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Faithful 'til the End.


RAIDERS is the Vast Empire's Unconventional Warfare squad. Harassing citizens near you.

RAIDERS Squad Emblem

What We Do[edit]


Unconventional Warfare
Yes, we play dirty. Our objectives cover a broad spectrum of military and paramilitary operations. These assignments place us behind enemy lines, gaining the trust of the people then dismantling them from within. Tactics may include destroying non-military infrastructure and blockading civilian staples which is used to decrease the morale of civilians and, when applicable, soldiers in the field through concern for their families. Unconventional Warfare includes, but is not limited to, guerrilla warfare, subversion, sabotage, and intelligence activities.

Urbex ~ A RAIDERS Trooper's Training[edit]

The RAIDERS not only live and run by their use of Unconventional Warfare, but they hold onto a wide spectrum of training that is put to use in various ways that can also be categorized into something that has been given the title of 'Urbexing'. Many ask what this is, even more ask what the purpose is. It is simply the title given to the group who carry the talents and knowledge of a handful of Specialties. The missions that the RAIDERS are sent on most always need most if not all of this handful of abilities. They can be thrust into an unknown part of the 'verse and given the task of scouting out and noting each and everything thing about it. They can be tossed onto a planet with possible hostiles and told to figure it out, take out the hostiles and claim that bit for the Empire. They can be thrown into an abandoned city and told to map it out. Secrecy, strength, smarts. All of it combines into what the RAIDERS are good at.

The training that is required by all RAIDERS troopers is based on the puddle of Specs that are classified as Urbex. The list is below. RAIDERS are expected to complete each one.

Squad Specialty[edit]

Close Combat (A5) "Troopers can apply for this short course on close combat training. This is a short and brutal course aimed at giving troopers an experience of battlefield combat. No specific martial art is taught, instead a trainer will teach groups of pupils how to disable an opponent as quickly as possible using any tools to hand or the environment. "

"Troopers will spend several days with one of our toughest sergeants learning how to put down an enemy solider face to face. After a day of demonstrations and practice troopers will spend the rest of the time in brutal sparring sessions with their fellow students to give them some applicable experience.

Single 1000 word story in which the trooper should focus on a sparring session and how they apply what they have learned. "

Equipment Earned: Unarmed Combat Using improvised weapons and using small bladed weapons

Current Roster[edit]

A list of the current roster within the Raiders Squad

Icon Position Rank Name Specialty
Minisl.gif Squad Leader Sergeant Dusk TBA
Miniasl.gif Assistant Squad Leader Corporal Mox A10 (5.1) A17
Minitrp.gif Trooper Private First Class Sharp A1
Minitrp.gif Trooper Private Second Class Crimson-Nexus TBA
Minitrp.gif Trooper TBC TBC TBC
Minitrp.gif Trooper Corporal Trix TBA
Minitrp.gif Trooper TBC TBC TBC
Minitrp.gif Trooper TBC TBC TBC

Squad Attachment
Icon Position Rank Name Specialty
Minitrp.gif Trooper TBC TBC TBC

RAIDERS Auxillary Personell (aka NPC's)
Icon Position Rank Name Specialty
Minitrp.gif Pilot First Lieutenant Kenton Stitch TBA
Minitrp.gif Co-Pilot/Navigator Ensign Joane Gordin TBA
Minitrp.gif Mission Coordinator Captain Nolan Knust TBA
Minitrp.gif Engineer Crewman Kai Tabeling TBA
Minitrp.gif Torture Expert Classified Brain Falker TBA
Minitrp.gif Combat Engineer Gunnery Sergeant Jilessa Milese TBA

Signature Goodies[edit]

Trooper ID Line[edit]


RAIDERS banner[edit]


Thin RAIDERS banner[edit]


Other goodies[edit]

Coming eventually

Personnel Data Files[edit]


Data Files contain important information and Character Development for each character. It is edited weekly/biweekly by each member of the squad so that they can keep track of their characters feelings, emotions, and state of mind easily. It also helps to keep other squad members informed of their squad mate's behaviors.

