Tosth "Fishhead" Aaaiser

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Tosth Aaaiser
Military Information



Master Chief Petty Officer

  • Surgeon
  • Training Officer

Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Paragon





  • VE (citizen)
  • VE Navy (active duty service member, Surgeon)
Physical Description
Skin color:

Blue,with patches of black found throughout the rest of the body, especially concentrated on the arms and legs.


1.55 meters


75 kilograms

Facial Hair:

Blue chin barbel




A few large scars found on the torso due to being caught in a shipyard explosion.



Biographical Information

Mon Calamari



Birth Date:

15 BBY



  • Mon Calamari
  • Imperial Basic
  • Galactic Basic

Surgeon aboard the Paragon under Commander Pherik Zail

  • Drinking Sapphire Fogblasters
  • Studying Capital Ship Engineering

A basic apartment on Abrae




His entire family died in the raid on his family's shipyard after the destruction of Alderaan.


"I do not forget, I strive for perfection and unity."

Fighting Style:
  • Due to the raids when he was younger and his skills gained while working as a pilot, Tosth is very efficient at using blaster rifles. He is not trained in the martial arts.
Naval Certifications
First Certification

Naval Doctor

Cert 1.1:

Corpsman - Achieved

Cert 1.2:

Ship's Surgeon - Achieved

Cert 1.3:

Naval Doctor - Achieved

Second Certification

Naval Engineer

Cert 2.1:

Vehicle Engineer - Not yet achieved

Cert 2.2:

Starfighter Engineer - Not yet achieved

Cert 2.3:

Naval Engineer- Not yet achieved

Third Certification


Fourth Certification


Ship Captaincy Certification
Ancillary Skills
Ancillary 1:

Xeno-Biology - Mastered

Ancillary 2:

Logistics and Supply - Mastered

Ancillary 3:

Shuttle Pilot - Mastered

Science does not exist for destruction. It exists for the sake of existing.

—Tosth Aaaiser's response to Atama So's statement regarding the Kaminoans.

Current Status[edit]

Imperial Navy - Active Duty

  • Flightmember.png Currently a Surgeon aboard the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Paragon
  • JC/MCPO Tosth “Fishhead” Aaaiser/ISD-II Paragon/TF:A/2Flt/FC/VEN/VE/[SoA][NAR][VC:S][E][CC][CNQST][BWC][HNS][WDA](=^NDr^=)
  • TO | MCPO "Fishhead" | PLF Cappadocious | VENA | VEN | VE

VE Personnel File: Aaaiser, Tosth[edit]


Tosth is a very disciplined Mon Calamari, evident in mind and body. Very fit and proud, his Imperial uniform makes others know that he is all business and will not stand for any idiocy from his fellow officers. His bulbous eyes do not show any emotion whatsoever; they are pits of darkness. His body is in an almost perfect condition, from his daily swims and working in shipyards. However, his torso bears scars that still pain him when he becomes too active. When not in uniform, he prefers to wear long, flowing robes of shades of white. Most can see, when he is deep in thought or overcome with stress that his left hand will constantly stroke his barbel, as if it helps him to think. Even out of uniform, Tosth is a very cold, powerful Mon Calamari.


As if trying to make up for the flaws of his entire race, Tosth is a very stern and disciplined Mon Calamari, not obsessed with gaining power. His obsession lies in wiping out all of the traitors of his species in the Rebel Alliance, most of all, the entire who has gained the rank of Admiral, Ackbar. As most of his species, he loves the exploration of space. Serving the Empire is his life. He does not stand at all for jokes, nor does he tell jokes. He only associates with his fellow Mon Calamari officers and very rarely does he take towards other races. When not in uniform, Tosth studies as much as possible in the field of engineering, for it is his dream to one day to become one of the leading researchers for the Imperial Navy. He is also seen often in cantinas located near where he is assigned, drinking Sapphire Fogblasters. He is often viewed as a loner to individuals not of his race.


Childhood and Pre-Vast Imperial Life[edit]

As would be expected from the Mon Calamari, Tosth is very knowledgeable in the field of space exploration and ships. His family owned one of the few local shipyards on the planet, and due to the Imperial presence, which gave them a greater ability for trade, they were relatively wealthy. From a young age, Tosth began studying ship design and realized that he wanted to be an engineer someday.

The first raid happened when he was 10. The Quarren, who had openly despised the Aaaiser family, never attacking, finally made their move. While Tosth was inside his home studying hyperspace drives, a small band of Quarrens, equipped with blaster rifles attacked the shipyard and his home. His mother hid him so they could not find him. “Stay here,” she said. “There are bad people about.” As soon as she had turned away from him and made sure he was safe, a Quarren shot her and ran. Even through his mother’s wails of agony, he stayed put, crying for his mother, not wanting her to die. Soon, though, his father and one of his uncles came into the room where he was hiding and his mother was dead. Tosth clambered out of hiding realizing what had happened. Soon, he found out that in this raid, his grandfather had also perished, when the Quarren had blown up the engine his grandfather had been building. “I’ll kill them,” he said. “I’ll kill every single one of them one day.”

