.

The Savant missile is known as a "surprise attack" weapon. They appear to be "dumb" bombs to their targets, used only to establish line-of-sight and not dangerous. When a pilot moves to avoid the seemingly dumb bomb, the Savant's internal computer system kicks in after a short delay. The computer then re-establishes its target lock and slams into the target from behind, well before the pilot can react to the new threat.

Merr-Sonn Acklay-12 Projectile Assault Rifle[edit]


On occasion, projectile weapons are preferred by either ARC team members or the mission at hand. When such conditions exist, the Merr-Sonn Acklay-12 is the preferred weapon. It is a combination of a Prax Arms APX-60 projectile rifle and Merr-Sonn's GL-12b grenade launcher.

The rifle is a three setting (single, semi-auto, automatic) projectile rifle using 40-round clips of 7mm Acertron-tipped bullets with an effective range of 1100 meters. The grenade launcher is capable of using C-16 fragmentation grenades, C-21 Glop grenades, as well as C-10 and C-14A stun grenades.

ARC Multi-Weapon[edit]

  • Model: ARC Multi-Weapon
  • Type: Personal combat multi-weapon
  • Uses: Melee combat: dagger, club, garrote

E-9 Explorer Transport "Vixen"[edit]

The ship's bridge houses stations that allow the entire four-person crew to monitor and operate most ship systems. The crew quarters, located along the neck of the ship, are spacious enough to allow the crew and any passengers they take aboard to live comfortably during long voyages. The lounge holds an autochef system to help meet the crew's nutritional needs as well as a holographic game table and other entertainment systems to keep the minds and bodies active between destinations. In addition to the engineering section, the main body of the ship also holds a three-deck cargo bay large enough to hold a small repulsorlift vehicle, which can leave the ship through the ventral cargo elevator. Loronar even offers the option of adding a CS-1 cargo sled to the ship for an additional 12,000 credits.

To help make the lives of technicians easier when repairs need to be made during flight, a network of crawlways was built under the main deck that can access virtually any part of the ship. Despite their convenient use, their only access point is through the gunwell just inside the front area of the cargo bay. Anyone trying to gain entry into the maintenance tunnels anywhere else must cut through the deck plating.

The E-9 Explorer comes equipped with two laser cannons, one on top and one on the bottom of the main body of the ship, under the belief that the weapons should provide sufficient defense against any dangers it may face. Though not initially conceived by its designers, many owners of the ship found that the weaponry can be upgraded easily to more lethal armament, including double, quad, or even heavy laser cannons. Some shrewd owners have even been known to install a proton torpedo launcher into the underside of the ship's nose. Such measures are viewed by Loronar and the Imperial government as highly unnecessary and have been known to incite seizure of the ship by the Empire.

Mission Logs[edit]

Squad Stories
Story Start Date End Date Location Number of Posts
ARC: A New Beginning March 7, 2010 June 13, 2010 [[1]] 29