Sergeant Dusk (SL)

Species: Human
Distinguishing Physical Characteristics: Medium Length shaggy blonde hair, robotic right arm with vibroblade inside, and a scar across his lower right cheek.
Personality Profile:

  • Dusk is the type that doesn't give out his trust generously, you will have to earn it.
  • Loves to gamble.
  • Tries to be friendly to new squad members.
  • Will somtimes bend the rules if he feels it will help the squad in the future.


  • Joamer: Respects; misses.
  • Jaenna: Trust mostly, not sure about the spice
  • Heliwer: Feels as if a gap has formed between them since Xy's death.
  • Coadster: Likes, but feels animosity towards. Due to his quick rise through the ranks
  • Xylonia: Still a bit upset about her death.
  • Others: Meh.

Standard armor and weapon load out

  • Storm Commando Armor
  • Wrist Blade
  • Dual Modified EE-3's
  • FlyHigh Throwing Knife
  • Prowler Probe Droid

Corporal Mox(ASL)


Species: Human
Distinguishing Physical Characteristics: Brown, short-cut hair. Silent movement. Cybernetic arm(left). Very fast.

Personality Profile:

  • Prefers to kill his enemies silently, and will always try to find a way not to fight openly.
  • Has no moral problem when carrying out orders. Will not kill if he's told not to, although he will wound the opponent in some way, not allowing him to function properly, e.g. cutting his eyes or crushing his leg. (He is not a mindless maniac and will not kill pointlessly)
  • Learned his place as a squad member(not leader), though occasional commands may be said.
  • Trusts his squad for life-to-death situations, will attempt to save most of them
  • If a big firefight begins he will attempt to end it with explosives(either grenade launcher, or grenades)
  • Mostly silent, if not in the field. While in the field he will shout viable ideas quite often. If he has an idea, but doesn't shout it out, he'll try to do it himself.


  • Heliwer: Dislikes, mostly. Enjoys making fun of him.
  • Dusk(SL): Respects as a long-time squad member, but not quite as a SL.
  • Others: Doesn't mind yet. Not enough time has passed.

Standard armor and weapon load out

  • CompForce Armor - Black
  • DC-17M Interchangeable Combat System
  • Modified Twin PT-212 Vibroblades - Hidden in bracers (AKA Hidden vibroblades)
  • DC-15s Blaster Pistol
  • Karoushi Personal Datapad
  • Slicing Kit
  • C-22 Fragmentation Grenades
  • R82 Jump Boots
  • EMP Grenades
  • Long range ComLink

Private First Class Sharp

Species: Chiss
Distinguishing Physical Characteristics: A typical chiss female with jet black hair and red eyes.

Personality Profile:

Tends to aim for area that would help cripple an enemy. (Knee caps, Elbows, ECT.)


  • Dusk: Respects, Follows without second thought.
  • Mox: Repects his skills.
  • Heliwer: Trusts and Likes
  • Anival: Is mindful of but, doesn't know him well enough to trust him, or give him respect.
  • Crimson: Unknown
  • Trix: She's the new girl.

Standard armor and weapon load out


  • Standard Scope armor
  • Camouflage SCOPE Armor


  • E11 Rifle/DLT-20A Blaster Rifle
  • M32 Combat Knife
  • DC-15 Blaster Pistol


  • Wire cutters

Private Second Class Crimson-nexus

Species: Human
Distinguishing Physical Characteristics: Short cut blonde hair, A long scar runs over his left eye and a ring of crimson claws around his right. (His left eye is cybernetic)
Personality Profile:

  • Doesn't give his trust easily to others.
  • Hates bullying others.
  • Respect is hard to earn from crimson.
  • Isn't fond of talking about his past.


  • Hasn't been around long enough to know anyone.

Standard armor and weapon load out

  • basic SCOPE armor
  • Vibro sword
  • E-11 blaster rifle (May change)

Senior Sergeant Anival Velasquez (Attachment)

Species: Human
Distinguishing Physical Characteristics: Long Scar running from bottom of left eye, to the bottom of cheek.
Personality Profile:

  • Operates by the CoC
  • Will fallow orders even if it goes against morals.
  • Tries to be friendly to new squad members.
  • More to come?