Over the next few years, the raids continued. Tosth’s family became better prepared for the raids and usually could fend off the Quarren. Then, one day, after Alderaan had been destroyed, as if in retaliation, a combined force of Mon Calamarians and Quarren attacked the shipyard. Everyone in his family died. Tosth escaped narrowly, but with massive wounds on his torso. He found refuge, where he recuperated. From that day on, though, he had a new objective: Join the Empire and crush the Rebellion and all of the Quarren in the galaxy. But before he could do that, he had to leave Dac. Leaving Dac to join the Empire would be nearly impossible, given the position of Dac. So he took the remaining credits his family owned and bought a XS Light Freighter from a local merchant. But, unfortunately, his credits were fast disappearing. There was no way that he could make it to Coruscant with the few credits he had left…

Deciding that he could not make a direct run to Coruscant to apply for the Naval Academy, Tosth decided to stop at Commenor. He knew that Commenor was well-known for its trade; almost as prestigious as some of the Core Worlds. He was also interested in studying at the University of Commenor. So once he arrived at Commenor, he traveled to the University to begin studies. It didn’t take long for him to find that he did not fit in among the other students; they constantly scorned him, calling him “Fishhead” and, because he was from Dac, considered him to be a Rebel sympathizer. So, at the age of 20, Tosth withdrew from the University of Commenor, with a little under a year of studies in engineering. He did not leave Commenor, however. He traveled to Chasin City and sought employment there, as a pilot. One of the local restaurants hired him to transport spices throughout the Core Worlds. When asked his name, Tosth answered simply with “Fishhead.”

Over the next few years, Tosth gained renown throughout the Core Worlds for his piloting skills. Every time pirates attacked, he easily fended them off. He never lost a single shipment. He was happy, but had not yet trekked towards Coruscant. Then came the news of the Emperor’s death and the end of the Empire. The Core had exploded with piracy. Tosth finally lost a load. He returned back to the restaurant he had been working for so many years, turning in his resignation. His employer, distraught with this news, tried to convince him otherwise. “You sure, son? It’s one load. You’re the best pilot around these parts…”

Tosth replied smoothly with, “I’m sure. I’ve been honored working with you. But my name has been dishonored. I have to bring honor back to my name.” Knowing his employer still supported the Empire, continued, saying “The only way I can regain my honor is by serving in the Imperial Navy. By bringing unity back into the galaxy. Destroying the traitors and the pirates.”

“Alright, son. Just know that the Empire’s not what it used to be. They’ve turned into warring factions. Thrawn’s in charge of one of them, Isard’s got another, and there’s other small factions. They’ve all got biological warfare. I would advise not joining them. Your death would come too easily…. There’s one other Imperial faction, though. It’s called the Vast Empire and it’s near Cerea. Relatively small, but from what I’ve heard, is growing quite quickly. It’s your best shot. Good luck out there, Fishhead.”

With these words still in his head, Tosth left to find this Vast Empire to join their Navy. To command capital ships. To fulfill his dreams. To bring order and justice into this hugely immoral and unjustified galaxy. He walked the stairs into the Vast Empire Naval Academy, with huge visions of domination of Dac and anyone not supportive of the Empire. So begins his journey into the Vast Empire…

Vast Imperial Service[edit]

Basic Training and Command School[edit]

Early Career[edit]

Return to Active Duty[edit]

Service Record[edit]

Rank History[edit]

Insignia Rank Start Until Reason for Promotion
CRWSFC.JPG Crewman July 17, 2011 July 20, 2011 Joined the VE Navy
LCRWSFC.JPG Leading Crewman Skipped -

(see next entry)

SCRWSFC.png Senior Crewman 7/20/2011 8/13/2011 Double Promotion due to exemplary performance in Command School
PO2SFC.png Petty Officer 2nd Class Skipped -

(see next entry)

PO1SFC.png Petty Officer 1st Class 8/13/2011 5/12/2013 Double Promotion due to high degree of activity, enthusiasm, and considerable assistance on the Naval Timeline Project
CPOSFC.JPG Chief Petty Officer 5/12/2013 10/12/13 For his outstanding activity, both in-story and OOC, with his great personal plotlines about naval doctors and his laudable efforts to finish the Naval Timeline Project.
SCPOSFC.JPG Senior Chief Petty Officer 10/12/13 10/23/2013 Promotion due to great writing and tireless work behind the scenes
MCPOSFC.JPG Master Chief Petty Officer 10/23/2013 present x1 promotion for completing certification track

Positions History[edit]

Joined Vast Empire Navy on July 11, 2011

Position Start Until Reason
Navtrainee.png July 11, 2011 July 20, 2011 Assigned to Cappadocious

to begin training as a bridge officer

Flightmember.png July 20, 2011 October 11, 2011 Completed academy and given first assignment aboard the Imperial-II Frigate Chrome Fox as a Junior Bridge Officer
Flightmember.png April 21, 2013 April 24, 2013 Return to active duty from reserves; transferred to Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Adjudicator as a medical Corpsman
Flightmember.png April 24, 2013 October 20, 2013 Promoted to Surgeon aboard the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Adjudicator
Flightmember.png October 20, 2013 present Transferred to Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Paragon

