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Current status[edit]


Raiders Trooper

Notable skills[edit]


Sharp Shooter



Appearance & Personality[edit]


Skin Color: Blue (differs in intensity because of oxygen levels)

Weight: 131 Pounds

Eye Color: Red (differs in intensity because of oxygen levels)

Scars: one long scar running along her back


  • Dusk: Respects, Follows without second thought.
  • Mox: Repects his skills.
  • Heliwer: Trusts and Likes
  • Anival: Is mindful of but, doesn't know him well enough to trust him, or give him respect.
  • Crimson: Unknown
  • Trix: She's the new girl.


Alyce- Best freind in the world (outside of the VE)


History Before the VE[edit]

Many years before the rise of the Emperor a small group of mercenary had been sent into unknown space chasing after an asteroid that shot some type of energy. This energy was recorded to burn through the outer layer of armor on board. Despite this the went chasing after the asteroid. For they thought there was a ship guiding the asteroid so that the ship could use it as cover. On the chase they ran into some problems. one problem stopped their chase when the captured a transport and sold it's inhabitants to a Hutt on Coruscant.

Some became dancers or waiters, the others were sold to pay off debt. Some of them later escaped the containment by being taught skills by the many people who came through the cantina. Some became hunters and other went into hiding from the Hutt. The Hutt eventually died with age and his claims died. Then the Chiss went about free as every other person. Some even had families on Courascant one of these Chiss families was Deryn's.

Deryn was born into a happy family of Chiss on Coruscant. Deryn’s family was thriving and she lived a happy life till she was the age of seven. Over those heavenly years she met many people, from all stretches of the galaxy. Thanks to chiss growth rate she was strong like a human twice her age. She was also a very talented child and calculated math faster then her parents at times. by age 6 she knew what trajectory was. For when she was six she had met a man who had showed her all kinds of things. about weapons and trajectory. Specifically about sniper angles and that if you see a flash of light here on the planet watch it closely. It might be a blaster aimed at someone. This scarred Deryn but she took the advice and was always vigilant.

A human by the Name of Alek Derag kidnapped her while the family was in the market. He took her to a cantina miles away and told her the lie that her family had stolen her from another family. Since she was Seven she took this man’s claim because every human she had ever met was a nice person and always helped her. He led her to a cantina where he took her to a human who looked to be in her twenties. This women was a bounty hunter who the man owed money to, The bounty hunter was why the man had taken the child. He was going to use her as something to give the bounty hunter so she wouldn’t kill him! The bounty hunter looked at the little girl inquisitively studying the girl. The bounty hunter shot the man in the head and checked him for credits. The women hated about it but she had to take Deryn because the hunter didn’t know where she was supposed to go. As they exited the cantina Deryn saved the women by tackling her to the ground after seeing a flash of a gun which had its barrel aimed toward them. Then after that moment the hunter flew up in her jet-pack taking Deryn with her. The hunter took her to a ship called the sky-of-blue. That night they left for Tatooine where the hunter lived in a Hutt’s palace. During the trip the hunter and Deryn told each other their names. The hunter thought for a second and named Deryn, Deryn Cara Sharp. The hunter picked this name for her because she had to fool the Hutt into believing that this seven year old was her niece. The hunter had named the girl Deryn because that was her name originally, her middle name came from the hunter’s middle name, and the last name was to indicate her sharp eyes since she saw the sniper before the hunter could. Then the bounty hunter (who has the name Alyce.) took Deryn under her wing and showed her the ropes of being a hunter. Deryn even met a squad of troopers on one of their mission and grey to knew a trooper who she thought was so kind and cool in his armor. this is what had her mind set to be an imperial trooper.

After two years after Alyce and Deryn considered each other family since they were the only ones who cared for them. Then the past caught up to Alyce and Deryn. The sniper who had attempted to kill Alyce found them. Out of revenge he attacked Deryn for thwarting his plans two years ago. He got her with a knife and left a long scar down her back. That’s when Alyce shot the man in the leg. He turned on Alyce despite the pain and went to stab her but found his hand empty. He turned to see Deryn standing his knife in her hand. She threw it and it landed directly between the man’s eyes. Both Deryn and the man then collapsed. The man had landed face down sending the knife deeper into his head. Alyce took Deryn to the best medic she knew who had did his best. He saved Deryn but she would be scared for the rest of her life. Alyce took Deryn as her assistant from then on and they worked as partners until Deryn was seventeen. Then Deryn told Alyce that she was leaving to join the empire. For the next year she earned money to enlist then on her eighteenth birthday she enlisted.

VE Service history[edit]

Insignia Rank Start Until Reason for Promotion
PSC.png Private Seconde Class March 26, 2013 May 19, 2013 Joined VE
PFC.png Private First Class May 19, 2013 Active Dusk's recommendation

Story Participation
Story Start Date End Date Type Post Count
 ?  ?
Total: 0

Length of Active Duty
Start Until Weeks
3-19-2013 02-9-2023 -520 Weeks