Corporal Trix

Species: TBA
Distinguishing Physical Characteristics: TBA
Personality Profile:

  • TBA


  • TBA

Standard armor and weapon load out

  • TBA


Species: TBA
Distinguishing Physical Characteristics: TBA
Personality Profile:

  • TBA


  • TBA

Standard armor and weapon load out

  • TBA


Species: TBA
Distinguishing Physical Characteristics: TBA
Personality Profile:

  • TBA


  • TBA

Standard armor and weapon load out

  • TBA

Squad Attachment Program


Distinguishing Physical Characteristics: TBA
Personality Profile:

  • refined in demeanor
  • TBA


  • TBA

Standard armor and weapon load out

  • TBA

RAIDERS Equipment Load-out[edit]

Since SCOPE Load-Out is only forced during Platoon Missions most RAIDERS Squad members prefer to use their own gear. This is permitted since it also adds to the idea that they are not official Vast Empire troops, and often can be be quite beneficial.

Although RAIDERS do have a standardized load out most of the squad members prefer to use their own weapons. This is permitted since it also adds to the idea that they are not official VE troops, and often can be be quite beneficial. This page is under construction.

Platoon Missions[edit]

Armor and Clothing

  • SCOPE Armor.
  • Storm Commando Armor.
  • Shadow Suit.


  • E-11 Blaster Rifle/DLT-20A Blaster Rifle
  • M32 Combat Knife/FSK-7 Combat knife
  • DC-15s Blaster Pistol/M4 “Bull Stopper” Semi-automatic Pistol


  • OmniNode Communication Set
  • EnhanceScan General Purpose Scanners
  • Syntherope
  • 1020/A Macrobinoculars (one pair shared between the squad)
  • 1x First-Aid Kit

Ships and Vehicles

  • Mu2i Shuttle

Droid Load-Out[edit]

Model Owner Name Specialty Loadout
B-3 Ultra Battle Droid Mox B1 Search and Destroy 2 x Rapidfire Blaster Cannon
Rocket launcher
Wide-spray Plasma Cannon
Tight-spray Flamethrower
B-3 Ultra Battle Droid Mox B2 Search and Destroy 2 x Rapidfire Blaster Cannon
Rocket launcher
Wide-spray Plasma Cannon
Tight-spray Flamethrower
PD Series Protocal Droid Dusk PD-Q5 Search and Destroy Bi-polar Blaster BMC-150 Carbine
DC-15s Blaster Pistol
FSK-7 Combat Knife


Story Participation
Story Start Date Story Type Number of Posts
Dark Intentions July 7, 2002  ? -
Cyber Attack March 17, 2003  ? -
Rebel Encampment March 18, 2002  ? -
Into the Fire September 23, 2002  ? -
Mining Problems on Mimba June 2, 2003  ? -
Bilbringi Surprise February 17, 2004  ? -
A Gift for Thrawn (HSC '06) December 2006  ? -
Negotiations Gone Sour February 21, 2007  ? -
Sith Spit (Raiders) September 30, 2007  ? -
Garg II Round II (Raiders) November 22, 2007  ? 8-
Yuka....Death Trap or Icy Hell? (HSC '07) November 25th, 2007  ? 55-
Sharpening Our Horns (Raiders) December 31, 2007  ? 42-
Where Dirt May Burn (RAIDERS) February 16, 2008  ? 25-
Honest Men March 29, 2008  ? -
Burning Worlds July 12, 2008  ? -
Operation Gungan Pride September 30, 2008  ? -
"Erep"..."Excuse yourself!" (Raiders) October 17, 2008  ? -
Trouble on Kalee February 11, 2009  ? -
Praexus II: Looks like it's going to rain March 27, 2009  ? 36-
Undying (May Wildcard Competition '09) May 1, 2009  ? 0-
ESC Storyline 9 September 2009  ? 29-
Who Watches the Watchers 26 September 2009  ? 22-
RAIDERS Halloween 26 October 2009  ? 14-
Something Wicked This Way Comes 25 October 2009  ? 42-
The Watchers, part II 8 November 2009  ? 33-
HSC 2009 6 December 2009  ? 43-
The Convoy 6 January 2010  ? 34-
Because We Can 1 March 2010  ? 20-
Extraordinary Circumstances 22 March 2010  ? 49-
Saturday in the Park 2 June 2010  ? 7-
The Night Shift 20 June 2010  ? 29-
Pandora Who? 20 August 2010  ? 12-
The Legend of Noma 12 October 2010  ? 16-
Stars and Arms 20 November 2010  ? 23-
HSC 2010 story: Shatterpoint 15 December 2010  ? 132-
Change is Good 17 January 2011  ? 31-
One of Our Own 24 February 2011  ? 25-
Party Crashers 29 March 2011  ? 15-
Thyveck: Convoy 5 April 2011  ? 34-
Jump 5 May 2011  ? 23-
Thyveck: Backs against the wall 26 May 2011  ? 100-
Payback, with a RAIDERS twist. 23 July 2011  ? 52-
Blanchard Roasting on an Open Fire - '11 HSC 4 December 2011  ? 58-
Missing Time 19 January 2012  ? 15-
Operation: Express Justice '12 QW 15 January 2012  ? 100-
Into the Wilds 21 February 2012  ? 32-
Prepare for Trouble 5 April 2012 Survival 23-
Here be Monsters 1 July 2012 Multi-objective 17-
Burnout 8 September 2012 Search & Capture 9+
Total . . 1205