Awards and Certifications[edit]

Medals and Ribbons Awarded[edit]

Ribbon Award Award Name Date Received Reason
SOArib.gif [SoA] Star of the Academy 7/18/2011 Granted for "recognition of your exemplary performance in Command School"
Naval Achievement Ribbon.jpg [NAR] Naval Achievement Ribbon 8/13/2011 Granted for "high degree of activity and enthusiasm" and "considerable assistance in the Naval Timeline Project"
VCBlurib.gif [VC:B] Victory Cross: Blue Trim 8/13/2011 Granted for "high degree of activity and enthusiasm" and "considerable assistance in the Naval Timeline Project"
NER.gif [E] Naval 'E' Ribbon 5/12/2013 Granted "for his outstanding activity, both in-story and OOC, with his great personal plotlines about naval doctors and his laudable efforts to finish the Naval Timeline Project."
VCsilrib.gif [VC:S] Victory Cross: Silver Trim 5/12/2013 Granted "for his outstanding activity, both in-story and OOC, with his great personal plotlines about naval doctors and his laudable efforts to finish the Naval Timeline Project."
DD Death.png [CC:D] Counterpunch Campaign Award: Death 5/12/2013 For "participation in Counterpunch: Death"
CNQST.png [CNQST] Legion of Conquest 5/12/2013 For "contributing to the Navy’s #1 story of all time"
BWC.gif [BWC] Bronze Writing Commendation 5/19/2013 For 25 career posts
ImpGuardian.png [IG] Imperial Guardian 7/1/2013 For continued work on the Naval Timeline Project
NS H.gif [HNS] Half-Year Service Medal 7/11/2013 For serving on active duty for half a year
WDaward.png [WDA] Wiki Development Award 7/22/2012 Granted "for your tireless work solving wiki glitches and problems, and your continuing work on the Naval Timeline project."
WMaward0.png [WM0] Wiki Maintenance Award Level 0 8/1/2013 Maintained Wiki page at checkpoint
WMaward1.png [WM1] Wiki Maintenance Award Level 1 11/8/2013 Maintained Wiki page at checkpoint

Exams Passed[edit]

Certification Exams
Symbol Exam Exam Name Date Passed Score Received
Medical 1.gif [=NDr=] Naval Doctor, Tier 1 August 8, 2011 Pass-
Medical 2.gif [=^NDr^=] Naval Doctor, Tier 2 April 25, 2013 Pass-
Medical 3.gif [=*NDr*=] Naval Doctor, Tier 3 October 23, 2013 Pass

Story Participation[edit]

Career Post Count[edit]

Story Participation
Story Start Date End Date Type Post Count
Command School Cadets: Loyalty, Honor, Courage story began June 29, 2011;
joined July 19, 2011
 ? VENA - Command School Exercise 1
Fishhead: The Anatomy of a Killik story began on July 21, 2011;
joined July 21, 2011
 ? Personal - Xenobiology Ancilliary Skill 1
Taskforce Aurek: Veni Vidi Vici story began on June 6, 2011;
joined July 25, 2011
 ? Task Force - Aurek
Ship - Chrome Fox
Fishhead: New Ship and New Opportunities story began on July 31, 2011;
joined July 31, 2011
 ? Personal - Ship Reassignment 3
Fishhead: Fishhead: Naval Surgeon Certification, Tier 1 story began on August 5, 2011;
joined August 5, 2011
 ? Personal - Character Development - Naval Certification 1
2nd Fleet: High Stakes at Belgaroth story began on August 8, 2011;
joined August 10, 2011
 ? Fleet - Second 2
Fishhead: All in the Name of Order story began on April 21, 2013;
joined April 21, 2013
 ? Personal - Character Development 1
VEN: Counterpunch: Death story began on April 21, 2013;
joined April 22, 2013
 ? Division - All Navy 7
Fishhead: Naval Doctor Certification, Tier 2 story began on April 23, 2013;
joined April 23, 2013
 ? Personal - Character Development - Naval Certification 1
Fishhead: Logistics and Supply: Ancilliary Skill story began on May 13, 2013;
joined May 13, 2013
 ? Personal - Character Development - Ancilliary Skill 1
Fishhead: Shuttle Piloting: Ancilliary Skill story began on May 13, 2013;
joined May 13, 2013
 ? Personal - Character Development - Ancilliary Skill 1
VEN: Heart of the Second story began on May 10, 2013;
joined May 14, 2013
 ? VENA - Command School Exercise 4
Fishhead: Naval Doctor, Tier 3 story began on May 14, 2013;
joined May 14, 2013
 ? Personal - Naval Certification 8
Chapter 9 Prelude: Navy story began on June 18, 2013;
joined July 2, 2013
 ? Chapter - The Vast Empire 2
Fishhead/Norsedragoon: Cracking the Shell October 27, 2013;
joined November 3, 2013
 ? Personal - Character Development 1
Chapter 9: Navy Part 1: Arrival November 3, 2013;
joined November 8, 2013
 ? Chapter - The Vast Empire 1
Total: 36