Previous Members[edit]

Raiders has had many members in their ranks, low and high on the command chain. -Note, current status and/or rank may not be up to date.

Former Squad Leaders[edit]

  • Senior Sergeant Joamer Reistlin (Reserves)
  • Captain Ayme 'Havock' Katash (Active Duty)
  • Senior Sergeant Jaenna (Reserves)
  • First Sergeant Otto Vox (Retired)
  • Senior Sergeant Angel (Active Duty)
  • Senior Sergeant Cyanus (MIA)
  • Senior Sergeant MaraJade (Retired)
  • Major Raziel (reserves)
  • Sergeant Slick (reserves)
  • 2nd Lieutenant Darr-Rann (Executed)
  • First Sergeant Sniping101 (Active Duty)
  • General Rizzit (Retired)
  • Surface Marshal Cosmic (Retired)
  • Moff Fury (Active Duty)
  • Sergeant Major Snake (Retired)

Former RAIDERS members[edit]

  • Sergeant Norith Skarr (Active Duty)
  • Lance Corporal Drex "Drexhel" Helban (AWOL)
  • Private Second Class Hassar (AWOL)
  • Senior Sergeant Decembrist (Retired)
  • Private Second Class Valthir (Active Duty)
  • Sergeant Ahanna "Abalar" Orwyne (Reserves)
  • Private Second Class Raziell (AWOL)
  • Private First Class D-Crowe( AWOL)
  • Private First Class Heliwer( Reserves)
  • Corporal Beta40 (Blackjack trooper)
  • Private First Class Sciuridae(Transferred divisions)
  • Gunnery Sergeant RK, Assistant Squad Leader (Reserves)
  • Private First Class KatieDid (Reserves)
  • Lance Corporal Baretz Sonok KIA)
  • Private Famus (KIA)
  • Assistant Squad Leader Corporal Andar 'Gaz' Bacardi (Retired)
  • Private First Class Yush Karin (KIA)
  • Private First Class LK-486 (KIA)
  • Sergeant First Class Giovanni Bryden
  • Corporal Sylix Koroban (AWOL)
  • Sergeant Leon (reserves)
  • Corporal Eviscares
  • Private First Class Andrew Miller (AWOL)
  • Private First Class Hard Hardt (Reserves)
  • Private First Class Preditor (Reserves)
  • Corporal Daminga (Retired)
  • Private First Class Mak'Tur Josu (KIA)
  • Private First Class Hunter Plasma (KIA)
  • Private First Class Unngoy (KIA)
  • Lance Corporal Voth (KIA)
  • Private Kry (KIA)
  • Sergeant X-Ray (Retired)
  • Sergeant Skarr(Became SL of Eclipse)
  • Corporal Coadster (Active)